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Erich Neumann (Character)
from Conspiracy (2001) (TV)

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Conspiracy (2001) (TV)
Heydrich: [the meeting is near a close, and Heydrich is listening to everyone's decision] Do we have any disputes left to face here either with my authority or with that we have agreed? General?
Müller: Let us astonish Charles Darwin.
Klopfer: [raises glass] I second the motion. It is our most important war.
Heydrich: Sir?
Kritzinger: We are discussing the inevitable and bringing it about in the most practical way under one command. I have no dispute with that, I understand the realities. And indeed, count on my support.
Hofmann: With the understanding that consideration will be given to my proposal, yes. Proceed.
Dr. Georg Leibbrandt: I defer to the SS.
Dr. Alfred Meyer: If you are to do it, then force-feed it. Speed it along. Our situation, such as in Warsaw, is difficult, edging towards disastrous. Thank you.
Dr. Wilhelm Stuckart: ...Oh, yes. What can I say? My enthusiasm is boundless.
Undersecretary Martin Luther: Obviously.
Heydrich: Sorry?
Undersecretary Martin Luther: I trust my enthusiasm is clear, is apparent. Yes!
Heydrich: Neumann?
Erich Neumann: I would like to know that adequate labor will still be available...
Heydrich: On a case-by-case basis. Major Lange?

Undersecretary Martin Luther: Sir, this is Neumann of the Four Year Plan, a close associate of Reichsmarschall Goering. Neumann, I introduce Dr. Klopfer, a close associate of the Brown Eminence.
Erich Neumann: Brown... excuse me?
Klopfer: I represent Martin Bormann, the Party Chairman of the Thousand Year Plan.

[repeated line]
Erich Neumann: Neumann, Director, Office of the Four Year Plan.

Erich Neumann: I've done the arithmetic. The real size of the labor force is already a million less than the figures show.
Dr. Georg Leibbrandt: The economic considerations are not the only considerations, you see.
Erich Neumann: I'll say they're not. Have you done the extrapolations?
Dr. Georg Leibbrandt: My friend, with due respect, may I say, "Fuck the extrapolations?"

Erich Neumann: I hear we're counter-attacking. Reichenau has got them out of the trenches...
Dr. Wilhelm Kritzinger: Reichenau is dead. Let us not gossip like maids at the market.

Erich Neumann: Neumann, Director, Office of the Four-Year Plan.
Undersecretary Martin Luther: For Goering?
Erich Neumann: For Reichsmarshal Goering, yes, his office. And you, sir?
Undersecretary Martin Luther: Luther, and what is your plan? Where will we be in four years, do you think? Living in the White House?