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Rosalie Rowan (Character)
from "The Zeta Project" (2001)

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"The Zeta Project: The Accomplice (#1.1)" (2001)
Zeta: What about...
Zeta: [perfectly mimicks Ro's voice] I'm getting in trouble with the feds. I've done enough already.
Ro: [unamused] Please don't do that again.
Zeta: I'm sorry.

Ro: Let him go. You've got your cash. Let him go. Forgot - I'm insane.

Agent West: Get away from me! You're insane.
Ro: I was just saying that.

Zeta: I thought you were done once you had your money.
Ro: In too deep to stop now. I want to see how this turns out.

Policeman: [after taking Ro's fingerprints] Rosalie Rowen, that you?
Ro: No. These aren't my prints.

Slam: You don't do this, you're over.
Ro: Fine. I'm done with you anyway!
[Starts to leave. Slam pulls out a weapon]
Slam: Not what I meant sweetie.

Zeta: Please help. They will reprogram me.
Ro: I don't believe I'm doing this.

Zeta: My name is Zeta. I'm a US Government infiltration unit designed to replace and destroy targeted individuals.
Ro: Destroy?
Zeta: But I don't want to destroy any more.
Ro: Right. Sort of a New Year's resolution, huh? Good luck with that but I really gotta run.

Ro: Hold it. This guy has a whole army after you, and you just walked up and said "You gotta believe me?" Man. For a super-techno robot, you're not too bright.

Ro: Zee.
Zeta: Excuse me?
Ro: That should be your name. Zee. Zeta's too weird.

Ro: Look Bennet doesn't believe you could be peaceful, right?
Zeta: Right.
Ro: Well, whoever programmed you is going to know better. They made you what you are. They can tell Bennet you're telling the truth.

"The Zeta Project: Ro's Reunion (#1.12)" (2001)
Rosalie Rowan: But you looked?
Ro's Brother: Of course. You're part of my life. When someone you care about gets taken away from you, imagine how much it hurts.
Rosalie Rowan: Okay, that got *way* too sappy. Switch back.

Zeta: Didn't you like it?
Rosalie Rowan: At first, but any brother of mine would be *so* much cooler than that.

Rosalie Rowan: Okay, lesson 2 million. This is a vid studio. *Everything* is fake.
Zeta: It... seemed real.
Rosalie Rowan: It's like I have to teach you everything.

Larry Lux: Gwen was right. Your look is perfect. Invokes instant pity.
Rosalie Rowan: Thanks, I guess.

Rosalie Rowan: What the heck was that? I never agreed to be on the show!
Larry Lux: Hey, chill. Everyone wants to be on Skye's the Limit.
Rosalie Rowan: Not me! My face can't be on the air.
Larry Lux: Well too late. It's a live feed. Come on what's the big deal?

Rosalie Rowan: I can't do it. We should've blown this town already. If I show my face on that show tomorrow, Bennet will be all over me.
Zeta: That's no reason to stop. I can hide until the coast is clear.
Rosalie Rowan: Don't you get it? There is no "til the coast is clear." Once Bennett gets his sights on me, he'll be watching me day and night. Hoping I'll lead to you. We'll never be able to see each other again!
Zeta: ...I would miss you. But I can't stand in your way. This is your chance to find your family, Ro. You wouldn't have to run anymore.

Rosalie Rowan: [after hugging Zee goodbye] You suck, you know that?
Zeta: Suck?
Rosalie Rowan: Forget it.

Skye Hoaps: Must have been terrible out in the world, alone. No one to share your joys and sorrows with.
Rosalie Rowan: It was rough sometimes. But I wasn't exactly alone. I made *one* really good friend.

Rosalie Rowan: Are you sure this guy's my brother? I'm not getting the Rowan vibe off of him.

Rosalie Rowan: Well, at least some good came of all this.
Zeta: I'm sorry you didn't find your brother, Ro.
Rosalie Rowan: Know what, tin man? For now, anyway, you're all the family I need.

"The Zeta Project: Change of Heart (#1.4)" (2001)
Young Zee: I must admit, there are many thing about the heart that puzzle me. Like what does it mean when people say, 'broken hearts,' 'heart throb', and 'heartache'?
Ro: It means they've been listening to too much country music.

Ro: Here, Zee, I got one for ya. It's an oil can. Get it? Tin man, oil can?
Zeta: Actually, this item is misdated. It's much older, from the early 20th Century. I could recategorize...
Ro: Never mind.

Ro: So you're sure this is the real deal?
Zeta: I scanned it on the net.
Ro: Oh, then it must be true.

Ro: Just wondering if you've considered Selig might not want to see you.
Zeta: Sure he will. He created me.
Ro: So? Somebody created me, doesn't look like they care how I ended up. Maybe you're not the robot he always wanted.
Zeta: But he created me!
Ro: Whatever.

Zeta: You never wondered about your...
Ro: No! The past is past. It's the *now* that counts. And right now, you're the one who wants to find Dr. Selig.

Whitney Walker: After this you should go see the robot exhibit. Truly amazing.
Ro: Robots? Nah. Not my thing.

Ro: Zee we have to go. Bennett remember? And from the looks of those weapons, they're not here for a tour.
Young Zee: Kora Kay needs help.
Ro: But...
Young Zee: I'm her only hope.

Richards: [as the museum's being evacuate and Zeta's trying to seal an exhibit] You too!
Ro: NO! I'm *not* leaving him!

Ro: [as Bennett and the agents are aiming their weapons at Zeta] They're gonna destroy him.
Richards: Not my problem.
Ro: In case you didn't notice. he just saved our lives.
Richards: You're coming with me!
[Takes Ro away]

"The Zeta Project: The Next Gen (#1.5)" (2001)
Bucky: I keep tabs on you. Like a hobby.
Ro: That's sweeeet... now scram!

Ro: [as Zeta's hologram is flickering in public] Get a hold of yourself before you freak someone out, like ME!

Ro: So why are we bothering to save him? I mean, obviously, he's a serious bad guy.
Zeta: I don't care if he's innocent or guilty. What the government is doing is wrong. I have to stop them.
Ro: Nothing worse than a robot with a conscience.

Bucky: What do you see?
Zeta: A laser armed gate, 7 guards, 4 bomb sniffing drones
[Zeta tosses a stick which gets incinerated]
Zeta: and one high voltage perimeter shield.
Ro: What did you expect, a welcome mat?

Ro: It's him. IU7!
Bucky: [Bucky reaches for Ro's backpack] Cool! Give me my controller.
Ro: Have you ever questioned when you became *insane*?

Roland de Flores: I buy and sell merchandise. What others do with it is up to them.
Ro: [Sarcastically] A real humanitarian.

Bucky: [Referring to the IU7] I thought I could control it. It must have an override program.
Ro: You think?

Zeta: Thanks for all your help, Bucky.
Bucky: You kidding? I'm the one who messed everything up.
Ro: He doesn't kid. He's nuts, but he doesn't kid.

Bucky: Cool. Hanging with you guys is kind of fun. If you're ever in a jam again, let me know.
Ro: Oh please! Let's hope we're never *that* desperate.

"The Zeta Project: His Maker's Name (#1.2)" (2001)
Rosalie Rowan: If I knew this coversation was going to be so riveting, I'd have brought a book.
Zeta: I'm sorry. I'm studying the data from the file I retrieved.
Rosalie Rowan: It's alright. Just remember you have a human with you now, we kind of like to talk now and then.

Zeta: I've seen files on groups like this. They're called "Spaceys." They're upset that space travel is costly. They want it to be free for everybody.
Rosalie Rowan: Yeah, and I want a lifetime supply of chocolate.
Rosalie Rowan: You do? Because I could buy...
Rosalie Rowan: Not all at once!

Rosalie Rowan: [after Zeta changes his appearance] Pretty nifty, but what about me? You might need a human-to-Zee translator.
Zeta: Can you stand on my feet?

Rosalie Rowan: That thing wants to kill us.
Zeta: It's just following its programming.
Rosalie Rowan: That's what they said about you.

Rosalie Rowan: You're a killer robot. Can't you talk to it, one pro to another?
Zeta: I'll try.
[Zeta rises]
Zeta: Excuse me?
[the droid fires at him, he ducks down]
Zeta: I guess not.
Rosalie Rowan: Then like I said, you're a killer robot. Do your stuff.

Scruffy: We believe that humanity's destiny lies in the stars. But that destiny can only be shared by all if the technology is free. Meanwhile we soar the galaxy with our minds, until the day we can leave the planet for real.
Rosalie Rowan: [Queitly to herself] I'd say that ship left long ago.

Rosalie Rowan: [as the Spacey's are protesting] We're too bizarre. Our brains are on Mars.

Zeta: I have to say the more I learn about you, the more I'm confused.
Rosalie Rowan: Get used to it. You're with a human now.

"The Zeta Project: Crime Waves (#1.9)" (2001)
Rosalie Rowan: Nice place. So where's your parents?
Wade Pennington: Dad's on business in Sydney. Mom's uh, skiing in the Alps... But hey, that just means it's me and my unlimited cred card.

Rosalie Rowan: [as a robot is short circuiting] Should you do something?
Wade Pennington: Why? Sooner or later it'll run down.
[the robot knocks him into the pool]
Zeta: I'll get him.
Rosalie Rowan: Why? Sooner or later he'll get out.

Zeta: We have to help wade.
Rosalie Rowan: Why? He wouldn't help you. Especially if he knew you were "just a robot."
Zeta: It doesn't matter. He's in trouble.
Rosalie Rowan: Why do I even bother to argue?

Zeta: Actually robots aren't big on revenge. That's a human thing.
Wade Pennington: You see? He knows. Bots are a bunch of metal and
[Zeta reveals his robotic form]
Wade Pennington: ... You're... a robot?
Rosalie Rowan: His name's Zeta. And you might want to treat him with respect.

Wade Pennington: [as Zeta and Ro are leaving] Wait! What about lunch? Come on, I don't get many visitors.
Rosalie Rowan: [Sarcastically] I wonder why.

Rosalie Rowan: [Picking up a weapon] But this should get their attention.
[Ro destroys the security robots]
Rosalie Rowan: Ro Rowan, action hero.
Wade Pennington: I should've hired you guys.

Wade Pennington: [Hearing Zeta fighting] He's in trouble. We should go back!
Rosalie Rowan: Maybe there's hope for you yet.

Rosalie Rowan: [to Zee as Wade and his robot butler are about to play basketball] A robot and a human on the same team. What is the world coming to?

"The Zeta Project: Kid Genius (#1.11)" (2001)
Rosalie Rowan: Gotta be a mistake. There isn't a cloud in the sky.
Zeta: Machines don't make mistakes.
Rosalie Rowan: That hasn't been my experience

Bucky: Hey guys. Long time no see.
Zeta: Bucky?
Rosalie Rowan: [Ro groans] What couldn't it be a *real* tornado?

Rosalie Rowan: Why should we help? He just said he doesn't really care about them?
Bucky: I don't! It's just that - I don't want Tanner stealing anything of mine: parents, old socks. Anything!
Rosalie Rowan: See?
Zeta: How would you feel if you knew your family was in trouble?
Rosalie Rowan: Ooo. That's low.

Rosalie Rowan: [Getting out the luggage compartment] When I said "Next time we take the bus." I mean *inside* the bus.

Bucky: Whatever you do. Don't touch anything.
Rosalie Rowan: Trust me. I wasn't planning on it.
Bucky: I was talking to my parents.

Bucky: Well you help me? The generator won't shut off.
Rosalie Rowan: What can I do? You're the genius.
Bucky: Yeah. But you're good at breaking stuff.
Rosalie Rowan: ...Point taken.

Zeta: I've studied the schematic I downloaded from your parent's machine. I can help you build one to reverse the process and return them to normal.
Bucky: Sounds like a plan.
Rosalie Rowan: Sure you want to do that?
Bucky: I saw what they had to put up with today. I don't want to have to be the grown up.

Zeta: These were called scissors. They're what people used before we had laser cutters.
Rosalie Rowan: You know what I hate? How grown ups say "No running with the laser cutters." Bet they didn't have to hear that back then.

"The Zeta Project: West Bound (#1.6)" (2001)
Zeta: This is how mail was delivered before the 'net. People would walk from door-to-door hand-delivering individual messages.
Ro: Yeah, *right*. No, really, what was it?

Ro: Look out there, Zee. Even a city kid like me knows it's beautiful. Enjoy it. Smell the roses.
Zeta: But that's wwheat.
Ro: Aww forget it!

Ro: [after Zeta changes his appearance] Sure. Easy for you to hide.

Zeta: I think I know what's causing my malfunctions.
Ro: Zee, we don't have the time to list you malfunctions. But go ahead, tell me your current thing.

Ro: [after Zeta changed into an old woman in a bathtowel] And where did you see that?
Zeta: Out there I guess.
Ro: [Ro looks out the window and sees some houses in the distance] Okay that's a little creepy.
Zeta: I didn't do it on purpose.

Ro: [Referring to Agent West] What if goofball wakes up?
Zeta: Run! We'll meet up at the station.
Ro: Bur where at the station?

Ro: Figured you'd come here.
Zeta: I thought you would too.
Ro: You realize this means we're starting to think alike.
Zeta: Hmmm.
Ro: No. Not good. Scary. Very.

"The Zeta Project: Hicksburg (#1.7)" (2001)
Rosalie Rowan: They once told me. I'd never amount to anything.
Zeta: Well, they were wrong! You...
Rosalie Rowan: Thanks for the boost.

Zeta: Where were you running to?
Rosalie Rowan: Beats me. Let you know when I get there.

Zeta: This isn't safe. There are cameras out there. We should go before the authorities arrive.
Rosalie Rowan: Just give me a couple of hours. How fast can Bennett find
Rosalie Rowan: That was quick.

Tiffany Morgan: Ooo. I'll call the theatre. I wonder if he'll kiss me again.
Rosalie Rowan: And I wonder if I'll throw up.

Rosalie Rowan: It's a mistake!
Sheriff Morgan: No Rosalie. This is another of *your* mistakes. You *always* made the wrong choices!

Rosalie Rowan: [Looking at a picture] Yeah? Who is it?
Tiffany Morgan: You don't know?
Rosalie Rowan: Tell me.
Tiffany Morgan: They said it was your brother.
Rosalie Rowan: My... brother? I have a brother!

"The Zeta Project: Remote Control (#1.3)" (2001)
Rosalie Rowan: Remember just say you're a long lost relative or something. Like... Selig's your uncle.
Zeta: Would it help if I looked like him?
[Change appearance]
Rosalie Rowan: Sure if you'd thought of it *before* the guard saw you. Switch back!

Rosalie Rowan: [as Zeta is recharging] I don't believe it. He snores.

Dr. Tannor: Do your parents know where you are?
Rosalie Rowan: Wrong question mister!

Rosalie Rowan: [to Tannor] Let's split up. You draw them the other way, and I'll get the schem -
[Ro realizes Tannor's already run away]
Rosalie Rowan: Only for you Zee.

Rosalie Rowan: Let go of my friend!
Bucky: Uh uh. I'm not done with him yet.
Rosalie Rowan: You can't use Zee like this. He's as much a person as me or you. *More* than you!

Rosalie Rowan: [Referring to the control] What do you suppose we should do with this?
[Zeta takes the control and destroys it]
Rosalie Rowan: Sure. Spoil my fun.
[zeta glares at Ro]
Rosalie Rowan: I'm kidding!

"The Zeta Project: Shadows (#1.8)" (2001)
Zeta: Your life was in danger again today because of me. Maybe you should...
Ro: Woah! Time-out. Get this through this big fat can up there you call a head. It's my decision and my risk. I can live with it. Besides, I'm not gonna let you run off and have all the fun.
Zeta: You're having fun? Obviously, I have more processing to do.
Ro: Yeah, you work on that.

Zeta: This was called an egg-timer. It was used to time eggs.
Ro: Time eggs for what?
Zeta: Perhaps until they hatched.
Ro: Seems kinda quick.

Zeta: I'm afraid I still don't get this concept of fun.
Ro: Obviously.

Ro: He was protecting me.
Batman: Yeah? From what?
[the Infiltraion Unit breaks through the wall]
Ro: That!
Batman: Whoa! There's another infiltration unit?

"The Zeta Project: Taffy Time (#1.10)" (2001)
Rosalie Rowan: [as they're being chased] So what's the plan Zee?
Zeta: Plan?
Rosalie Rowan: You do have a plan for getting us out of this, right?
Zeta: [Their vehicle crashes] Run!
Rosalie Rowan: Some plan.

Rosalie Rowan: Hmm. Two kids, a stranger, a gingerbread house in the middle of nowhere. What could possibly go wrong?
Zeta: Several things. But it's probably still better...
Rosalie Rowan: [Ro drags Zeta] Come on Hansel. Let's see what's cooking.
Zeta: Hansel?

Agent West: Hold it! You're up to something. I'm going first.
Rosalie Rowan: [Half heartedly] No. Stop. Don't -
[West walks into the forcefield]
Rosalie Rowan: Can I help it if no one listens to me?

"The Zeta Project: On the Wire (#2.10)" (2002)
Ro: Casey said to read the text news sometime. Why would he be so rude?
Zeta: Family trait?
Ro: Funny.

Ro: I need your sword.
Barbarian Geek: It is not a sword. It is a Lethigan battle blade forged in the fiery pits of...
Ro: Urr. Whatever!

"The Zeta Project: Absolute Zero (#2.1)" (2001)
Ro: Did you forget you can't fly again?

Zeta: There is one chance. I may be able to control his warming with my own internal heat element.
Ro: Hold it. You're going to walk into that gas to get him?
Zeta: I have to.
Ro: You saw what happened to that cart. How do you know it won't happen to you?!
Zeta: I don't.

"The Zeta Project: Cabin Pressure (#2.11)" (2002)
Zeta: It sounds like you were finally starting to like him.
Ro: Eh. I'll get over it.

"The Zeta Project: The River Rising (#2.12)" (2002)
Ro: We have got to get out of middle America. The weather stinks.

"The Zeta Project: The Hologram Man (#2.13)" (2002)
Zeta: I've been thinking about the module in my head. Who put it there?
Ro: The programming fairy?