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Gerald Lucas (Character)
from "Ghost Whisperer" (2005)

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"Ghost Whisperer: Heart & Soul (#4.8)" (2008)
Gerald Lucas: [Opens door] Oh, Melinda.
Nancy Lucas: Is she here? Where's Sam? Where did you send him?
Melinda Gordon: I don't know.
Nancy Lucas: Oh terrific! The boy can't remember a damn thing and now he's out wandering all alone. Do you really think that's what he needs?
Melinda Gordon: No, actually, I wanted him to stay.
Nancy Lucas: What are we supposed to do now?
Melinda Gordon: I have no idea. But if he ever gives you a second chance I hope you don't blow it like you did the first time.
Gerald Lucas: I beg your pardon?
Melinda Gordon: I know what it's like to lose someone, and to not know if it's for good. I *know* that impulse to do everything humanly possible - just to get them back. Sometimes impulses are wrong.
Nancy Lucas: Are you a parent?
Melinda Gordon: No. And I'm not a doctor either. But believe me when I say that you have to start preparing yourself for the fact that your son may never remember who he was...
Gerald Lucas: Look, Miss Gordon...
Melinda Gordon: ...and you should be grateful for that, you know why? Because you'll actually *have* a son. At some point he's going to need his family and he *will* call. But all he's going to remember is who you are now, so wouldn't you want that to be a good thing?
Nancy Lucas: What is that supposed to mean exactly?
Melinda Gordon: You've held on to your children so tight that you've lost them both. But there is still time to maybe get them back - but not if you keep making the same mistakes.