Quentin Smith
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Quentin Smith (Character)
from A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

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A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)
Quentin Smith: We were wrong. He's not after us because we lied. He's after us because we told the truth.
Nancy Holbrook: He brought us here so we could remember what he did to us.

Quentin Smith: Look, we're running out of time.
Nancy Holbrook: What do you mean?
Quentin Smith: [Reading a book] But then it says at the 70-hour mark the insomniac will begin to experience micro-naps. "His brain will begin to shut down its functions for several seconds in an attempt to recharge itself." Which basically means you're dreaming, but you don't know it. Like, even if you're awake. And then it says that after that, your brain will shut down, inducing a coma. Which is permanent sleep.

Quentin Smith: [Trying desperately to shake Nancy awake] Wake up, Nancy, wake up. Nancy, please. Please don't do this please. Nancy, come back. Please wake up. You promised.

Nancy Holbrook: [after Quentin storms out of his father's office] Quentin! Quentin, wait!
[Quentin punches the lockers]
Nancy Holbrook: Wait! 
Quentin Smith: WHAT?
Nancy Holbrook: Slow down!
[Nancy grabs his arm]
Nancy Holbrook: Stop!
Quentin Smith: We got him killed. Our stories... Our lies.
Nancy Holbrook: What if we can make him stop?
Quentin Smith: What if we can't?

Quentin Smith: [after injecting adrenaline] Whoa.

Quentin Smith: You can't just take that. You have no idea what it's gonna do to you.
Quentin Smith: You know what? That is kind of the least of my concerns right now, so, do you want some?
Nancy Holbrook: No.
[Quentin sticks himself in the leg]

Quentin Smith: Look, if you really wanna talk, how come over the last couple of years, whenever I've invited you out, you've just never shown up?
Nancy Holbrook: I don't know if you've noticed, but I don't exactly fit in.
Quentin Smith: Ok, look. If we survive the next 24 hours, then I'll take you out on a real date.
Nancy Holbrook: And what if I say no?
Quentin Smith: Why don't you sleep on it?

Quentin Smith: I don't know what's real anymore.

Nancy Holbrook: [Quentin has found pictures] What are those? What are those pictures of?
Quentin Smith: They're all of you.

Nancy Holbrook: He brought us here so that we would remember what he did to us.
Quentin Smith: [Slams his hands against the bed he's sitting on] *Fuck!*

Quentin Smith: Fuck! What does he want from us? He's never gonna stop!

Quentin Smith: Nancy, I can't let you go to sleep, you're not gonna wake up.
Nancy Holbrook: I know you won't let that happen.

Quentin Smith: [Places his cross necklace around her neck] You gotta believe in something, right?
[They kiss]
Quentin Smith: I'm gonna be here when you wake up. You're gonna make it.

Quentin Smith: [after realizing he fell asleep when he was supposed to stay awake] Oh, shit.

Nancy Holbrook: Can I get you guys anything else?
Quentin Smith: Uh, no. I think we're good. If we could just get the check.
Jesse Braun: Is that the only thing you wanna ask her, Quentin?
[Nancy leaves]
Quentin Smith: Asshole.

Quentin Smith: Don't you ever get tired of working here every weekend?
Nancy Holbrook: Don't you ever get tired of coming here every weekend?
[Quentin smiles]

Nancy Holbrook: [Sees his cross necklace] I didn't take you for the religious type.
Quentin Smith: [Hides it] Yeah, well, you gotta believe in something, you know?

Nancy Holbrook: [Sees a book in their pile] What's this one doing here?
Quentin Smith: It's The Pied Piper of Hamelin. I saw it in one of my dreams. It's about a guy who's betrayed by a town and gets his revenge by taking away their children.
Nancy Holbrook: I keep dreaming about children, too. And then there's also a school.
Quentin Smith: Well, it's gotta mean something.
Nancy Holbrook: Yeah, but, I mean, what? We didn't go to school together until, like, 6th grade.

Quentin Smith: [On the phone] Nancy, he got to him. Jesse's dead. He died in his sleep.

Dr. Gwen Holbrook: [Voice-over] There was a man at the preschool. his name was Fred Kruger. He was a gardener. He lived in the basement of the preschool. And you kids were his life. We didn't want to believe it at first. You were all so innocent. And you, Nancy. You were his favorite of all. And then we started to notice things.
Quentin Smith: So what did you do? Did you call the police?
Dr. Gwen Holbrook: He left town before we got a chance to confront him. He's gone. He can't hurt you anymore.

Quentin Smith: I know what happened to Freddy.

Quentin Smith: [Storms into his father's office] You killed Kruger.
Alan Smith: Where'd you here that name?
Quentin Smith: You chased him, you cornered him and you burned him to death. You hunted him!
Alan Smith: We were not hunting. We were protecting you.
Quentin Smith: [shouting] From what?
Alan Smith: From *him*. From what he did to you. From what you kids said he did to you.
Quentin Smith: [shouting] We were five! We would've said anything! Why didn't you do to the police?
Alan Smith: You were so young.
Quentin Smith: [Whipspers to himself] No. God! And the things we said he did. The cave. Did you ever find it?
Alan Smith: No.
Quentin Smith: How do you know that he was guilty?
[His father looks uncertain]
Nancy Holbrook: Oh, my god!
Quentin Smith: You killed an innocent man!
Alan Smith: Mm-mm. There's not a day that goes by that I don't think about that night, Quentin.
Quentin Smith: Good, you deserve at least that.
Alan Smith: Quentin, when you grow up and you have kids, I hope you never know the feeling of utterly failing to protect them.