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Jelly Grimaldi (Character)
from "Third Watch" (1999)

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"Third Watch: Family Ties: Part 2 (#5.17)" (2004)
Jelly Grimaldi: [to Cruz] I got a murder to clear and I said I didn't want you in the middle of it.
Sgt. Maritza Cruz: You could've had him after I was done.

Jelly Grimaldi: [to Cruz] I don't wait for you! You took my murder suspect out of lockup and questioned him after he was lawyered up!
Sgt. Maritza Cruz: The Hassid? I didn't ask him anything!
Jelly Grimaldi: I got two Rabbis and an entire law firm up my ass about it! The whole precinct's filled with pissed-off Hassids 'cause you delayed Finklestein getting to Central Booking.
Sgt. Maritza Cruz: He wasn't gonna tell you anything anyway.

Jelly Grimaldi: [to Cruz] I didn't have to tell you about Boscorelli's brother. I was being nice!
Sgt. Maritza Cruz: Live and learn.
Jelly Grimaldi: Hey, you better watch the bridges you burn. There ain't too many people that like you now.

"Third Watch: More Monsters (#6.1)" (2004)
Jelly Grimaldi: Someone killed Sergeant Wynn and Dombrowski from Narcotics.
Off. Tyrone 'Ty' Davis Jr.: With a bomb?
Jelly Grimaldi: Sure as hell wasn't natural causes.

Sgt. Maritza Cruz: You okay, Jelly?
Jelly Grimaldi: Besides the load in my drawers, I'll make it.

Jelly Grimaldi: I gotta clean my damn gun now. You know how much I hate to clean my gun and look at my new suit.
Off. Faith Yokas: Jelly, they just took my partner upstairs with four bullets in him. Get over yourself.

"Third Watch: Family Ties: Part 1 (#5.16)" (2004)
Jelly Grimaldi: .45 found 10 feet away.
Officer Dade: Yeah, that's where I found the casing. Looked like a .45.
Jelly Grimaldi: I just said that.

Jelly Grimaldi: [to Cruz] I ever tell you how I managed to stay happy in my career? By staying out of the drama.
Sgt. Maritza Cruz: Good for you.

Jelly Grimaldi: Somebody selling tickets here?
Sgt. Maritza Cruz: What's up, Jelly?
Jelly Grimaldi: Could you get more people into my crime scene?

"Third Watch: In Plain View (#5.20)" (2004)
Jelly Grimaldi: [to Sully] You know this guy?
Off. John 'Sully' Sullivan: Yeah, that's Rocky. Nice guy. Regular working stiff.
Jelly Grimaldi: He's a stiff now.