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The Stranger (Character)
from "Sports Night" (1998)

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"Sports Night: Quo Vadimus (#2.22)" (2000)
The Stranger: Do you feel responsible for the show failing?
Dana Whitaker: The show didn't fail. The man I work for, a guy named Isaac Jaffee... he took a chance on me, and I didn't rise to meet his... expectations. And there are people who work for me who needed me to be a better field captain. The *show* didn't fail. But I do feel responsible, and that's gonna have to be all right with you.
The Stranger: You know what would make you feel better right now?
Dana Whitaker: Really, nothing.
The Stranger: You don't want to hear what I think would make you feel better?
Dana Whitaker: I really don't.
The Stranger: In the three day history of our relationship, have I been wrong about anything?
Dana Whitaker: Look...
The Stranger: Dana, I'm what the world considers to be a phenomenally succesful man, and I've failed much more than I've succeeded. And each time I fail, I get my people together, and I say, "Where are we going?" And it starts to get better.

Dana Whitaker: [out of breath] Is your name...
The Stranger: Dana, what...
Dana Whitaker: Is your name...
The Stranger: What the hell happened?
Dana Whitaker: I had to run from... I think I'm hyperventilating.
The Stranger: Jack, you got a paper bag?
Dana Whitaker: Is your name...
The Stranger: Stop talking.
Dana Whitaker: I just need your water.
[downs his drink in one gulp]
The Stranger: That was a gin martini.
Dana Whitaker: Yes. I know that now. Is your name Calvin Trager?
The Stranger: Yes.
Dana Whitaker: There was something that was big and you invented something that made it small?
The Stranger: Yes.
Dana Whitaker: You own Quo Vadimus.
The Stranger: Yes.
Dana Whitaker: You bought Continental Corp?
The Stranger: Turns out I picked up a few more shares of stock, yeah.
Dana Whitaker: Why didn't you tell me?
The Stranger: I just wrote a check for 18 billion dollars Dana. My scouting says you don't keep a secret so good.

"Sports Night: La Forza Del Destino (#2.21)" (2000)
Dana Whitaker: I really just came up here to get some drinks for my friends.
The Stranger: I have no reason not to believe you.
Dana Whitaker: I'm just saying I'm not in a mood to be bought a drink by a guy in a suit.
The Stranger: I'm not wearing a suit. For that matter I wasn't offering you a drink.
Dana Whitaker: Yeah? You left your Wall Street office at 8:30, went to your two-bedroom on the East Side and changed into your "I don't always wear a suit" clothes.
The Stranger: I don't live on the East Side
Dana Whitaker: If you live on the West Side, then you're stuck back in college.
The Stranger: I live in Paris.
Dana Whitaker: [Laughs] France?
The Stranger: Yeah. Sometimes Seattle. Sometimes Chicago. Sometimes Tokyo. Sometimes St. Bart's.
Dana Whitaker: Tell me... Seriously, are there women who believe you when you say that?
The Stranger: Not many. So, Dana, I couldn't help overhearing you and your friends a while ago.
Dana Whitaker: We're sitting on the other side of the restaurant.
The Stranger: Yeah. I wouldn't worry about a Time Warner takeover.
Dana Whitaker: [Long pause] You wouldn't, huh?
The Stranger: They'll kick out when the stock hits 27.
Dana Whitaker: How did you know my name?
The Stranger: The bartender said it.
Dana Whitaker: No he didn't.
The Stranger: Sure he did. How else would I know it?