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Quotes for
Sunni (Character)
from Hey Hey It's Esther Blueburger (2008)

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Hey Hey It's Esther Blueburger (2008)
Sunni: How do you Rowan girls tell each other apart?
Esther Blueburger: Serial numbers!

Sunni: This party's getting boring.
[stood up and leaves]
Sunni: Let's go!

Sunni: Esther, you can have Braces Boy.
Esther Blueburger: What if we get them caught?
Braces Boy: What's wrong?
Esther Blueburger: Nothing, it's just that you taste a bit like Cheezels.
Braces Boy: They got stuck in my braces.
Esther Blueburger: [Shows that she also has braces] Same.
Braces Boy: Don't you like Cheezels?
Esther Blueburger: I prefer burger rings.
Braces Boy: Could I touch your boobs?
Esther Blueburger: [Long nervous pause] No.
[both continue snogging]

[Esther meets Sunni outside her house while escaping from her Bat Mitzvah party]
Sunni: Hi Cinderella, you forgot something.
[walks to Esther and hands her back her shoe]
Sunni: Nice outfit.
Esther Blueburger: This is how you think? It's brand new. Do you like it?
Sunni: No.
Esther Blueburger: My mum made me wear it.
Sunni: And the tie?
Esther Blueburger: My dad made me wear it.
Sunni: You do everything Mummy and Daddy say?
Esther Blueburger: Yes, no... sometimes.