Camerlengo Patrick McKenna
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Camerlengo Patrick McKenna (Character)
from Angels & Demons (2009)

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Angels & Demons (2009)
[the bomb that threatens to destroy St.Peter's is set to go off at midnight. The Camerlengo is discussing evacuation with his security chief]
Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: If we are still in peril at 11.15, remove the cardinals, but in a dignified manner. I want peoples' last memory of this church to be of them walking out with their heads held high, not of some old men sneaking out the back door.

Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: Christianity's most sacred codices are in that archive. Given your recent entanglement with the church, there is a question I'd like to ask you first, here, in the office of His Holiness.
[Walks towards Robert Langdon]
Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: . Do you believe in God, sir?
Robert Langdon: Father, I simply believe that religion...
Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: I did not ask if you believe what man says about God. I asked if you believe in God.
Robert Langdon: I'm an academic. My mind tells me I will never understand God.
Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: And your heart?
Robert Langdon: Tells me I'm not meant to. Faith is a gift that I have yet to receive.
Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: Be delicate with our treasures.

Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: Open the doors, and tell the world the truth.

Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: Have you come to make a martyr out of me?

Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: Our church is at war. We are under attack from an old enemy. The Illuminati. They have struck us from within and threatening us all with destruction from their new god Science.

Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: [after breaking into Conclave and announcing that church is at war] ... but science and religion are not enemies! There are simply some things that science is just too young to understand. So the church pleads: "stop", "slow down", "think", "wait"... and for this - they call us backward. But who is more ignorant: the man who cannot define lightning, or the man who does not respect its natural awesome power?

Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: Would it surprise you to find those clothes suit you?
Robert Langdon: It would surprise the hell out of me.

Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: Their faith will not protect them from an explosion.
Cardinal Strauss: We are all bound for heaven eventually, are we not?
Camerlengo Patrick McKenna: Spoken like one who has enjoyed the blessings of a long and full life.