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Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010)
Percy Jackson: But you were some weird hybrid, man-goat THNG, woah!
Grover: Yeah. The politically correct term is satyr.

Grover: [the ferry man just burned the money he gave him] Come on man, You could've warned me...
Grover: We're in a recession!

Grover: [holding up the Medusa head] Guys, I cannot pee with her watching!
[the passing maid sees the head, screams, and runs off]
Annabeth Chase: We better leave before Homeland Security shows up.

Grover: [Seeing the daughters of Aphrodite in the hot tub, and turning to Percy] Daughters of Aphrodite... You know what that means man!

Percy Jackson: Oh I wish I could spend all day in the water instead of this place
Grover: Oh like High School without the musical

Grover: And he's alive! Percy Jackson is a beast! You're a beast, man! Gimme some!
Percy Jackson: How long was that?
Grover: Seven minutes.
Percy Jackson: Seven minutes?
Grover: Uh-huh. That's crazy, man, that's ridiculous. How do you do it?
Percy Jackson: I just like being in water. It's the one place I can think.

Percy Jackson: What's her name?
[pointing at Annabeth]
Grover: [laughs] She will squash you like a bug.
Percy Jackson: Her *name*.
Grover: Annabeth. Daughter of Athena, the goddess of wisdom.

Percy Jackson: Let's stop for the night!
Grover: Yeah.
Percy Jackson: Let's stop for the night!
Grover: Yeah.

Grover: GPS from the gods. Where to next?
Percy Jackson: [unfolding the map] Let's see.
[a new marking appears on the map]
Percy Jackson: The Parthenon in Nashville.
Grover: Nashville? Oh, great. Home of my least favorite music. Yeehaw!
[Annabeth grins]

Percy Jackson: You're half donkey?
Grover: No, half goat! Now come on!
[busts out window and climbs out running with hooves]

Grover: Look, don't worry. There's hundreds in the world. Some lead normal lives, and some, I'm not allowed to divulge their names, are very famous. I'm talking about, like White House famous. See, man, this is a place where you'll learn to harness your powers. You'll train to become leaders, warriors and heroes.
Percy Jackson: I think you have the wrong guy, alright? I;m not a hero. I'm a loser. I have dyslexia, ADHD.
Grover: And those are your greatest gifts. When you try to read, the words float off the page, right? That's because your brain is hardwired for Ancient Greek, not English.
Percy Jackson: Like at the museum, I could read.
Grover: Yeah. And your ADHD? You're impulsive, Percy. You can't by still! Those are your natural battle reflexes, man. They kept you alive in your fight.