Helen Donnelly
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Helen Donnelly (Character)
from "The Black Donnellys" (2007)

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"The Black Donnellys: Lies (#1.5)" (2007)
Mrs. Donnelly: Let's try this again. Go back out the door and make a right, two buildings out.
Nicky Cottero: Two buildings out. Thank you. You're very nice.
Mrs. Donnelly: Least I'm not lost.

Mrs. Donnelly: [to Kevin] Shut the door Kevin, before I hit you in the head with something.

Mrs. Donnelly: [to Sean] What you look like? Your face? I know that's who you think you are but it's not! It's what's inside your heart. That's what makes you a Donnelly. Your father would be ashamed of you if you thought anything else. Now I'm gonna put dinner on. And I'm not bringing it in here.

Kevin Donnelly: [Helen gives a whole bowl of salad to Sean] What about me?
Mrs. Donnelly: There's not enough for you. Have another piece of bread.
Kevin Donnelly: That's not fair.
Mrs. Donnelly: Should've thought about that when you let Tommy steal my casserole. Go out and eat. You haven't been out of my hair all day.
Kevin Donnelly: I don't wanna go out.
Mrs. Donnelly: Have some squash.
Kevin Donnelly: I don't like squash. I don't even like saying it.

"The Black Donnellys: Run Like Hell (#1.6)" (2007)
Helen Donnelly: Get your brother.
Kevin Donnelly: [shouting] Yo, Seany! Dinner!
Helen Donnelly: I could've done that.