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Quotes for
Tommy Frigo (Character)
from Adventureland (2009)

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Adventureland (2009)
Tommy Frigo: James, don't get all drunk and fall asleep or anything.
James Brennan: Why not?
Tommy Frigo: Because I'll jack off on your face.

Tommy Frigo: They got you working on Games? What a pussy. You're such a pussy!
Tommy Frigo: Do you know that demented person?
James Brennan: Yeah, he used to be my best friend. And then I turned four.

Rich: I saw Em and Connell in his car.
Tommy Frigo: What were they doing in the car, Rich?
Rich: They were doing push-ups in his car. They didn't have any pants on.
Tommy Frigo: No pants. Naked push ups, retard, for fucking! James, they were fucking!
James Brennan: Frigo, Frigo shut up. When did you see this, Rich?
Rich: Like, a while ago. A while ago.
Tommy Frigo: It was just a couple weeks ago. Right, Rich?

Tommy Frigo: So we can drink your parent's booze? It's okay?

Tommy Frigo: Let's go, panty stain!
James Brennan: Panty stain, that's me. Good night everybody.

James Brennan: Frigo, get the fuck out of here, and you can't tell anybody about this, okay?
Tommy Frigo: All right, all right, relax, Brennan. What's it worth to you?
James Brennan: You're shaking me down?
Tommy Frigo: No... Yeah, yeah.
James Brennan: I hate you with such great fervor.

Tommy Frigo: [to James after he and emily have been in the swimming pool] BONER! You got a boner! Brennan's got a boner!