Premier Alejandro Goya
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Premier Alejandro Goya (Character)
from "Chuck" (2007)

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"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Coup d'Etat (#4.4)" (2010)
Sarah Walker: Uh, we can try to arrange a CIA safehouse with some guards for the time being.
Premier Allejandro Goya: No, I know where I will go now. There is only one person whom I trust with my life right now. John Casey

"Chuck: Chuck Versus the Angel de la Muerte (#3.3)" (2010)
John Casey: I'm here to protect you.
Premier Allejandro Goya: The Angel of Death? You're here to protect me how? Like in '83 - you put a bullet in my spleen.
John Casey: Yeah.
Premier Allejandro Goya: Or in '88, you blew up my dog, Chuy.
John Casey: Sorry about the dog. Obviously, the bomb was meant for you.