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Dr. David Grant (Character)
from Executive Decision (1996)

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Executive Decision (1996)
Dr. David Grant: If you don't believe me, what are you doing up here?
Lieutenant Colonel Austin Travis: Well... who the hell else is gonna do it... you?

Dr. David Grant: We're not gonna make it!
Lieutenant Colonel Austin Travis: *You* are!

Dr. David Grant: Colonel, grab my hand!
[Colonel Travis reaches his hand but falls back down]
Dr. David Grant: Colonel, were not gonna make it!
Lieutenant Colonel Austin Travis: You are.
[Colonel Travis shuts himself in and is sucked out of the plane to his death]

Dr. David Grant: Can you hook up a probe so that I can see into the main cabin on this monitor?
Sergeant Baker: No, we can't transmit between the probe and the monitor.
Dr. David Grant: Would a video camera work?
Sergeant Baker: Yeah.
Dr. David Grant: You got one?
Sergeant Baker: No.

Dr. David Grant: It's over.
Nagi Hassan: Over? It's not over. (Grant holds up the detonator).
Dr. David Grant: It's over.
Nagi Hassan: Who are you?
Dr. David Grant: No-one.
Nagi Hassan: You're very clever, but you're too late. You've solved nothing.
[fires his gun into the cockpit]

[after the Navy pilots have gotten their Morse Code message]
Dr. David Grant: Jesus, they got it!
Sergeant Baker: [astounded] They got it?
Dr. David Grant: They got it!
Sergeant Baker: I take back every rust-pickin', squid-hatin' thing I've ever said about swabbies!

[Rat is attempting to take command of the mission]
Dr. David Grant: Look, I'm not telling you how to do your job, but if that DZ5 is on board, there's gonna be a bomb attached to it, and you GODDAMN well better find it!

[on the ground, after Cahill helped defuse the bomb]
Dr. David Grant: Cahill, I don't know how you did it, but you did it.
Dennis Cahill: [shakes his head] No... you did it.
[hands him the straw from his mouth]
Dr. David Grant: What's this?
Dennis Cahill: That's a memento for ya. Listen, I'll tell you all about it another time, but right now, I need a drink, a BIG drink.

Dr. David Grant: [after ploughing through lots of light aircraft and runway lights and overshooting the runway on landing the 747]
Dr. David Grant: These things almost land themselves, don't they?

[as Jean shows a seat number to the hidden camera]
Dr. David Grant, Sergeant Baker: 2, 1, K... 21K!