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Biography for
Annabeth (Character)
from Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief (2010)

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Annabeth Chase is the daughter of Athena, the goddess of wisdom and battle strategy. She lived with her dad until she ran away from her home when she was 7 because her dad and step-mom kept blaming her for all the monsters that kept on attacking them. With the help of Athena, she found Luke Castellan son of Hermes and Thalia Grace daughter of Zeus and traveled with them along the East coast for awhile making camps and battling monsters and also becoming close friends with Thalia and developing a crush on Luke. Eventually Grover Underwood a Satyr was sent to find her and take her to Camp Half-Blood. While on the way back they ran into a Cyclops and many other monsters, but when they were in sight of the camp many monsters were advancing on them and Thalia sacrificed herself so they could make it. She first meets Percy when she is feeding him nectar and ambrosia after he beat the Minotaur and he describes her as 'looked like a princess' and has stormy grey eyes, tanned skin and a athletic looking, then she show's Percy the camp and eventually asks him to join their capture the flag team after he makes Clarisse mad at him. Since she came to the camp 5 years ago she has barely been outside the camp, but when Percy leaves on his quest from the Oracle to retrieve the Lighting Bolt she jumps on to experience battling monsters and the outside world.

She is very intelligent, very tough and a very skilled sword fighter. She also wants to be an Architect. She knows facts about different national monuments such has the Hoover Dam.

She goes by the name ''Wise Girl'' which is what Percy calls her and ''Smart Girl'' by Clarisse

Annabeth has curly, blonde hair and she has a very dark Californian tan. She wears a pony tail and her orange camp half-blood t-shirt.She has a celestial-bronze knife that she uses as a weapon which was given to Annabeth by Luke and she has a blue-navy Yankee's hat that turns the her invisible, which was given to her by her mom(Athena) for her 12th birthday. She is Percy's other best friend through out the series.

She has a terrible fear of spiders which all children of Athena do.

At the end of The Lighting Thief, her dad's family decides to give her another chance living with them after Percy persuaded her to call him.

Her fatal weakness(which found out in Sea of Monsters) is deadly pride, which means she thinks she can do anything and when she doesn't it really strikes her hard.

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