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Alan Raimy (Character)
from 52 Pick-Up (1986)

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52 Pick-Up (1986)
[Alan is showing a snuff film in which a girl is shot]
Alan Raimy: The best thing about Cini is that she not only lives her part, she dies it too.

Raimy: Don't touch me!
Harry: There's something about your face that makes me want to slap the shit out of it!

Alan Raimy: I could be walking into something.
Harry: Buddy, you could be walking into surgery.

Alan Raimy: I want you to know what we know so your mind will be clear, you dig?

Alan Raimy: [narrating] And as the sun sets slowly in the west, we say goodbye to beautiful Palm Springs, oasis of intrigue and extracurricular games of Hide the Salami, and we return to real life.

Barbara Mitchell: Who are you?
Alan Raimy: Silver Lining Accounting Service: "We satisfy or we eat it."

Leo Franks: [Alan has stolen Harry's gun] You're hoping for something like this going in, but never in a million years can it happen.
Alan Raimy: Clean living. It pays off.

Alan Raimy: [narrating] Uh, this is where the credits would be. Slick Entertainment Incorporated presents: "Tit in the Wringer, or How Harry Mitchell Agreed to Pay One Hundred and Five Thou a Year and Found Happiness."

Alan Raimy: [narrating, as Cini is shown being handcuffed and bound to a chair] Some people, you gotta tie down to convince 'em they can act.

Alan Raimy: [narrating, as Cini's blouse is ripped off] This is to keep your interest, or whatever, up.

Alan Raimy: Then I asked the guy, I said, "Who told you where to find me?" Oh, he said it was you.
Leo Franks: I didn't tell him! Jesus Christ! I didn't even tell him your first name!
Alan Raimy: OK! It could have been someone else!
Leo Franks: All right, what about Doreen, huh? I mean, she went out with him!
Bobby Shy: She wouldn't talk to him.
Alan Raimy: How do you know that?
Bobby Shy: Because she's a friend of mine. And she knows if I found out, I'd throw her dead ass off a roof.

Alan Raimy: So, gentlemen, we got a little problem. We killed somebody, he saw it on the movie, and now he knows about us. That's why one of us is going to have to blow him away.
[long silence, as Bobby realizes Alan and Leo are staring at him]
Bobby Shy: Now, what do I get out of it?
Alan Raimy: Peace of mind.
Bobby Shy: I look nervous to you?

Alan Raimy: [to Bobby] Oh, I've got something to show you. Something that is gonna knock... you... out!
[takes out a gun and shoots Bobby through the heart]