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Amy Winslow (Character)
from The Surrogate (1995) (TV)

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The Surrogate (1995) (TV)
Joan Quinn: For goodness sakes, don't smile!
[Amy smiles and Joan takes her picture]
Joan Quinn: Perfect! This is the only way I can keep track of all the girls who have looked at the cottage.
Amy Winslow: I guess you've had a lot, huh?

Amy Winslow: Please stop them from taking my baby.
Sandy Gilman: She's so beautiful.
Amy Winslow: Her name is Emily.
Joan Quinn: It's Christine. So predictible. Oh, the hair is a nice touch.

Amy Winslow: [after discovering that Joan has the phone TV connected to the phone and the cottage] That bitch!
Joan Quinn: [after she catches her watching a videotape of her and her baby son, Christopher] Turn it off!
Amy Winslow: How is your baby?
Joan Quinn: Now calm down, Amy. I can explain.
Amy Winslow: You did something to your baby, didn't you?
Joan Quinn: No!
Amy Winslow: You hurt him, didn't you? You lied to me!
Joan Quinn: You're confused.
Amy Winslow: Oh, I'm going to the police right now!
[starts to run]
Joan Quinn: There won't be any police.
[grabs Amy]
Joan Quinn: Amy! No! No! No! You're not taking my baby!
[accidentally pushes her down the stairs]
Joan Quinn: You're not taking my baby! Amy! No!

Amy Winslow: [chasing Joan who has taken Emily out of her arms to a cliff] Joan!
Joan Quinn: No!
Amy Winslow: Joan! Joan!
Joan Quinn: Stop! Don't come near us!
Amy Winslow: Please be careful.
Joan Quinn: Get back!
Amy Winslow: OK, I promise I won't come any closer, OK? Just please move away from the edge.
Joan Quinn: No! No! No! If I do, you'll take her.
Amy Winslow: No, I won't! I promise I won't.
Joan Quinn: She's my baby!
Amy Winslow: I know she is. I know she is your baby. It just, it looks very dangerous right there, Joan and she could get hurt and you wouldn't want her to get hurt.
Joan Quinn: I would never hurt my baby!
Amy Winslow: I know you wouldn't. I know you wouldn't.
Joan Quinn: No, you don't! You're just like my mother! You think I hurt Christopher!
Amy Winslow: No! No! I was wrong, OK? I was wrong. I made a mistake. I'm so sorry.
Joan Quinn: I loved Christopher. I did everything I could. I tried everything. I couldn't comfort him. I couldn't make him feel better.
Amy Winslow: You tried your best.
Joan Quinn: His little body was tight like a nut. I tried walking him. I tried rocking him. But nothing I did helped. He wouldn't stop screaming. He wouldn't stop crying. So I put him on my shoulder and I pressed him tight against me. His little face pressed up against me. He stopped. Finally, he stopped. I thought he was asleep.
Amy Winslow: I'm so sorry.
Joan Quinn: I couldn't save him. I tried. I couldn't save him. I didn't mean to hurt him. I thought he was asleep.
Amy Winslow: Can I hold her please?
Joan Quinn: [crying] No! My baby!
Stuart Quinn: It's all right, sweetheart.
Joan Quinn: [crying as she reluctantly gives Emily back to Amy] I couldn't save my baby. But my baby! I didn't mean to hurt my baby.
Stuart Quinn: [to Joan] Come on, sweetheart. Let's go inside.

[last lines]
[Amy and Eric discuss how they will raise Emily]
Eric Shaw: No junk food?
Amy Winslow: No junk food. And definitely no tattoos. You know, I mean she can have her ears pierced but that's it. Like nothing weird like her nose or anything.
Eric Shaw: I just feel like a big nurse.
[to Emily]
Eric Shaw: Look, kid, run for it! I'll cover you.
Amy Winslow: I just want to make sure I raise her right and give her the best I possibly can.
Eric Shaw: You will as long as I got you and you know, I'll come around and guide her cultural development.
[Amy and Eric kiss as the camera turns to Amy's painting]