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Patty Myers (Character)
from A Thief in the Night (1972)

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A Distant Thunder (1978)
Guard: I understand you're having a hard time making a decision.
Patty: How would you know that?
Wenda: You know, the medic at the hospital seemed to know an awful lot about us, also.
Guard: Some of your friends are kind of concerned about your future. I think maybe you should hear what they have to say.
[Sandy, Jerry and Diane approach them. They notice that Sandy has a mark on her right hand]
Guard: .
Patty: Sandy!
Wenda: Oh, Sandy!
Patty: You're a Christian!
Sandy: Oh, Patty. Anyone can say they're a Christian.
Patty: But I thought that Jonathon...
Diane: Jonathon was one of us, but he had nothing to do with the trap that Sandy set for you.
Wenda: Sandy, why didn't you stay with us all day?
Jerry: She was trying to keep those fanatics from encouraging you into making a foolish decision.
Diane: Yeah. Actually, it's simple. You can lose your head
[glances at the guillotine]
Diane: , or you can go free. To work, to buy, to eat. To live a normal life, just like before.

Diane Bradford: This isn't the end of the world.
Patty Myers: Maybe not, but I have a feeling we're gonna wish it was.

Jerry: If those theological authorities are such authorities, how come they didn't go up with the rest? That's what blows holes in this theory that only the Christians went. How come there're still so many religious people here?
Patty: Maybe they didn't believe in UFOs.
Sandy: Well just because you have an understanding of the Bible in your head, doesn't necessarily mean you have Jesus in your heart.

Jenny: [reading] 'Therefore, be also ready, for in such an hour as you think not, the Son of Man cometh'. It'll happen just that quick, Patty, the Bible says like a thief in the night.
Patty: Jenny, I believe that God is love, and it really upsets me when people go around scaring everyone with this Jesus coming in the clouds and tribulation stuff. That's what I hate about religion, God makes all this elaborate plan to send us all to hell.
Jenny: Patty, God made a perfect plan that none shall perish. He sacrificed His own Son to keep you from hell.

Jenny: [reading The Biography of a Great Planet] Listen, when I'm done with this book you've just got to read it. There's a really neat paragraph in here, here it is: Others will gather around them in great numbers of teacher, to say what their itching ears want to hear. People will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boastful, proud, abusive, and a whole list of other things.
Patty: That's sure happening today.
Jenny: Well the Bible also says that when these things happen, the believers can look for the blessed hope, and redemption for the Christian draws nigh.

Patty's Grandmother: Well you understand don't you, that Jesus will come and take His own in the Rapture.
Patty: Yeah you told me that.
Patty's Grandmother: Well after the Rapture, a world leader will emerge as a hero. He'll be most convincing, yet deceiving, but people will love him.
Patty: Will he be the beast?
Patty's Grandmother: For the first three and a half years, he will appear to be a savior, a hero; miraculously solving world problems, but in the middle of the 7 years' tribulation, the evil becomes apparent in him.

Patty: What about the mark?
Patty's Grandmother: Open my Bible honey, to Revelation chapter 13 verse 16.
Patty: Okay, 13:16, 'And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand or in their foreheads. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that have the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.' Does that mean that people will have to wear the mark?
Patty's Grandmother: Oh my yes. People can't buy food or clothes or anything, gasoline.
Patty: Well that sounds like Dad's credit card.
Patty's Grandmother: Well to a lot of people it will seem like a new kind of credit card, and people will welcome it.
Patty: Well what about the people that don't want to take the mark?
Patty's Grandmother: The only people who won't want the mark are those who become believers, and a lot of them will be killed by the beast or the Anti-Christ.

Patty: You mean a person can become a Christian AFTER the Rapture?
Patty's Grandmother: The 144,000 sealed missionaries from Israel will be responsible for leading multitudes to receive Christ as their Messiah.
Patty: Well what happens to the people that take the mark?
Patty's Grandmother: Look up Revelation, I believe it's chapter 14, verse 10 or 11.
Patty: 'The same shall drink', that's not it. Okay 11 says 'And the smoke of their torment ascendeth up forever and ever, and they have no rest day nor night, who worship the beast in his image, and whosoever receives the mark of his name.
Patty's Grandmother: So the time to accept Jesus Christ is now, not then.

Patty: Granny whatever happened to God is love that you and Grandpa always taught us?
Patty's Grandmother: God is love, honey, but He is also holy, and He hates sin, and He cannot allow sin in His presence or in His kingdom.
Patty: But we all sin.
Patty's Grandmother: That's right, and we deserve judgment. But God loves us so much He sent His son Jesus to die for our sins as full payment, and offers life eternal for anyone who believes Christ and wants Him as their Savior.

Patty: You know what bugs me? You have waited until now to scare us out of our wits! Why didn't you tell us all this before it was too late?
Reverend Matthew Turner: Patty, do you have a Bible?
Patty: Well yes.
Reverend Matthew Turner: What does it say?
Patty: What?
Reverend Matthew Turner: Does it say that Christ died for your sins? Does it say that if you ask for forgiveness and receive Him into your heart, that you'll be saved?
Patty: Yes.
Reverend Matthew Turner: Then why are you blaming me?
Patty: Because you could've preached it! You never even talked about prophecy and you even criticized the evangelist for using scare tactics! I would rather have been scared into Heaven than have to go through this.
Reverend Matthew Turner: You could've received Christ the night the evangelist was here. He gave an invitation.
Patty: Well I might've if I'd heard it more than just once.
Reverend Matthew Turner: Didn't you often say to me that your grandmother spoke to you about Jesus? You're right in a way, Patty, I am partly to blame. I preached my own philosophy, I loved the security here. People didn't want to be threatened with the word of God so I went along. But let me say that if you had a Bible and it conflicted with what I as your preacher had to say, then you should've challenged me. Since I refused to preach the word of God, it was your duty to find a church where the gospel was preached.

Image of the Beast (1980)
Patty Myers: Sandy, I don't want to be here.
Sandy Stevens: Patty, we don't want you to be here, either! My sister just threw her life away for a God that doesn't even exist! Can't you see, Patty? Life is real! That guillotine is real! Take the Mark, Patty. Please.

Patty Myers: When's your due date?
Kathy: Oh, 3 long weeks.
Patty Myers: [giggling] You'll make it.
Kathy: That's easy for you to say.

Patty Myers: Are you sure you want this book?
Kathy: It's about computers isn't it?
Patty Myers: It's a religious book about people who worship computers. One of the stock boys read it though, he said it was really scary.
David Michaels: Good, you have to scare some people just to get their attention. Should we allow these people to find themselves in the Tribulation period, scared to death? Or get their attention now while something can be done?
Patty Myers: Like what?
David Michaels: Like receiving Christ.
Kathy: I'll read the book, honey, but I'm like you, Patty, I just find all this prophecy stuff to be a little hard to believe.
David Michaels: You know, I'm afraid unless both you girls open up your minds, and your hearts, you're going to be in for a rude awakening.

A Thief in the Night (1972)
Jenny: What do you think about what he said?
Diane Bradford: Who?
Jenny: The guy who was preaching.
Diane Bradford: Oh I thought it was a bunch of bull.
Patty Myers: Oh some people get all strung out over things that don't even matter. I mean I'm a Christian.
Jenny: You are?
Patty Myers: Well not like *he* was a Christian. I mean I go to church about every week, I try to follow the 10 Commandments, I read my Bible once in a while, and I try and help people if they need it.
Diane Bradford: [laughing] You're practically a missionary.
Patty Myers: Well what else is there?
Jenny: I don't know.

Patty Myers: It's all beyond me, I've been raised in the church, taught to do the best I can, to believe in God and hope for the best, what else is there? I mean I'm good. I don't lie, I don't cheat. I'm as good as the next person, maybe better.
Pastor Balmer: God made us for Himself, that He might enjoy us, and that we might enjoy Him, and also that we might enjoy each other. But we, well actually you, broke that relationship when you didn't choose Christ.
Patty Myers: I never made that choice.
Pastor Balmer: Have you ever chosen FOR Him?
Patty Myers: Well, maybe not, but my minister says we don't have to get all hung up on that theology stuff. God is love, and He's not going to destroy us because we can't help doing wrong, is He?
Pastor Balmer: It's true that God IS love, and that God is holy, but God will also punish sin.
Jim Wright: I think I understand, but where does love fit in? How could a God who loved me cause me to go through what I did?
Pastor Balmer: Well Jim you have to understand there are times when God uses circumstances in our lives, to bring us into a closer relationship with Himself. Look at it this way, what chance did you have of making it after your accident?
Jim Wright: Not too much.
Pastor Balmer: None at all. There was no way your body could produce the antibodies that were needed to fight that poison.
Jim Wright: Someone else had been through it. HIS blood had the cure.
Pastor Balmer: Exactly, HIS blood had the cure. And all you had to do was receive it. When you received his blood, that saved your life.