Hlne Joncour
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Hlne Joncour (Character)
from Silk (2007)

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Silk (2007)
Hélène Joncour: What is it?
Hervé Joncour: It's your garden.
Hélène Joncour: It's my garden?
Hervé Joncour: Well, not quite. Not yet. For now, it's a plot of land. Our land. And the house is also ours. This is where we'll grow old Helene.
Hélène Joncour: But I don't understand...
Hervé Joncour: The eggs have hatched, they're perfect. This year's production will be huge, and Baldabiou has already paid us our share. We're rich, Helene. We're very very rich!
Hélène Joncour: [Awestruck] And this for such tiny eggs...