Abby Maitland
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Abby Maitland (Character)
from "Primeval" (2007)

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"Primeval: Episode #1.2" (2007)
Abby Maitland: [on seeing her first giant spider in a tunnel] Does anybody have a really big slipper?

Connor Temple: Look, if I don't come back you can have my Star Trek Next Generation Top Trumps.
Abby Maitland: I'll treasure them.
Connor Temple: D'you know what? On second thoughts I think you should bury them with me.

"Primeval: Episode #1.3" (2007)
Connor Temple: Is that perfume?
Abby Maitland: I can do the girl thing, you know.
Connor Temple: Ooooh!
Stephen Hart: You look really good.
Abby Maitland: Thanks.
Stephen Hart: It was good of you both to come; you shouldn't have bothered.
Connor Temple: Don't flatter yourself. Some of us just like hanging out with nurses.
Abby Maitland: Come on. I'll give you a lift home.
Stephen Hart: Oh, there's no need; my girlfriend's picking me up.
Connor Temple: Girlfriend?
Stephen Hart: Alison. She's been in the rainforest for two years researching infectious diseases.
Connor Temple: Let's hope she's not one of those girls who brings her work home with her.
Abby Maitland: Hmm. You must have missed her.
Stephen Hart: Yeah... I'd better go. Goodbye.
Connor Temple: Two years! How much sex are they going to have over the next few days?

"Primeval: Episode #3.5" (2009)
Danny Quinn: [about the fungus infected man] So we corner it and then we grill it, right?
Abby Maitland: Isn't that cruel?
Danny Quinn: What?
Abby Maitland: That thing was a man not long ago, suppose he's still in there.
Danny Quinn: So we ask it nicely and then we grill it, right?
Abby Maitland: Thank you.

"Primeval: Episode #1.4" (2007)
Abby Maitland: Uh... what're you doin' here?
Connor Temple: The room; do you remember? Don't worry; you'll hardly know I'm about. Listen, you... erm
[cocks an eyebrow towards Tom and Duncan watching from their car]
Connor Temple: ... you couldn't just give us a kiss, could you?
Abby Maitland: No!
Connor Temple: I'll give you twenty quid.
Abby Maitland: Huh! What d'you think I am?
Connor Temple: I think you're... a person who kidnaps dinosaurs and hides them from the authorities.
Abby Maitland: You wouldn't!
[Connor does the eyebrow thing again and so Abby, wearing only her briefs and a T shirt, emerges from behind the door and gives him a peck on the cheek]
Tom: [watching from car] Unbelievable!

"Primeval: Episode #3.8" (2009)
Connor Temple: Why are you staring at me?
Abby Maitland: Jack told me what you did.
Connor Temple: Whatever it is, there's a reasonable explanation for it.

"Primeval: Episode #3.2" (2009)
Emily: [after an outside encounter] Don't be scared. It won't hurt us. I look after it. I feed it so it doesn't eat Alfie or the other pets. Everyone pretends it's not real, but it is. I have to stop it from being bad. It's my job.
Abby Maitland: It's okay, Emily. You can leave that to us now. Okay?

"Primeval: Episode #3.3" (2009)
Sir James Lester: What the hell has got into Cutter?
Abby Maitland: That's not him.
Connor Temple: There's two of him.
Sir James Lester: Two versions of Cutter. Sounds like some sort of nightmare.

"Primeval: Episode #5.1" (2011)
Abby Maitland: Connor?
Matt Anderson: Abby, I need to know what he's doing for Philip.