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William Cross (Character)
from "Kings" (2009)

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"Kings: Javelin (#1.11)" (2009)
William Cross: A determined king - always a measure of weakness to show strength upon the feeble.
Rev. Ephram Samuels: Shepherd is hardly feeble.
William Cross: He will be by trial's end. Some time ago, I made you an offer - an offer you refused.
Rev. Ephram Samuels: This is not a discussion for here.
William Cross: The way he watches me? This is the safest place of all.
Rev. Ephram Samuels: What you intend will fracture this country.
William Cross: No more so than Silas will when he hands over our land to the enemy.
Rev. Ephram Samuels: Seeing it done, I don't think I want to take part in treachery.
William Cross: There's no place in war for a soft stomach. We *need* your support.
Rev. Ephram Samuels: ...And David.
William Cross: Hmm; a place can be found - if he survives.

[David had been abducted from his prison cell, and suddenly finds himself deposited in a field where Rev. Samuels waits]
David Shepherd: ...I don't understand.
Rev. Ephram Samuels: It's all been arranged; a plane is waiting. We have friends in other countries, until it's safe for you.
David Shepherd: You want me to run?
William Cross: [suddenly speaking from his car] Only if you want to live. Your death is a foregone conclusion; Silas is only waiting to sell the last few believers on his version of your truth.
Rev. Ephram Samuels: Which is why we must protect you, David.
William Cross: Silas won't be around for long - we need to keep you safe, so he doesn't kill you first.
David Shepherd: Why are you so sure he won't be around for long?
William Cross: [getting out of his car, he approaches David] The problem with great men is they don't always die at their best; some live to make mistakes which outlive their accomplishments.
Rev. Ephram Samuels: Come on, David.
David Shepherd: [pulling away from Rev. Samuels] No... If I go with you, everything Silas says about me is true.
William Cross: You're worried about his good opinion of you?
David Shepherd: I'm worried about my own... I'm no traitor.
William Cross: You'd rather die than be misperceived? Careful, David; you never wanna be *too* good.
William Cross: [to his men] ... You heard him; rush the man back to his execution.
Rev. Ephram Samuels: ...David...
David Shepherd: You, of all...
David Shepherd: [he removes the wristwatch which Rev. Samuels gave him after anointing him, and returns it] If I *do* die, it shouldn't be while wearing this.

Jack Benjamin: [taken by guards from Unity Hall, he finds himself at a rear exit with guards aiming their sights at him] So this is it? Not even a trial?
William Cross: [getting out of his car] We have their allegiance now. The king's own guardsmen follow you - as do all Silas' generals.
Jack Benjamin: I couldn't watch him do that to David; I'm sorry.
William Cross: Don't be; you were perfect. After seeing what Silas really is, they'll be begging for his replacement. Only one thing changes.
Jack Benjamin: What?
William Cross: No more waiting; we act *now*.

"Kings: The New King: Part Two (#1.13)" (2009)
[the press minister has been found murdered in his car]
Jack Benjamin: Four of our generals, and now our press minister - all loyal to us.
William Cross: Where one loyalist falls, ten others will beg you for their position; you're very popular, Jack.
Jack Benjamin: It's a message - my father's still alive, and his teeth are still sharp.
William Cross: The panicked bite of a dying dog - probably dead already.
Jack Benjamin: It just feels like he could just come back anytime.
William Cross: He's not coming back; he's one man! Against an army, that answers to us. You've been afraid of your father your whole life; now might be a safe time to grow a pair - and flaunt 'em. I can only put the crown in front of you; they need to see you take it.

Chancellor Hanson: [nervously] Sir - Reverend Samuels... he won't come... coronation...
William Cross: He knows I'll kill him for this.
Chancellor Hanson: He said he expects it.
William Cross: Fine; send a team - meet his expectation.
William Cross: [bewildered] ... Sir, what about the benediction?
William Cross: *You* do it.

Chancellor Hanson: [Jack's coronation begins] I read from the benediction of the Reverend Ephram Samuels: Our cause is just; our union is perfect. As we unified our lands, unify our purpose.
[cut to Rev. Samuels praying at the altar of his church]
Rev. Ephram Samuels: Forgive my eyes, for what they have overlooked. Forgive my mouth, for its pride. Forgive these hands... for works done and works unfinished. If I die today, I die knowing my offense.
Chancellor Hanson: Guide his eyes, mouth, hands - that they see Your goals, speak Your words, build monuments to Your gifts.
William Cross: [whispering to Queen Rose at the coronation, about Silas] Still think he's coming?
Rev. Ephram Samuels: Only let me live long enough to see my wrongs righted. I have walked before You, from the time of my youth... here I am.
[Rev. Samuels is shot in the back by William's assassin]

"Kings: Insurrection (#1.5)" (2009)
Rev. Ephram Samuels: William Cross, come to my congregation; now I really *have* seen everything.
William Cross: Don't get your hopes up, Ephram; it's you I've come to see, not Him.
Rev. Ephram Samuels: I will always hope for you.

William Cross: Silas *will* fall.
Rev. Ephram Samuels: ...That may be his fate... someday.
William Cross: Someday soon, maybe. And I wanna know, when that time comes, if you can set aside our differences, and do what is best for the people - like we did once when we were young, and saw a king in Silas.
Rev. Ephram Samuels: You and I did not make Silas king.
William Cross: Funny; I don't remember Him writing any checks.

Rev. Ephram Samuels: God will choose the next king of this realm - not you.
William Cross: Then ask your boss who *He's* chosen.

"Kings: The New King: Part One (#1.12)" (2009)
William Cross: He thinks it's all selfish - CrossGen, our thick pocket-lining, our pockets swell for war... There's a language to civilization, and a small group of scholars who can read it. I was born fluent; General Benjamin could barely make out the glyphs - as king, he's lost his glasses. Can't see that war is just the fuel of progress. Nothing gets made in peace - except art... He changed; I remember when we first met - I really liked him. He used to be so funny...

Jack Benjamin: They took from us our best. But we can not let the work of rogues impede my father's best ambition - peace. To that end, let it be said, let it be known, let it be remembered that I, on the day of my melancholy ascension, saw through that goal. But we needn't give up our land to achieve that peace; we can reach out to Gath...
William Cross: [unable to contain his impatience] Enough! We suffered enough peacock speeches under him; if there's to be change, let's start there. I don't speak the backwards language of kings, so I'll talk plain: Silas is dead, killed by Gath assassins. The media will confirm the story today. Jack will be king; his first order will be to avenge his father's murder. Gath has never wanted peace with us; they want war, and we will give it to them. Ready our planes to strike.
Jack Benjamin: No.
Rev. Ephram Samuels: Perhaps we should wait, mourn our loss - not let grief cloud our good judgment.
David Shepherd: The country doesn't want this.
William Cross: They will, when we're attacked. And Gath will strike, right here in Shiloh - you can count on it.
Jack Benjamin: No; war is not the answer. As king...
William Cross: Sit down, Jack.
[a soldier steps behind Jack and places his hand on his shoulder, pressing him into his seat]
William Cross: The reverend was right; grief clouds judgment. Our heir apparent has had a traumatic day, so until he has recovered properly and mourned his loss, I'll help make his essential decisions.
Queen Rose Benjamin: *You* did this.
William Cross: I've allied the media, the military, now our new king, all to this purpose.
Queen Rose Benjamin: And you used my son!
William Cross: Neither you, nor he, nor any vagrant opinion will interrupt what - God, you've got *me* doing it! We attack - today!
Andrew Cross: Father...
William Cross: What?
Andrew Cross: They found his ambulance; there's no sign of him.
William Cross: Who?
Andrew Cross: Silas... he's gone.

Jack Benjamin: Mother...
Queen Rose Benjamin: Just tell me you didn't know... even if it's not true.
William Cross: [entering] Come; time to greet your country.
Queen Rose Benjamin: Don't do this, Jack. You don't know him - he's alive. I know it; he's alive, he'll come back... and he will kill us all.

"Kings: Pilgrimage (#1.9)" (2009)
William Cross: 3:30? In the afternoon? You're just now waking up?
Andrew Cross: I awoke before the sun; I had my reading to do.
William Cross: What are you reading?
Andrew Cross: Newspapers.
William Cross: [slightly distracted by another conversation on his cell phone] Which ones?
Andrew Cross: All of them; if I spend fourteen hours a day reading, I should be done in two months.
William Cross: [trying to carry on both conversations at once] I... wait.
William Cross: [William ends his cell phone call, then focuses on his son] I don't understand.
Andrew Cross: I'm reading every newspaper printed while I was in exile - cover to cover. Soon be as if I never left.
William Cross: Andrew - you're home, after a long time away; you have to *do* something, not just read about it.
Andrew Cross: Like what?
William Cross: I don't care... Think of all the things you wish you could have done when you were away - now you can do them. Anything you want - so long as you want *something*.
Andrew Cross: I just want you to be proud of me.
William Cross: I'll be proud of you when you make your mark, son... or you might as well never have come back.

William Cross: Andrew - why would you do that? That camera had sensitive pictures.
Andrew Cross: I know.
William Cross: [stunned] You looked? You let them go public - why would you deliberately hurt your cousin?
Andrew Cross: You told me to.
William Cross: What?
Andrew Cross: You told me to do something - to make my mark. You hate Silas - and Silas loves Michelle. I hurt Michelle to hurt Silas... I broke his favorite thing.
William Cross: You did that... for me?
Andrew Cross: I love you; I want you to be proud of me.

"Kings: The Sabbath Queen (#1.8)" (2009)
William Cross: Rose! Look - a party *everyone's* invited to.
Queen Rose Benjamin: [incredulously] Because he was left off a guest list?
William Cross: Beluga - you want some of this? It'll only spoil.
Queen Rose Benjamin: [laughing] Shutting down a city for want of an invitation. It's a party!
William Cross: He's my son... You've done worse for yours. You insist on keeping Andrew in the cold, you'd better learn to live in the dark.
Queen Rose Benjamin: You have no idea what you're dealing with; turn the lights back on, William.
William Cross: No; he needs to learn... and so do you.
Queen Rose Benjamin: You're my brother - but I swear I will have your head.

"Kings: Chapter One (#1.10)" (2009)
Jack Benjamin: I'll be king on my own soon enough; your coup - we don't need to ally ourselves with the enemy. No innocent people have to die. It may take more than a month, like we want, but it will happen. We save all that blood. You'll still be by my side - as planned.
William Cross: If you only had half as much mind as charm. Your father has no intention of announcing anything - or going anywhere, heaven or hell. You've seen his lies.
Jack Benjamin: This is different; he's...
William Cross: [he slaps Jack in the head, startling him] Hey! No one *ever* changes. You were given an offer, and you accepted; in exchange, you ceded your right to whim. The change of power happens on *my* clock - not his, not yours - with *you* at *my* side. Silas falls - and soon. And be sure there will be all the blood required. The only turning back now leaves you in the same ditch. Go back to your fiancée; get used to your life - you're engaged now.