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Quotes for
Pam Gringe (Character)
from Step Brothers (2008)

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Step Brothers (2008)
Pam Gringe: Well, Brennan, you certainly have had a lot of jobs.
Brennan Huff: I'm a bit of a spark plug and, uh, Human Resources Lady, when I think...
Pam Gringe: Oh, you know, it's actually, it's Pam.
Brennan Huff: I'm sorry. Well, Pan...
Pam Gringe: No, my name is Pam.
Brennan Huff: Are you saying "Pan" or "Pam"?
Pam Gringe: I'm saying Pam. I'm sorry, who is this gentleman sitting behind you?
Dale Doback: Hello, Miss Lady. I'm Dale. I'm Brennan's stepbrother, and I think I might be able to help with the Pan-Pam dilemma.
Brennan Huff: Yeah, that'd be great.
Pam Gringe: [slowly] Pam. Pam, with an M.
Brennan Huff: Pand. There's a D on the end?
Pam Gringe: There's no D. It's Pam.
Dale Doback: It's like "calm" except P-A-N-M.
Brennan Huff: P-A-M... There's two Ms. That was the confusion.