Queen Rose Benjamin
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Queen Rose Benjamin (Character)
from "Kings" (2009)

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"Kings: The Sabbath Queen (#1.8)" (2009)
Queen Rose Benjamin: Have you reconsidered inviting Andrew? William was hoping...
King Silas Benjamin: My birthday, my list. I will endure a party in the company of my choosing, but with none that sour the wine in my cup.

Jack Benjamin: You remember Lucinda Wolfson; she's making an honest man of me.
Queen Rose Benjamin: Well, with a face like that, how could she not? How long have you two been seeing each other?
Lucinda Wolfson: [unsure of how to answer, she reverts to Jack's coached small talk] ... Thank you. Happy birthday, sir.
Queen Rose Benjamin: Oh.
Jack Benjamin: [to Lucinda] Find us some drinks, would you?
Queen Rose Benjamin: Usefully quiet... and a Wolfson. She's a little out of her depth, but we can fix that. Well chosen, Jack.

Queen Rose Benjamin: Say something.
King Silas Benjamin: Oh, I hate public speaking.
[the guests laugh encouragingly]
King Silas Benjamin: To get old is a terrible thing. We should do it in reverse, so that we can appreciate the strength; the only consolation in the creaks and the limited range of vision is that we don't endure it alone. So I see - well, well, *almost* see - friends, family, blessings. Oh, there have been days - and this, this is one of those days I feel that strength. My heart is filled with richly oxygenated blood from experience, and my mind is clear.
[fireworks go off in the distance]
King Silas Benjamin: [to his wife] Good timing...
King Silas Benjamin: To our city... to our people; may we all grow old together.

Queen Rose Benjamin: We ask the world to watch our skies, and offered them a display of our humiliation. Cause?
Energy Minister: Cause, not source - eight power plants were ordered serviced simultaneously, creating a demand spike.
Queen Rose Benjamin: And how did you manage to have eight power plants serviced simultaneously?
Energy Minister: Uhh, clerical error?
King Silas Benjamin: Mmm... I'd like to meet this cleric. Every minute the lights stay down powers rumors of our impotence and tempts opportunists; just get the lights on.
Queen Rose Benjamin: There's a switch, somewhere; flip it.

William Cross: Rose! Look - a party *everyone's* invited to.
Queen Rose Benjamin: [incredulously] Because he was left off a guest list?
William Cross: Beluga - you want some of this? It'll only spoil.
Queen Rose Benjamin: [laughing] Shutting down a city for want of an invitation. It's a party!
William Cross: He's my son... You've done worse for yours. You insist on keeping Andrew in the cold, you'd better learn to live in the dark.
Queen Rose Benjamin: You have no idea what you're dealing with; turn the lights back on, William.
William Cross: No; he needs to learn... and so do you.
Queen Rose Benjamin: You're my brother - but I swear I will have your head.

Queen Rose Benjamin: The king remains in meditation; on the question of war or not war, I bring you his answer - and I pray with you on his wisdom.
Queen Rose Benjamin: [reading] "Our hearts armor-heavy, our grief hot as the fire we must bring... and we must. To war, and not lightly."

[the city lights come back on, and Rose's cell phone rings]
Andrew Cross: Hello, Aunt Rose.
Queen Rose Benjamin: You brought the lights back on.
Andrew Cross: I reversed his order in his name. He'll be furious with me, but... not for long. Thought you could use the help.
Queen Rose Benjamin: I'd rather live in the dark than owe you a thing.
[she hangs up]

"Kings: Pilgrimage (#1.9)" (2009)
Katrina Ghent: I have no interest in Silas; I've had my fill of old men.
Queen Rose Benjamin: And without their money, you'd still be dancing on poles, or stilts or - whatever it was you did.
Katrina Ghent: I may have bought my title, but your brother bought your crown; are we so different?
Queen Rose Benjamin: As long as I walk these halls, you'll get no respect in this court. You accept it, and you move on. People have been made disappear for less.
Katrina Ghent: [as the queen exits the room] Good day, ma'am; may God bless you, and may God bless your kingdom.

Queen Rose Benjamin: I hate nothing more than lies - wasted words, clouds that darken the blue sky yet bring no relief of rain.

Queen Rose Benjamin: I'm trying to bury this story with that boy.
Jack Benjamin: Joseph.
Queen Rose Benjamin: What?
Jack Benjamin: His name was Joseph.
Queen Rose Benjamin: What do I care what his name was? He was trying to ruin you.
Jack Benjamin: No, he wasn't; he was trying to save me.
Queen Rose Benjamin: Save you - from what?
Jack Benjamin: From me... and I destroyed him for it; I'm the reason he's dead.
[Rose orders Thomasina from the room, then sits quietly next to Jack]
Queen Rose Benjamin: You said he was nothing to you.
Jack Benjamin: ...He loved me... and I loved him.
Queen Rose Benjamin: No, you didn't. You can't.
Jack Benjamin: I loved him... I *loved* him.
[Rose gets up, irritated]
Jack Benjamin: I cut him out of my heart, because that's what Dad wanted; that's what you wanted... and now the only person who saw me - who really saw me, and still loved me - he's dead.
Queen Rose Benjamin: [she slaps him] Good!
Queen Rose Benjamin: [shocked by her own reaction, she tentatively embraces him] This... this mistake of character... this will be our secret.
Jack Benjamin: Mistake of character?... This is who I am.

Katrina Ghent: I want to see you powerless, so you know how it feels - what you do to those around you.
Queen Rose Benjamin: You have your way; whatever you want, I'll do.
Katrina Ghent: Choose - I'll let you save one of them, son or daughter. I'll destroy video or pictures; the other I'm going to air. The fall of prince or princess... your choice.

Michelle Benjamin: I'm in trouble... I can't get out of it on my own, and no one else can help me.
Queen Rose Benjamin: You should have thought of that during your photo shoot... With David Shepherd, I presume?... You've always been my little girl, even when we both pretended you weren't. Tomorrow, that's over. Your pictures will be broadcast; they'll be everywhere you turn, and places you do not. And there's nothing to be done.
Michelle Benjamin: But you're the queen; can't you do something?
Queen Rose Benjamin: It is the queen that is allowing it to happen. The story will dominate the news; you'll be ridiculed by women, made fantasy by men. And while David is congratulated, you'll be dragged through the mud... But when the dust settles, and memory fades, you'll be thought of as a woman - which is what you are - sexual, desirable... formidable. And you'll wield that power in ways young girls cannot.

"Kings: The New King: Part One (#1.12)" (2009)
Queen Rose Benjamin: Jack...
King Silas Benjamin: Oh, forget Jack.
Queen Rose Benjamin: No; he's in hiding from you.
King Silas Benjamin: So he should be.
Queen Rose Benjamin: He's your son... who once you held in the palm of your hand, whose laughter was God's greatest gift.
King Silas Benjamin: Not anymore.
Queen Rose Benjamin: Jack is a surety under this family's legacy. He lives, or the crown dies with you.
King Silas Benjamin: Lucky I don't die.
Queen Rose Benjamin: ...I built this country with you. I bound it to our family and name. You may have the will, but I maximize your effect. And tomorrow will be your greatest hour - and you need at least one smile by your side that isn't trying to hold back the tears... So Jack will stand beside you; he will not be arrested, and he will not be harmed. You will acknowledge him, and you will do this for me.
King Silas Benjamin: And if I don't?
Queen Rose Benjamin: You'll find yourself standing alone.
King Silas Benjamin: ...If he behaves, I won't cut his throat.

Jack Benjamin: I come to beg forgiveness.
[Silas motions for Jack to approach]
King Silas Benjamin: Forgiveness is a form of love, and I do not love you.
Queen Rose Benjamin: Silas...
Jack Benjamin: [whispering, almost inaudibly] Yes, you do.
King Silas Benjamin: ...Kneel.
King Silas Benjamin: [seeing Jack's hesitation] ... *Kneel*.
[Jack slowly drops to his knees]
King Silas Benjamin: Now kiss the ground I walk on.
Queen Rose Benjamin: Silas!
King Silas Benjamin: ...Your mouth's been in dirtier places.
[wincing, Jack prostrates himself and kisses the floor at Silas' feet]
King Silas Benjamin: That's the second time your mother's given you life... It'll be the last.

Queen Rose Benjamin: You've come to tell me... you've come to tell me he's dead.
Rev. Ephram Samuels: ...Ma'am.
Queen Rose Benjamin: No - he can't be. I know him; he's harder than lead. He once looked at a man and he fell dead of fright. And you would have known this - you see things of this size. Did you see some sign? No! Silas does not die like this; he... does not die.
Rev. Ephram Samuels: Rose... Rose, he was just a man, after all... more so today than ever. Now, your son and daughter... the country... they are all gonna look to you for how to mourn... Shall we go and see the body?
Queen Rose Benjamin: Silas is not a body! He is not dead! Any moment, the king will walk through the door.

Jack Benjamin: They took from us our best. But we can not let the work of rogues impede my father's best ambition - peace. To that end, let it be said, let it be known, let it be remembered that I, on the day of my melancholy ascension, saw through that goal. But we needn't give up our land to achieve that peace; we can reach out to Gath...
William Cross: [unable to contain his impatience] Enough! We suffered enough peacock speeches under him; if there's to be change, let's start there. I don't speak the backwards language of kings, so I'll talk plain: Silas is dead, killed by Gath assassins. The media will confirm the story today. Jack will be king; his first order will be to avenge his father's murder. Gath has never wanted peace with us; they want war, and we will give it to them. Ready our planes to strike.
Jack Benjamin: No.
Rev. Ephram Samuels: Perhaps we should wait, mourn our loss - not let grief cloud our good judgment.
David Shepherd: The country doesn't want this.
William Cross: They will, when we're attacked. And Gath will strike, right here in Shiloh - you can count on it.
Jack Benjamin: No; war is not the answer. As king...
William Cross: Sit down, Jack.
[a soldier steps behind Jack and places his hand on his shoulder, pressing him into his seat]
William Cross: The reverend was right; grief clouds judgment. Our heir apparent has had a traumatic day, so until he has recovered properly and mourned his loss, I'll help make his essential decisions.
Queen Rose Benjamin: *You* did this.
William Cross: I've allied the media, the military, now our new king, all to this purpose.
Queen Rose Benjamin: And you used my son!
William Cross: Neither you, nor he, nor any vagrant opinion will interrupt what - God, you've got *me* doing it! We attack - today!
Andrew Cross: Father...
William Cross: What?
Andrew Cross: They found his ambulance; there's no sign of him.
William Cross: Who?
Andrew Cross: Silas... he's gone.

Jack Benjamin: Mother...
Queen Rose Benjamin: Just tell me you didn't know... even if it's not true.
William Cross: [entering] Come; time to greet your country.
Queen Rose Benjamin: Don't do this, Jack. You don't know him - he's alive. I know it; he's alive, he'll come back... and he will kill us all.

"Kings: First Night (#1.4)" (2009)
King Silas Benjamin: That laughter at my expense?
Rev. Ephram Samuels: Merely appreciating the evening; but I can't say I support what you have done - offering away our lands?
King Silas Benjamin: You don't support peace? After all your words, you'd rather war?
Rev. Ephram Samuels: I'd rather an undivided nation, as planned - as *promised*.
King Silas Benjamin: Those plans, those promises, weren't vouchsafed by treaty, by action - *I* did that. You come to my house, drink my scotch, criticize me?
Queen Rose Benjamin: I thought we agreed to no politics.
King Silas Benjamin: This is beyond politics. The reverend has recently made this... personal.
Rev. Ephram Samuels: Ma'am - you have brought art to Shiloh and music to hearts. You have raised the level. *This* is why we end wars. And perhaps it's best I take my leave.

Queen Rose Benjamin: This country was nothing before it had a king... stone age clans at war. It's why I designed every inch of this monarchy as I did - the color of the flag down to, yes, the china - so they could have something larger than life to be inspired by. Decadence, kings, huge and poreless. You think I care about ballet? They didn't wait in line to see dancing; they came to see *us*, the royal family - *we* are the performance.

"Kings: Chapter One (#1.10)" (2009)
Queen Rose Benjamin: [noting Jack as he watches Katrina try on her wedding dress] Seeing the gown before the wedding... No mind for superstition.
Katrina Ghent: Well, young wives have nothing to fear from old wives' tales.
Queen Rose Benjamin: [to Jack, as he leaves] Turn and laugh... hmmm? You had an eye on greatness and the grip to hold it, and you'd let a quarrel with me pair you to a laughingstock. You had a more interesting weakness than spite.
Katrina Ghent: Did I lose more weight? Just drops off me when I'm happy.
Queen Rose Benjamin: You blackmailed him into this.
Katrina Ghent: Jack accepted my proposal freely, happily - once he saw the damage it would do you.
Queen Rose Benjamin: It will never happen.
Katrina Ghent: Of course it will; I'm his only chance at happiness left - I know exactly what Jack is, and I don't care. With me, Jack can be king by day, and a bad boy with whatever boy he wants at night; I might even join in. When I marry Jack and knock out an heir, that'll make you - what? The royal granny? While I take your place... as queen.

Queen Rose Benjamin: Your scores in protocol training were impressive; a gift for remembering names - now, that's good. Uh, you also have appointments this week - medical exam, psychological evaluation, and background check. It's all routine; but, uh, if there is anything rattling in your cupboard - spare us the embarrassment... Dear, you're blushing.
Lucinda Wolfson: I flush when I talk about myself.
Queen Rose Benjamin: Well, it's hard to stay shy in *this* home; a level of public exposure is to be expected. Your periods regular?
Lucinda Wolfson: I beg your pardon?
Queen Rose Benjamin: Your fertility. At issue, front and center. Have you ever been pregnant?
Lucinda Wolfson: No... well, I thought... once... I'll be a good wife to Jack.
Queen Rose Benjamin: No; you're mistaken. You're not marrying Jack - you're marrying this country. You accept that ring, you've become a vessel for the propagation of his kind. If you can't manage that, you will have failed your only employment.

"Kings: The New King: Part Two (#1.13)" (2009)
Queen Rose Benjamin: You never do that again.
Michelle Benjamin: Jack and William are wrong; I won't pretend otherwise.
Queen Rose Benjamin: Yes, you will. Until Silas returns - and then you will pretend even more. The fate of this monarchy, this family, no longer lies with your brother. Jack will die the moment Silas returns.
Michelle Benjamin: And if Silas and David don't return?
Queen Rose Benjamin: I know your father; he'll come. And you have to stay alive long enough to greet him with open arms. You keep your head down, your mouth shut. You tell no one of this pregnancy, especially David. You'll have nothing to fear - I'll take care of everything.

[last lines]
Queen Rose Benjamin: An issuance of the king: For her acts of treason in support of her brother, Michelle Benjamin is ordered exiled from Gilboa - stripped of any rights as citizen or noble, removed from all our lands, and kept from any company but her own for a period of no less than one year.
Michelle Benjamin: What are you talking about?
Queen Rose Benjamin: [whispering] I told you I would take care of everything.
[Michelle is removed by two soldiers]
King Silas Benjamin: All our plans...
Queen Rose Benjamin: We'll make new ones... We'll be young again; everything there is to fight for began with you. You're the stone center; you're Silas.
King Silas Benjamin: Yes...
Queen Rose Benjamin: And nothing can take the future from this family.
King Silas Benjamin: Nothing?
[Rose exits]
King Silas Benjamin: ...Least of all David Shepherd.
[Rev. Samuels' ghost appears behind Silas]
Rev. Ephram Samuels: Let him go, Silas.
King Silas Benjamin: I will find David; I will hunt him down, and when his dead body lays at my feet I'll come for you for your part in this.
Rev. Ephram Samuels: Killing David will not keep you king.
King Silas Benjamin: At least God will know I'm angry.
Rev. Ephram Samuels: He's gone, Silas - where you can not find him. His family is safe, too. Nothing can stop God's plan.
King Silas Benjamin: I travel that path no more; I'm a sinner now. He wants peace, I want war - God and I are now constant enemies.
Rev. Ephram Samuels: Then I bring a message from the enemy: Do not search too hard for my servant, for the day you lay a hand on him... will be the day that you die.
King Silas Benjamin: Oh, is that what He says? Well, take a message back to Him: We are at war.

"Kings: Brotherhood (#1.7)" (2009)
Queen Rose Benjamin: All those times you sat by her bedside. She needed you; she's never needed me, not the same way.
King Silas Benjamin: Every child longs for its mother.
Queen Rose Benjamin: To sit and watch her slip away?... I didn't have it then, I don't have it now; it, it...
King Silas Benjamin: I can save them - save them all - Michelle, Jack... Shiloh. A diseased limb needs to be severed, so that the body may heal itself.
Queen Rose Benjamin: Then cut.
King Silas Benjamin: The price will be steep - for you, more than most. One sibling sacrificed, to save two.
Queen Rose Benjamin: For them, cut; then cut again. You cut until there is nothing left but my children, alive.
King Silas Benjamin: Let your daughter hear those words.

"Kings: Javelin (#1.11)" (2009)
Queen Rose Benjamin: The trial's not over yet... but you'll probably cry then, too.
Michelle Benjamin: ...I'm pregnant.
Queen Rose Benjamin: ...But... you can't - you can't be. Are - are you sure? The doctor said it was impossible.
[the queen slowly registers a deep fear]
Queen Rose Benjamin: ...David's child... oh, God; does he know?
Michelle Benjamin: [nervously shaking her head] ... I'm afraid - of my own father.
Queen Rose Benjamin: Your father... must never know.
Michelle Benjamin: You'll help me...
Queen Rose Benjamin: Oh... this - this is a blessing. This is our family's future - this kingdom's future. But you must have nothing to do with David, ever again.
Michelle Benjamin: I can't; he needs me.
Queen Rose Benjamin: No, it doesn't matter. You're scared of your father; you should be. He has eyes for David's blood, and that blood now pumps through your veins. He will see David dead, and all his kind. If he knew, he would never let that child live. You've been given this... nothing else matters. You'll listen to me... you understand now; you feel it. A mother will do anything to protect her own... as I will protect you.

"Kings: Insurrection (#1.5)" (2009)
King Silas Benjamin: [changing clothes after having coffee spilled on him] Have him hung!
Queen Rose Benjamin: *Hanged*. Laundry is hung; valets are hanged.
King Silas Benjamin: So are queens who correct their husbands.

"Kings: Judgment Day (#1.6)" (2009)
Queen Rose Benjamin: Make do with your egg whites.
King Silas Benjamin: Eggs without yolks - sacrilege. Prometheus on the rock gave better breakfasts.