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Quotes for
Bernard Slaybeck (Character)
from "Pushing Daisies" (2007)

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"Pushing Daisies: Dummy (#1.2)" (2007)
Emerson Cod: [Ned has just re-animated Bernard] Ask the question.
Ned: Mr. Slaybeck, do you...
Charlotte 'Chuck' Charles: [Interrupts] Do you have any last requests? Some unfinished business with this life we can help you with?
Emerson Cod: [to Ned] Don't let her do this.
Bernard Slaybeck: Is this heaven?
Charlotte 'Chuck' Charles: Could be.
Emerson Cod: No, it's not.
Bernard Slaybeck: [Looks at Emerson] Is that God?
Emerson Cod: No, it's not.
Bernard Slaybeck: I'm confused because I'm a Buddhist.
Charlotte 'Chuck' Charles: Buddhism's fascinating, isn't it? Did it help you in your final moments?
Emerson Cod: She wasting my minute.
Charlotte 'Chuck' Charles: What's with this minute and when did it become your minute?
Emerson Cod: It sure the hell ain't yours.
Ned: Hey, it's everyone's minute, or uh, twenty-two seconds.
Bernard Slaybeck: [Interrupts their discussion] Can you get a message to Earth? Can you tell Jeanine in Promotions that I loved her?
Charlotte 'Chuck' Charles: Of course.
Ned: Mr. Slaybeck, if you could remember anything about whoever was driving the hit-and-run vehicle that killed you, I think we could get you some justice.
Bernard Slaybeck: What hit-and-run? I was killed by a crash test dummy.
[Ned touches him and he falls back dead again]