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Quotes for
Paul (Character)
from The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (2011)
Paul: Is it true, Jake?
Quil: What will it be?
Paul: It's growing fast!
Leah: It's unnatural.
Jared: Dangerous.
Quil: Monstrosity.
Paul: An abomination!
Quil: On our land!
[the wolves all start chorusing to Jacob: 'We can't allow it!']
Sam Uley: We have to protect the tribe. What they bred won't be able to control its thirst. Every human will be in danger.
Jared: We're ready.
Leah: No time to waste!
Jacob Black: Now?
Sam Uley: We must destroy it before it's born.
Seth: You mean, kill Bella?
Sam Uley: Her decision affects us all.
Jacob Black: Bella's human. Our protection applies to her.
Leah: [snarls] She's dying anyway!
[Jacob jumps on Leah and they tussle briefly]
Sam Uley: We have real enemies to fight tonight!
Jacob Black: Tonight?
[Sam growls and lifts his head high; using his alpha wolf voice]
Sam Uley: You will fight with us, Jake.
[Sam advances, snarling. All the wolves are forced to bow their heads in submission. Jake struggles as his head is forced to bow before Sam]
Jacob Black: [struggling with all his will, he thrusts his head up] I... will... NOT! I am the grandson of Ephraim Black. I am the grandson of a CHIEF! I wasn't born to follow you, or anyone else!

Jacob Black: I need Sam to wait until Bella's been separated from the problem.
Paul: You mean 'til she's dead.
Embry: Ease up, Paul.

Paul: [angrily, to Jacob] You played us!

The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009)
Bella Swan: [Runs at Sam] What did you do?
Paul: Hey!
Bella Swan: What did you do to him?
Sam Uley: Hey, easy.
Embry Call: Watch it!
Bella Swan: He didn't want this!
[Hitting Paul on the chest]
Paul: Ow! But we do? What did he do, hmm? What? Did he tell you?
Sam Uley: [Holding Paul back] Both of you! Calm down.
Bella Swan: [She pushes past Sam and gets into Paul's face] Nothing! He tells me nothing because he's scared of you!
[Paul begins to laugh, along with Jared and Embry]
Bella Swan: [She becomes angry and suddenly slaps Paul across the face]
Sam Uley: [Trying to hold Paul back] Paul don't.
Jared: Too late now.
Sam Uley: Bella get back.
[Bella begins to back up slowly as she watches Paul breathe]
Sam Uley: [Paul begins to breathe deeply causing growls to escape his throat] Bella get back now. Get back.
[Paul suddenly begins to snarl like mad as he shape-shifts into his wolf form. Bella gasps as she sees this and begins to walk backwards]

Paul: I'm sure the leech-lover is just dying to help us out!

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (2010)
Embry Call: Glad you're here Bella, maybe we can get a break from Jake's obsessive inner monologue.
Paul: I wish Bella would call!
Jared: I wish Bella wouldn't call!
Embry Call: Maybe I should call Bella!
Quil Ateara: Maybe I should call Bella and hang up!
Jacob Black: [laughs] Alright, you can shut up now.