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Quotes for
Linda Mason (Character)
from Twins (1988)

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Twins (1988)
Marnie Mason: [Linda sees Vince on the street and is thrilled to see him] Vince!
Marnie Mason: I thought you broke up with him!
Linda Mason: I did, I did.
[kisses Vince]

[Vince hides as Burt comes into the restaurant]
Linda Mason: Hi!
Burt Klane: Hi.
Linda Mason: Can I help you?
Burt Klane: Uh, yeah... where's the little shit?
Linda Mason: Uh, you'll have to be more specific.
Burt Klane: Benedict.
Linda Mason: Oh, he wouldn't come in here! Isn't that right, Marnie?
Marnie Mason: Who, Vincent?
[wipes down a table, dumping scraps on Vincent's head]
Marnie Mason: That weasel? That creep? I wouldn't serve him if he crawled in here on his hands and knees.
[Vincent scrambles out on his hands and knees]