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Quotes for
Gaz (Character)
from "Invader ZIM" (2001)

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"Invader ZIM: Plague of Babies/Bloaty's Pizza Hog (#1.10)" (2001)
Gaz: Bloaty's. I want to go to Bloaty's. The pig commands me.

Gaz: Where's Dib?
GIR: [leaps up in duty mode, various weapons come from his head] None may pass! You are an intruder!
Gaz: [angry] Where is Dib?
GIR: [retracts weapons and goes back to normal] He went down there.

Zim: You can't escape by teleporter, little Gaz. I cut the power! Your pitiful rescue attempt is nothing but a PITIFUL FAILURE! Stupid, stinking humans.
Gaz: Doesn't this spaceship have any escape pods?
Zim: Of course; they're right over there... Stupid, stinking humans.

"Invader ZIM: The Nightmare Begins (#1.1)" (2001)
Gaz: Dib drank the last soda. HE... WILL... PAY!

Dib: They're coming, Gaz! They really are!
Gaz: Who's coming, Dib?
Dib: I... don't... know!

"Invader ZIM: Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain/Bad, Bad Rubber Piggy (#1.8)" (2001)
Dib: Hey Gaz, did you eat all the cereal? I was going to have this for breakfast tommorow, you know.
Gaz: You think you own all the cereal but you know what, you don't Dib, you just don't.