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Glushkov (Character)
from "Space Race" (2005)

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"Space Race: Race for Satellites (#1.2)" (2005)
Glushko: [Inspecting the R-7 blueprints] Very Jules Verne...

Sergei Korolev: May I introduce... the R-7. This is a mock-up of the actual rocket, but completely to-scale.
Khrushchev: A truly impressive machine, Sergei Pavlovich. How much does it weigh?
Sergei Korolev: 280 tons at lift-off.
Glushko: Thrust, at lift-off, will be over 403 tons. More than anything achieved before.
Khrushchev: What is that in horsepower?
Sergei Korolev: That would be approximately 6.4 million, Nikita Sergeyevich.
Khrushchev: We will run them off the production line like sausages!