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Suki Toyama (Character)
from Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (2008) (VG)

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Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 (2008) (VG)
Emperor Yoshiro: [First Empire Mission] Today is the day that destiny has promised us. No longer will we suffer the abyssment and the corruption of the foreign barbarians. For as they battle amongst themselves, we've resurrected our realm creating a new Empire of The Rising Sun. Commander, you are destined to reawaken Bushido, the way of the warrior. You will be a part of a new shogunate, uniting powerful leaders from all 4 corners of our Empire. Together, we will first attack Soviet russia and not crush not only their armies, but their leaders, thier spirit and their hope. My son, Crown Prince Tatsu will assist us in this noble endeavor.
[Tatsu appears on screen]
Emperor Yoshiro: He was instrumental in creating our new amry.
Crown Prince Tatsu: Thank you father. Commander, our Nanotechnology is second to one.
Emperor Yoshiro: Yes. But, we must remember, technology alone will not vanquish our enemies. It will be our courage, our honor and our self sacrifice.
Crown Prince Tatsu: [Suki replaces Yoshiro on screen] Commander, allow me to introduce to you our chief legistical officer, Ms. Suki Toyama.
Suki Toyama: [Bows] It is an honor. The Toyama family has served the Emperor for 10 generations.
Crown Prince Tatsu: Yes. My father follows the ways of our ancestors and there is much wisdom in what he says, but it is a new age commander, a new world. Do what you must to be victorious.

Emperor Yoshiro: [Empire Ending]
[a King Oni destroys the Allied flag and replaces it with the Empire's flag, then the scene goes to Both Yoshiro and Tatsu]
Emperor Yoshiro: Thank you, commander. You have honored your ancestors.
Crown Prince Tatsu: And defeated our enemies.
Emperor Yoshiro: Because of your victories, I bestowed upon you the honored title of Supreme Shogun.
[Both Yoshiro and Tatsu tip their tea cups to you]
Suki Toyama: Commander, I am on the north shore of Oahu. Very beautiful, very private. how would you like to join me? C'mon commander, everybody needs to relax now and then, even a shogun.