Laurey Williams
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Laurey Williams (Character)
from Oklahoma! (1955)

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Oklahoma! (1999) (TV)
Curly: And uh... hey, while I think about it, how bout, uh, marryin' me?
Laurey: Gracious! What'd I want to marry you for?
Curly: Uh, well, I dunno, couldn't you maybe think up some reason why you might?

Laurey: [comes out holding laundry hamper]
Laurey: Oh, what a beautiful mornin'! Oh, what a beautiful day.
Laurey: [sees curly]
Laurey: Oh, thought you were somebody.
Laurey: [continues singing while hanging clothesline] I got a beautiful feeling, ev'rythin's goin' my way.
Laurey: [looks at Curly and Aunt Eller] Is this all that's come a-callin' an' already 10 o'clock on a Saturday mornin'?

Laurey: I don't see why this had to happen when everything was so fine.
Aunt Eller: Now don't let your mind run on it.
Laurey: [sobbing] I won't ever forget, I tell ya. Never will.
Aunt Eller: That's alright, Laurey baby. You can't forget, just don't try to. Oh, lots of things happen to folks. Sickness or being poor and hungry, being old and a feared to die. That's the way it is, cradle to grave, and you can stand it. There's just one way: you gotta be hardy. You gotta be. You can't deserve the sweet and tender in life unless'n you're tough.
Laurey: I wisht I was the way you are!
Aunt Eller: Oh, fiddlesticks. Scrawny and old... why, you couldn't hire me to be the way I am.

Laurey: Curly, you're sittin' on a stove!
Curly: [yelps, jumps up, feels bottom, feels stove] It's cold as a hunk a ice.
[curly and laurey laugh]

Laurey: Who's that?
Will Parker: Aw, it's me, Laurey! Hey, have you seen Ado Annie? She's gone, again.
Laurey: Will?
Will Parker: Uh huh.
Laurey: Could you do something for me? Go and find Curly and tell him I'm here?
Laurey: I wanna see Curly real bad.
[Curly enters the corral, puts hands on hips]
Laurey: I gotta see him real bad!
Curly: Then whyn't you turn around and look then, you crazy woman!

Oklahoma! (1955)
Laurey: Curly! You're sittin' on the stove!
Curly: Yeouch!
[Jumps up, feels the stove]
Curly: Cold as a hunk of ice.
Laurey: Wish it would've burned a hole in your pants.

Laurey: [to Curly] Thought you was somebody.