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Quotes for
Mr. Pump (Character)
from "Going Postal" (2010)

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"Going Postal" (2010)
Mr. Pump: I am your parole officer, and your safety is my concern.
[knocks Moist out]

Mr. Pump: A golem is incapable of lying.
Moist Von Lipwig: Really? How unfortunate for you.

Moist Von Lipwig: I'm just a con man!
Mr. Pump: You have killed 22.8 people.
Moist Von Lipwig: I've never so much as drawn a sword.
Mr. Pump: You have stolen, embezzled, and swindled. You have ruined businesses and destroyed lives. When banks fail, it's not bankers who starve. In a thousand small ways, you have hastened the deaths of many. You did not know them. You did not see them bleed. But you snatched bread from their mouths. There will be no running.