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Richard Dyson (Character)
from "The Equalizer" (1985)

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"The Equalizer: Mission: McCall: Part 1 (#3.6)" (1987)
Scott McCall: What happens now?
Richard Dyson: What happens now is that you've got 30 seconds to tell me why you're here. And if I don't like what I hear, you're dead.
Mickey Kostmayer: Scott McCall, meet Richard Dyson.

Richard Dyson: I left The Company to become a collector. The only thing I refuse to collect is people. People I leave entirely alone. McCall on the other hand seems obsessed with them, that's why he's suffering right now. Can you give me one reason why I should risk anything to help him.
Scott McCall: Yeah, if you were in any kind of trouble he would do anything he could to get you out.
Richard Dyson: True. But does that mean I should do the same for him? Learn that, it will make your life a lot less disappointing.

Robert McCall: Thought I might find you here. I said we'd never manage it. But we did Richard didn't we. We cut loose. We're free of The Company.
Richard Dyson: Yeah. But what took us so long?
Robert McCall: Friends. commitments.
Richard Dyson: You're a sentimentalist Robert.
Robert McCall: Richard I know you lost a great deal, we all did. Too many people we cared about.
Richard Dyson: [Heavy sigh] Maybe I lost more than I could take.
Robert McCall: We have to find something to replace, whats been taken away.
Richard Dyson: Never again Robert. I'm never again going to hang myself out.
Robert McCall: What made you do damn good was that you did hang yourself out. You did care.
Richard Dyson: Never again. I won't pay the price.

Harley Gage: What kind of gas did you use? What is that huh? A puke bomb?
Richard Dyson: It's a new item, developed in Singapore. Still in the experimental stage.
Harley Gage: You used an experimental ga-ga-gas on me.
Richard Dyson: It had no harmful side effects on the laboratory rats. You oaught to do just fine.

"The Equalizer: Mission: McCall: Part 2 (#3.7)" (1987)
Richard Dyson: Gage, those are one way titanium screws, you gonna pry them loose with your animal charm?

Richard Dyson: Your mole came in handy.
Control: Yeah, well let's not talk about her alright.
Richard Dyson: Fair enough lets talk about Gage and Kostmayer.
Control: Kostmayer I'm reinstating under six months probation... providing he changes his socks every day.