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Zhang Fei (Character)
from Red Cliff (2008)

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Dynasty Warriors 4 (2003) (VG)
Zhang Fei: [after being defeated in battle] I think it was something I ate.

Dynasty Warriors 6 (2007) (VG)
Shu Solider: It was awful, lord. I saw it all! Commander Guan Yu... he met death, at the hands of Wu!
Liu Bei: Guan Yu!
Zhang Fei: [runs, kneels and grabs the solider; starts crying] No! No! Brother!
[raises his hands then slams them on the ground]
Zhang Fei: ARRRRGH!
Liu Bei: [walking slowly, staring straight ahead] I promised him... We swore that we would walk together. I have lost him. He was the closest to me... The one who was most important. What have I been doing and thinking?
Zhang Fei: [in a rage] Tell me what you're waiting for, brother! We must take our revenge!
Liu Bei: [angry as well. To Zhuge Liang] I must do it!
Zhuge Liang: [shakes his head] Please wait, my lord.
Liu Bei: Revenge... This is WAR! Summon the generals here at once!