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Noel Garcia (Character)
from "Casualty" (1986)

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"Casualty: Life Sentence (#24.27)" (2010)
[Jeff has just announced that he and Dixie are going to get married. Everyone is puzzled because they know that Dixie is a lesbian]
Noel Garcia: So does that mean Dixie's straight now?
Big Mac: Either that or else Jeff's become a lesbian.

"Casualty: Russian Endings (#24.37)" (2010)
[Kirsty is trying to trace "Bruce" whom she believes is a patient's relative]
Noel Garcia: We could maybe do an internet search. If this guy Bruce lives close to Stewart, we could check out a few of the addresses. It's a long-shot, I know.
Kirsty Clements: [flirting] I'd really appreciate it. I mean, I'd take a look myself but I'm completely useless when it comes to computers. Just not got the technical know-how, you see.
Noel Garcia: Yeah, well they can be quite complicated sometimes.
Kirsty Clements: [flirting] But I bet *you* know your way round, don't you?
Noel Garcia: Well, let's just say that people come to see *me* when they need information in a hurry.
Kirsty Clements: [flirting] And I bet you always deliver.
Noel Garcia: That's why they call me... "The Postman".
[Kirsty giggles]