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Laurie (Character)
from Trick 'r Treat (2007)

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Trick 'r Treat (2007)
[the girls talking behind the dressing room doors before walking out as Disney princesses]
Laurie: I am not wearing this. It's too small. And my tits keep popping out.
Danielle: That's the idea.
Laurie: I don't know why we drove out here when there are perfectly good guys in the city.
Janet: Fresh meat.
Maria: It's what we do every Halloween, Laurie.
Laurie: Whatever happened to Trick or Treating?
Maria: Puberty.
Janet: Last year we were in Tampa.
Maria: And we went as sexy nurses.
Danielle: No Janet, Tampa was two years ago, I remember because you puked doing a guy in his pickup truck.
Janet: I ate some bad Mexican, and it was a jeep.
Danielle: Last year was San Diego. We dressed as sailors and ended up with sailors.
Janet: Yeah, and Maria's sailor was a girl.
Maria: So what, she had a nice ass, it all tastes the same to me anyway.

[the girls set up the dead corpses around the fire]
Laurie: I'm nervous.
Danielle: [combs the front of her hair] Hey. You're gonna be fine. Just be yourself.
Laurie: It's my first time so... just bear with me.
[the girls begin to dance, snarl, and hiss]
Steven: What are you doing?
[the girls' skin begins to rip, peel, with growls, as Steven begins to scream]
Laurie: My, my what big eyes you have.
[Laurie throws her back up and then strikes down to bite Steven's neck as he screams with horror]