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Quotes for
Arthur Ferguson Jones (Character)
from The Whole Town's Talking (1935)

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The Whole Town's Talking (1935)
Arthur Ferguson Jones: You know something, a woman is only a woman, but a good cigar is a smoke.

Arthur Ferguson Jones: [to his co-workers] So long, slaves!

'Slugs' Martin: Hello Mannion.
Arthur Ferguson Jones: My name is Jones.
'Slugs' Martin: I guess mine is Mickey Mouse!

Arthur Ferguson Jones: My name isn't Jones it's Mannion. I mean it isn't Jannion it's Mones. Oh, I don't know. It's Jones! Jones, that's what it is!

Miss Clark: You're becoming famous. Three of my girl friends asked me to get pictures of you. I told them the kind of a caveman you were. I can feel that kiss yet.
Arthur Ferguson Jones: Oh, I-I, I want to apologize for that Miss Clark.
Miss Clark: What for? If it takes a few swigs to bring out that personality of yours, I'll buy you a case of Scotch.
Arthur Ferguson Jones: Oh, it wasn't the drinks. Something came over me and I just couldn't help it.
Miss Clark: I'm glad you couldn't.

Arthur Ferguson Jones: [Drunkenly] Hi, Cymbeline! Say, you know what? You know we've all misjudged J.G. Oh, he's a great man, Cymbeline. Heart of gold. Proud to work for ol' J.G. I'd die for J.G. I'd die for J.G.'s company. I'd die for you.
[Kisses Miss. Clark]
Arthur Ferguson Jones: Whoopie!

Miss Clark: By the way, Healy was in to see you. I made a deal for you. He screamed murder, at first, but finally we got together. Listen to this, two hundred and fifty bucks a week! I guess that trip to Shanghai's a cinch now, Jonesy. Here's the contract. I told him I'd get you to sign it tonight.
Arthur Ferguson Jones: Oh, thank you.
Miss Clark: Oh, don't mention it. Always glad to serve a Public Enemy. Ah, what do you say we go up to your room and read it over?
Arthur Ferguson Jones: Alright. Oh, no-no, no, not upstairs.
Miss Clark: Why not?
Arthur Ferguson Jones: Well, the, eh, the landlady's very strict about it.
Miss Clark: [Seductively] P-lease, Mr. Jones. You can leave a door open.

"Killer" Mannion: Hey Jonsey! Come er'! False alarm.
[as he's looking at the printed article]
"Killer" Mannion: You shot off a lot of steam didn't cha! I'm a false alarm am I!
Arthur Ferguson Jones: Oh I didn't write it sir, man on the paper did it. I-I tried to stop him from printing it.
"Killer" Mannion: Yeah, I guess alot of guys think I'm a false alarm!
[as hes looking directly into Jones' face]
"Killer" Mannion: [Jones says with fright in his voice] Oh no!
"Killer" Mannion: Who's gonna write the rest of these articles?
Arthur Ferguson Jones: I'm supposed to but I'll call the whole thing off.
"Killer" Mannion: Nah you won't! Your gonna write'm alright only your gonna write my way! Sit down! I'll show you - A false alarm am I! Well I'll slip you some dope that will make their heads dizzy, something nobody knows! Are you ready? Ok just put down what I give ya, don't make nothing from your own head. You said here
[the news article]
"Killer" Mannion: I'm as brave as a gun in my hand. Alright you listen to this! When I broke out of
"Killer" Mannion: I had a gun yeah!, but it was a phony. That's the kind of false alarm I am!. Have you got that down?
Arthur Ferguson Jones: Yes sir.

Arthur Ferguson Jones: Shanghai, for instance. I've always wanted to go to Shanghai. Say, I've got a stamp from Shanghai.

Arthur Ferguson Jones: My name is not Mannion, it's Jones. I'm a member of the YMCA, gentlemen. I have my card right here.

Arthur Ferguson Jones: I went down to the docks. There was a fleeter there leaving for Shanghai. Oh, how I wanted to get on that boat.

Newspaper Reporter at Dock: [Last lines] Now, Jonesy, will you give us a - great - big - kiss - and look right into these cameras.
Arthur Ferguson Jones: Okay.
Miss Clark: How about it Jonesy? You need a slug of whiskey?
Arthur Ferguson Jones: Oh, I should say not!
Photographers: Hoooooooold It!