Helen Cutter
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Helen Cutter (Character)
from "Primeval" (2007)

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"Primeval: Episode #3.3" (2009)
Helen Cutter: [after a clone's suicidal jump] Death means nothing to you, does it? You're lucky.

Nick Cutter: You still don't get it, do you? That no matter how many times you interfere, you still can't get the result you want because evolution can't be bent to your will.
Helen Cutter: I really hope you're wrong.

"Primeval: Episode #1.6" (2007)
Helen Cutter: [Speaking to Claudia] Who knows? Maybe that's how humanity meets its end, by becoming the food source for a more successful species.

"Primeval: Episode #3.10" (2009)
Connor Temple: What are you going to do?
Helen Cutter: Oh, you're going to like this, Connor. I, Helen Cutter, am going to save the world.

"Primeval: Episode #1.4" (2007)
Helen Cutter: Presumably there are still laws against kidnapping.
Sir James Lester: Mmmm, though officially you're dead! We can't have kidnapped somebody who doesn't actually exist, can we? The only way you can get out of here is by telling us everything you know about the anomalies.
Helen Cutter: I'll tell you one thing: you're the spitting image of a Utah raptor I once met in the Jurassic.