Terrell Lee Lusk
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Terrell Lee Lusk (Character)
from Dancer, Texas Pop. 81 (1998)

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Dancer, Texas Pop. 81 (1998)
[Looking up at the stars]
Squirrel: Let me get this straight, the universe was chaos right? Now billions and billions of years later, it works out to the point where me and my father 'the drunk' living in a trailer in the outskirts of Dancer, Texas.
Terrell Lee Lusk: So, what's your point?
Squirrel: Well I don't have a point. There is no point, that's my point.

Terrell Lee Lusk: [Toying with the old tin hard hat that belonged to his maternal grandfather] So Grandpa Terrell used to wear this out in the oil fields, huh?
Mr. Lusk: Yeah. Didn't help him.
Terrell Lee Lusk: Huh?
Mr. Lusk: [Tersely] Rig chain. Damn near cut him in half... Didn't put a scratch on that hard hat, though, did it?
Terrell Lee Lusk: People say he was a real character.
Mr. Lusk: He was. He was one of the original wildcatters. I remember once, he... walked us into a virgin field. Put a handful of dirt in his mouth, chewed on it, said "drill here." Sure enough, we brought in a gusher.
Terrell Lee Lusk: Really?
Mr. Lusk: Honest to God. Then I was, uh, goin' through some of his papers a few years back. Came across a geological survey on that field dated six months earlier.
[They both chuckle]
Mr. Lusk: Oh, I sure got a kick out of that old man. I'd have done anything for him.
Terrell Lee Lusk: Even marry mama?
Mr. Lusk: Good lord, son, don't even think thoughts like that! Get ya' both into a world of trouble.

Mr. Lusk: Come over here, I wanna' show you something.
Mr. Lusk: [Showing his son the company's balance sheet] This is what it's worth, right now.
Terrell Lee Lusk: [Nervous laughter] Why, that's nearly three-quarters of a million dollars!
Mr. Lusk: [Soberly] Son, in bookkeeping, parentheses around a number means it's a negative number.
Terrell Lee Lusk: [Slightly shocked] We're three-quarters of a million dollars... in debt?
Mr. Lusk: Hell, it was even worse last year.