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Astrid (Character)
from How to Train Your Dragon (2010)

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How to Train Your Dragon (2010)
Astrid: [punches Hiccup] That's for kidnapping me.
[Kisses Hiccup]
Astrid: That's for everything else.

Astrid: [about Toothless] I bet he's really frightened now... what are you gonna do about it?
Hiccup: Ehhh... probably something stupid.
Astrid: Good, but you've already done that...
Hiccup: [after a pause] Then something crazy...!
[he runs off]
Astrid: *That's* more like it!
[she follows him]

Snotlout: If that dragon shows either of its faces, I'm gonna... there!
[He and Tuffnut throw their buckets of water]
Ruffnut, Astrid: AH!
[the gas clears]
Ruffnut: Hey! It's us, idiots!
Tuffnut: Your butts are getting bigger! We thought you were a dragon!
Snotlout: Not that there's anything wrong with a dragon-esque fig...
[Astrid punches Snotlout, Ruffnut throws her bucket at Tuffnut's head]

Astrid: Careful with that dragon.
Hiccup: [looking at his father] It's... not the dragon I'm worried about.
Astrid: What are you gonna do?
Hiccup: Put an end to this. I have to try. Astrid, if something... goes wrong, just make sure they don't find Toothless.
Astrid: I will. Just... promise me it won't go wrong.

Hiccup: [to Toothless] We're leaving! Let's pack up. Looks like you and me are taking a little vacation. Forever.
[he bends over his pack]
Hiccup: Ah man.
[looking up, he sees Astrid sitting on a boulder, sharpening her axe]
Hiccup: Agh! What the... uh, uh, what are you doing here?
Astrid: I want to know what's going on.
[she jumps down and menaces him with the axe]
Astrid: No one just *gets* as good as you do. *Especially* you. Start talking! Are you training with someone?
Hiccup: Uh, uh, training? I didn't...
Astrid: [grabbing his flight gear] It better not involve *this*...
Hiccup: I, I know, this... looks really bad, but, you see, this is uh...
[there's a rustling behind them and she looks over his shoulder toward the noise]
Hiccup: [trying to distract her] Uh, you're right! You're right, you're right. I, I'm through with the lies, I've been making... outfits! So, you got me. It's time everyone knew. Drag me back, go ahead... here we go...
[she twists his arm, throwing him to the ground]
Hiccup: OW! Why would you *do* that?
Astrid: That's for the lies! And *that's*...
[she drops the butt of her axe on his chest]
Astrid: ... for everything else!
[Toothless emerges a few feet away]
Hiccup: Oh man...
Astrid: [gasps and throws them both to the ground] Get down!
[Toothless charges, she pushes Hiccup away and raises her axe]
Astrid: RUN! RUN!
Hiccup: [grabbing the axe and throwing it away] No! No! It's okay, it's okay!
[to Toothless]
Hiccup: She's a friend.
[to Astrid, holding Toothless back]
Hiccup: You scared him.
Astrid: *I* scared *him*? Who is "him"?
Hiccup: Uh... Astrid, Toothless! Toothless, Astrid.
[Toothless snarls, Astrid shakes her head in bewilderment and runs off]
Hiccup: Duh-duh-duh, we're dead!

Astrid: [punches Hiccup] That's for scaring me!
Hiccup: Oh wha- wait, what is it always going to be this way? 'Cause...
[Astrid grabs him and kisses him deeply]
Hiccup: ...I could get used to it.

Gobber: Welcome to Dragon Training!
Astrid: No turning back.
Tuffnut: I hope I get some serious burns!
Ruffnut: I'm hoping for some mauling, like, on my shoulder or lower back.
Astrid: Yeah, it's only fun if you get a scar out of it.
Hiccup: [deadpan] Yeah, no kidding, right? Pain. Love it.
Tuffnut: Oh great, who let *him* in?

[a Gronkle is let out into the training ring]
Gobber: Today is about survival. If you get blasted, you're dead. Quick! What's the first thing you're going to need?
Hiccup: A doctor?
Fishlegs: Plus five speed?
Astrid: A shield!
Gobber: Shield! Go!
[the teens scramble around to grab shields]
Gobber: Your most important piece of equipment is your shield! If you must make a choice between a sword or a shield, take the shield!

Snotlout: [to Astrid, during training] So anyway, uh, I moved into my parents' basement? You should come by some time to work out. You look like you work out!
[his shield is knocked out by a Gronkle's fireball]
Gobber: Snotlout, you're done!
Hiccup: [to Astrid] So I guess it's just you and me, huh?
Astrid: Nope, just you.
[she dodges away and Hiccup's shield is hit by the Gronkle's fire]

[during the final rounds of dragon training, Astrid notices Hiccup next to her and yanks his shield down, thrusting her face next to his]
Astrid: Stay out of my way! I'm winning this thing!
Hiccup: Uh... please, by all means.
[Astrid approaches the Gronkle stealthily]
Astrid: This time! This time, for sure!
[She springs up and charges with a yell... only to see that Hiccup has already "subdued" it. The crowd cheers]
Astrid: [swinging her axe wildly in anger] NO! YOU SON OF A HALF-TROLL, RAT-EATING, MUNGE-BUCKET!

[riding on Toothless's back with Hiccup]
Astrid: All right, I admit it. This is pretty cool. It's... *amazing*. He's amazing.

Astrid: It's a mess. You must feel horrible. You've lost everything. Your father, your tribe, your best friend...
Hiccup: Thank you for summing that up.
Hiccup: Why couldn't I have killed that dragon when I found him in the woods? Would've been better, for everyone...
Astrid: Yep. The rest of us would have done it. So why didn't you?
Astrid: Why didn't you?
Hiccup: I don't know... I couldn't.
Astrid: That's not an answer.
Hiccup: *Why* is this so important to you all of a sudden?
Astrid: Because I want to remember what you say, *right now*.
Hiccup: Oh, for the love of... I was a coward! I was weak! I wouldn't kill a dragon!
Astrid: You said *wouldn't*, that time.
Hiccup: Agh, whatever... I *wouldn't*! Three hundred years, and I'm the first Viking who wouldn't kill a dragon!
Astrid: First to ride one, though. So...?
Hiccup: I wouldn't kill him, because he looked as frightened as *I* was. I looked at him... and I saw myself.

[after his latest "victory," in the final round of dragon training]
Hiccup: So, later!
Gobber: [catches him] Oh-oh, not so fast.
Hiccup: Uh, I'm kind of late for...
Astrid: [livid, jams her axehead into his throat] What? Late for *what*, exactly?

[Hiccup prepares to open one of the dragon pens]
Fishlegs: If you're planning on getting eaten, I'd definitely go with the Gronkle.
[Hiccup turns in surprise and sees his entire class lined up behind him]
Tuffnut: [approaching] You were wise to seek help from the world's most deadly weapon...
Hiccup: Um...
Tuffnut: It's me.
Snotlout: [shoves Tuffnut aside] I love this plan!
Hiccup: I... didn't...
Ruffnut: [shoves Snotlout aside] You're crazy!
[leans in, flirtatiously]
Ruffnut: I like that...
Astrid: [firmly yanks her away] So... what is the plan?

Astrid: [hanging from a tree branch] Hiccup! Get me *down* from here!
Hiccup: [pleading] You have to give me a chance to explain!
Astrid: I am not listening to *anything* you have to say!
Hiccup: Then I won't speak. Just let me *show* you. Please, Astrid.
[Astrid lifts herself up and gingerly climbs onto Toothless's back]
Astrid: Now get me down.
Hiccup: Toothless, down. *Gently.*
[Toothless spreads his wings, and the wind slowly lifts them into the air]
Hiccup: See? Nothing to be afraid of...
[Toothless launches himself into the sky at top speed, Astrid screams]
Hiccup: Augh! Toothless! What is *wrong* with you? Bad dragon! A-ha, he's uh, he's not usually like this... Oh no...
[Toothless rolls to the side and dives straight down, plunging in and out of the waves; Astrid screams]
Hiccup: Toothless, what are you doing, we need her to *like* us!
[Toothless soars up again and starts doing aileron rolls]
Hiccup: And now, the spinning. Thank you for *nothing*, you useless reptile!
Astrid: [terrified] Okay, I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Just get me off of this thing!
[Toothless looks back at her, pleased, then spreads his wings and rises gently into the sky]

"Dragons: Race to the Edge: Total Nightmare (#1.13)" (2015)
Hiccup: Guys, this was supposed to be a drill. Do you have to turn it into a game?
Astrid: Don't we always.
Hiccup: Fair point.

Snotlout: [about Hookfang] He's acting weird.
Fishlegs: How's that?
Snotlout: Well, he didn't listen to me during the race, he ran away, he just spit fish in my face and then threw me against a wall.
Astrid: And this is weird how?
Hiccup: You have to admit, Snotlout, that does kind of sum up your relationship with Hookfang.

Snotlout: A female Monstrous Nightmare? Now it all makes sense. My dragon has a way with the ladies! Must have picked up a few pointers from his master.
Astrid: I doubt it. She's not dry-heaving.

Astrid: How can you be a Dragon Rider and not ride a dragon?
Snotlout: You were always the smart one, Astrid.
Hiccup: W-wait a minute. You're...
Snotlout: Quitting. That's right. I shall be your Dragon Rider no more.

Astrid: But, Hiccup, look at that thing. It's...
Hiccup: I know. Gigantic, scary, angry...
Tuffnut: Bloodthirty!
Hiccup: [witheringly] Thanks, Tuff.
Tuffnut: Sorry. Writer's embellishment.

Astrid: He's crazy.
Hiccup: He's Snotlout.
Astrid: True.

Dragons: Gift of the Night Fury (2011) (V)
[after planting a Gronkle egg in each Viking's house]
Astrid Hofferson: Wasn't this a great idea?
Fishlegs: Uh-huh! Everybody's gonna be so surprised!
[a house explodes, and an egg fragment flies out and hits Fishlegs]
Fishlegs: Ow...
Snotlout: Surprise!
[a baby Gronkle lands on Fishlegs' chest]
Snotlout, Tuffnut, Ruffnut: Aw...
Astrid Hofferson: [horrified] The eggs explode?
[a Viking house explodes]
Astrid Hofferson: THE EGGS EXPLODE!
[Another Viking house explodes. A villager comes running out]
Astrid Hofferson: I'm sorry.
[More explosions. Another villager runs past her]
Astrid Hofferson: So sorry.

Astrid Hofferson: Hiccup?
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III: Yeah i'm over here Astrid, come in.
Astrid Hofferson: There! Happy Holidays, from me to you.
[offered the Yak Nog to Hiccup]
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III: Thank you, milady.
Astrid Hofferson: What are you up to?
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III: Okay, you're gonna think i'm crazy but, i just couldn't stop thinking about what Tuffnut said last night. Toothless can't come and go like the other dragons and that's just not fair. I was up all night, and i think i find a way to fix that.
[Hiccup drinks the Yak Nog that Astrid made. And hold it in his mouth because it doesn't taste good]
Astrid Hofferson: No way! You build him some new tail? So he's gonna be able to fly without you.
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III: Mh-hm!
Astrid Hofferson: Wow, what a great gift! What if he never comes back? What am i saying! Of course he will. Well, i'm gonna spread some holiday cheer. YOU'RE AMAZING!
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III: [spewing the Yak Nog out of his mouth, disgusted]

Astrid Hofferson: Hiccup, i know this must be really hard for you seeing everyone with their dragons. But you really did a wonderful thing. Thank you.
[Kisses Hiccup then hug him tightly]
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III: Astrid, where did Toothless go?
Astrid Hofferson: I don't know.
[Toothless is sneaking into the Great Hall. Astrid and the other Vikings noticed him but not Hiccup]
Female Viking: Oh, look!
Astrid Hofferson: Wow, man! Wouldn't wanna be you right now. I mean, you brought back everyone's dragon, except yours!
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III: Yeah, you know this is not helping, at all.
[Astrid pushes Hiccup to make him see Toothless behind him]
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III: TOOTHLESS! Hey bud!
[hugs Toothless]
Gobber the Belch: Stoick,
[points at Hiccup]
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III: Bad dragon! Very bad dragon! You scared me to death don't ever stay away that long again and what is in your mouth?
[Toothless puts Hiccup's lost helmet to Hiccup's head with his mouth]
Astrid Hofferson, Ruffnut, Snotlout: EW
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III: Oh, yeah you should've got my helmet. But hey, you found my helmet! That's where you've been? Buddy, thank you. You are amazing.
Hiccup Horrendous Haddock III: [Hugs Toothless]
[Vikings are cheering]
Astrid Hofferson: HAPPY SNOGGLE TOG!

Astrid Hofferson: Yak Nog! Get your Yak Nog! C'mon! Get a frothy delicious cup of cheer.
[Approaches other Viking teens]
Astrid Hofferson: Hey you guys. Try this tasty new beverage i made for the holidays.
Tuffnut: Eh, what's that smell? It's that you?
[Pushes Ruffnut's face]
Astrid Hofferson: It's Yak Nog!
[Pours the Yak Nog into the cup]
Tuffnut: [coughs, disgusted] If i drink that i'm gonna Yak Nog all over the place.
Astrid Hofferson: Maybe you'd rather taste a punch in the face?
[Ruffnut sniffs at the Yak Nog, disgusted]
Snotlout: Astrid, it sounds delightful! I'd love a mug.
[He forces to swallow it because it tastes really bad]
Snotlout: You could really taste the Yak.
Fishlegs: Mmm, yum! What is that?
Astrid Hofferson: Oh, you wanna try some? It's my new traditional drink.
[Snotlout appears in the background, shaking his head, which means "Don't!"]
Fishlegs: Oh, you know, um, i have suddenly in-uh inexplicably change, my mind.
Astrid Hofferson: Well, you don't know what you're missing. I bet Hiccup will love this.
Ruffnut: [to Snolout] Are you crying?

Fishlegs: I can't believe him!
Astrid Hofferson: You can't believe him? You kidnapped your dragon!
Fishlegs: But that makes it sounds so mean.
Tuffnut: [sifting through the pile of hay] Uh, guys?
Astrid Hofferson: He flew away the second he was unleashed!
Fishlegs: I'm 72% sure he wanted to stay.
Tuffnut: GUYS!
Fishlegs: [looking at what Tuffnut found] Whoa-ho-ho! Meatlug barfed up a pile of rocks!
Ruffnut: You're such an idiot. Those aren't rocks. Your dragon laid eggs.
Astrid Hofferson: Hey! I bet that's why the dragons left! To lay their eggs!
Fishlegs: But boy dragons don't lay eggs.
Ruffnut: Yeah, your boy dragon is a girl dragon
Fishlegs: Oh! That explains a few things.

How to Train Your Dragon 2 (2014)
Hiccup: [to Eret, who's riding on Stormfly with Astrid] Welcome aboard, dragon rider.
Eret: Thanks! I think!
Astrid: [to Hiccup] Where have YOU been?
Hiccup: Oh, you know. Catching up with Mom.
[Hiccup looks up. Astrid follows his gaze and sees Valka on Cloudjumper, summoning her Bewilderbeast]
Astrid: [aghast] THAT'S your MOTHER?
Hiccup: [smiles] Well, now you know where I get my dramatic flair.
[He flies off with Toothless]

Astrid: [hits Snotlout on the helmet] What are you doing, Snotlout? They're gonna win now!
Snotlout: She's my princess! Whatever she wants, she gets!
Astrid: [confused] Ruffnut? Didn't she try to bury you alive?
Snotlout: Only for a few hours!

Eret: [approaches Hiccup after he saves Berk] That was some pretty fine dragon-wrangling back there. You'd make a good trapper.
[Skullcrusher nudges him playfully]
Eret: Whoa!
[He chuckles]
Hiccup: You know, Skullcrusher's gonna need somebody to look after him now.
Eret: [surprised] Me?
[Hiccup nods]
Eret: I'd be honored.
Valka: [comes over to Hiccup] Your father would be every bit as proud as I am.
Hiccup: Thank you. I'm really glad you're here, Mom.
Valka: And here I'll stay.
Astrid: [walks up to Hiccup] See? I told you it was in here.
[She points to his heart and then presses the button which releases the fin in his back]
Hiccup: [laughs] You're still doing that one. That's hilarious. Come here, you.
[He kisses Astrid]

Astrid: I don't like it. They should have been back with Hiccup by now.
Ruffnut: I don't like it either. Eret, Son of Eret, was the man of my dreams. My everything!
Snotlout: [touches his beard] But, baby, I grew facial hair for you.
Fishlegs: [also touches his beard] Me, too.

Eret: [to Drago, after the dragon riders have been captured] They wouldn't know where you're hiding. I promise you that.
Astrid: Oh, yes, they will! They know we're missing and they have tracking dragons. If you so much as touch us, Hiccup is gonna kick...
Drago: Hiccup?
Eret: He's no problem. Really. Trust me.
Astrid: He's only the son of Stoick the Vast, his heir to the throne of Berk, and the greatest dragon master this world has ever seen!
Drago: Dragon master? I alone control the dragons!
Tuffnut: Nope, mm-mm.
Fishlegs: SORRY!
[the dragon riders laugh]
Astrid: And unless you let us go, right now, he will blast through here on his Night Fury and blow your entire fleet of ships to splinters.
Ruffnut: Then they'll be crying like babies!

"Dragons: Race to the Edge: Have Dragon Will Travel, Part Two (#1.11)" (2015)
Snotlout: I don't really trust these guys either, Heather.
Astrid: You know we can hear you.
Snotlout: Jealousy is an ugly quality, Astrid, but clearly I understand where it comes from.

Astrid: [admiring Heather double-axe pike] You really have to show me how you made that.
Heather: Sure, but I prefer close combat to throwing... so I can stare my enemy in the eye.
Astrid: Not a bad tactic, but don't discount...
[throws her axe close to but deliberately missing Heather]
Heather: Hm. The element of surprise. I like that.

Astrid: [to Heather] Now, you and Snotlout - THAT'S a match made in Valhalla.
[both laugh]

Astrid: Guess you're leaving... again. I thought you were tired of being alone?
Heather: I am.
Astrid: Then don't be. It's safer here. You'll have support and I'm here.
Heather: I know. I just have a lot I need to figure out. Thanks, Astrid. It was nice having a friend again. Let's go, girl.
Hiccup: Hey I know you guys got pretty close. I'm sorry you're losing a friend.
Astrid: But, I still have you.

"Dragons: Race to the Edge: When Darkness Falls (#1.4)" (2015)
Tuffnut: Look, I just have a feeling about his place, and I think we all know what happens when I get a feeling.
Astrid: We ignore it?

[Tuffnut, who tried frightening everyone earlier with stories of make-believe monsters, runs into camp panicked over the sight of a colossal dragon]
Astrid: Is anyone falling for this?
Ruffnut: I don't know. I haven't seen him this freaked out since he found a leech on his...
Astrid: Okay, I'm gonna stop you there.

"Dragons: Race to the Edge: Reign of Fireworms (#1.7)" (2015)
[the twins rename the island "Thorstonton" and outlaw the letter S]
Astrid: Do you two realize that there is an S in the name of your island?
Tuffnut: Ilence, ubject! How dare you ay such thing.

Astrid: That smoke's getting close, and where there's smoke...
Fishlegs: ...there's fireworms.

"Dragons: Race to the Edge: Night of the Hunters, Part One (#2.2)" (2016)
Astrid: Heather?
Tuffnut: No way.
Astrid: Run!
Dagur: Surprise! Did you miss me? Of course you did. Oh, do you know my sister? Wait a minute, sure you do! You guys were little pals and buddy buddies.
Heather: Hey, family is family.
Astrid: I can't believe this, Heather.
Heather: I know it's not Dragon's Edge but, it'll have to do. Enjoy your new home, Astrid. You're gonna be here awhile.

"Dragons: Race to the Edge: Snotlout Gets the Axe (#2.5)" (2016)
Astrid: Fishlegs married Ruffnut! I guess anything is possible.
Hiccup: One thing's for sure: no Hofferson will ever marry a Jorgensen.
Snotlout: Never say never. Right Astrid?
Astrid: Never.
Hiccup: How long is never?

"Dragons: Riders of Berk: Cast Out, Part I (#2.19)" (2014)
Snotlout: I found the screaming death and I captured Alvin the treacherous!
Astrid: Weren't you unconscious when you "captured" him?
Snotlout: Unconscious like a fox!
Tuffnut: Uh, that doesn't even make sense to *me*. And I am foxy like a badger!

Legend of the Boneknapper Dragon (2010) (TV)
Hiccup: [sees Gobber going down to his ship with his sheep, Phil, to find the Boneknapper] I can't let him go by himself.
[to his friends]
Hiccup: All right, Vikings - grab your shields!
Tuffnut, Astrid: Yes!
Fishlegs, Ruffnut: [simultaneously] Yeah!
Snotlout: There's no way I'm getting on a boat to go after a fake dragon.
[scene cuts to show Snotlout rowing a boat the next day with everyone else]

"Dragons: Race to the Edge: Gone Gustav Gone (#1.6)" (2015)
Astrid: Hiccup, we have a problem; a HUGE problem!
Hiccup: Dagur?
Astrid: Worse!
Hiccup: What could possibly be worse than Dagur?
Gustav: Gustav!
Hiccup: Gustav?
Astrid: Gustav.

"Dragons: Race to the Edge: Big Man on Berk (#1.5)" (2015)
Astrid: Is it me or did Snotlout just fall in love with Fishlegs?

"Dragons: Race to the Edge: Imperfect Harmony (#1.3)" (2015)
Astrid: You were right, Hiccup. There's so much more out here and it's... beautiful.
Hiccup: And this is just the beginning, Astrid. Who knows what we'll find out here.

"Dragons: Race to the Edge: Team Astrid (#2.1)" (2016)
Hiccup: So what did he do?
Astrid: He's Snotlout's dad.
Hiccup: Enough said. Astrid, can we talk?
Astrid: I would but I'm busy
Hiccup: Astrid, I know what you're doing.
Astrid: Really, and what am I doing?
Hiccup: You're being overly tough on these guys. I saw what you did to Gustav.
Astrid: The element of surprise? How is that being overly tough?
Hiccup: It's not that, it's just you want them to fail; that way you have an excuse to stay on Berk, Astrid. We both know what's going on here.
Astrid: You're wrong, Hiccup. You're wrong.
Hiccup: Astrid, I get it; you want to stay on Berk and protect your family. But you can't be here every second of every day for the rest of their lives.

"Dragons: Race to the Edge: Dragon Eye of the Beholder, Part Two (#1.2)" (2015)
Snotlout: Can we please do something? My mouth is starting to freeze shut.
Astrid: Don't get our hopes up.

"Dragons: Race to the Edge: Have Dragon Will Travel, Part One (#1.10)" (2015)
Astrid: I don't mean to burst your yak bladder, but has anyone considered what we're gonna do if we actually find this Razorwhip?
Tuffnut: You can marry it.
Astrid: And what if Dagur's riding it.
Tuffnut: Well, then Ruffnut can have him. I admit it will be complicated, but I will one day learn to love him as my own.
Astrid: Um, Tuffnut...
Tuffnut: Like a little babe, a child that I carry in my arms, but he's too heavy.