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Crasher (Character)
from GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords (1986)

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"Challenge of the GoBots: Scooter Enhanced (#2.24)" (1985)
Small Foot: [as she's tending to Scooter] Scooter. Are you alright?
Cy-Kill: [Scooter looks shocked as he notices Cy-Kill's hands are clamping down on Small Foot's arms] I'll take Small Foot.
Small Foot: [twisting her body to try and get away] Let go of me!
[Cy-Kill lifts Small Foot up. Small Foot is trying to fight off Cy-Kill from pulling her up but it's too late. Cy-Kill has a tight grip on Small Foot and has no intention of letting her go]
Cy-Kill: [turning to Scorp] Find the power suits Scorp!
Scorp: [rolling past] Yes Cy-Kill.
Crasher: His wild blast destroyed the communications pannel Cy-Kill.
Cy-Kill: Thank you little Gobot.
Scooter: But it was an accident.
Cy-Kill: Who cares? Now you're cut off from the outside world and once we have your power suits you Gaurdians are all through. Put him in a detention cell Crasher.
Scooter: Oh no what have I done? What have I done?

Scooter: [throwing his voice to sound like Cy-Kill] Crasher?
Crasher: Cy-Kill?
Scooter: Crasher come here at once. I need your help.
Crasher: I'm coming Cy-Kill
Scooter: [as Scooter and Small Foot go racing out of their hiding place] Lighten up!
Crasher: Ooh a Guardian trick!

Scooter: We're gonna make it Small Foot!
[sees Cy-Kill and Scorp landing in front of them]
Scooter: Back the other way!
Small Foot: Crasher!
Crasher: Going somewhere?
Cy-Kill: I'm going to grind you two pests into coal.
Leader-1: Hold it right there Cy-Kill!
Cy-Kill: Give it up. I'm not going to fall for that again.
Cy-Kill: What the? Leader-1? Turbo? It really is you!
Leader-1: Yeah we missed you too Cy-Kill
Cy-Kill: But I won't miss you now.
Turbo: Awwe! You're not thinking of leaving are you fellows?
[Turbo pushes some buttons on a control pannel to close the door.]
Cy-Kill: I almost had the power suits in my hands. IN MY HANDS!
Scooter: Should we go after them Leader-1?
Leader-1: No let them go. We'll get them next time.
Scooter: I need to astrobeam back to Gobotron. There's something that I left behind.

Turbo: Oh Buggyman, come out, come out wherever you are.
[scanning fence]
Turbo: I just love sandblasting.
[Buggyman screams]
Crasher: It doesn't look good for you Leader-1.
Leader-1: Not when someone has a powersuit equipped with blasters.
[Crasher and Dumper scream]
Leader-1: Had enough Crasher??
Crasher: Yes! I'm getting bored with this.

Crasher: The plan was perfect Cy-Kill. We had the kids so I thought...
Cy-Kill: YOU THOUGHT? All you did was loose to the Guardians again.
Flytrap: The plan almost worked.
Cy-Kill: And you're almost pathetic Fly Trap.
Buggyman: [whining] But they used their powersuits against us.
Cy-Kill: [frustrated groan] They've had that advantage long enough. We're going to steal those powersuits and give them a taste of their own medicine.
[Crasher cackles delightedly]

Crasher: The Guardians are in the stands!
Scooter: They're heading right towards us! I'll radio Leader-1 for help.
Small Foot: No time Scoot! We've got to stop them ourselves.
Crasher: [stopping in front of Crasher, Flytrap, and Buggy Man] Out of our way Guardians. We want the boy and girl.
[Crasher clears out the front rows of kids in the grand stands]
Small Foot: [with Scooter transforming behind her] You'd better back off before you get us mad!
Crasher: [laughing] Don't... Make me... Laugh!

"Challenge of the GoBots: Flight to Earth: Part 4 (#2.39)" (1985)
The Last Engineer: We've got trouble!
Nick Burns: What's the matter?
The Last Engineer: They're following us. We'd better make the jump into hyperspace.
Matt Hunter: Uh? Are you sure this ship can handle that type of stress?
The Last Engineer: There's only one way to find out.
[the Last Engineer's ship makes the jump into hyperspace]
Crasher: [cackling] They think they can outrun us.
Fitor: Fools! We'll follow them into hyperspace.
Nick Burns: They're still following us.
Alison Jamoira 'A.J.' Foster: Those Renegades never give up.
Matt Hunter: Yeah and their Thrusters are twice as big as us with twice the fire power.
The Last Engineer: That may be to our advantage. It's difficult to maneuver a ship that big in hyperspace.

Screwhead: Cy-Kill?
Cy-Kill: Yes Screwhead what is it?
Screwhead: I'm receiving a message from Crasher.
Cy-Kill: What is it?
Crasher: Cy-Kill Leader-1 has escaped!
Cy-Kill: That's impossible! He's been disassembled.
Crasher: That meddling mechanic reassembled him.
Cy-Kill: What?
Fitor: Now they've all escaped to Earth.
Cy-Kill: NO! Earth is the next planet I plan to conquer after Gobotron. They must not be warned!

Crasher: [landing their ship] Quickly Fitor turn on the stealth field.
Fitor: What if we're discovered? We should have gone back for repairs like Cop-Tur and Tank.
Crasher: Those two morons made us fail. Now we must redeem ourselves.
Fitor: How? By letting the humans capture us?
Crasher: By finding out just how they plan to stop our invasion.
Fitor: [picking up a listening device] I'm tapped into Unicom's communications frequency. Ahh here we go. They're about to test a new weapon.

Fitor: What do you see?
Crasher: I don't know? Here take a look.
[peering through a pair of binocculors Crasher sees Leader-1 running a test of the Guardian's new weapon]
Fitor: Hmm? Interesting. We'd better report this to Cy-Kill

Crasher: [laughing] Better clear your calendars kiddies because you have a date with the disassembler.
Fitor: Yeah! It's going to be a real blow out. Especially for you Gobots.
The Last Engineer: And the rest of us?
Crasher: I'm sure we'll find something to amuse you.
Leader-1: [meekly] Go... Go on everybody... Make a break for it!
Fitor: Stay where you are!
Fitor: [a dull thud on the floor] My my my the great Leader-1 can't even stand up on his own.
Crasher: [laughing] That's what happens when you go to pieces.
Turbo: [heaving the disassembler pod over his head] Hey Renegades laugh at this.
Crasher: I'll get him. Look out! OH!
Turbo: [transforming] I'm clearing us a path out of here.
[after barreling into Crasher and Fitor]
Turbo: Come on! The coast is clear.
Cop-Tur: [laughing] It looks like you spoke too soon junk heap.
Turbo: Who are you callin a junk heap?
Nick Burns: It sounds like reinforcements are here.
Alison Jamoira 'A.J.' Foster: What are we going to do?
The Last Engineer: I have an idea.
[pushing a button]
The Last Engineer: That is if the system still works.
Nick Burns: The room is turning into a cockpit.
Matt Hunter: Right and we're at the bottom of a launch silo.
Alison Jamoira 'A.J.' Foster: You mean we're on a ship?
The Last Engineer: That's right child. Hold on tight!

"Challenge of the GoBots: Trident's Triple Threat (#2.3)" (1985)
Nick: Hurry Scooter! It looks like the Renegades are getting the upper-hand.
Scooter: Then I'll send them on a little trip say to the other side of the galaxy?
Crasher: Looks like you're the only one left Turbo!
[Crasher is the first Renegade to disappear followed by Cop-Tur and Loco. Cy-Kill gasps in horror]
Cy-Kill: You'll never get me!
[Cy-Kill tries to run away but he too is caught in the astro beam]
Turbo: I don't know what happened but I'm not complaining. Leader-1? Small Foot? Do you know what's going on?
Leader-1: I don't know but we'd better get inside fast.

Small Foot: Now to even the score!
[Small Foot fires her grappling hook. Crasher grabs the hook end with one hand]
Crasher: [laughing] You were a fool to challenge me alone Small Foot.
Small Foot: WOAH!
[Crasher reels Small Foot in closer to her and shoots her in the chest]

Cy-Kill: Crasher, Cop-Tur, Loco, it's time for Operation: Relocation.
Cop-Tur: [Flying overhead] Well, well, well, it's Small Foot
Small Foot: Uh-oh! RENEGADES!
Loco: Okay you punuy pick up come and get it.
[Small Foot easily dodges the Renegade's fire power. In the exchange of fire power Crasher and Cop-Tur dodge Small Foot's blasts while Loco gets hit in chest]
Loco: So she wants to play rough does she?
[Small Foot is still dodging the Renegade's fire power. Loco fires on Small Foot and misses]
Crasher: What a lousy shot he is. Come on! Let's blast that little bimbo!
Small Foot: [as Cop-Tur and Crasher fire on Small Foot; they hit her square in the chest. Small Foot starts to plummet to the ground] Oh! My auto gyros! I can't stop my fall!

Cy-Kill: Crasher, Cop-Tur, Loco, it's time for Operation: Relocation.
Loco: [Flying overhead] Well, well, well, it's Small Foot
Small Foot: Uh-oh! RENEGADES!
Loco: Okay you punuy pick up come and get it.
[Small Foot easily dodges the Renegade's fire power. In the exchange of fire power Crasher and Cop-Tur dodge Small Foot's blasts while Loco gets hit in chest]
Loco: So she wants to play rough does she?
[Small Foot is still dodging the Renegade's fire power. Loco fires on Small Foot and misses]
Crasher: What a lousy shot he is. Come on! Let's blast that little bimbo!
Small Foot: [as Cop-Tur and Crasher fire on Small Foot; they hit her square in the chest. Small Foot starts to plummet to the ground] Oh! My auto gyros! I can't stop my fall!

GoBots: Battle of the Rock Lords (1986)
Cy-Kill: I'm losing my patience! Which is Magmar?
Solitaire: Very well, I suppose it makes no difference now.
[Solitaire points to Boulder]
Solitaire: That's Magmar leading the charge.
Cy-Kill: Blast *that* rock!
Solitaire: What? No!
Crasher: I'll reduce him to sand! Ha ha ha!
Solitaire: Why attack Magmar?
Cy-Kill: Because you're not a very convincing liar. Ha ha ha ha!

Crasher: [to Solitaire upon seeing Cordax for the first time] What a primitive place. Ha ha! You can't tell the inhabitants from their surroundings. You call that a city? Huh?

Crasher: [trying to insult Tombstone] You rock! You stone! You worse-than-senseless thing...

Cy-Kill: I won't miss twice.
[the scepter begins to take on a life of its own]
Cy-Kill: What's happening?
Slimestone: [as the Rocklord Warlords look on] It serves him right.
Marbles: If he doesn't let go of the scepter soon its powers will start to overwhelm him.
Cy-Kill: Help! It's melting in my hand.
Crasher: Cy-Kill! What do we do?
Talc: Let's get out of here.
Fitor: I'm with you.
Crasher: Oh okay.
Cy-Kill: Help!
Leader-1: [sighs] I know I'm going to regret this later.
[Leader-1 shoots the scepter out of Cy-Kill's hand. The scepter then begins to fly over top of Stonehenge and then disappears leaving only Magmar's battle axe]
Scooter: Leader-1?
Cy-Kill: Wait for me you imbiciles!

"Challenge of the GoBots: Return to Gobotron: Part 5 (#2.40)" (1985)
Nick: [looking on in wonderment] They're all a little different.
The Last Engineer: Yes and each one has its own power. Leader-1 just tested the suit with a speed booster. This next suit practically increases a Gobot's fire power.
Turbo: I like it.
The Last Engineer: Try it out Turbo.
Turbo: How do you put it on?
The Last Engineer: [pushing a button on the side of the power suit] Just step inside.
Turbo: Yeah great fit.
Small Foot: What about this next one?
The Last Engineer: This next suit is equipped with every kind of scanner ever made.
Small Foot: Wow! Nothing can get past this suit.
[Pushing a button on the side of the suit]
Small Foot: Oh boy!
The Last Engineer: This last suit has special telekinetic circuitry.
General Newcastle: Telekinetic?
Matt: You mean the power to move objects with just your mind?
The Last Engineer: Right. With this suit objects of any weight or size can be moved with just a thought.
Nick: Far out.
Scooter: Now this is interesting. Uh! It's a little big.
The Last Engineer: One size fits all Scooter.
Crasher: They have four of them!
Fitor: We'd better alert Cy-Kill fast!
Fitor: [over scanner] We'd better alert Cy-Kill fast!
Small Foot: Hang on. My scanner is picking up something.
Crasher: [over scanner] You're right Fitor. Cy-Kill's not going to like this one little bit.
Small Foot: That's Crasher's voice!
Leader-1: Crasher?
Small Foot: According to my scanners she and Fitor are not far from here.

Scooter: No doubt spying on us.
Turbo: Come on! This will give us a chance to *really* test these suits.
[everyone Agrees]
Scooter: Anything yet Small Foot?
Small Foot: Maybe. My siesmic sensors are picking up some movement.
Crasher: [Crasher and Fitor look on in surprise] Fitor!
Small Foot: There they are!
Fitor: They've found us.
Fitor: Let's get out of here.
Crasher: Good idea.
Leader-1: I'll take Fitor.
Turbo: That leaves Crasher for me. Look out baby! Here I come ready or not.
Scooter: [buzzer going off] Hey what's that?
Small Foot: It's the energy scanner. It indicates that we're approaching a force shield of some kind.
Scooter: Hey! Where are you going?
Small Foot: To find the force shield of course.

Crasher: [cackling] They're gone.
Turbo: [landing in front of her] Hold it Crasher!
Crasher: Or what?
Turbo: Or this!
Turbo: Yeow! I don't know my own strength.
Crasher: [crawling out of crater] Oh my aching servo relays.
Turbo: Don't move you bucket of bolts. There's no telling what I might do.

Crasher: [looking through a pair of binoculars] That monkey suit is going to throw a monkey wrench into Cy-Kill's plans.
Fitor: He's going to be furrious.
Crasher: I just hope they don't have anymore of them.

"Challenge of the GoBots: The Fall of Gobotron: Part 3 (#2.38)" (1985)
The Last Engineer: There! I'm finished. Is everybody ready?
Allison Janmoria 'A.J.' Foster: I'm ready.
Small Foot: [as Leader-1 is going through the reassembler] Hey look everyone!
Turbo: [giving the Last Engineer a hug!] You are a genius!
The Last Engineer: Aah!
Leader-1: Where am I?
Matt Hunter: Hey careful big guy.
Leader-1: What happened to me?
Crasher: The same thing that's going to happen to you again. Except this time we're going to disassemble all of you!

Leader-1: [Crasher's ship flies from Cy-Kill's Thruster to the Guardian's Command Center] You won't get away with this.
[the Master Renegade has the upper hand as he's pointing his hand gun directly in between Small Foot's eyes]
The Master Renegade: [snickering] And how do you propose to stop me?
[looking at Small Foot who is terrified]
The Master Renegade: One move and she gets it.
Small Foot: [Small Foot rises very slowly. Her legs and hands are still functional but her arms are still parylyzed and stuck to her sides from Master Renegade's gun] Don't worry about me. Grab him!
Crasher: [walking on board the Command Center] Very noble dear but they won't do it. Guardians are such goody goodies.

Cy-Kill: Ahh Crasher there you are. Allow me to introduce you to the Master Renegade. This is Crasher. She will esscort you to my ship.
[Turning to Cop-Tur]
Cy-Kill: While we destroy the Command Center.
Crasher: [as the Master Renegade looks through is telephoto eye] It seems like such a waste to leave without doing any damage.
The Master Renegade: Watch out you fool!
[Turbo shoots haphazzardly at Crasher which causes her to tumble into the Master Renegade while Small Foot runs away]
The Master Renegade: LOOK OUT!
Scooter: Let's get out of here.
[Scooter presses some buttons to launch Crasher's shuttle and easily allows the Guardians to escape]
Cy-Kill: They're getting away.
Leader-1: Good job Turbo. Set a course for home Scoot. I'm afraid we have some bad news for the Guardian Council.
Cy-Kill: [angrily] Crasher you dunderhead we had them and you let them escape!
Crasher: I'm, I'm, sorry Cy-Kill.
Cy-Kill: Set course for Rouge Star.