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Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010)
Percy Jackson: I get the sense that you don't like me very much.
Annabeth Chase: It's possible. I mean, our parents hate each other.
Percy Jackson: Wait... they do?
Annabeth Chase: Mm-hmm. I definitely have strong feelings for you. I just haven't decided if they're positive or negative yet.
Percy Jackson: Well, you let me know when you figure it out.
Annabeth Chase: You'll be the first.

[last lines]
Annabeth Chase: [leaning in as if to kiss Percy, then swiping his sword] First rule of battle strategy. Don't ever let your opponent distract you.

Grover: [holding up the Medusa head] Guys, I cannot pee with her watching!
[the passing maid sees the head, screams, and runs off]
Annabeth Chase: We better leave before Homeland Security shows up.

Medusa: We get so lonely here. That's why I created my statues. They're my only company.
Medusa: [to Annabeth] Daughter of Athena.
Annabeth Chase: How do you know me?
Medusa: You have such a beautiful hair. I used to have like that one before. I was courted, desired by many. But that all changed, because of your mother-who cursed me, who turned me into...
[removing her hair cover]
Annabeth Chase: Don't look!
Medusa: This.
[snakes hissing]
Medusa: They say the eyes are windows to the soul. I hope you find my eyes...
[removing her glasses]
Medusa: Attractive... So rude not looking people in the eyes. Come on, sneak a peak.

Percy Jackson: [seeing the red flag across the stream] No...
[Percy hurries across the stream, chuckling]
Percy Jackson: We won.
[Annabeth drops from the trees]
Percy Jackson: Whoa, whoa, whoa!
Annabeth Chase: Do you really think it would be that easy? My mother is the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. Do you know what that means? I always win.
Percy Jackson: I always lose. Maybe we're both wrong.
Annabeth Chase: [attacks] Hyah!

Annabeth Chase: [bringing Percy and Grover to Luke's quarters] Luke?
Luke: [playing Call of Duty on a big flat-screen monitor] Hmm? Hey, guys! Percy, I figured you'd stop by sooner or later. Everybody does, just to get away from all that Renaissance Fair stuff out there, you know?
[Luke turns off the video game, stands, and gestures at all his electronics in the quarters]
Luke: But... welcome to the modern world.