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Handy Smurf (Character)
from "The Smurfs" (1981)

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"The Smurfs: One Good Smurf Deserves Another (#2.20)" (1982)
Clumsy Smurf: Oh gosh, Handy, you saved my life again! Now, I have to pay you back double.
Handy Smurf: [Groaning] Noooooo!

Clumsy Smurf: Handy... you saved my life again! It's like... like some kind of dream.
Handy Smurf: [Putting his right hand on his brow] More like a nightmare...

The Smurfic Games (1983) (TV)
Smurfette: Clumsy and I are going to form our own team.
Clumsy Smurf: We are? Gosh!
Jokey Smurf: [laughs] That's the funniest thing I've ever heard. You won't win a single event.
Smurfette: Maybe not, but we'll have a good time.
Clumsy Smurf: Ah, yeah!
Smurfette: After all, winning isn't everything.
Hefty Smurf: Are you kidding?
Hefty Smurf, Handy Smurf: [Looking at each other, nose-to-nose] It's the only thing!

"The Smurfs: Sleepwalking Smurfs/Smurf Me No Flowers (#2.31)" (1982)
Clumsy Smurf: Too bad this is Lazy's last party.
[His mouth shut by Smurfette's hand]
Lazy Smurf: "Last party"? What does he mean "last party"?
Smurfette: Eh... well, he means that...
Brainy Smurf: Clumsy, you talk too much and too loud just because Papa Smurf said that there was no cure for Lazy and he was going to smurf off in a few days is no reason to blab. And furthermore...
Brainy Smurf: [Kicked outside the Smurf Village and landing on his head] Leave it to Clumsy to spill the beans!

"The Smurfs: The Trojan Smurf/Smurf the Other Cheek (#4.9)" (1984)
Hefty Smurf: Azrael!
Azrael: [Meows]
Hefty Smurf: Run!
[Runs. Azreal jumps onto the catapult and is catapulted out of the Smurf Village]
Handy Smurf: Well, that takes care of Azrael.
Hefty Smurf: Yeah! Now I know why it's called a catapult!