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Quotes for
Flynn (Character)
from Welcome to Sarajevo (1997)

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Welcome to Sarajevo (1997)
Flynn: [screaming at random shelling noises which have just started outside] Fuck you! Asshole! Get a job!

Flynn: You know, only two good things ever came from England. One: America, two: the Beatles!

[Flynn has saved a child from sniper fire, getting photographed by the world's media in the process]
Annie McGee: What you did wasn't about Sarajevo. It was all about you.
Flynn: Funny thing is, back home no-one's heard of Sarajevo, and everyone's heard of me.

Flynn: You know, this place feels like a virus you can't get rid of. Sometimes I feel like I'll never make it home.
Michael Henderson: Sometimes *I* feel as if you'll never make it home.