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Robot Santa (Character)
from "Futurama" (1999)

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"Futurama: Xmas Story (#2.8)" (1999)
Santa Claus Robot: Your mistletoe is no match for my T.O.W. missile!

Santa Claus Robot: I'll be back when you least expect it: Next Xmas!

Santa Claus Robot: Ho ho ho! It's time to get jolly on your naughty asses!

Santa Claus Robot: Fry and Leela, you've both been very naughty! I checked my list!
Fry: Well, check it twice!
Santa Claus Robot: I perform over fifty mega-checks per second!

Santa Claus Robot: I'm going to tear off your skin like wrapping paper and deck the halls with your guts!

Santa Claus Robot: You have all been very naughty! Very naughty indeed! Except you, Dr. Zoidberg. This is for you.
Dr. Zoidberg: A pogo stick!

Santa Claus Robot: Your mistletoe is no match for my *tow* missile.

"Futurama: A Tale of Two Santas (#4.2)" (2001)
[as Bender is being walked to the execution chamber]
Robot Cellmate: Hey, Santa. When you see the Robot Devil, tell him I'm a-coming.
[Bender walks to the next cell, where the Robot Devil is]
Bender: Hey, that guy said to tell you...
The Robot Devil: I heard him!