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Quotes for
Michael Jordon (Character)
from Hanky Panky (1982)

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Hanky Panky (1982)
[Michael and Janet burst into a taxi at same time]
Michael Jordon: Oh, Goddamn...
[to Janet]
Michael Jordon: I Love you!
Janet Dunn: Get out of my taxi!
Michael Jordon: Where is it?
Janet Dunn: Get out of my cab right now!
Michael Jordon: I would love to, just tell me, where it is?
Janet Dunn: Get out of my cab!
Michael Jordon: This one is my cab.
Cab Driver: Nah-ah!
[Michael and Janet notice The Driver]
Cab Driver: This is MY taxi. Now, what do you want?

Ransom: What is your connection with Janet Dunn?
Michael Jordon: He is my brother.

[Michael and Kate are left in a small plane with a pilot who has had an apparent heart attack after a bout of burping and belching]
Michael Jordon: Ask Mr. Puckett if I should bring it nose first or tail first.
Kate Hellman: Michael he's *dead*.
Michael Jordon: *He* is not *dead*.
Kate Hellman: Yes he *is*.
Michael Jordon: No, he's not; just ask him, ask him.
Kate Hellman: [shouting] Mr. Puckett! Should he bring it in nose first or tail first?
[no response]
Michael Jordon: [calmly] What did he say?
Kate Hellman: [pounding Michael, screaming] *Michael, he's DEAD!*
Michael Jordon: [in angry denial] He is not dead; he has *gas*! Haven't you heard of that? He's having a *gas attack*!
Kate Hellman: Oh!
[Kate sighs]
Michael Jordon: [searching controls] Where are the wheels?
Kate Hellman: I don't know, where are the wheels?
Michael Jordon, Kate Hellman: Where are the wheels?
Michael Jordon: Where are the wheels?
Kate Hellman: [sarcastically] Oh, why don't you ask Mr. Puckett where the wheels are?
Michael Jordon: Ha, ha! Why can't I ask Mr. Puckett where the wheels are? Huh, Miss Smartass? Go on, say it, go ahead!
Kate Hellman: Oh, because he's dead.
Michael Jordon: [re-angered] *He is not dead,* would you stop saying he's *dead*? He's got *gas*!