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Quotes for
Frank 'The Fixer' Acavano (Character)
from Wise Guys (1986)

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Wise Guys (1986)
Frank "The Fixer" Acavano: Let me waste 'em, Mr. Costelo!
Anthony Costelo: Do we really hurt them by killing them?
Louie Fontucci: It's a good start.

Santo Ravallo: [New Shoes is clipping the Fixer's toenails. It hits Santo in the eyebrow] Hey, watch out, willya?
Joey 'New Shoes' Siclione: Why the hell do I always have to do this?
Frank "The Fixer" Acavano: You know damn well I can't do it myself!
Joey 'New Shoes' Siclione: Does Mrs. Fixer do it for you at home, Frankie?
Frank "The Fixer" Acavano: None of your business! Why don't we just go over there and waste 'em?
Joey 'New Shoes' Siclione: We're not supposed to do nothin' until Mr. Costelo says so!
Santo Ravallo: [Picks up a large white item] This is the strangest pillow case I've ever seen.
Frank "The Fixer" Acavano: IT'S MY UNDERWEAR, ASSHOLE!

Frank "The Fixer" Acavano: You're exactly what I'm looking for, Dickface!
Moe Dickstein: Please Frank, it's Dickstein.
Frank "The Fixer" Acavano: I'll pick you up this afternoon, Dickhead!

Harry Valentini: Hey Frank, I heard you just bought your son a 10 speed bike. What a great father you are, that's really nice.
Frank "The Fixer" Acavano: Later Dickead, don't forget!
Moe Dickstein: It's DickSTEIN!