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Female Student (Character)
from Ghostbusters (1984)

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Ghostbusters (1984)
Dr. Peter Venkman: All right, I'm gonna turn over the next card. Concentrate... I want you to tell me what you think it is.
[Holds up the card]
Male Student: Uh, square.
Dr. Peter Venkman: Good guess, but wrong.
[Turns over the card and zaps the male student]
Dr. Peter Venkman: [to the female student] Okay,
[Holds up another card]
Dr. Peter Venkman: what is this?
Female Student: Is it a star?
Dr. Peter Venkman: It "is" a star,. very good.
Dr. Peter Venkman: [to the male student, and holding up another card] Concentrate. Tell me what this is.
Male Student: Circle.
Dr. Peter Venkman: [Turns over the card] Ooohhh, Close. But most definately wrong.
[Zaps the male student again]
Dr. Peter Venkman: [to the female student] Clear your head.
[Holds up another card]
Dr. Peter Venkman: what is it?
Female Student: A figure 8.
Dr. Peter Venkman: That's 5 for 5, you can't see these can you?
Female Student: No.
Dr. Peter Venkman: You're not cheating me, are you?
Female Student: No. I swear, they're just coming to me.
Dr. Peter Venkman: [to the male student] Nervous?
Male Student: [Really is nervous] Yes, I don't like this.
Dr. Peter Venkman: [Holds up another card] We've only got 75 more to go, c'mon what this one.
Male Student: It's, a couple of wavy lines.
Dr. Peter Venkman: [Puts card down] Sorry, this isn't your lucky day.
Male Student: Yeah, I...
[Peter's hand slowly reaches for the zapping trigger]
Male Student: I uh, uh, I uh, I uh.
Male Student: [Annoyed] I'm getting a little tired of this.
Dr. Peter Venkman: You volunteered, didn't you? We're paying you, are we?
Male Student: Yeah, but I didn't know you we're gonna be giving me electric shocks. What are trying to prove here, anyway.
Dr. Peter Venkman: I'm studying the effect on negative reinforcement on ESP ability.
Male Student: [Aggravated] Effect? I'll tell you the effect is, it's pissing me off!