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Audrey Moss (Character)
from "The Six Million Dollar Man" (1974)

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"The Six Million Dollar Man: Hocus-Pocus (#3.16)" (1976)
Col. Steve Austin: [Audrey is giggling at Steve Austin's disguise] What's so funny?
Audrey Moss: You look like Clark Gable.
Col. Steve Austin: That's enough, Scarlett.

Audrey Moss: We really make a super pair, don't we?
Col. Steve Austin: We do sure do.

Col. Steve Austin: Here you are, my lady, the pumpkin ride is over.
Audrey Moss: Oh, gee and I didn't even get to keep my glass slippers. Oh well, thanks for the ride.
Col. Steve Austin: I just wanted to make sure you didn't run away for a wicked life on the stage. Make sure you got back on the groove.
Audrey Moss: Yeah, back in the groove...

Audrey Moss: You're holding Steve prisoner!
Mark Wharton: I was wondering how soon you'd pick that up.
Mark Wharton: You are truly a marvel.

"The Six Million Dollar Man: The E.S.P. Spy (#2.18)" (1975)
Audrey Moss: [using E.S.P. on three surfers walking towards her and Steve] One of those guys is thinking... about all the money he's gonna make for... getting rid of us.

Audrey Moss: When are you gonna tell me how you threw that guy so far?
Col. Steve Austin: When you're old enough.
Audrey Moss: You're a rat.
Audrey Moss: I'm old enough to know what bionic means...
Col. Steve Austin: Audrey, stop messing around in my mind.

Audrey Moss: You're not very good at French or English Lit. But you're a bionic man and that makes you a whole lot different then everybody else. Like I am.

Col. Steve Austin: Now come on, try it.
Audrey Moss: There's no one like me in the whole world. I like myself. I'm a worthwhile person.
Col. Steve Austin: Louder.
Audrey Moss: I'm a worthwhile person and I like myself!
Col. Steve Austin: With feeling!
Col. Steve Austin: [she gigles] Come on.
Audrey Moss: There's no one like me in the whole world. I like myself and I'm a worthwhile person. That's what I am, a worthwhile person, ok?
Col. Steve Austin: [he laughs] I think you got it.