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Camane (Character)
from "Empire" (2005)

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"Empire" (2005)
Cicero: He names his nephew.
Camane: Octavius.
Cicero: He's just a boy.
Camane: So was Caesar once.
Cicero: Caesar was a boy, yes. But not every boy is a Caesar.

Camane: Witness the birth of a civil war. An empire is dawning. An empire built on the rage of the mob. It is the mob who will determine the next ruler of Rome.

Cicero: You're too young to understand what Caesar has begun.
Camane: His succession.
Cicero: Civil war, the first blow was just struck. It will take 100 years to re-build what has vanished here in an instant. Rome... sacred Vestal, is dead.
Camane: No, Rome lives as long as our fire burns.

Camane: Not since Alexander the Great has such a burden been placed on the shoulders of one so young. And all the world hinges on the outcome. Watch over him, sweet Vesta, for the trials of Octavius have begun.

Camane: Noble Pontifex...
Brutus: I'm not a noble Pontifex.