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Kate Beckett (Character)
from "Castle" (2009)

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"Castle: Fidelis Ad Mortem (#8.15)" (2016)
Richard Castle: [handing Beckett a cup of coffee] Careful. I made it a little strong this morning.
Kate Beckett: Okay.
[she takes a sip]
Kate Beckett: Mm. Yes, that will wake the dead.
Richard Castle: Certainly make your job a lot easier. One interview, "he's the guy who killed me." Case closed.

Kate Beckett: I am guessing that you found out something about your missing time, and that's what you want to catch up with me on.
Richard Castle: Uh... uh, yeah. Actually, yeah, I did. Um... but I was thinking how about we eat first?
Kate Beckett: Oh. Wow. That bad?

Richard Castle: Hey. Where are you?
Kate Beckett: Hallway. I, uh, snuck out through the bedroom. That would be the height of irony, huh? Manage to successfully hide our relationship from LokSat only to get outed by your mom.

Kate Beckett: First of all, let me assure you that I have the *best* NYPD detectives looking into Officer Bardot's murder. That being said, this is not going to be the last time that you lose one of your co-workers. That is a reality of this job. The temptation is going to be to remain stoic in the face of adversity, to lock up your emotions so as not to appear weak. That is a mistake. Avoid that temptation at all costs. Trust me. I have been at the edge of that map and monsters lie there. Now look around. This is your team. No one is gonna understand what you are feeling better than the woman or man sitting next to you, so use them.

Kate Beckett: The thing about interviewing a suspect is you have to find what works for you; your own personal style. Now, some people like good cop/bad cop, others like bad cop/worse cop. But choosing just one method is a mistake. Every suspect is different, and sometimes you don't know how you're gonna go at them until they start talking, because you only get one shot in interrogation, and if you screw it up, a killer might walk free.

Kate Beckett: [demonstrating interrogation techniques] Ms. Lopez, thank you coming in.
Lopez: Anything I can do to help the NYPD.
Kate Beckett: Uh, so a crime was committed last night, and your name was mentioned. I was wondering if you could tell me where you were.
Lopez: Sure. I went to the fights over at Harry's Gym.
Kate Beckett: Mm-hmm. You go alone?
Lopez: No. Takata, Chambers, Decker, we all went.
Kate Beckett: [putting a gym bag on the table] You have anything to drink?
Lopez: Yeah, we had a few drinks.
Kate Beckett: How many?
Lopez: I don't remember. What's in the bag?
Kate Beckett: Why?
Lopez: I don't know. You put it on the table. It must mean something.

Kate Beckett: Ready to earn some extra credit?
Chambers: I want a lawyer.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, you better get a good one. Juries don't like cop killers.
Chambers: Wait. You think I popped Bardot?
Kate Beckett: [slapping the death threat on the table] We found a stack of identical cards in your dorm room desk.
Chambers: Lawyer.
Kate Beckett: You sent that to Bardot because he found out that you were dealing drugs.
Chambers: Lawyer!
Kate Beckett: Fine. You want in on a bet?
Chambers: On what?
Kate Beckett: On you. You're not cooperating, so I'm taking protective custody off the table, and a bunch of us are wagering on how long you're gonna last once the inmates find out that you're a cop. I'm guessing under twelve hours, and I'm feeling real lucky right now.

Richard Castle: You were right. I uncovered the real reason I had my memories erased, and it's bad. I knew about LokSat a year and a half ago, before your A.G. team was murdered, before Vikram sought you out and the hit squads came gunning. Beckett, this was on me before it was on you.
Kate Beckett: You knew about LokSat? Everything? Including their connection to Bracken? And you chose to forget this? Why?
Richard Castle: For reasons you know all too well. I was trying to protect you.
Kate Beckett: From who?
Richard Castle: From yourself.

Kate Beckett: How did we end up here again? You lie to protect me, I lie to protect you. I'm not gonna yell or throw around blame.
Richard Castle: You know, the novelist George Sand, who was a woman, by the way, once wrote "Lying, like license, has its..."
Kate Beckett: Castle, can you do me a favor?
Richard Castle: Anything.
Kate Beckett: [solemnly, handing him a glass of whiskey] Stop talking.

[last lines]
Kate Beckett: I can't do this anymore.
Richard Castle: Good. Neither can I.
Kate Beckett: Wait, what are you talking about?
Richard Castle: What are you talking about?
Kate Beckett: I asked first.
Richard Castle: And I asked second. So you should answer first and I'll answer second.
Kate Beckett: Castle.
Richard Castle: O... okay. I can't sit on the sidelines anymore where LokSat is concerned. I... people have lost their lives, and in a way, I am culpable. And I know you are trying to protect me, but I'm begging you not to. I want in.
Kate Beckett: Good, because I need you in. This is our fight now.
Richard Castle: Okay. Okay, then there's something you should know. That mystery bullet wound I got when I disappeared? I was shot in Los Angeles. Two hours before I took that bullet, LokSat came to town, arriving by plane.
Kate Beckett: Uh, okay. There are three major airports along with dozens of private ones in the Los Angeles area. We're talking tens of thousands of people. But maybe Vikram can whittle that number down.
Richard Castle: We're looking for a needle in a stack of needles, but LokSat is one of those needles. What do you say, Beckett? It's a place to start.
Kate Beckett: No. This is.
[she kisses him]

Lanie Parrish: Our victim was shot in the back. He bled out within a few minutes, then the killer took the time and the risk to cut out the bullet.
Javier Esposito: Obviously, our killer was worried that ballistics would lead back to him.
Kate Beckett: Which means the gun's already in the system.

Javier Esposito: [arriving at the police academy] Bad flashbacks, bro?
Kevin Ryan: Push-ups were the answer to everything around this place. Police work is more than just strength and endurance. It's about intellectual rigor.
Kate Beckett: Oh, come on, you guys. It wasn't all that bad here.
Kevin Ryan: [looking in a nearby trophy case] Says the academy all-star. Oh, look. Recruit officer Beckett.
Javier Esposito: Ah!
Kevin Ryan: Recruit officer Beckett. Ah. Recruit officer Beckett.

Kate Beckett: Lanie, you find anything in the autopsy?
Lanie Parrish: I did. The bullet broke up when it hit a rib. Bardot's killer didn't get all the pieces. I managed to pull a small fragment from a kidney. I got a ballistics match. The 9mm that fired it is in the database. Kate, it's NYPD, registered to the academy.

Kate Beckett: The academy is a stressful place. Plenty of pressures here. Especially since one mistake can put a stink on an entire cop career. Like, uh, getting caught fraternizing with another recruit.
Rachel Decker: Are you gonna have me booted?
Kate Beckett: No. But I... I need you to be on the up-and-up with me from now on.

Rachel Decker: I am not his mole, okay? Neither was Danny!
Kate Beckett: [slapping a surveillance photo onto the table] We found the police files that he hacked and then handed over to Flanagan.
Rachel Decker: [picking up the photo] Oh, no. No, no, no. Danny must have made a deal in order to save me.
Kate Beckett: Save you from what?
Rachel Decker: The man that knocked up my mother.
Kate Beckett: [realization dawns on her] You're Flanagan's daughter.
Rachel Decker: A one-night stand does not make him a parent. It makes him a donor.
Kate Beckett: You took his blood money.
Rachel Decker: He and my mother had an arrangement: staying quiet on my paternity in exchange for monthly payouts to her and a college fund for me. But that was it.
Kate Beckett: Then why did Bardot need to save you?
Rachel Decker: A few weeks ago, Flanagan found out that I joined the academy. He demanded that I be his inside woman, his mole. Threatened to out me as his daughter if I didn't. Ruin my entire career before it even began.
Kate Beckett: 'Cause no cop will ever trust Lucky Jack's kid.

Kate Beckett: You are not quitting.
Rachel Decker: I'm unfit to be a cop, captain. If you hadn't talked me down back there... I had every intention of pulling that trigger.
Kate Beckett: But you didn't. You regained your wits, you made the right decision, and that's what counts. There was a point in my career where I wanted to quit. I lost faith that I became a cop for the right reason.
Rachel Decker: How'd you get your faith back?
Kate Beckett: A man named Roy Montgomery helped me. He was my captain. He didn't give up on me, and I am not giving up on you.

Kate Beckett: How you holding up?
Rachel Decker: Well, we caught Danny's killer, but Lucky Jack Flanagan's still free.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, his time will come. Stay with the NYPD, and you can help with that. But you can't do this if you go it alone.

Kate Beckett: Hi, Deputy Commissioner Malone. I'm Captain Kate Beckett.
Deputy Commissioner Malone: Captain, nice to finally meet you. You're a bit of a legend around these parts. Recruits have been gunning for your records since I got here five years ago. So far, no one's gotten close.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, they will. Every record falls in the end.

Deputy Commissioner Malone: Here's Bardot's file. I've assigned his instructor, Sergeant Ortiz, to be your liaison.
[Beckett smiles]
Deputy Commissioner Malone: You know Sergeant Ortiz.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, I do. He was my instructor when I was here. His tough love is the reason my name's on all those plaques out there.

Kate Beckett: So, what can you tell me about Daniel Bardot?
Deputy Commissioner Malone: He was an admirable kid. Got a rough start in life. His parents were killed in a robbery when he was nine.
Sgt. Joseph Ortiz: Not surprising when you grow up in Hunts Point.
Kate Beckett: The Irish mafia's backyard. There's not a lot of good cops coming out of that dirty furnace.

Kate Beckett: Did you train alongside Officer Bardot?
Rachel Decker: Yes, ma'am.
Kate Beckett: So you forged a bond with him against the evil Sergeant Ortiz, which means you have information on Bardot that his higher-ups do not. Is that correct, recruit?
Rachel Decker: Yes.
Kate Beckett: So then tell me, what was he struggling with? What did he need to set right?
Rachel Decker: I don't know. Sorry.
Sgt. Joseph Ortiz: Way to faceplant in front of a superior, Decker. This is Captain Beckett.
Rachel Decker: Captain, I...
Sgt. Joseph Ortiz: You're dismissed, recruit.
Kate Beckett: [Decker leaves] That was a little harsh, don't you think?
Sgt. Joseph Ortiz: I do not. Being put in her place is exactly what Decker needs. She's the real deal. Her name could very well be on all your trophies by the time she's done here. But she desperately needs to learn a little humility.

Kevin Ryan: The murder weapon is missing from the weapons cage assigned to Bardot's company, Company 38.
Javier Esposito: Lock on the CCTV security closet was jimmied open. Someone killed the cameras in the weapons room between 7:00 and 7:35 last night.
Deputy Commissioner Malone: At that hour, it's mainly recruits who are left in the building. All faculty resides off-campus. And only members of Company 38 have access to that weapons cage.
Kate Beckett: So our killer is one of Bardot's fellow recruits. Fourteen suspects who eat, drink, and sleep police training and techniques, who have spent months learning how we catch killers, which makes them uniquely equipped to plan a murder. So we are gonna have to use every trick in the book to uncover who killed Daniel Bardot.

Sgt. Joseph Ortiz: You know, if word gets out that these recruits are suspects, it'll haunt their careers. Even if proved innocent.
Kate Beckett: Well, then we need to keep it to a tight circle.
Sgt. Joseph Ortiz: So what's the next move?
Kate Beckett: Well, I think it's a safe bet that if one of these seven killed Bardot, it was their first murder, and unless they're a complete psychopath - which the psych eval would have revealed - then they spent a long, dark night of the soul, reliving the recoil of the gun and the knife cutting into Bardot's body to get that bullet out.
Sgt. Joseph Ortiz: Meaning what?
Kate Beckett: Meaning they're on a razor's edge. And I want to put them in a high-stress simulation and watch them shoot a gun.

Kate Beckett: [watching a training simulation] There. That pause. What is that?
Sgt. Joseph Ortiz: Hate to break it to you, but that's normal for Takata. Guy's got a hitch in his giddy-up I cannot cure.
Kate Beckett: What about Decker? The other recruits don't seem to like her.
Sgt. Joseph Ortiz: Every recruit's got a problem with Decker. She's ultra-focused, competitive as hell, and walled off from everyone. Kind of like you were.

Kate Beckett: Bardot's tactical gear, we didn't find it in his dorm rom.
Sgt. Joseph Ortiz: No, we put lockers in so they could keep it here.
Kate Beckett: And which locker is Bardot's?
Sgt. Joseph Ortiz: [Beckett hurries over to the lockers] Seven. Am I witnessing one of Kate Beckett's famous hunches?

Jack Flanagan: Twenty years you guys have been coming in here with all these accusations against old Lucky Jack. Your problem is that none of you ever follow it up with the proof. So unless you're here to buy a pair of crotchless panties for that special someone in your life, I suggest you grab your hat and your books and you get the hell out of my store.
Kate Beckett: See, that's how I know I'm gonna take you down. It's the cocky ones that are the easiest. You're so busy being clever, you don't see the matchstick falling out of your pocket. Well, I'm gonna find that matchstick, and then I'm gonna burn you with it.

Kate Beckett: Decker's quitting.
Sgt. Joseph Ortiz: [heavy sigh] Well... it's always disappointing. It happens.
Kate Beckett: No, not to recruits like her. Not on my watch.

Kate Beckett: Sarge, I thought we finally got rid of you.
Sgt. Joseph Ortiz: Oh, it's gonna take more than a bullet to put me down for the long dirt nap.

"Castle: Crossfire (#8.22)" (2016)
[repeated line]
Kate Beckett: I love you.
Richard Castle: I love you, too.

Kate Beckett: You thinking what I'm thinking?
Richard Castle: Mm-hmm. You want a Fudgesicle, too?
[Beckett gives him a look]
Richard Castle: I know. Could be a trap.
Kate Beckett: Just because Caleb switched sides doesn't mean that LokSat doesn't have him under surveillance. Any one of these people could be a LokSat agent or even LokSat himself.
Richard Castle: Do you care to put a wager on it?
Kate Beckett: Wager on what?
Richard Castle: On which one's LokSat. I got twenty bucks says it's the handsy yogi over there.
Kate Beckett: I'm going for the Carrot Top Cruella De Vil. Wait, wait. Does she look a bit like your first ex-wife?
Richard Castle: She kind of does. Oh, my god. Could my ex-wife be LokSat? 'Cause in a lot of ways, that would make perfect sense.

Richard Castle: We all heard Caleb's instructions.
Kate Beckett: LokSat's accountant is going to expose himself at that dead drop.
Richard Castle: Talk about high on the food chain. We get LokSat's accountant...
Kate Beckett: It could bring us one step closer to LokSat himself. Vikram, send an encrypted e-mail to Caleb. He's gonna have to show up at that dead drop.
[to Castle]
Kate Beckett: And you have to get ahold of Hayley. We need all the help we can get.

Kate Beckett: [staking out LokSat's dead drop] Castle, you see anything?
Richard Castle: No. Just two sewer rats fighting over a piece of pizza.

Richard Castle: What F-stop are you using?
Kate Beckett: Excuse me?
Richard Castle: F-stop. It's a function on the camera. It tells it how much light to permit...
Kate Beckett: Yeah, no, I know what an F-stop is. This isn't a shoot for "National Geographic". It's on auto.
Richard Castle: [sarcastic snort of laughter] Auto. No, no, no. Never use auto. Here, let me get that for you.
Kate Beckett: [Castle reaches for the camera] Castle, stop messing with my stuff.
Richard Castle: [she slaps his hand away] Ow. I thought you liked it when I messed with your stuff.

Kate Beckett: [her phone rings] Espo, I'm kind of busy here.
Javier Esposito: I know, I know, but listen. I traced the serial number on that briefcase from the crime scene. It belongs to Caleb Brown. So I had the lab run his DNA. It's a match. Caleb's dead. He's our victim.
Kate Beckett: [hearing static on the call] Espo? Are you there?
Richard Castle: [as she hangs up] What is it?
Kate Beckett: [looking through her camera lens] That's not Caleb. Castle, this is a trap.

Richard Castle: [after a dramatic rescue] That was amazing! Mason, you, sir, are quite literally a lifesaver. And talk about a getaway vehicle. A Korean barbecue taco truck? Are you serious? Is anyone hungry right now? Because I could totally whip up some kimchi tostadas.
Kate Beckett: [approaching Mason with her gun drawn] Who are you?
Mason Wood: Whoa. Easy now.
Richard Castle: Whoa, whoa, whoa. No, no, no, no. Kate, Kate, Kate. This is Mason Wood. He's the head of the Greatest Detective Society. I told you about meeting him in L.A.
Kate Beckett: That doesn't mean that we can trust him.
Mason Wood: Fine, don't trust me, but would you mind pointing that thing away from me? It makes me just a bit nervous.
Richard Castle: Don't worry. She's out of bullets.
Kate Beckett: [lowering her gun, exasperated] Why would you tell him that?
Richard Castle: Because he saved our lives, and he's a friend!
Kate Beckett: Who just happened to be at the right place at the right time with the right Korean barbecue taco truck? I don't think so.

Kate Beckett: How did that happen? We were careful.
Richard Castle: LokSat must've discovered that Caleb betrayed him and then got wind of us.
Kate Beckett: So LokSat killed Caleb, and then all he had to do was hack into Caleb's account and send a fake e-mail to Vikram agreeing to make that drop.
Richard Castle: LokSat is going to keep coming for us. Or worse, he's gonna come after our families.
Kate Beckett: Okay, well, my dad's away on business, so he's okay for now, but you got to get Hayley to pick up Alexis and Martha and take them to the P.I. office safe room.
Richard Castle: What about Vikram? He's in danger, too.
Kate Beckett: I'll track him down. Then we'll meet up and we'll make a plan.
[seeing the concern in his face]
Kate Beckett: No, no, no. Come on. Don't give me that face. Just say "We'll meet at the P.I. office".
Richard Castle: We'll meet at the P.I. office.

Kevin Ryan: So Caleb was burned alive because LokSat found out that he switched sides and was working with you?
Kate Beckett: Yeah, and now LokSat is going after Vikram, Castle, me; anyone that knows anything about them. So I need you guys to forget everything that you just heard.
Kevin Ryan: Oh, no, afraid we can't do that, boss.
Kate Beckett: You guys, LokSat took out my entire A.G. team. I'm not gonna let that happen to you.
Javier Esposito: And we're not gonna let you go to war without your two best soldiers.
Kate Beckett: Right now, there's no war to be fought. Castle and I are probably gonna have to disappear for a while, at least until we find another lead on LokSat.
Javier Esposito: Beckett, we already have one.
[showing her the crime scene photo]
Javier Esposito: Caleb IDed his killer. LokSat's right hand man. You know what this means?
Kevin Ryan: Catching Caleb's killer will put us on a path to LokSat.

Kate Beckett: LokSat and his cleaner have had us running for cover like they're the hunters. That's good. They'll never see us coming.

Richard Castle: That's not what we agreed to. You were supposed to grab Vikram and then come straight here.
Kate Beckett: I... I know, but that was before the guys were brought in on this and before we got actionable evidence on LokSat. I can't leave now.
Richard Castle: Well, then I'm coming down there.
Kate Beckett: I... No. No. Absolutely not. You can't risk coming out in the open.
Richard Castle: And you can't risk staying in the open.
Kate Beckett: Castle, I am in one of the safest buildings in the city, a police station. A... and better yet, my police station with my cops. Nothing's gonna happen to me while I'm here.

Kate Beckett: [learning of a lead to LokSat] All right, grab your tac gear. We're going to that house.
Kevin Ryan: Excuse me, Beckett. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't you just tell Castle that you're staying put here at the precinct?
Kate Beckett: You think I'm gonna send you into harm's way while I'm sitting safe behind a desk? No. Not gonna happen.
Javier Esposito: You got a target on your back. We don't. You're staying here.
Kate Beckett: Uh, he does know that I'm captain, right?
Kevin Ryan: Yes, ma'am. You can fire us both for insubordination if you want. Otherwise, we got this.

Javier Esposito: CSU is taking the place apart.
Kate Beckett: They're not gonna find anything. Place was a way station.
Kevin Ryan: You think he planned for us to follow him there?
Kate Beckett: LokSat's people are CIA, which means they are experts at tactical subterfuge. My guess is Mr. Right Hand Man anticipated our ability to track down his vehicle from the crime scene, and he led us to a place where he knew he could lose us.
Javier Esposito: And your guess would be right. Surveillance cameras on the street behind the house were disabled yesterday morning.
Kevin Ryan: So our guy walked right in the front door, walked right out the back.
Kate Beckett: Which means we have no way of knowing where he went.

Kate Beckett: "Dead end" is not good enough. This guy doesn't get to be smarter than us. There's too much at stake here. If we lose this thread, then we're just sitting ducks. I need a miracle, guys.

Mason Wood: You and Mr. Castle have quite a bond. Unusual in your line of work.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, I'm crazy for him. He's the love of my life. And he understands the sacrifices that I have to make to do this job, so...
Mason Wood: Clearly, whomever you're up against is quite deadly. You ever consider just walking away?
Kate Beckett: Every day.
Mason Wood: Why didn't you?
Kate Beckett: I took an oath. People that I cared about were murdered, and they deserve justice.
Mason Wood: Must be hard carrying that weight.
Kate Beckett: I don't carry it alone.

Kate Beckett: Pull the gun out of your pocket. Two fingers. Put it on the ground.
[Mason takes a step forward]
Kate Beckett: Knock it off! I know it's you. Now, gun on the floor. Nice and slow.
Mason Wood: [putting his gun down] I was, uh, worried, you might be too smart to fall for this.
Kate Beckett: What's in the other pocket?
Mason Wood: [taking a fob out of his pocket] Oh, this? It's just insurance.
[he presses a button, and Beckett's gun flies to the ceiling; Mason picks his own up and holds it on her]
Mason Wood: See, mine is made of plastic, so it's unaffected by the electromagnet in the ceiling. And I'm afraid I have some more bad news for you. Your husband's dead.
Kate Beckett: You're lying.
Mason Wood: No, I'm not. He died about the same time I was picking you up. As a matter of fact, his body is in the furnace behind you there, being reduced to a few pounds of ashes. I think it's very fitting that your lives together end in fire, don't you?
Kate Beckett: I'm not going in there without a fight.
Mason Wood: That's very brave of you. But it won't be much of a fight.

Javier Esposito: How long before the CIA connection comes out?
Kate Beckett: Not long. It's too big a story for the agency to bury.
Kevin Ryan: Get ready for hearings out the wazoo.

Kate Beckett: Hey.
Lanie Parish: I'm gonna yell at you later. But for now, I'm just glad you're both okay.

Kate Beckett: Feel like I could sleep for a week.
Richard Castle: How about some breakfast first? Best way to start off a hibernation.
Kate Beckett: Uh, you know what? Uh, why don't we just order in? You don't have to cook.
Richard Castle: I love cooking for you.
Kate Beckett: And I love when you cook for me. I'm gonna go change.

[series last lines]
Richard Castle: [voiceover] Every writer needs inspiration. And I found mine.
Kate Beckett: [voiceover] Always.
Richard Castle: [voiceover] Always.

Vikram Singh: Guys, this is it. If all goes well, we'll identify LokSat and finally take his ass down.
Kate Beckett: And if anything goes sideways, we immediately shut it down and meet up at the precinct. Got it?
Vikram Singh: Roger that.

Vikram Singh: After we take down LokSat, I am thinking I might tender my resignation.
Kate Beckett: So you want to go back to being a government analyst?
Vikram Singh: I want to go back to being boring. Kind of forgotten what that feels like. I know that probably sounds stupid.
Kate Beckett: No. No, not all. Thank you for doing this with me.
Vikram Singh: Are you kidding? Thank you for... everything.

Kevin Ryan: Who's LokSat?
Vikram Singh: Caleb left that message for Beckett.
Javier Esposito: You're still not answering the question, Vikram. Who the hell is LokSat?
Vikram Singh: The big bad wolf. The person behind Senator Bracken, Allison Hyde, the hit squads; every terrible thing that's happened to me and Beckett for the past nine months.
[Vikram notices Beckett has entered]
Kate Beckett: You shouldn't have told them.
Javier Esposito: [turning to face her] Yeah. You should've.

Vikram Singh: So, that's it. We're finally in the clear.
Javier Esposito: Yeah, so we're gonna go to a bar and celebrate, yeah?
Kate Beckett: [Ryan and Esposito start to leave] Okay, have fun. So, you handing in your resignation?
Vikram Singh: No. Boring is overrated.
Kevin Ryan: Yo, Vikram, you coming?
Vikram Singh: It's 7:00 in the morning.
Javier Esposito: It's New York City.

Richard Castle: Hey, Beckett!
Kate Beckett: [in the bedroom] Yeah?
Richard Castle: If Mason had an incinerator in the basement, why wouldn't he dispose of Caleb's body there?
[Castle is suddenly shot by an anonymous assailant]
Caleb Brown: [entering] I told Mason that you would figure it out.
Kate Beckett: Castle?
Caleb Brown: But the old man wouldn't listen to me.
Richard Castle: Caleb, don't...
Caleb Brown: Sorry, Rick, but how am I gonna enjoy my retirement with you and the missus hunting me?
Kate Beckett: [entering] Castle!
[she and Caleb exchange gunfire; Beckett hits Caleb, and as he dies, she falls to the ground, a bloodstain appearing on her shirt; she and Castle crawl towards each other and hold hands for comfort]

"Castle: Castle, P.I. (#7.11)" (2015)
[first lines]
Martha Rodgers: Richard! You're dressed.
Richard Castle: Well, it is morning, isn't it?
Martha Rodgers: Well, it's just that ever since you were banned from working cases with Katherine, you and your pajamas have seen an awful lot of each other.
Richard Castle: I think you're exaggerating. I admit I've taken the occasional day off to recharge, but I hardly think it's fair...
Kate Beckett: [entering] Wow. Castle, you're dressed?
Richard Castle: Yes! I'm dressed. I did not think it would be such an event.

Kate Beckett: Does this mean you have something special planned for today?
Richard Castle: As a matter of fact, I do have something special lined up. A... surprise, actually. For you.
Kate Beckett: Really? What kind of a surprise?
Richard Castle: Well, now, if I told you that, it wouldn't be a surprise. But trust me, you're gonna love it.
Kate Beckett: Okay, now why does that scare me?
Martha Rodgers: Because you're smart.
Kate Beckett: Hmm. Come on, Castle. Spill.
Richard Castle: Master interrogator like yourself and that's the best you've got?
Kate Beckett: Maybe I'm just getting started.

Kevin Ryan: Victim is Shaina Baker. According to her pay stub, she worked at Eastbourne Preschool. Point of entry is the window in her bedroom. Somebody broke the glass.
Kate Beckett: She would have heard that. And based on her body position, it doesn't look like she was trying to run away.
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: No, she wasn't. No signs of defensive wounds or struggle. Just a single gunshot to the chest.
Kate Beckett: Which means our killer was in here when she came home.
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: How a woman so astute could *choose* to marry Castle.
Kevin Ryan: Aw, come on, Perlmutter, admit it. You miss him, too.
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: Please. Just knowing he's not gonna be here makes coming to work sheer bliss. All things considered.

Kate Beckett: [Castle has unexpectedly shown up at the crime scene] Castle? What are you doing? You know that you're not allowed to be here.
Richard Castle: Actually, I am. Because I'm no longer Richard Castle, ordinary citizen.
[theatrically pulling a sheet of paper out of his jacket pocket]
Richard Castle: I am now... Richard Castle, private investigator.
Kate Beckett: You got your P.I.'s license? Without telling me?
Richard Castle: I took an online course. Finished last night. Are you surprised?

Javier Esposito: [Castle has gotten his P.I.'s license] Is he serious?
Kate Beckett: I think he is, and I think I'm getting a headache.

Javier Esposito: You really didn't know about this P.I. thing?
Kate Beckett: No. I mean, I saw him spending hours on the computer, but I just figured he was playing TerraQuest.
Javier Esposito: [skeptical] Mm-hmm. So what are you gonna do?
Kate Beckett: Well, there's not much that I can do. Look, I know that he's doing this to spend time with me, and I don't want to hurt his feelings. I dunno, maybe it'll be... harmless.
Javier Esposito: Harmless? This is Castle we're talking about.

[last lines]
Kate Beckett: You know that if this was up to me, we would be working together, right?
Richard Castle: Yes, but since it's not, and we can't, I was wondering how you'd feel if I... kept with this for a while.
Kate Beckett: Don't move.
[Beckett gets off the couch and retrieves a wrapped present]
Richard Castle: Hmm. What's this?
Kate Beckett: It's my answer.
Richard Castle: [unwrapping the present, he gasps in excitement and puts on a deerstalker] I am so gonna wear this to work tomorrow.
Kate Beckett: Keep going. There's something else.
[Castle opens a smaller box which contains a magnifying glass and laughs]
Kate Beckett: So maybe you can use that to locate an actual client.
Richard Castle: [looking at Beckett through the glass] I can see something I like better already. You care to go into the other room and... share?
Kate Beckett: On one condition.
Richard Castle: What?
Kate Beckett: The hat stays on.

Kate Beckett: Castle, the P.I.'s license doesn't change anything. The D.A.'s still not gonna let you investigate with us.
Richard Castle: Oh, you see, that's the brilliant part. I'm not going to be investigating *with* you. No, instead I'm gonna conduct my own parallel investigation alongside yours.
Javier Esposito: Nice try, but you know that's not gonna fly.
Richard Castle: Actually, it will fly. You see, as a...
[sticking his license into Espo's face]
Richard Castle: ...licensed P.I., I'm legally entitled to investigate this case on behalf of my client.
Kevin Ryan: Oh, so who's your client?
Richard Castle: I'm sorry, that's confidential.
Javier Esposito: I'm sorry, so is this investigation.
[Perlmutter hides the victim's face with his clipboard]
Kate Beckett: I'm afraid he's right. P.I.'s license or not, this crime scene is closed. So you're gonna have to go.
[Esposito points towards the door; seeing they're not going to budge, Castle stands up to leave]
Richard Castle: That's fine. I've already seen everything I need to here anyway. I'll conduct my investigation elsewhere.
Kate Beckett: "Elsewhere" where?
Richard Castle: I'm sorry, that's confidential, too.

Kate Beckett: Okay, but he knows nothing about the case, or the victim. So how much trouble can he be?
Javier Esposito: [spotting Castle] We're about to find out.
Kate Beckett: Castle. How did you get here?
Richard Castle: Well, it turns out the subway really is faster than morning traffic.
Kate Beckett: No, I mean how did *you* get *here*, to the school where Shaina worked?
Richard Castle: Oh, well, the neighbors didn't know very much. I figured her work would be your next stop.

Richard Castle: I wonder what our victim did here. What foul scheme she was tangled in.
[Castle turns to head into the school, and Beckett grabs his arm to stop him]
Kate Beckett: Uh, yeah, Castle, you can't just follow me inside and sit in on my interview.
Richard Castle: Well, actually, um... I was here first, so, really, you're following me.

Kate Beckett: Come on, Castle, you really think that rejection from preschool qualifies as motive for murder?
Richard Castle: With a feeder school like this one? A rejection from here could mean not getting into the "right" elementary school, which affects high school, which affects college, and oh my god... nope, people do insane things for their kids. You'll see.
[Beckett turns to leave]
Richard Castle: Where you off to?
Kate Beckett: Back to the precinct.
Richard Castle: Oh.
Kate Beckett: Look, Castle, if it was my choice...
Richard Castle: Oh, please, why would I want to go to the precinct? No, a P.I.'s work is done in the field, and I've got lots of leads to follow up on.
Kate Beckett: Okay. I'll see you tonight.
[she blows him a kiss]
Richard Castle: See you tonight.
[Beckett leaves]
Richard Castle: [stomping his foot in disappointment] It's so unfair!

Captain Victoria Gates: A private investigator?
Kate Beckett: I swear, sir, I had nothing to do with this.
Captain Victoria Gates: Yet he showed up at your crime scene. Let me remind you, the D.A. was very explicit. Ever since he worked that case for the mob, Mr. Castle can no longer take part in our investigations.
Kate Beckett: He's not. I mean, technically he's conducting his own investigation, and since he's licensed, legally there's not much that I can do to stop him.
Captain Victoria Gates: Okay, detective, but let me be perfectly clear: you cannot help him, either.
[calling out to Ryan and Esposito in the bullpen]
Captain Victoria Gates: And that goes for you, too.
Javier Esposito: [feigning ignorance] I'm sorry?
Captain Victoria Gates: No sharing of information, no granting access, nothing. Or there will be hell to pay. Understood?
Javier Esposito, Kevin Ryan: Yes, sir.
Captain Victoria Gates: Good.
Javier Esposito: [sarcastically quoting Beckett as she approaches] "How much trouble can he be?"

Kevin Ryan: You know what would really suck? If Castle solved this case before we did.
Kate Beckett: And that is not possible.
Kevin Ryan: Yeah, but what if he did?
Kate Beckett: Well, then we'd never hear the end of it.
Javier Esposito: Uh, no. *You* would never hear the end of it. You're the one who has to go home to that guy.

Brian Whitman: So I was a little aggressive when Ms. Baker didn't let my son into that school, but that doesn't mean I killed her.
Kate Beckett: "Bitch, I know where you live, and you will never see me coming." That sounds like a death threat to me.
Brian Whitman: I was being dramatic.

M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: [finding Castle in the morgue] You're looking at my victim's chart!
Richard Castle: I'm just making sure you filled it out properly. And may I say, for a man, you have exquisite handwriting.
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: Oh, give it back!
[Perlmutter chases him around the table]
Richard Castle: Hey, hey, hey! Look, look, look... you can make this a lot easier on me, Perlmutter.
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: [sarcastically, not bothering to hold back his contempt] Oh, because that's what I live for!
[Perlmutter chases him around the table again]
Richard Castle: I... I just believe that your victim traveled somewhere before she died. Is there anything in the autopsy that indicates where?
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: I... I would rather switch places with her than tell you. Now... now give me that!
[Perlmutter chases him around the table a third time]
Richard Castle: Hey...
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: I am warning you, Castle!
Richard Castle: [reading the report] Here it is. Stomach contents: two ounces of peanuts, partially digested pretzels. Blood contains trace amounts of over the counter sedative. She was on a plane. She flew somewhere.
[dropping the clipboard on the table, Castle hurries out of the room, Perlmutter hot on his heels]
Richard Castle: Thanks for your help.
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: This isn't over!
[trying to compose himself, his phone rings]
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: [snippy] What?
Kate Beckett: It's Beckett. We're trying to explain some anomalies in our victim's financial records. Are there any signs that she traveled recently?
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: Well, as a matter of fact, I was just discussing that with the *writer* you married.

Kate Beckett: According to TSA records, Shaina took a 4:30 flight to Boston two days ago.
Javier Esposito: What was she doing in Boston?
Kate Beckett: She doesn't have any family or friends there, and I spoke to the school; she wasn't there for work. But she paid for the trip in cash, like she was trying to keep it secret.
Javier Esposito: It says here that her return flight from Boston landed yesterday at 6:00 pm.
Kate Beckett: Just hours before her murder that night, meaning this mystery trip might have something to do with her death.
Javier Esposito: Yeah, and look at this. According to her cell records, right after she landed, she made a call to the New York Ledger's news desk.
Kate Beckett: What's a preschool admissions officer doing calling the Ledger's news desk?
Javier Esposito: Maybe she undcovered something that she thought was a story. But I checked with them over there; nobody remembers talking to her.
Kate Beckett: We gotta find out what she was doing during that trip.
Javier Esposito: Yeah, we do. Before your husband does and makes us all look bad.

Kate Beckett: When were you gonna tell me that you had an office?
Richard Castle: Um... eventually.
Kate Beckett: No, we're married.
[as a visual reminder, she shows him the wedding ring on her finger]
Kate Beckett: Married people tell each other things.
Richard Castle: Yeah, but you weren't exactly thrilled when I got my P.I. license.
Kate Beckett: Because you didn't tell me!

Kate Beckett: [Castle has found a witness for whom she has been searching] How did you find her?
Richard Castle: Ah. I was checking the victim's credit card for plane ticket charges to see where she flew, and instead I found a lunch charge...
Kate Beckett: Wait a minute. You checked her credit card records? How?
Richard Castle: Okay, we're getting into kind a gray area here. So let's just say it involved her mother's maiden name and a serviceable falsetto.

Javier Esposito: [discussing Shaina's secret trip to Boston] Why would she be looking at fifteen year old incident reports?
Kevin Ryan: I bet Castle knows.
Javier Esposito: Are you kidding me? There is no way he's ahead of us on this.
Kevin Ryan: Hey, he got to the morgue before us, and that lawyer.
Kate Beckett: Ryan, he is resourceful, but he is not that resourceful.
Kevin Ryan: He got you to marry him, didn't he?

Richard Castle: I know our victim took a trip to Radnor University; I just have no idea why. I hacked into her social media accounts...
Alexis Castle: Wait, you know how to hack into social media accounts?
Richard Castle: "Hacking" might be overstating it. Her password for everything is "Sparkles", her dog's name. Point is without police resources, the best I can do is go through her friend's online posts and look for some connections to Radnor University.
Alexis Castle: Are there any?
Richard Castle: There's one thing, but it happened fifteen years ago. I have no idea if it's even relevant. I just wish I knew what Beckett had.
[his land line rings]
Richard Castle: Richard Castle Investigations.
Kate Beckett: Hey, babe, just checking in. Whatcha doing?
Richard Castle: Oh, just hanging out at the office. How about you?
Kevin Ryan: [with Beckett and Espo at the precinct] He has an office?
[Ryan gets death stares; Castle and Alexis share a look of curiosity]
Kate Beckett: Uh, just wondering how your day's going.
Richard Castle: Good. Really good, actually. How about yours?
Kate Beckett: Yeah, mine's good, too. Uh, really, really good.
Richard Castle: That's good. Great. I should have said great. Mine's great.
[the conversation suddenly takes on an awkward air]
Kate Beckett: Great. That's...
Richard Castle: Okay. So... I'll see you tonight.
Kate Beckett: Uh... see you tonight.
[she hangs up]
Kate Beckett: He knows something.
Alexis Castle: She has something.
Javier Esposito: And you have to find out what.
Richard Castle: And I'm gonna find out what.

Richard Castle: If you were trying to find out what I know, that would mean you're stuck.
Kate Beckett: I'm not stuck.
Richard Castle: Good. Because I'm not stuck, either.
Richard Castle, Kate Beckett: So you do know something. Maybe.
Richard Castle: All right, this is crazy. If we both have something, why don't we just trade?
Kate Beckett: Castle, I can't. You know that.
Richard Castle: [scoffs] Oh, "can't". What happened to that rebellious girl with the leather jacket and the motorcycle? Would she say "can't"?
Kate Beckett: [sighs] She enforces the law now and drinks expensive wine.
Richard Castle: Then think about our victim. Are you really going to let a couple of silly rules stand in the way of bringing Shaina justice?
Kate Beckett: Okay, fine. We'll do it just this once, for her.
Richard Castle, Kate Beckett: You first.

Kate Beckett: She had an old boyfriend who died at Radnor University? How long ago?
Richard Castle: Fifteen years. His name was Jeff Whalen. He drank too much at a party and fell out of a window.
Kate Beckett: If she was looking into old police records...
Richard Castle: And interested in homicide law...
Kate Beckett: She must have thought that his death was more than just an accident.
Richard Castle: She was investigating a murder.
Kate Beckett: And somehow, that got her killed.
Richard Castle: Oh, my god, I've missed this.
[they grab each other and kiss passionately]

Richard Castle: Last night was amazing.
Kate Beckett: Wait. Are you talking about the put-together we did on the case, or...
Richard Castle: That. But the put-together, that was pretty amazing, too.
Kate Beckett: It's been forever since we tried that. I forgot how creative you can get.
Richard Castle: Oh, we're not talking about the case anymore, are we?
Kate Beckett: Mm-mm.
[her phone rings]
Kate Beckett: Hey, Ryan. Great. Okay, how long before the fi...
[realizing her mistake, Beckett shuts up and glances back at Castle]
Kate Beckett: ...before it gets there?
Richard Castle: Before what gets there? You were about to say "files", weren't you?
Kate Beckett: No.
Richard Castle: Oh, you texted Ryan last night about Shaina's old boyfriend and told him to get those old police files for you, while you were in bed with me.
Kate Beckett: [trying to laugh it off] Ryan, I'll be right over.
[she climbs out of bed and picks up her clothes]
Richard Castle: Well, you're gonna let me take a look at those files, right? I mean, that's only fair.
Kate Beckett: Castle! I can't. That would be... crossing the line.
Richard Castle: You didn't seem to care about lines last night. No, last night, it was "anything goes".
Kate Beckett: Yes, Castle, and it was great. Come on, we both know it was just a... one-time thing.
Richard Castle: [Beckett hurries out of the room] You know, I thought we had something special!

Kevin Ryan: How'd it go with Castle last night? Is he ahead of us or behind us?
Kate Beckett: Uh... we're definitely on top of him.

Captain Victoria Gates: You're hunting big game here. And until we have a stronger case, we cannot afford to attract any attention. Which means, *Mr. Castle*, you cannot be involved in this, at all, even in your private investigator capacity.
Kate Beckett: Sir, we'd never would have gotten this far without...
Richard Castle: Oh, no, actually, um... she's right. Rules are rules.
[glancing at his watch]
Richard Castle: As a matter of fact, I shouldn't even be here right now.
Captain Victoria Gates: [Castle hurries out of the room] Well, that was easier than I expected.
Kate Beckett: [suspiciously] Yeah... Huh.

"Castle: XX (#8.2)" (2015)
Kate Beckett: [Castle is rambling after rescuing her] Castle, just shut up and kiss me.

Rita: Get in.
Kate Beckett: No. No. Not until you tell me who you are.
Rita: You can call me Rita. I'm Castle's stepmother.

Vikram Singh: Beckett. Are you sure we're safe here?
Kate Beckett: Am I sure? Um, no. This building was seized by NYPD a week ago in a drug bust. There's no paperwork connecting it to me. We got a couple of days here.
Vikram Singh: Not if we starve to death first.
Kate Beckett: Trust me, a bullet's gonna kill you long before hunger does.
Vikram Singh: [sarcastic] Ah. Thank you. I feel so much calmer now.

Vikram Singh: This is so not how I saw my life playing out. I joined the A.G.'s office to make a difference, maybe impress a girl.
[seeing Beckett's expression]
Vikram Singh: Okay, a lot of girls. The point is, I thought I'd be saving the world from behind a computer, not being hunted for sport by the "Zero Dark Thirty" All-Stars.
Kate Beckett: Today was supposed to be my first day as Captain of the 12th precinct. Worst thing I thought I was gonna be facing was working without Castle. And then you called.

Rita: I've been married to Castle's father for almost ten years.
Kate Beckett: Jackson never mentioned being married.
Rita: Well, of course not. It's classified. In this line of work, you make a lot of enemies. Attachments are liabilities, leverage to be used against us.
Vikram Singh: [sarcastic] Sounds romantic.
Rita: It can be. Absence doesn't always make the heart grow fonder, but it sure does wonders for the libido. I haven't seen Jackson in... nine months? I am raring to go.
Vikram Singh: [still sarcastic] That's sweet.
Kate Beckett: So, what are you? CIA?
Rita: Oh, god no. I'm a different three-letter agency. Much more exclusive.
Kate Beckett: You actually expect me to believe that?
Rita: I did save your life, dear.
Vikram Singh: True, that.
Kate Beckett: How did you end up back there? What's your connection to all of this?
Rita: I'm afraid that's also classified.
Kate Beckett: People died. Friends of mine.
Rita: I know. And more may die unless you tell me everything that has happened up until this point. Listen to me. Whatever you think this is, it's bigger. And if you want to stay alive, you're gonna need my help.
Kate Beckett: It started this morning. I was getting ready for work, and then he called.

Kate Beckett: [answering her phone] Yeah, this is Beckett.
Vikram Singh: This is an emergency alert, classification protocol seven.
Kate Beckett: I don't...
Vikram Singh: There's no time. Rendezvous at the Hill Theater. Come alone. Tell no one.

Kate Beckett: Show me your hands.
Vikram Singh: They're all dead.
Kate Beckett: I said show me your hands. Don't move.
Vikram Singh: I'm not carrying. I'm... I'm just an analyst. I'm a... a data cruncher at the A.G.'s office.
Kate Beckett: I don't remember you.
Vikram Singh: I started working a few months ago. Now they're all dead.
Kate Beckett: Who?
Vikram Singh: McCord, Hendricks, your entire former team.
Kate Beckett: How?
Vikram Singh: One was stabbed at a bar. The others were killed in a car crash. But it wasn't an accident; they were all murdered.
Kate Beckett: How do you know that?
Vikram Singh: Because someone tried to kill me yesterday, too.
Kate Beckett: So then why didn't you pull the fire alarm? The FBI, the NSA?
Vikram Singh: Because you're at the center of all this, which makes you the only person I can trust.

Vikram Singh: Yesterday morning, I got an alert that a pending interagency database search generated a result. Right away, I knew it was weird because the search was two years old, and it was instigated by a former agent named Kate Beckett.
Kate Beckett: What was the search for?
Vikram Singh: The document it uncovered was a just-declassified electronic memo, heavily redacted. From what I could tell, it detailed a meeting between a federal official of some kind and Senator William Bracken.
Kate Beckett: When I started at the A.G.'s office, I ran a keyword search, hunting for criminality connected to Bracken, and I never got a hit.
Vikram Singh: Well, yesterday, you did. And five people are dead because of it.

Kate Beckett: Tell me everything you remember about the memo.
Vikram Singh: Well, most of it was redacted. But... but there was a word written in the margin; LokSat. That made me curious, so I looked it up. Came up empty, so I just... I forwarded the whole thing to Agent McCord and forgot about it. Twelve hours later, they were dead, and I was running for my life.
Kate Beckett: Your search must have triggered an alarm. That memo was most likely declassified by accident, and whatever LokSat is, these people will clearly do anything to keep it a secret.

Senator William Bracken: Detective Beckett, you are the last person I expected to see.
Kate Beckett: Why is that? You thought I'd be dead by now?
Senator William Bracken: I don't have the slightest idea what you're talking about.
Kate Beckett: Rachel McCord, Matt Hendricks? Five murdered federal agents ringing a bell?
Senator William Bracken: Not a one.
Kate Beckett: And how about this one: LokSat.
Senator William Bracken: [reacting] How do you know about LokSat?
Kate Beckett: Doesn't matter how. The question is what is it, and why is there a hit squad running around the East Coast, killing people to protect it?
Senator William Bracken: We're through here.
Kate Beckett: The hell we are.
Senator William Bracken: Just by being here, you've put a target on my back. You may as well kill yourself right now, Kate. You have stumbled onto something which is so over your head. I am amazed you're still alive.

Richard Castle: [watching the surveillance video of Beckett's visit to Bracken] What did Beckett say that freaked him out so much?
[Ryan rewinds the tape]
Senator William Bracken: How do you know about LokSat?
Kate Beckett: Doesn't matter how. The question is what is it, and why is there a hit squad running around the East Coast, killing people to protect it?
Kevin Ryan: LokSat. Never heard of it.
Javier Esposito: Me, neither, but it clearly scares the hell out of Bracken.
Richard Castle: Figuring out what it means is key, and that's exactly what Beckett is doing.

Vikram Singh: This is a bad idea.
Kate Beckett: Well, it's all we got. We need a copy of that memo. It's the only way to get on top of this.
Vikram Singh: You know they'll have wiped the original search, right?
Kate Beckett: Yeah, I also know that the A.G. has a triple firewall backup, which I am guessing you can hack.
Vikram Singh: [Beckett hands him a clean laptop] Well, duh, but the second I do, it'll trip an alarm. Guys with guns are gonna come running.
Kate Beckett: Which is why we are in a public space with four exits.
Vikram Singh: You are gonna get me shot.
Kate Beckett: Look on the bright side: chicks dig scars.
Vikram Singh: I hate you.

Kate Beckett: Who are these guys, and what is LokSat?
Rita: I don't know exactly. What I do know is the person behind this is a very powerful, and a very dirty, analyst inside the CIA. I've been trying to get an identity for over a year, and every time I get a lead, it just evaporates.
Kate Beckett: What's this person's connection to Bracken?
Rita: They were partners. As you know, the Senator was working with a drug dealer by the name of Vulcan Simmons. They were using the profits to fund Bracken's presidential campaign. I mean, you must have wondered how they got away with it for so long. They were protected by Bracken's mystery partner. They were using CIA resources to import the drugs into the country.
Vikram Singh: Wow. That's life imprisonment right there.
Kate Beckett: That's a political nuke.
Rita: That's why they're so willing to kill to protect their anonymity.

Rita: William Bracken was just killed in prison. This changes things. I'm afraid the only way that you and Vikram are gonna be able to stay alive is if you go on the run. And one day, I hope I will be able to root out the big bad and get the target taken off your backs.
Kate Beckett: "One day"?
Rita: Yes, dear. I'm afraid the life that you were living yesterday is over.

Kate Beckett: I'm not running. But you should.
Vikram Singh: Are you crazy?
Kate Beckett: [laughs to herself] Uh, maybe, but I owe it to Rachel and to the others, and I sure as hell am not gonna let someone chase me away from the life that I've worked so hard to create.
Vikram Singh: Okay. Then... I'm sticking with you.
Kate Beckett: A... are you sure? Because you're not exactly trained for war.
Vikram Singh: Yes. I'm sure. Thank you. That was mean. I just feel like I would be safer with you than... not with you.
Rita: [entering] You ready?
Kate Beckett: We're staying. Worst case scenario, we're gonna smoke out the mystery man before we die, and I am trusting you to put him down if we do.
Rita: Jackson was right. You're a very impressive woman.

Vikram Singh: Just us again. What now?
Kate Beckett: Now we figure out what the hell LokSat 2011DB means.
Richard Castle: [cut to Castle's office] It's a product number. Serial number?
Hayley Shipton: Keypad code.
Alexis Castle: Safe deposit box.
Kate Beckett: [cut back to Rita's safe house] Okay, so LokSat represents the CIA operation used to transport drugs for Bracken and Vulcan Simmons.
Vikram Singh: So it's a... it's a...
Richard Castle: [cut back to Castle's office] A code name?
Kate Beckett: [cut to the safe house] Uh, maybe. But you know what? Maybe it's something more. Maybe it's not just the name of the operation. Maybe it's the name of the transportation company.
Vikram Singh: A modern-day Air America.
Kate Beckett: Exactly. And 2011DB is the tail number on an airplane.
Richard Castle: [cut to Castle's office; "simultaneously" with Beckett] The tail number of an airplane.

Richard Castle: Beckett, this is Hayley. She's the one who helped me find you.
Kate Beckett: Thank you for taking care of him
Hayley Shipton: Yeah, it's a lot of work. I don't know how you do it.

Kate Beckett: What is it?
Richard Castle: You tell me.
Kate Beckett: I know. I've got a lot of explaining to do.
Richard Castle: You lied to me. You looked me right in the eye, and you lied to me. Why didn't you tell me about Vikram?
Kate Beckett: I couldn't.
Richard Castle: [skeptical] Come on.
Kate Beckett: The A.G.'s office has strict protocols, Castle.
Richard Castle: You're not with the A.G.'s office anymore.
Kate Beckett: I did what I did to protect you. He gave me a class seven distress code. That's life or death. I mean, what did you want me to do?
Richard Castle: Tell me the truth. Come on, do you have any idea how worried I was?
Kate Beckett: Yeah, I do. I was gone for thirty-six hours. A year ago, you were gone for eight weeks. Eight weeks.
Richard Castle: That was different.
Kate Beckett: Sure was. You still don't remember what happened during six of those weeks, and yet I trusted you. So please, just trust me. I didn't do this to hurt you. I did it to protect you.
Richard Castle: Why am I so angry?
Kate Beckett: You know what? When the shoe was on the other foot, I felt the same way.
Richard Castle: No, that's not it. It's you. Because I've... seen this before.
Kate Beckett: What is that supposed to mean?
Richard Castle: Nothing. Just that we work better as a team.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, of course we do.
Richard Castle: Yeah. Together, we can figure this out. We can figure anything out, just like always.
Kate Beckett: I know. Okay. No more secrets.
Richard Castle: No more secrets.

Kevin Ryan: Let me get this straight. So, you and Vikram here, you're being hunted by a secret death squad that's being sanctioned by someone deep inside the CIA, and you don't want any help?
Vikram Singh: Haven't you been paying attention? There is no help.
Javier Esposito: Bro, the A.G.'s office has resources.
Kate Beckett: It wouldn't matter. These people have the power to pull strings, to make evidence, cases, people disappear. We can't work through the system.
Richard Castle: So, we have to work outside the system. Beckett's right. Can't fight a faceless enemy who lives in the shadows unless we drag them out into the light.
Kate Beckett: What do you mean?
Richard Castle: Whoever's behind this memo relies on secrecy. The one and only thing that LokSat fears...
Kate Beckett: Is exposure they can't control.
Richard Castle: Exactly.
Kate Beckett: If we pour enough light on this conspiracy...
Richard Castle: Then whoever's behind it can't come after you or Vikram.
Kate Beckett: Because everyone will be watching.
Richard Castle: And I know exactly how to turn those lights on.

Kate Beckett: You know, I thought I would be spending my first few days here with my head buried in paperwork, but so much for that. Um... It... it's an honor to be here, especially considering all of the captains that have come before me. And if I was a poet or a best-selling novelist, then maybe I'd have a better metaphor, but, um... the 12th precinct, she's our home, our haven. And even if she is beaten down or shot up, she's still special. Because this is where we get to make a difference, and I am so privileged to be able to do just that with each and every one of you.
[the squad room applauds]
Kate Beckett: So, that being said, stop standing around doing nothing and get back to work.

Kate Beckett: So, do you need a lift, or are you just checking in on me?
Rita: I'm happy you're alive.
Kate Beckett: So, do you believe that Allison Hyde masterminded all of this?
Rita: Of course not. Neither do you. Hyde was a convenient scapegoat. The person behind the LokSat memo is still out there, still thriving.
Kate Beckett: So, what should we do?
Rita: We? No, I'm gonna ferret out that son of a bitch. You are gonna go home to that good-looking husband of yours.
[seeing Beckett's expression]
Rita: You're not gonna let this go, are you?
Kate Beckett: I can't.
Rita: Why not? What is this obsession in the heart of you? Your mother's murder's been avenged.
Kate Beckett: I thought I put it all behind me. But it's back, and it's stronger than ever.
Rita: A devil like that is very hard to cast out. But you have to try. Don't you see the gift that you've been given? Allison Hyde was a patsy. LokSat will leave you alone. Don't end up like me. Go. Live your life.
Kate Beckett: Friends of mine were killed because of me.
Rita: Their deaths weren't your fault, Kate. Surely you must see that.
Kate Beckett: Still, I got to do something. And you know, maybe in doing it, that'll give me peace and I'll be able to move on.
Rita: Do you love Castle?
Kate Beckett: Yeah.
Rita: Then why do you want to get him killed? Have you forgotten why I never see my husband? Attachments are liabilities, leverage to be used against us by our enemies.
Kate Beckett: So I have to choose between finding the killer and being with Rick? That's ridiculous.
Rita: That's the job. Five people were killed because of a redacted memo. What do you think is gonna happen if LokSat finds out that you and Castle are working together on this? You're a big girl. Dive down the rabbit hole if you must, but think twice about who you bring with you, because unlike McCord and her team, anybody who dies now, that blood is on you.

Richard Castle: Hey! How about breakfast for dinner? I'm making s'morelets. Which is technically dessert for dinner, but we...
[he sees Beckett's bags packed]
Richard Castle: You going somewhere?
Kate Beckett: I'm sorry. I love you so much.
Richard Castle: What are you doing?
Kate Beckett: I have to go.
Richard Castle: Why?
Kate Beckett: I... I have to get my head right. I have to figure some things out so that... we can have a happily ever after.
Richard Castle: Where is this coming from? Is this because of your A.G. team? Is it Bracken? Why are you giving up on our marriage?
Kate Beckett: I... I'm trying to save it.
Richard Castle: By leaving me? Look, if you have a problem, we have a problem. That's how this works.
Kate Beckett: No, Castle. Not this time.
Richard Castle: Look, whatever it is, Beckett, we can figure it out. Like always.
Kate Beckett: [starting to cry] Rick, do you trust me?
Richard Castle: Of course.
Kate Beckett: I need you to trust me now. I have to do this on my own. And when it's done, I just... I hope that... I hope that... I hope that you'll have room in your heart to take me back.

Vikram Singh: Oh, god, I think I'm gonna hurl.
Kate Beckett: Just try to keep it together.
Vikram Singh: Oh, I'm definitely gonna hurl.
[as Beckett pulls out her phone to make a call, Vikram grabs it and throws it out the window]
Kate Beckett: What the hell are you doing?
Vikram Singh: How do you think they found us? They tapped your phone. They used it to track you to me.
Kate Beckett: I've been shot. I need to get to a doctor, and we need to call the cavalry.
Vikram Singh: That's gonna be the last call you ever make. Look, whoever these guys are, they are hacked in everywhere, which means anybody you call is gonna wind up dead.

Kate Beckett: What's wrong with you?
Vikram Singh: Headache. I'm dizzy. I... I need to eat something.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, maybe you should have grabbed some breakfast this morning instead of calling me.
Vikram Singh: [seeing an open soda can and taking a sip] I'm a diabetic. I'm gonna need insulin.
Kate Beckett: [taking off her shirt to sew up the wound on her stomach] Yeah, well, one medical emergency at a time.
Vikram Singh: Is it bad?
Kate Beckett: [sterilizing a needle] It could be worse. I'm gonna start sewing, and you're gonna tell me what the hell's going on here.

Vikram Singh: [arriving at Winterkill Correctional] You okay?
Kate Beckett: Yeah. I just... I thought I would never see him again. I thought that I had finally put this all behind me.
Vikram Singh: I don't think you ever get over something like that. It... it becomes a part of who you are. My sister died when I was kid. I still think about her all the time.

"Castle: Still (#5.22)" (2013)
Kate Beckett: Castle, I think I'm standing on a bomb.

Kate Beckett: Castle, listen... thank you for staying with me.
Richard Castle: Always.
[they lean in to kiss, but sirens announcing Captain Gates' arrival stop them]
Richard Castle: [to Ryan as they hug] Perfect timing.
Det.Kevin Ryan: Definitely.
Det. Javier Esposito: You good?
Kate Beckett: Yeah... did she see it?
Det. Javier Esposito: No.
Captain Victoria Gates: Glad to see you, Detective. Even you, Mr. Castle. I have to say, I don't know too many men who would've done what you did.
Kate Beckett: Neither do I.
Captain Victoria Gates: Oh, for Heaven's sake Detective, just kiss the man!
[Esposito looks shocked]
Kate Beckett: Sir, you know?
Captain Victoria Gates: What? Do you think I'm an idiot? I needed to maintain plausible deniability, which I can continue, as long as you two both act professionally at the precinct.
Richard Castle: I know I can, but Captain, she has a long history of coming on to me at work...
Kate Beckett: I don't think it'll be a problem, sir.
Captain Victoria Gates: Good. Meanwhile, as long as we're on neutral ground here, I'd say, uh, he deserves it, don't you?
Kate Beckett: Yes, sir.

Richard Castle: [bringing Beckett breakfast in bed] You got in late last night. You catch a case?
Kate Beckett: [handing him the newspaper] Yeah. Actually, it was this one. Someone blew up an apartment downtown.
Richard Castle: Seriously? And you didn't call me?
Kate Beckett: Castle, you said you had a chapter due.
Richard Castle: Yes, which is writer-speak for "all procrastinations welcome".

Kate Beckett: You know, I really do have to get going, but...
Richard Castle: But... you're powerless to resist me. You always have been.
Kate Beckett: Really?
Richard Castle: Hmm.
Kate Beckett: Do you remember when we first met? I kind of thought you were an ass.
Richard Castle: Oh, I know you pretended you thought that, but come on. We're together now, you can admit it. You fell for me the first moment you saw me.
Kate Beckett: No, I didn't.
Richard Castle: Please. You did.
Kate Beckett: You believe that, don't you?
Richard Castle: It's true.

Kate Beckett: Castle, please, there is no reason to put yourself in danger. There's nothing that you can do here.
Richard Castle: Nothing? Excuse me, who's gonna be your bomb buddy?
Kate Beckett: My bomb buddy?
Richard Castle: You heard what he said. You're gonna be standing here, maybe for hours. If I don't stay, who's gonna keep your spirits up? Who's gonna take your mind off of getting tired?
Kate Beckett: Castle, I'm gonna be fine. I feel fine.
Richard Castle: That would be great, if you were a reliable judge of your own feelings, which clearly you're not.
Kate Beckett: What does that mean?
Richard Castle: Oh, I'm sorry. Exhibit A, according to you, you felt nothing for me when we first met, which we both know...
Kate Beckett: Are you act... Oh, I get it. I know what you're doing.
Richard Castle: What?
Kate Beckett: You know what, Castle? Forget it. I'm not going down that path. You can just go now.
Richard Castle: Fine, I'll leave. If you admit to me you had feelings for me when we first met.
Kate Beckett: Fine. I did have feelings for you when we first met. I couldn't stand you. Do you even remember what you were like in the beginning?
Richard Castle: Well, apparently, I was irresistible.
Kate Beckett: "Irresistible"? Are you joking?

Kate Beckett: That? Castle, that was called survival. We were just huddling for warmth.
Richard Castle: Cuddling?
Kate Beckett: Huddling!
Richard Castle: Or... one could see it as small part of a larger pattern. Unwanted touching in the workplace.
Kate Beckett: Oh, so you're being harassed, is that it?
Richard Castle: Yeah, you're very lucky. A less understanding man would press charges with all the... inappropriate things you've said to me.
Kate Beckett: Really? Like what?
Richard Castle: Oh, jeez! How do you even get in that position?
Det.Kevin Ryan: Right? It's not even possible.
Kate Beckett: Oh, it's possible.
[new flashback]
Kate Beckett: [teaching Castle to shoot] Okay, gauntlet your right fist in your left palm.
Richard Castle: Whoa! Shot too soon.
Kate Beckett: You know, we could always just cuddle, Castle.
[new flashback]
Richard Castle: Did you just use the word "veritable"?
Kate Beckett: Yes, I did.
Richard Castle: Sexy.
Kate Beckett: You should hear me say "fallacious".
[new flashback]
Kate Beckett: Closest I ever came to taking an art class was posing for one as a model.
Richard Castle: Wait. Posing in?
Kate Beckett: Not a stitch.

[new flashback]
Kate Beckett: What's the matter, Castle? You afraid of a little role play?
[back to present]
Kate Beckett: That's it? That's all you've got?
Richard Castle: There's more, but on thinking back, I was momentarily distracted by your dizzying array of hairstyles over the years. Anyway...
[new flashback]
Kate Beckett: Oh, Castle. Me, in a swimsuit under the hot, blistering sun...
Richard Castle: I'd be happy to rub lotion on you.
[new flashback]
Kate Beckett: You think this is crazy, you should see some of the clubs I've been to.
[new flashback]
Richard Castle: You know any good tricks?
Kate Beckett: I do this one thing. With ice cubes.
[new flashback]
Kate Beckett: But there is this one hot, wild, kinky thing that I do like doing. Putting killers behind bars.
[new flashback]
Kate Beckett: Please, let's just stick it in and get this over with.
[back to present]
Kate Beckett: That's not how I meant it. I can't help it if you get off by putting things in my mouth.
Richard Castle: See? Like that. I can't even... it's uncanny.
Kate Beckett: Oh, like you've never been inappropriate.
Richard Castle: Me?
Kate Beckett: Mm-hmm.

Richard Castle: I've never been anything but a perfect gentleman.
Kate Beckett: Really?
Richard Castle: You ever have any fun? Let your hair down? Drop your top? A little cops gone wild?
Kate Beckett: You do know I'm wearing a gun?
[new flashback]
Richard Castle: Yes, please. Beat my pants off, if you dare.
[new flashback]
Kate Beckett: Sex?
Richard Castle: I'll explain how that works later.
[new flashback]
Richard Castle: Slutty nurse.
[new flashback]
Richard Castle: You're very good at bossing men around.
[new flashback]
Richard Castle: I find that hot.
[new flashback]
Richard Castle: Let me tell you something about crazy people. The sex is unbelievable.
[new flashback]
Richard Castle: Did you call to tell me a bedtime story?
[new flashback]
Richard Castle: I'd be happy to let you spank me.
[new flashback]
Richard Castle: We're handcuffed. It's kinky.

[new flashback]
Richard Castle: Strangely arousing.
[new flashback]
Kate Beckett: You'd better not be enjoying this, Castle.
Richard Castle: I'll let you know in a minute.
[new flashback]
Richard Castle: If you are not comfortable in a swimsuit, you can just skinny dip.
[new flashback]
Richard Castle: So, I wear boxers. What do you wear? Thong? Cheekies? Bloomers? Granny panties? Commando?
[back to present]
Kate Beckett: And talk about unwanted touching?
Richard Castle: Ready?
Kate Beckett: Yup. Okay, I'm gonna go up. Ready? Grab my legs.
Kate Beckett: Castle, I said legs, okay?
Richard Castle: Oh! Legs, sorry.
[back to present]
Richard Castle: Yeah, but that's simply because your legs are so close to your other bits.
Kate Beckett: Oh, yeah. Keep telling yourself that, Castle.

Kate Beckett: The only reason that I was dressed up was to go undercover.
Richard Castle: No, I guess it was just a coincidence that each time, I just happened to be there.
Kate Beckett: No, it wasn't a coincidence, because you were always following me around. Why? 'Cause you were into me.
Richard Castle: Me into you?
Kate Beckett: Yeah.
Richard Castle: Hmm, I... I admit I found you not unattractive, and occasionally fun to be around. But into you? Mmm... No, definitely not.
Kate Beckett: Okay, fine, then why were you following me around? And don't say that it was research, because no one believed that for a second.
Richard Castle: You really want to know?
Kate Beckett: Mm-hmm.
Richard Castle: It was because I was... having so much fun playing cop!
[flashback montage]
Kate Beckett: That's not why you were following me around.
Richard Castle: It is, too. And anything else you come up with is strictly a product of your imagination.

Det. Javier Esposito: [on the phone with Beckett and Castle] Seriously? Who liked who first?
Kate Beckett: That's right. Who was into whom first, me or Castle?
Det. Javier Esposito: You do realize that I'm busy trying to save your life?
Kate Beckett: Just answer the question, Espo, and don't be afraid to hurt his feelings.
Richard Castle: And don't forget about how jealous she got that time we worked that case at my ex-girlfriend's wedding.
Kate Beckett: Or how jealous he got when I was with Demming.
Richard Castle: Or before that, how jealous she got about me and my ex-wife.
Det.Kevin Ryan: [approaching Esposito] Who're you talking to?
Kate Beckett: Or remember when you wrote that...
Det. Javier Esposito: [covering the mouthpiece] It's Castle and Beckett. I think they're starting to crack. Check it out.
[Esposito puts the call on speakerphone]
Richard Castle: Or how jealous about me and Serena Kaye, or Sophia from the CIA. Oh, Agent Shaw from the FBI.
Det.Kevin Ryan: Yeah, wow. Totally losing it.

Richard Castle: The story, it's our secret ingredient.
Kate Beckett: Except when your storytelling devolves into wild speculation. Then it's just maddening.
Richard Castle: Hey, that wild speculation almost always points us to our killer.
[flashback montage]
Richard Castle: I said "almost always".

Kate Beckett: Rick... I love you.
Richard Castle: I love you, too.

Kate Beckett: Castle, listen to me.
Richard Castle: I'm not leaving.
Kate Beckett: Look, I know, but depending on what happens, there's something that I need you to do. Something that I can't do myself.
Richard Castle: You need me to hide your porn stash so your dad doesn't find it?

[last lines]
Kate Beckett: You know, Castle, when I was standing up there, I kept thinking about all the times we've kissed, and I was trying to decide on the best one.
Richard Castle: And what do you think?
[flashback montage]
Kate Beckett: I think we're just getting started.

Captain Frank Mahoney: Without the disarm code, we're gonna need to get eyes on the device. We use a fiberoptic scope, go in through the ceiling downstairs.
Richard Castle: Is that dangerous?
Captain Frank Mahoney: Well, we'll do everything we can to minimize the risk. We'll start across the room, snake the cable over. Still, there'll be some vibrations, so there's always a chance that...
Kate Beckett: Just do it. I can't keep standing here forever.
Captain Frank Mahoney: All right. We'll go as quick as we can, but as slow as we have to.

Richard Castle: You hungry?
Kate Beckett: Why?
Richard Castle: Because any minute, someone's gonna come through that door, give us the all clear. And there is an amazing diner not three blocks from here.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, I did miss my breakfast this morning.
Richard Castle: Yeah. Oh, they make these incredible, foamy lattes. Cups as big as your head. And a goat cheese omelet to die for.
[realizing what he just said]
Richard Castle: Which would be a poor choice of words if you were standing on a bomb, but guess what? You're not.

Kate Beckett: You know, if I have to be, uh, stuck not standing on a bomb, then I'm glad I'm stuck with you.
Richard Castle: I know.

Richard Castle: So, what are we supposed to do? Just stand here?
Captain Frank Mahoney: Not you, Mr. Castle. All non-essential personnel must evacuate.
Richard Castle: Oh, no. I am essential personnel.
Kate Beckett: Castle, it's okay.
Captain Frank Mahoney: We'll take good care of her. I got guys downstairs right now figuring this out. Meantime, Detective, sit tight. I'll check back with you soon.
Richard Castle: [Mahoney gives him the "lead the way" wave] I appreciate it. I'm staying.

Kate Beckett: Castle, what are you doing here? You promised.
Richard Castle: Yeah, I promised I'd leave. I didn't promise I wouldn't come back. I got coffee. Later, for when you're off that thing.
Kate Beckett: No, Castle, please, you have to leave now. There's no reason for both of us to die.
Richard Castle: Oh, I didn't come here to die. I came here to diffuse the bomb. There's still a chance.
Kate Beckett: Yes, a one in one hundred thousand chance.
Richard Castle: Great. While there's still a chance, I'm not giving up.
Kate Beckett: Castle, listen to me. I've already come to peace with this, and that doesn't include Alexis losing her father, or Martha her son.
Richard Castle: Come on, what am I supposed to do? Walk out the door while you're standing all the way over there by yourself?
Kate Beckett: Yes! Yes, that's exactly...
Richard Castle: Wait a second. Why are you standing all the way over there? If Fosse set the bomb for the cops, why not... why not set it by the door so they'd hit it as they came in, unless...
Kate Beckett: This wasn't for cops.

Det.Kevin Ryan: Car's license plate was registered to Archibald Fosse. Lives alone in a fourth floor apartment. This isn't his first rodeo, either. Got in trouble playing the ponies, so he took out his bookie with a car bomb six years ago.
Kate Beckett: Six years and he's already out?
Det.Kevin Ryan: Well, he was supposed to do twenty years to life, but his case got overturned on appeal three months ago.
Richard Castle: Any idea about the motivation for last night's bombing?
Det.Kevin Ryan: I dunno. We just IDed him twenty minutes ago. There's a lot we have to learn about him yet.

Richard Castle: How long do you think we'll have to stand here?
Kate Beckett: Once Bomb Disposal finishes their sweep. We'll know if there are any other bombs you could step on or if I'm standing on the only one.
Richard Castle: We don't know that you're standing on a bomb. Could be nothing.
Kate Beckett: Didn't feel like nothing. Something gave way under my feet. Felt like a trigger plate.
Richard Castle: Could be wonky floorboard.
Kate Beckett: With a metallic click?
Richard Castle: Loose nail. That's how floorboards get wonky.

Kate Beckett: It's time to say goodbye.
Richard Castle: I'm not leaving.
Kate Beckett: Castle, you promised that you would help me with something when the time came. This is it.
Richard Castle: Beckett, no.
Kate Beckett: Please, Castle. Please don't make this any harder than it needs to be.
Richard Castle: I... I wish I could kiss you. I wish... so many things.
Kate Beckett: No. There's no regrets. All in all, I think we've had a great run.

Kate Beckett: [leaving her dad a voicemail] Hey, dad, it's me. I just wanted to hear your voice, and... I want to tell you that I love you. Okay, that's all. Bye.

"Castle: Dead Again (#8.19)" (2016)
Kate Beckett: What are you doing?
Richard Castle: Watching you sleep. Is that creepy?
Kate Beckett: Mm-mm. I think it's sweet.
Richard Castle: I took some pictures.
Kate Beckett: Less sweet.
Richard Castle: They're part of a series. Usually you don't wake up.
Kate Beckett: And now it's creepy.

Richard Castle: I've been thinking...
Kate Beckett: Oh, no.
Richard Castle: Oh, relax. I'm over that whole "sex in zero-g" thing.
Kate Beckett: Good, 'cause that was just an accident waiting to happen.

Richard Castle: I think it's time we shake things up. Move to Paris, you know, uh, search for buried treasure in Nepal. We could fly a hot air balloon across the Sahara.
Kate Beckett: You know what? I love all of those ideas, but I just became captain, and you have your P.I. business.
Richard Castle: And then there's LokSat.
Kate Beckett: Exactly.
[her phone rings]
Kate Beckett: We have responsibilities, right?
Richard Castle: But what if we didn't?
[taking the phone]
Richard Castle: Hold, please.
Kate Beckett: Um, I might need that. That might be a homicide.
Richard Castle: The victim's not gonna get any deader. Listen. Let's say we find LokSat and take him down, without getting killed.
Kate Beckett: Mm-hmm.
Richard Castle: What then? You're not gonna be captain of the 12th precinct for very long. You're on a rocket. Sky's the limit. So you know what happens then?
Kate Beckett: Mm-mm.
Richard Castle: We become normal.
Kate Beckett: No, Castle, you're never gonna be normal.
Richard Castle: I'm serious. Think about it.

Dr. Rebecca Ellins: Well, he's very much alive now.
Lanie Parish: He had no pulse, no breath sounds, and his pupils were dilated and fixed.
Dr. Rebecca Ellins: Was there rigor mortis? Lividity?
Lanie Parish: No, but he'd been dead less than an hour.
Kate Beckett: [entering] Lanie, hey. Is it true that our victim was...
Lanie Parish: He was dead, okay? I know how to do my job.
Kate Beckett: Okay, calm down. It's all good. I just...
Lanie Parish: No, no, no. It's not all good. I almost stuck a thermometer in his liver.
Kate Beckett: Uh, so is he stable?
Dr. Rebecca Ellins: Well, I'm still running tests, but he seems completely healthy, despite having ingested a deadly dose of tetrodetoxin.
Kate Beckett: Hmm?
Lanie Parish: TTX. It's a neurotoxin found in several species of fish. It's extremely potent.
Kate Beckett: And yet he survived, so do you have an explanation?
Dr. Rebecca Ellins: No, but your husband sure does.

Richard Castle: You are a modern-day Lazarus, risen from the grave to answer the eternal question: what's on the other side?
Alan Masters: I'm sorry, who are you again?
Kate Beckett: You'll have to forgive him, Mr. Masters. He's very excitable.
Richard Castle: Well, excuse me if I find pulling back the curtain on what happens when we die just a tad exciting. Was there a white light or is it more of a... a tunnel thing?
Alan Masters: The last thing I remember, I was taking my pills, trying to get my cable fixed, and then I woke up to an apartment full of police.
Richard Castle: So, no out of body experience?

Kate Beckett: Do you have any enemies?
Alan Masters: Me? No. I'm an average guy. I go to work, I come home.
Richard Castle: But you dream of so much more, don't you?
Alan Masters: How do you know that? Did you read my diary?
Richard Castle: No, I saw your pictures on your... wait, you keep a diary? As a grown man, call it a journal.

Kate Beckett: What about work? Have you upset anyone there recently?
Alan Masters: Yeah. There is this guy that works for me; well, used to work for me, Dave Barton. I had to fire him because he was letting serious infractions slide with just a warning.
Kate Beckett: Was it for money?
Alan Masters: That was the rumor. And he did seem a little miffed when I let him go. I'll play you the message he left for me.
Frank Barton: [voicemail message] You slimy little maggot. I'm gonna stab you with a rusty spoon and strangle you with your own intestines. Or better yet, I'm gonna force-feed you your toes one by one, and then I'm gonna light you on fire. First, I'm gonna paralyze you with a claw hammer and then cover you with ants, you son of a bitch!
Alan Masters: [turning the voicemail off] And it goes on and on like that for a while.

Vikram Singh: Did Lanie really declare a live guy dead?
Kate Beckett: No. Well, yeah, but do yourself a favor; don't mention it to her. So, you got something?
Vikram Singh: I might have broken open LokSat.
Kate Beckett: You found them?
Vikram Singh: Unfortunately, no, but I did find someone else. Based on Castle's discovery of the exact time and date LokSat flew into L.A., I've been scrubbing footage from all the Los Angeles area airports. Look who showed up.
Kate Beckett: [he shows her an image on his tablet] Caleb Brown?
Vikram Singh: But he was traveling under an alias, Peter McCaffrey.
Kate Beckett: So Caleb must have gone to L.A. to meet with LokSat. But who's driving the SUV?
Vikram Singh: I don't know. I can only read part of the plate, but I'm generating a list of possible matches.

Lanie Parish: He was definitely dead.
Dr. Rebecca Ellins: That's what you said last time.
Lanie Parish: [indignantly] He was dead the last time, too.
Kate Beckett: Uh, sorry, um... can we have a minute, please?
Dr. Rebecca Ellins: Of course.
Kate Beckett: Thanks.
Lanie Parish: I'm sorry. I'm just rattled. You know, people can come back from being poisoned and from being electrocuted, but both in the same day?
Kate Beckett: So, is there an explanation?
Lanie Parish: I can think of two. Either I'm really bad at my job or Castle's right and this guy is immortal.
Kate Beckett: He is not immortal, and you are a genius at your job. We just got to keep looking for answers, starting with who wants to kill this guy so badly.

Kevin Ryan: Any idea how our boy Alan is still with us?
Kate Beckett: Uh, no. But Castle has a theory.
Richard Castle: [cut to Alan's hospital room] You are a superhero.
Alan Masters: No, I'm really not. I'm just an ordinary guy.
Richard Castle: You *were* an ordinary guy, Alan. That's how most superheroes start out; mild-mannered weaklings, and that's you!
Alan Masters: Wow, thanks.
Richard Castle: Relax. It's all to maximize your transformative arc.
Alan Masters: If I agree with you, will you leave me alone?

Kate Beckett: The NYPD can protect you, and if someone really is trying to kill you, you're a lot safer in here with us than out there on your own.
Glen Hume: Okay. But it's not someone from my company. It's the mob.
Kate Beckett: What would organized crime want with Alan?
[realization dawns on her]
Kate Beckett: Waste management.
Glen Hume: Yeah. They strong-armed me into giving them the contract for my factory's hazardous waste disposal. They've been doing the same thing all over town. And they just dump the stuff into the landfill.
Javier Esposito: So why would they target Alan before you?
Kate Beckett: Because Alan fired Dave Barton, the only inspector that they could buy. So Alan was becoming a big problem, and their only solution was to kill him.

Kate Beckett: Where are we on the waste management company?
Javier Esposito: Well, it's a new entity called Bullseye. We're not sure who's running it, but rumor is it's a new player on the scene.
Kate Beckett: I don't know. Electrocutions and poisoning doesn't sound like the mob.
Javier Esposito: No.
Kevin Ryan: Unless they're trying to keep a low profile. The best way to stay off our radar is to fly under it.

Kate Beckett: You found something.
Vikram Singh: Yeah. I ran the partial plate from that SUV Caleb Brown got into, generated a list of names. Guess who's on it.
Kate Beckett: Brooks. Guy with a bag of spiders who tried to take down Castle and me.
Vikram Singh: If Brooks picked up Caleb at the airport, then this ties Caleb directly to LokSat.
Kate Beckett: Well, look, it's a start, anyway.
Vikram Singh: A start? It's photographic evidence.
Kate Beckett: Of what? That he got into a car with a bad guy? Caleb's a public defender. He represents bad guys.
Vikram Singh: He was using an alias. We can use this to go at Caleb, get him to reveal LokSat's identity.
Kate Beckett: Until he alerts LokSat that we're onto him, and then we're all dead. No, we got to wait until we have something more concrete.
Vikram Singh: Fine. Caleb's alias, Peter McCaffrey, I'll look into see what other trips he's taken under that name, see if it leads somewhere more definitive.
Kate Beckett: Look, I... I know this is frustrating. But we're getting close. We just have to tread carefully.

Richard Castle: [to Ryan and Esposito, after meeting Spate] It's as if he stepped off the pages of a graphic novel. You should have been there to see him in person.
Kate Beckett: Yes. *They* should have. Not you, and definitely not Alan. Now, tell me how dangerous it was for you to take him out in public, 'cause I know that you know.
Richard Castle: He's in love, Beckett. And I love love.
[seeing her expression]
Richard Castle: And... and I'm sorry, and I won't do it again.

Caleb Brown: I hate to bother you, but I could really use your help with a client. Can I borrow you for a quick minute?
Kate Beckett: Yeah, sure.
[cut to them entering her office]
Kate Beckett: So, who is this client?
Caleb Brown: I think you're familiar with him: Peter McCaffrey.
Kate Beckett: [knowing she's burned, trying to play cool] Uh, no, it... it doesn't sound familiar.
Caleb Brown: No? Let me fill you in. Um, so there's this overzealous cop. You know the type; she never knows when to give up. And she has her tech guy look into Peter McCaffrey's recent travel.
Kate Beckett: Okay.
Caleb Brown: Yeah, well, Mr. McCaffrey's a very private person, so he set up some unexpected digital trip wires. That's bad news for the tech guy and his boss. And so this cop, she keeps marching toward this kill zone, and unless she makes an about-face, it is not going to end well.

Kate Beckett: I don't get it. You served a full term in the Peace Corps. You worked for the EPA. You brought legal action against corrupt corporations.
Caleb Brown: What's your point, Kate?
Kate Beckett: What happened? You used to make a difference. Why did you sell out?
Caleb Brown: Look. My client is forced work for a man that he cannot fight. And take my word for it, neither can you.
Kate Beckett: Let's help each other out here. We can bring down LokSat. I'm giving you a second chance to make a difference.
Caleb Brown: Captain, just yourself a favor, hmm? Heed my warning.
Kate Beckett: [he turns to leave] No, you heed mine. You have until 8:00 tomorrow night.
Caleb Brown: Then what?
Kate Beckett: I'll expose you. And then we'll both be looking over our shoulders, waiting for LokSat to tie up loose ends. Because once they find out that your cover is blown and I'm onto you, then you're gonna be as dead as I am.
Caleb Brown: Seven minutes, Kate. Seven minutes. That's how long the brain continues to function after the body dies, and as all of those synapses slowly stop firing off, that's when they say that our lives flash before our eyes. Now, when your seven minutes come, I sincerely hope that you do not flash to this moment, when you had a chance to live and you chose not to.

Kate Beckett: You're on edge this morning.
Richard Castle: On edge? Why would I be on edge? Just because LokSat's henchman knows we're onto him and assassins could come through the door at any second. I mean, why aren't you on edge?
Kate Beckett: Well, Caleb is a lot of things, but he's not suicidal, and working with us is his only recourse.
Richard Castle: He threatened your life.
Kate Beckett: Because he was scared. Trust me, Castle, I turned him. I'm positive he's gonna come in today.
Richard Castle: Oh, yeah, I think he's coming in, too. Well, either him or LokSat's kill squads.

Richard Castle: Since when does heroin look like that?
Lanie Parish: Since it's synthetic heroin, an opioid manufactured to replicate a heroin high. In fact, this stuff actually improves on it because, according to the analysis I ran, it's laced with TTX.
Alan Masters: The same poison that almost killed me? What, heroin isn't dangerous enough?
Lanie Parish: Because that poison works by blocking synapses. In small doses, it's a powerful analgesic specifically used for the pain of heroin withdrawal.
Kate Beckett: So it makes the drug more addictive by reducing the painful side effects. So more addictive heroin that doesn't have to be smuggled into the country because...
Richard Castle: Because it can be made right here in the good old US of A.
Kate Beckett: That explains why the Triads and Horatio are willing to put their differences aside, because...
Richard Castle, Kate Beckett: Synthetic heroin could be worth billions.

Alan Masters: You know, this shade of yellow looks very familiar. What is it that gives it this color?
Lanie Parish: An inorganic catalyst commonly referred to as LAH.
Alan Masters: Lithium aluminum hydride? That is the same chemical that spilled when I was inspecting Zantium Labs.
Lanie Parish: This is why they wanted you dead.
Alan Masters: When the synthetic heroin hits the streets, it'll come out that it was made with LAH.
Lanie Parish: And since you knew the lab had purchased large amounts of LAH...
Alan Masters: They couldn't take the risk that I might see something on the news, put the pieces together, and report it to the authorities.
Lanie Parish: Which means...
Alan Masters: [simultaneously with Lanie] Someone at Zantium Labs is trying to kill me!
Lanie Parish: Someone at Zantium Labs is trying to kill you!
Kate Beckett: [quietly, to Castle] Oh, my god, is that what we sound like?
Richard Castle: Certainly hope not. I mean, it was cute, but just overly cute.

Richard Castle: How you feeling?
Alan Masters: You know, I'm grateful. Especially for the new friend I made.
[to Lanie]
Alan Masters: I... I sure hope we could stay in touch.
Richard Castle: Are you kidding? You and me? This is the start of a beautiful...
Kate Beckett: [patting his arm] I don't think he's talking to you.

Kate Beckett: That was Vikram. The DEA just arrested Horatio and a few members of the Triad.
Richard Castle: So what's wrong?
Kate Beckett: Caleb's deadline has come and gone, and Vikram's said that he's disappeared. He's gone off-grid.
Richard Castle: He's running. Too scared to face LokSat, too scared to work with us.
Kate Beckett: Which means we just lost our only lead.
Richard Castle: So what do we do?
Kate Beckett: I don't know. Maybe you're right. Maybe it is time for a change. I hear Paris is nice this time of year.
Richard Castle: So long as I'm with you, I'll go anywhere.

Caleb Brown: You know, every morning we wake up and we choose who we want to be. I wake up and I ask myself "Why are you choosing this?". Because you're right, Kate. I was a good guy once.
Kate Beckett: And you still can be. Who is LokSat?
Caleb Brown: I don't know.
Richard Castle: Oh, come on. You work for him.
Caleb Brown: Yes. But I started out working for his partner.
Kate Beckett: Senator William Bracken?
Caleb Brown: Mm-hmm.
Kate Beckett: So, what, LokSat inherited you?
Caleb Brown: It was more like drafted. After Bracken's murder, I received this on my doorstep with a note.
[he takes a cell phone out of his pocket]
Caleb Brown: And I quote, "Mr. Brown, you now work for me. This cell phone is enabled with GPS and will only function at the northernmost end of Astor Park. Be there every third Monday of the month at 8:00 a.m. to receive your orders." Kate, it's yours.
[he offers the phone to her]
Caleb Brown: And hopefully you can trace LokSat's next call.
Kate Beckett: Mm-mm. They're gonna know I'm not you.
Caleb Brown: We don't have a conversation. The phone rings, I answer. An electronically modified voice gives me instructions. It lasts no more than sixty seconds, so have your best people ready.
[Beckett takes the phone, and Caleb starts to leave]
Richard Castle: Where are you going?
Caleb Brown: Um... I'm gonna go to the same places that I always go; work, home. I'm gonna act as if nothing has changed.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, but it has. And we can protect you.
Caleb Brown: All I want from you is your promise that you will see this thing through. And remember who I chose to be today, because nobody else will.

[last lines]
Richard Castle: This is it. It's our one shot at LokSat.
Kate Beckett: Yeah. And when the time comes, we're gonna make it count.

[deleted scene]
Caleb Brown: Hey, what is this I hear that Lanie declared the same guy dead twice today?
Lanie Parish: [entering] He *was* dead twice today.
Kate Beckett: [as Caleb leaves] Still pretty sensitive, huh?
Lanie Parish: How am I ever gonna live this down?
Kate Beckett: Declare a dead guy alive.
[seeing Lanie's expression]
Kate Beckett: I'm joking, okay? Look, it's gonna blow over. We just have to solve Alan's case and keep him safe from the mob in the meantime.
Lanie Parish: Forget about the mob. I would be more worried about your husband.

"Castle: Probable Cause (#5.5)" (2012)
Kevin Ryan: Tech just finished with Castle's computer. Parts of it had been wiped, just like Tessa's.
Kate Beckett: Were they able to recover anything?
Javier Esposito: They found a file that he had deleted. It was a story concept about how to commit the perfect murder.
Kevin Ryan: Beckett, the character gets away with it by staging a crime scene so bizarre the cops can't see he's hiding right under their noses.
Javier Esposito: It was like a dry run on paper, all the way down to the weird symbol we found on the victim's forehead.
Kevin Ryan: They found something else on his drive. E-mails. Dozens of them. Between Castle and the victim.
Javier Esposito: Beckett... they had been having an affair.

Kate Beckett: [evidence on Castle's computer suggests he was having an affair with the victim] They started up about eight weeks ago, according to those e-mails. He met her after one of his book signings, and he asked her out for coffee, and that was a... it was just a couple of weeks after we started seeing each other.
Lanie Parish: [sympathetically] Oh, sweetie.
Kate Beckett: He told her that needed to keep it a secret, because he was with someone else. And then when he tried to break it off about a week ago, she threatened to go and tell his girlfriend. He offered to come over to her apartment to talk things through. And that was the night of the murder.
Lanie Parish: He had motive. What did Castle say when you talked to him?
Kate Beckett: He said that the e-mails were faked. He said he never wrote that story and that he was being framed.
[Beckett sniffles, near tears]
Kate Beckett: You should have seen him, Lanie. He looked like a little boy, he was so scared. I know him, Lanie. He is... an immature, egotistical, self-centered jackass sometimes, but he's not this.

ADA Toni Gonzalez: You want the DA's office to do what?
Captain Victoria Gates: All we're asking for is a delay until we can sort all this out.
ADA Toni Gonzalez: No. What you're asking for is preferential treatment for a murder suspect. You want to sort this out, you sort it out after he's arraigned.
Kate Beckett: No, I don't think you understand. There's not gonna be an "after".
ADA Toni Gonzalez: If it's his safety you're concerned about, we're prepared to put him in protective custody.
Kate Beckett: Do you have any idea who you're dealing with? Do you even know what Jerry Tyson has proven himself capable of?
ADA Toni Gonzalez: Who do you think met the families of his victims and held their hands when he slipped through your fingers, Detective? I'm very aware of what 3XK is capable of.
Kate Beckett: Then you should know that your protective custody isn't worth a damn. If he wants to kill Castle, he's gonna find a way to do it.

Javier Esposito: I've spent some time in Central. I've seen the Tombs. The way they stack bodies in those cells, if there's a bounty on Castle's head, protective custody ain't gonna do jack.
Kevin Ryan: That's assuming Tyson paid off a prisoner. It could be a guard.
Kate Beckett: So we can't protect him. Not there. We have to stop that transfer. We need evidence that 3XK was involved.
Javier Esposito: Yeah, but we've got nothing to go on.
Kate Beckett: Okay, to pull this off, he needed access to Castle's loft. So get teams over there and tear that place apart. Find me a fingerprint, a hidden microphone, broken window jamb, anything that puts him there.
Kevin Ryan: Tessa was seeing someone. If it wasn't Castle...
Kate Beckett: Then maybe it was Tyson. Hit her office. Look for files, schedules, client lists. There's got to be something that ties back to him.

Kate Beckett: We went through the surveillance footage from last night. There's no evidence that Jerry Tyson was in the station, and there is no evidence that the system had been tampered with.
Richard Castle: Beckett, I swear to you, he was here.
Kate Beckett: Castle...
Richard Castle: No, I know. I sound crazy. A desperate story from a desperate man, just... just like he wanted.
Kate Beckett: You're right, it does sound desperate. But it's the first time that this story has made sense.
Richard Castle: [his spirits lifting] You believe me?
Kate Beckett: I never stopped.

Richard Castle: [Beckett is cuffing him for his transfer to booking] This is so much less fun than the other night at your place. Do you remember the first time you handcuffed me? We were at the New York Public Library. Remember how angry you were that I wouldn't stop investigating that case?
Kate Beckett: Yeah, I remember.
Richard Castle: What I wouldn't give to be there now.
Kate Beckett: Castle, this isn't over. I promise you I will get you out.
Richard Castle: It's okay. Whatever happens, it's okay.

Jerry Tyson: Castle! I got your girl! Are you watching? I want you to see this. You think I'd let you live? After everything you've done? Castle! Come on, I want you to watch. I want you to watch as I take her life.
[as he talks, Tyson drags Beckett with him over to her car; looking into the car, he sees it's empty]
Richard Castle: Over here.
[Tyson turns around, and Castle fires Beckett's gun at him; he falls off the bridge into the water below; as they look down at where he landed, the scene fades into the recovery attempt the following morning]
Kate Beckett: They still haven't found the body.
Richard Castle: They won't. He's not dead.
Kate Beckett: Castle, what are you saying?
Richard Castle: This was never about me. This was about him. Those initials in her datebook? He's not that careless. He wanted us to find that place. He wanted us on this bridge. Tessa's murder, the frame-up, all of it was to get us here so we could help him do what he couldn't do for himself. Disappear, so he can start killing again.
Kate Beckett: You think he planned this?
Richard Castle: How does a wanted man stop being wanted?
[Castle jabs his thumb at the crime scene]
Richard Castle: It has to be public, and it has to be final.
Kate Beckett: Do you know how crazy that sounds?
Richard Castle: No one's gonna be looking for him anymore.
Kate Beckett: You shot him. He's dead. It's over.
Richard Castle: [to himself, as Beckett walks away] For now.

Kate Beckett: I'm telling you, it's the Triple Killer. Strangulation, misdirects, planting evidence. It's Tyson's M.O.
Captain Victoria Gates: 3XK targeted multiple victims. Always women, never men. So why the change?
Kate Beckett: Revenge. That's the only thing that explains everything.
Captain Victoria Gates: No, not everything. Not that video of Castle.
Javier Esposito: Yeah, actually, it might.
Kevin Ryan: Tyson did something similar in the Russo case. Used a double for the cameras to throw us off.
Kate Beckett: Sir, the D.A.'s already filed charges. They're gonna send him to Central Booking today. We know that we can prove this, we just need more time.

Kate Beckett: [covertly meeting Castle at the library] Thank god you're okay.
Richard Castle: Thank god you understood my message.
Kate Beckett: First time that I cuffed you. What you wouldn't give to be back there now.
Richard Castle: Come on.
Kate Beckett: Yeah.
Richard Castle: [they sit down] I knew I couldn't call once I left.
Kate Beckett: Castle, how did you do it? How did you escape?
Richard Castle: I got a great lawyer.
Kate Beckett: Come on.
Richard Castle: Someone owed me a favor. The less you know, the better. But the good news is I'm still alive.
Kate Beckett: The DA has branded you a fugitive. Every cop in New York is looking for you.
Richard Castle: Yes, well, they won't be the only ones after the 5:00 news. By now they've tagged my phone, my house, my accounts. I'm not gonna last long out here. We have to act quickly.
Kate Beckett: I've got teams at your place looking for any trace of Tyson. Ryan is wading through paperwork at Tessa's office to see if there's a connection.
Richard Castle: Well, that could take weeks. I think I've got something better. Sitting in Holding, I kept thinking how could he possibly pull this off? How could he get video of me buying those earrings? And then it hit me.
[Castle shows her a magazine]
Kate Beckett: Broadway Casting?
Richard Castle: You want someone to play a role, you cast it.
[opening the magazine and showing Beckett a want ad]
Richard Castle: Look at this notice from four months ago by a celebrity lookalike firm.
Kate Beckett: Private book club party?
Richard Castle: Look who they're looking for.
Kate Beckett: James Patterson, Stephen King, J. K. Rowling...
Richard Castle: And me.

Kate Beckett: You okay?
Richard Castle: Yeah. Just finding that stuff of Tyson's, seems lucky.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, sometimes luck is all you need. He can't hide now. We'll find him.
Richard Castle: Thank you.
Kate Beckett: For what?
Richard Castle: Believing in me. I mean, given my reputation, my history, when you saw those e-mails, it would've been real easy not to.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, things have never been easy between you and me.
Richard Castle: Maybe that's what makes it all worthwhile.
[out of nowhere, their car is rear-ended by an SUV]

Kate Beckett: [seeing Castle's intense stare at the murder board] What?
Richard Castle: The way he left the body, the time it took... whoever did this, he liked it.

Kate Beckett: What about her e-mails?
Kevin Ryan: Nothing from her mystery lover, so I had them take a look at her hard drive. Turns out portions of it have been surgically wiped, like someone covering their tracks.
Richard Castle: So we're back to square one.
Kate Beckett: Not necessarily. Tessa's roommate said that he gave her some jewelry. Maybe he left a fingerprint on one of those pieces.
Kevin Ryan: I'll head to her place, see what I can find out.
Richard Castle: [Ryan leaves] Jewelry. I never would have thought of that.
Kate Beckett: Well, I guess I'll have to remind you when my birthday's coming up.
Richard Castle: Why, Detective Beckett, was that a hint you just dropped?
Kate Beckett: Why, Mr. Castle, I do believe it was.
Richard Castle: Shameless.

Javier Esposito: The inside of Tessa's apartment was wiped clean.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, we expected that.
Javier Esposito: Yeah, but we didn't expect this. CSU were able to pull prints off the outside doorknob and from around the door frame. And they found a set that didn't match Tessa's or her roommate's. When they ran it, they found a match to someone else in the system.
Kate Beckett: Okay. Who?
Javier Esposito: [handing her the report] Richard Castle.
Kate Beckett: [looking at the report, the result is in black and white, clear as day] Yeah... uh... That can't be right. You know what? It was... it was probably just an accident. He probably touched them on his way in before putting his gloves on.
Javier Esposito: Yeah, that would explain it. Except that CSU collected them before either of you arrived.

Richard Castle: Beckett, was is this?
Kate Beckett: We found a piece of jewelry in Tessa's apartment, and we traced it back to the man that bought it for her. Castle, it was you.
Richard Castle: What are you talking about?
Kate Beckett: It was purchased with a cashier's check for $12,780. Earlier that day, you withdrew the same amount of money from your pocket account, as a cashier's check.
Richard Castle: You looked into my financials? You're investigating me?
Kate Beckett: Castle...
Richard Castle: Kate, this is not me. And I didn't buy any jewelry. I certainly didn't use a cashier's check.
Kate Beckett: Then you need to explain it. This, the withdrawal, the fingerprint. You need to tell me what the hell's going on.

Kate Beckett: Sir, he's not a killer.
Captain Victoria Gates: Then how do you explain all of this?
Kate Beckett: The evidence isn't the whole story. Castle's taught me that.
Captain Victoria Gates: You know, I'm not always a fan of Mr. Castle's detective, but even I'm having trouble believing he'd do something so... heinous.

Kate Beckett: The badge numbers on the paperwork don't exist. They were impostors.
Javier Esposito: It's gotta be Tyson. He set this up.
Kate Beckett: He isn't gonna have Castle killed. He's gonna kill him himself.
Captain Victoria Gates: Well, the D.A.'s calling it a prisoner escape. They've issued an APB and instructed me to begin a manhunt.
Javier Esposito: What? They think Castle did this?
Captain Victoria Gates: Well, as far as they're concerned, he's well connected, knows our procedure, and has substantial resources.
Javier Esposito: That's ridiculous.
Captain Victoria Gates: [seeing the ADA enter the precinct] You two keep working the Tyson angle. I've got this.
Kate Beckett: [as Gates leaves, something she said clicks with something Castle said earlier] Resources...
Javier Esposito: Do you believe that? Branding Castle a fugitive when he's probably being held captive by a serial killer? So what's our next...
[he turns to see Beckett is gone]
Javier Esposito: ...move?

Javier Esposito: [after Castle and Beckett talk to Castle's lookalike] Well, the address for the show's producer is another dead P.O. box, and the phone number's defunct.
Kate Beckett: Okay, what about his paycheck?
Javier Esposito: Well, I talked to the bank, and the corporate account that cut the check is closed, and the corporate contact, Joseph Vacher, well, doesn't seem to exist.
Richard Castle: Yeah, he exists, all right. Or at least he used to. Joseph Vacher was a famous French serial killer from the late 1800s.
Javier Esposito: So he's got a sense of humor.

Kate Beckett: [Castle is the prime suspect in a murder] You guys, when you look through Castle's phone records...
Javier Esposito: It's okay. We know.
Kevin Ryan: We won't tell Gates unless we have to.
Kate Beckett: You know? How?
Javier Esposito: [scoffs] I mean, it... it's us, so...
Kevin Ryan: We didn't say anything because we figured it was nobody's business, but we gotta ask... were you with him that night?
Kate Beckett: [as she talks, she realizes he doesn't have an alibi] No, he, uh... I... I was supposed to be. His, uh, mom was out of town, and then he said that he needed... time... to write.

Kate Beckett: [visiting Castle in Holding] Hey.
Richard Castle: Hey.
Kate Beckett: Castle, whoever is behind this, whatever is going on, I will figure this out. I promise.
Richard Castle: I know.
Kate Beckett: In the meantime, you have some visitors.
[she steps aside for Martha and Alexis]

Javier Esposito: I just heard from the team at Castle's loft. Nothing yet.
Kate Beckett: So it's gonna happen just like Tyson said, huh? I'm not gonna be able to save him in time.
Javier Esposito: Well, we're not done yet.
Kate Beckett: Jav... how secure is Holding?
Javier Esposito: Whoa, you're not even thinking about that.
Kate Beckett: We're talking about his life. We can't let them take him.
Javier Esposito: Are you crazy? It would never work. You... you'll never even get out of Holding.
Kate Beckett: Tyson did it.
Javier Esposito: Because nobody was looking for him. He had weeks to plan it, maybe even longer. I know how you feel about the guy; I love him, too. But there's nothing we can do.

Kate Beckett: Cause of death?
Lanie Parish: Ligature marks and petechiae suggest strangulation.
Kate Beckett: What about this wound on her forehead?
Javier Esposito: It's non-lethal. Given the detail, it looks like it was carved by some kind of razor.
Richard Castle: It's a symbol of some kind.
Kate Beckett: Do you recognize it?
Richard Castle: No, but the killer went through a lot of trouble. Must mean something.

Kate Beckett: It's not easy hanging a body, and she's at least a hundred pounds.
Kevin Ryan: I checked in with CSU. They found prints in the hallway, but the apartment is spotless. Looks like it's been wiped down.
Javier Esposito: This guy cleaned up after himself.
Richard Castle: He didn't mind taking his time.
Kate Beckett: So the killer knew that the roommate was gonna be out of town. What's the security like in this place?
Kevin Ryan: Buzzer on the front door, no doorman or security cameras, but there's no sign of forced entry, no sign of a struggle.
Kate Beckett: She knew him.

Richard Castle: What's wrong?
Kate Beckett: It's, uh... it's just... that crime scene.
Richard Castle: What about it?
Kate Beckett: The person that killed Tessa was meticulous, but when we questioned Kurtzman, he got all flustered.
Richard Castle: So?
Kate Beckett: So if he put that much thought into killing her, then... why didn't he have an alibi prepared?
Richard Castle: Perhaps because he was so meticulous he didn't expect to get caught.

Kate Beckett: There's another explanation.
Javier Esposito: Like what?
Kate Beckett: I don't know, okay? It's somebody else. Someone that looks like Castle.
Javier Esposito: We found his fingerprints at the crime scene. We got him on video buying jewelry for our victim. It can't be a coincidence.
Kate Beckett: Javi, what are you saying? That Castle's a killer?
Kevin Ryan: Whoa, whoa, whoa. No, no. None of us are saying that. All he's saying is that if it were anyone else, we'd look into it.
Javier Esposito: We could start by looking at his financials. See if there's any unusual activity around the time of the purchase.
Kate Beckett: [reluctantly] Fine. But we do it quietly, and he never finds out about it.

"Castle: PhDead (#8.3)" (2015)
Kate Beckett: Listen, you can still back out. I can do this on my own.
Vikram Singh: Not a chance. I'd be dead if not for you, which means I owe you. Besides, I always wanted to be a digital investigator for the NYPD.
Kate Beckett: It's a real job, Vikram. You'll be helping the 12th solve homicides.
Vikram Singh: By day. By night, I'll wear a cape and track down the mysterious villain who sent a hit squad to kill us and scapegoat-murdered Allison Hyde.
Kate Beckett: Would you take this seriously, please? I just blew up my marriage to go down this path.

Kate Beckett: If I don't get justice for Rachel and for everyone else, no one will. We just gotta do this fast.
Vikram Singh: Fast is the one speed we can't move. We need stealth.
Kate Beckett: If this takes any longer, then Castle's gonna figure out what we're doing.
Vikram Singh: And if he does?
Kate Beckett: He's gonna step in. And he's gonna put himself in danger.
Vikram Singh: Then make sure he stays away.

[Castle has locked them in a prison cell to figure out how the victim escaped]
Kate Beckett: You trapped me in here on purpose.
Richard Castle: No, I didn't. But since you brought it up, tell me: why do you feel trapped in our marriage?
Kate Beckett: I don't.
Richard Castle: Then why did you leave?

Kate Beckett: Castle, I asked for time. Why can't you give me that?
Richard Castle: Because you need me.

Kate Beckett: Okay, Vikram, what have you got?
Vikram Singh: I might have identified Allison Hyde's killer. Pulled footage from the hotel cameras around the time Hyde was killed. Managed to ID everyone, except this guy.
Kate Beckett: [he hands over a tablet with a picture of said mystery man] Look, this doesn't mean anything. There's plenty of people who aren't in our facial recognition database.
Vikram Singh: Didn't just use ours. I snuck into the NSA, ran him through their top-secret database. It's a civil liberties nightmare, but very comprehensive. Our well-dressed man is a total ghost. So unless you know a ghostbuster, we're out of luck.
Kate Beckett: I might know somebody. He's helped me out in the past, and he's connected to this world. But he's technically dead, which means you're gonna have to dig him up.
Vikram Singh: Just to be clear, you mean he faked his own death and now he's hiding under a new identity that you need me to uncover.
Kate Beckett: Yeah.
Vikram Singh: Good. 'Cause I'm not a huge fan of shoveling.

Kate Beckett: It's been a long time.
Michael Smith: What the hell are you doing here?
Kate Beckett: Sorry to shake your snow globe, but you helped me once, when I was being framed for Vulcan Simmons' murder, and I need your help again.
Michael Smith: Forget it. I paid all my debts.
Kate Beckett: [showing him the picture of Mystery Man] This man killed an assistant AG connected to Bracken's dirty money scheme.
Michael Smith: I don't know him.
Kate Beckett: He works for Bracken's partner. Some... mystery man, or woman, deep inside the CIA.
Michael Smith: Why can't you just leave this alone?
Kate Beckett: I wasn't built that way.
Michael Smith: Look, I've got a good thing here. A woman who loves me, a new life. I'm happy. You could be, too. You just have to let it go.
Kate Beckett: I can't.
Michael Smith: What makes you think the drug shipments stopped with Vulcan Simmons' death? Every narcotic has a signature; a fingerprint, if you will. You find his, pick up the trail.
Kate Beckett: Thank you.
Michael Smith: Don't. You're gonna get yourself killed.

Richard Castle: [leading Dr. Lillstrom into the precinct] Yet another case closed courtesy of Richard Castle Investigations.
Kate Beckett: Um... who is this woman? And are you in handcuffs?
Dr. Barbara Lillstrom: This man abducted me.
Richard Castle: It's not an abduction, it's a citizen's arrest. Please get it straight.

Kate Beckett: You went to an underground prison? Alone?
Richard Castle: No. Not alone; I had Alexis with me.
Kate Beckett: [sarcastic] Oh, well, since you had backup. Are you kidding, Castle? Your daughter?
Richard Castle: When you say it in that tone, I sound like a bad parent.

Kate Beckett: There's protocol. You know that. If you had a lead, you should have called us.
Richard Castle: Oh, believe me, I wanted to, but they locked us up in a cell.
Kate Beckett: No, I mean you should have called us be... wait, they locked you up?
[Castle nods]
Kate Beckett: [taking a moment to let the information sink in] You know what? Never mind. I don't want to know.

Dr. Barbara Lillstrom: [about Castle's treatment of her] That man is insane. I'm innocent.
Kate Beckett: If he says you're a suspect, then trust me, you are far from innocent.

Richard Castle: I'm sorry, Beckett. I screwed up.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, you did.
Richard Castle: And I jeopardized the entire case.
Kate Beckett: Again, yes. But you know what? If it wasn't for you, then we'd still be thinking that Peter's prison uniform was a Halloween costume.

Richard Castle: You're not buying this, are you? No confession, no smoking gun. It's just... not clean.
Kate Beckett: Well, that's how homicides are sometimes. You know that.
Richard Castle: Yeah, but something's still bothering me. There's a part of the mystery that hasn't been solved yet. We're missing part of the story.
Kate Beckett: And how do you suggest we find it?
Richard Castle: The same way we always do. We start at the beginning, back at the prison.
Kate Beckett: You just want an excuse to get me alone.
Richard Castle: No, Beckett, I just want the truth. What really happened to Peter that night.

Richard Castle: [trying to understand the logic behind their separation] So, what happened, Kate? What did I do wrong?
Kate Beckett: Castle, this one's not about you. It's on me. I love you. I always will.

Javier Esposito: I guess nothing in life is permanent.
Kate Beckett: [From behind the bush] Tell that to the victim.

Kevin Ryan: Captain Beckett. What brings you out into the field?
Kate Beckett: Work. What do you think, I'm gonna be stuck in the office just 'cause I'm captain?

Kate Beckett: So, who's our fugitive?
Javier Esposito: No ID yet, but the jumpsuit is standard issue at Rikers. But they say that none of their prisoners have gone missing.
Kevin Ryan: We had them lock down the facility, but a 14,000 inmate head count's gonna take some time.
Kate Beckett: You run his prints?
Kevin Ryan: Yeah. So far, nothing.
Kate Beckett: Nothing? The guy's a convicted felon. His fingerprints are on file.
Kevin Ryan: Yeah.
Javier Esposito: Probably a glitch. You know, those portable scanners, sometimes they're wonky.

Kate Beckett: Is there any chance that this wasn't a homicide?
Lanie Parish: None. It took brute force to puncture the victim's body with that branch. Someone had to shove him onto it.
Kate Beckett: So how does an escaped convict from Rikers Island end up in the middle of Central Park without anyone seeing him?
Lanie Parish: It was late. Lividity puts the time of death between midnight and 2:00 a.m.
Kate Beckett: [to Ryan and Esposito] All right. Keep running prints. I'm gonna walk around, see what I can find.

Kevin Ryan: Rikers completed their head count. All inmates are accounted for.
Kate Beckett: So where'd the vic's jumpsuit come from?
Javier Esposito: [approaching] Costume shop. Our John Doe was not an inmate. He was a college student. Tattoo on his shoulder is the original mascot design of the Hudson U Red Devils. Now, I checked the college website. Peter Garber, 21 years old. Majoring in marketing.
Kevin Ryan: But that doesn't explain the jumpsuit.
Kate Beckett: [realizing something] You guys, it's October. Halloween's basically a month-long party in college.

Frat Boy: You're pretty hot for a cop.
Kate Beckett: I have a gun.

Kate Beckett: Which sounds better, "negligent infliction of emotional distress" or "gross psychological abuse"?
Dr. Barbara Lillstrom: What are you doing?
Kate Beckett: I'm writing an e-mail to the entire Hud U faculty. Figured I'd let everyone know that you are conducting an unauthorized experiment with members of the student body secretly funded by the U.S. military.
Dr. Barbara Lillstrom: I'd love to see you prove it. Especially because every participating student signs a nondisclosure agreement.
Kate Beckett: Oh. Well, then, I suppose you won't mind if I send this.
Dr. Barbara Lillstrom: Wait! Wait. What'll it take for you not to tell anyone at Hudson about this?
Kate Beckett: The truth.
Dr. Barbara Lillstrom: Do I have your word, captain?
Kate Beckett: Hud U will never hear from me.

Kate Beckett: We're not having this conversation. I asked you for space and you literally locked me up in a jail cell.
Richard Castle: [Beckett draws her gun] Okay, wait. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Okay, oaky. You can... I'll give you space. I'll give you space.
Kate Beckett: [he sees she's aiming at the lock on the cell door] You know what? It'd be just my luck. It would ricochet and hit you, and then I'd have two murders to contend with.
[she puts her gun away]

Kate Beckett: Something's not right here. How did Peter reach the vent from inside the cell?
Kate Beckett, Richard Castle: [realizing] It was a two man job!
Richard Castle: Two prisoners escaped, but only one was missing. Which means...
Kate Beckett, Richard Castle: The killer came back.

Vikram Singh: Thanks for meeting me. I finished peiceing this together for our investigation.
[he shows her his tablet]
Vikram Singh: [noticing Beckett wipe a tear from her eye] You're having second thoughts. Aren't you?
Kate Beckett: God, I just... I knew that this was gonna tough. I didn't think it was gonna be like this.
Vikram Singh: I get it. I do. Look, maybe we need to stop before we start. Beckett, I'll follow your lead.
[he taps a button on the tablet reading "Delete All"]
Vikram Singh: What should we do?
Kate Beckett: [on the screen reading "Are You Sure? Yes/No", she taps "No"] Let's get to work.

"Castle: Scared to Death (#5.17)" (2013)
Kate Beckett: [searching the victim's apartment] Did you find anything yet?
Richard Castle: Yes. A closet with more stilettos than yours. I didn't think it was possible.

Kate Beckett: So Pearlmutter. How was Val Butler killed?
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: It appears she died of heart failure.
Richard Castle: At 27?
Kate Beckett: Did she have heart problems?
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: Well, she certainly did once it stopped beating.

Richard Castle: You don't know what killed her.
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: I wouldn't say that.
Richard Castle: Do you have a theory?
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: Not at the present time.
Richard Castle: That means you don't know.
[Perlmutter sighs]
Richard Castle: And the only explanation is that Val faced something so scary it stopped her heart and froze her face in the last expression she had. Terror. Admit it.
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: All I'll say, Mr. Castle, is that for now cause of death is unknown.
Richard Castle: Unknown. Hear that?
[he pulls out his wallet and fumbles with a piece of paper]
Richard Castle: Not good.
Kate Beckett: What are you doing?
Richard Castle: Checking my bucket list. See how many things I can get done in two days. Can either one of you introduce me to Bill Shatner?

Kevin Ryan: The box was last rented by an Andrew Levine who died of liver failure three months ago. Somehow I don't think he's connected to this case.
Kate Beckett: So the killer covered his tracks. He must have written a random PO Box on the packaging slip.
Kevin Ryan: Or...
Kate Beckett: No. Ryan! There is no or.
Kevin Ryan: I'm just saying, maybe the reason we can't trace the package's origins is because it was sent from another realm.
Javier Esposito: Ryan is right. It was sent from another realm. New Jersey.

Richard Castle: Maybe we should make a copy of the DVD and send it to someone else. That's how they saved people in The Ring.
Kevin Ryan: Yeah, but all those people that got a copy died.
Javier Esposito: Yeah, and you'd just be passing the buck off to someone else. That's cold, bro.
Richard Castle: Okay, does anyone have a better solution? Because we need one. If not for me, at least for Beckett.
Kate Beckett: Aw, Castle, that's so sweet. You want me to outlive you?
Richard Castle: Of course. Who else is going to tell my tale of sacrifice and selflessness?

Kate Beckett: Okay, so both of our victims stayed at that inn at the same time. So... maybe they were having an affair.
Kevin Ryan: In 2008 Val would have been... 24. Jason would have been 66 and an affair would have been...
Richard Castle: Gross.
Kevin Ryan: I was going to say unlikely.

Richard Castle: We're running out of time. So I'm going to scratch off number 27 on my bucket list.
[takes a breath]
Richard Castle: You remember that uh, blue porcelain váse you had on your dining room table?
Kate Beckett: Yeah, the one the wind blew over.
Richard Castle: Yeah, about that. I was playing Wii Tennis in the living room...
Kate Beckett: You broke my vase?
Richard Castle: Váse.
[gets a death glare]
Richard Castle: Vase is acceptable too.
Kate Beckett: You know what? You can stop worrying about the spirits getting to you because I just might kill you myself.

Richard Castle: Okay, so I've got incense, palaspas, Ba Gua Mirror. This is a veritable war chest for fighting evil spirits.
Kate Beckett: Is that holy water?
Richard Castle: Yeah.
Kate Beckett: Where did you get that from?
Richard Castle: A priest blessed this for me two years ago.
Kate Beckett: And you just keep it around?
Richard Castle: Knew it would come in handy one day. Now, what weapon do you want?
Kate Beckett: I think I'll be fine with my gun.

Richard Castle: Can this get any worse? A dead serial killer has gone missing, we've both seen a cursed disc, we're at a cabin in the woods with no cell phone reception. I don't need Wes Craven to tell me how this ends.
Kate Beckett: Well think about it this way, Castle. In all of those horror movies someone survives.
Richard Castle: Yeah, someone. One of us. And the other one is cursed with being charming and funny. I don't think I need to tell you what kind of chances the comic relief guy has.

Richard Castle: [They are about to watch the DVD] You wanna hold my hand?
Kate Beckett: Castle, I'm not scared.
Richard Castle: Well, I wasn't asking for *you*.

Kate Beckett: It's getting kinda late. Kay? So, why don't we just call it a night? You know what? Actually... we could go back to my place tonight and take some more photos.
Richard Castle: [smiling] I might be... convinced-
[His smile drops]
Richard Castle: Whoa. Wait a minute! In every horror movie I've ever seen, having sex pretty much guarantees we will die. So, for the safety of us both, I say we just hold off.
Kate Beckett: You sure?
[Moving closer to him and whispering]
Kate Beckett: I mean, think about it, Castle. This could be our last time.
Richard Castle: [Backing up] That's not- okay-
[Backs into a chair]
Richard Castle: What you're doing, right now? This is not helping. This... I'm gonna... remove myself
[sliding sideways away from her]
Richard Castle: from temptation.
[Backing away from her]
Richard Castle: A good night's sleep will give me perspective.
[He turns and walks into a pole]

Kate Beckett: [Noticing that Esposito is looking around the hotel with trepidation] You're not buying into Castle's spirit craziness, are you?
Javier Esposito: No.
[Gives her a look of disbelief and makes a scoffing sound]
Javier Esposito: You think I'm... afraid of some old campfire story? I'm a grown ass man.
Mitch Greenberg: Need help?
Javier Esposito: [He jerks violently as he turns around and slams back against the wall] Just, just so you know, um... That was me being startled, not scared.

Richard Castle: All right, let's hear it.
Kate Beckett: Hear what?
Richard Castle: Your explanation for this. If there's one thing I can always count on, it's you and your logic, so...
Kate Beckett: You want me to explain the dead serial killer's missing body?
[Castle nods hopefully]
Kate Beckett: I don't know what happened here. Yet.
Richard Castle: That's it? That's all you've got?

Richard Castle: We're going to a cabin in the woods in the middle of nowhere?
Kate Beckett: Yeah. So?
Richard Castle: So, it's like the coed checking out the strange noise in the basement in a slasher pic. It's a recipe for disaster.

[relaxing at the loft after solving the case]
Kate Beckett: Okay, so here is to a job well done. And now you can finally get rid of this bucket... list of yours.
[Beckett does a small double take and looks closer at the list]
Richard Castle: What's that look for?
Kate Beckett: [surprised and touched] "Be with Kate"? That's your number one? When did you write this?
Richard Castle: Well, like three years ago. Ooh! I can cross that one off.

Javier Esposito: Freddie's alibi checks out. Friends confirm that he met them at 11, they hung out a club 'till dawn.
Kate Beckett: So he's not our guy.
Richard Castle: Well, I'll just point out that Val asked him if he believed in "the power of evil", and then was talking about how "it was real." I hate to say it...
Kate Beckett: Then don't.

Richard Castle: When did you say Val got that package?
Kate Beckett: Three days before she died.
Richard Castle: That was midnight on the third day. She died because she saw this disc. And now I saw it! Which means I'm next.

Richard Castle: [in front of the murder board] You know, if there's gonna be pictures of us hanging up there, we should really pick 'em out now.
Kate Beckett: You know, Castle, we could always use that photo that I took of you in bed the other night.
Richard Castle: I don't know if that's how I want to be remembered.
Kate Beckett: Castle, I was joking. There will be no photos of us on that murder board. By tomorrow, we are gonna find a connection between our two victims that will lead us straight to a flesh and blood killer.

Kate Beckett: There's one thing on my bucket list that I would like to accomplish. And it involves a little trick that I do.
[shaking the drinking glass in her hand]
Kate Beckett: With ice.
Richard Castle: See, now that definitely sounds worth living for.
Kate Beckett: [entering the bedroom] Hey, Castle, the ice is melting.

Javier Esposito: What are you saying, Castle? Oh, was the boogey man out to get her?
Richard Castle: I'm saying maybe that's what she thought. Why she said "It's coming for me". Why the lights went out. Why she inexplicably died and why she looks so scared.
Kate Beckett: She was scared because she was about to be killed by an actual person. So we should spend our time looking for that person. Let's set up a canvass and talk to everyone in the building that might have seen or heard something.

Kate Beckett: What'd we get from Val's family and friends?
Kevin Ryan: Just that they hadn't heard from her in the last three days. She wasn't returning any of their messages.
Richard Castle: Three days? That's how long Val's roommate said she'd been acting strangely.
Kevin Ryan: Yeah, so I dug into the last seventy-two hours of her life. Besides a credit card charge for a train ticket to Greenwich, there was nothing else unusual.
Kate Beckett: What was she doing in Greenwich?
Kevin Ryan: I'm still looking into that. But as far as abnormalities for the last few days, that was it.
Richard Castle: [looking over Beckett's shoulder at Val's financials] Uh, no, there's more. The wind chime, the horse shoe, the book on urban legends. All bought online two days ago. Almost as if Val thought some kind of evil spirit was coming for her.
Kate Beckett: Castle, what she thought was gonna happen versus what actually happened are two completely different things.

Kate Beckett: Castle, that message wasn't for you. It was a threat for Val, and it wasn't made by spirits, it was made by her murderer. So tracing the disc to whoever sent it should lead us straight to him. Espo?
Javier Esposito: Yeah.
Kate Beckett: There's a PO box on this air bill. Would you look into it?
Javier Esposito: Yeah.
Kate Beckett: And Ryan, why don't you take a look at this disc and see...
Kevin Ryan: Oh, I'm... I'm sorry, what?
Javier Esposito: Et tu, bro?
Richard Castle: What did you say about the story being a legend?
Kevin Ryan: Um... well, uh... Jenny and I, we are trying to make a baby, so we're abiding by every superstition in the book.
Kate Beckett: Okay, fine. Here, Espo.
Javier Esposito: Uh, nah. I can't... I can't watch that. If I watch that, it's gonna make my partner out to be a wimp. And I can't have that.
Kevin Ryan: Thanks, bro.
Javier Esposito: [they fist bump] Yeah.
Kate Beckett: This is so pathetic. Fine, I will watch it.
Richard Castle: [following her out] Wait, whoa. What are you doing?
Kate Beckett: Castle, I'm doing my job. Someone here has to.

Kevin Ryan: The victims were at the inn, the inn was on the disc. There's gotta be a connection.
Richard Castle: The inn must be the place where some unspeakable horror befell the spirits. Think about it; "The Ring", "Psycho", "The Shining". It's when we get to the creepy old motel that everything starts really going south, so this must be the location of the spirit's origin story.
Kate Beckett: Or somehow Val and Jason connected with the human killer at that inn.
Richard Castle: My version's better.

"Castle: After the Storm (#5.1)" (2012)
Kate Beckett: So, you here to apologize for hiding me in your closet?
Richard Castle: Look, let me explain. When I heard her voice, I reacted by instinct.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, like the instinct of a sophomore in high school.
Richard Castle: Right.
[gets a glare]
Richard Castle: No. Look. I...
Kate Beckett: Wait a minute. You're embarrassed about being seen with me.
Richard Castle: Now that is not true. Look, I... this... I... look... okay, this is all just still very new to me. And call me selfish, but I want to keep what we have together to ourselves a bit longer.
Kate Beckett: Still, it wasn't your finest hour.
Richard Castle: No.
[moves toward her]
Richard Castle: But maybe I can make it up to you... somehow.
Kate Beckett: I suppose since we know your mom's not going to be barging in, we could go for round two.
Richard Castle: Well, technically it would be round four, but...
[there's a knock at the door]
Richard Castle: She's stalking us. She knows.

Richard Castle: Well, you were right. I had no idea.
Kate Beckett: So you liked it?
Richard Castle: Yeah.
Kate Beckett: Even the part where...
Richard Castle: Especially that part. I loved that.
Kate Beckett: Good. Me, too.

Kate Beckett: I did just quit my job. And I do have the day off.
Richard Castle: I do, too.
Kate Beckett: Really?
Richard Castle: Yes. So what would you, um, like to do today?
Kate Beckett: Um... I don't know, we could read.
Richard Castle: We could watch TV.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, we could get something to eat.
Richard Castle: We could do that, yeah.
[they lean in to kiss]
Martha Rodgers: [offscreen] Richard! I'm home!
Richard Castle: [freaked out] Oh, my God.
Kate Beckett: [Castle hurls them off the bed] AHH!
Richard Castle: Oh, god.
Kate Beckett: You said she was at the Hamptons.
Richard Castle: She was in the Hamptons. She's not supposed to be here.
Martha Rodgers: Darling, we need to talk.
Richard Castle: Hide.
Kate Beckett: What?
Richard Castle: Hide.
Kate Beckett: Are you serious?
Richard Castle: Get in the closet.
Kate Beckett: No, I'm not going in the closet!
Richard Castle: Get in the closet!

[at Beckett's apartment, she and Castle hear a knock on the door; Castle assumes it's his mother]
Kate Beckett: Who is it?
Kevin Ryan: Beckett, it's Ryan.
Richard Castle: [relieved] Oh.
Kate Beckett: Hide. Quick, in the closet over there.
Richard Castle: Yeah, I'm not getting in there.
Kate Beckett: Why? I hid in your closet, why can't you hide in mine?
Richard Castle: Why should I?
Kate Beckett: Because...
Kevin Ryan: Beckett, is everything okay?
Kate Beckett: Fine!
[turning back to Castle]
Kate Beckett: Okay, maybe I'm not ready for anyone to know yet. Right now.
Richard Castle: Come on, how's he gonna know?
Kate Beckett: You're here, just like I was there.
Richard Castle: Yes. Yes, the difference being I have my pants on. Or are you embarrassed to be seen with me?
Kate Beckett: Okay, fine. Just act normal. If that's even possible for you.
Richard Castle: It's me.

Javier Esposito: Maddox's real name is Cedric Marks. Once he finished his tour, he got a job at a place called Arantus Solutions, a kind of black ops military contractor.
Richard Castle: How'd all that lead you here?
Javier Esposito: Well, once I got his name, I put a BOLO out on his car. A uniform spotted it outside this building. When I came to check on it, that's when I saw your car.
Kate Beckett: Wait, wait, Espo. 523's around the corner. You got an extra piece?
Javier Esposito: Yeah.
[Esposito hands her his backup weapon]
Richard Castle: Nice. What about for me?
Javier Esposito: Oh, you mean an extra extra piece?

Richard Castle: [Beckett and Castle have been captured by Maddox; Castle is trying to remove their restraints] I am barely making a dent in this thing.
Kate Beckett: Castle, I hear footsteps. He's coming. Hurry.
Richard Castle: Man, if we got murdered right now, I'd feel so ripped off.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, me, too.
Richard Castle: At least... at least we had last night. We should've done that four years ago.
[the footsteps get closer and the door opens, revealing Esposito]
Javier Esposito: [suspiciously] Done what four years ago?

Kevin Ryan: Do you remember when we were checking banking accounts for the dirty bomb investigation? We used the federal banking database.
Javier Esposito: And I still remember the password.
[a few moments later]
Javier Esposito: I'm not sure they even track accounts going back this far.
Kate Beckett: Whoever owns that account is the person that killed my mom. Run it.
Javier Esposito: [reading the result] The account was closed nineteen years ago. It belonged to a guy named William H. Bracken.
Kate Beckett: [recognizing the name, picking up a re-election flier from the table] You mean Senator William Bracken?

Senator William H. Bracken: It's not who has the gun. It's who has the power. Do you really think that's you?
Kate Beckett: [Bracken turns to leave] I have the file. Smith had another copy. 08672241, that's the number of the bank account where you deposited the money orders. So you're right. It is about who holds the power. Now, I could release that file and destroy you. But what would that mean for my life expectancy? So here's how it is. The deal that you had with Smith, that's our deal now. And if anything happens to me or anyone that I care about, that file goes public. Am I clear?
[Bracken doesn't respond]
Kate Beckett: That's a yes or no question.
Senator William H. Bracken: Yes.
Kate Beckett: And one more thing. Whoever it is you think I am, whatever it is you think you know about me, you have no idea what I'm capable of, or how far I will go. I am *done* being afraid. It's your turn now.
[Beckett pistol whips Bracken]
Kate Beckett: That's gonna leave a nasty scar. Every time you see it, think of me.

Senator William H. Bracken: When I was fourteen, I got to be friends with this boy in the neighborhood, Lamar Dokes. Sweet kid. I used to help him with his homework after school. Well, one day he doesn't come to school, so I went by his apartment, and the door was open. I walked in, and I found Lamar lying on his mattress, dead; his little sister, the same way. His mother was in the bedroom, she had hanged herself. Now, she left a note. She'd lost her job, she was being evicted, and I thought how could a woman be so desperate, so without hope that she could crush up pills, put them in hot chocolate and give them to her kids? And that was the moment. The moment I knew I wanted to help make people's lives better. And I have. I strengthened the safety net to protect kids like Lamar, I created jobs in those neighborhoods, I've done great things. Just as you've done great things.
Kate Beckett: Who do you think you're talking to? How can you justify yourself to me? My mother was stabbed in an alley because of you. She bled to death, *ALONE*, in a pile of garbage! So save me your campaign speeches about the "great things".
Senator William H. Bracken: You sound a bit delusional, you know? But then again, who are you? You're a disgraced cop obsessed with her mother's murder. And who am I? I'm a decent man looking out for the little guy. That's who the public sees. And every time they elect me, I'm humbled. I strive harder to live up to that ideal. I wanna be that man. And I won't let you, or anyone else, get in my way.

Kate Beckett: [the morning after her first night with Castle] I made you a coffee.
Richard Castle: So it wasn't a dream?
Kate Beckett: No. You definitely weren't dreaming.

Richard Castle: So, you're on... on board with this, right? It's not some "Oh, I quit my job, I almost died, I'm in crisis" thing.
Kate Beckett: Uh... no. Not for me.
Richard Castle: Okay, me neither.
Kate Beckett: Okay, good.
Richard Castle: Good.

Kevin Ryan: I know what this case has done to you. I'm not asking you to jump back in. I just want to show you something, that's all.
[Ryan places a photograph from the Montgomerys' wedding on the table]
Kevin Ryan: We found a copy of the photo Maddox took from the wedding album. You're familiar with the guys that Roy ran with back in the day. Is he one of them?
Kate Beckett: I've never seen him before.
Richard Castle: I have.
[Castle picks up the photograph]
Richard Castle: This is the man I told you about. The one who's been keeping you safe.
Kate Beckett: Are you sure?
Richard Castle: He's older now, but it's definitely him.
Kevin Ryan: Wh... what are we talking about here?
Richard Castle: Whatever information Montgomery gave to him, he's been using it to protect you. But now they've sent Maddox to hunt him down and get it back. If we don't get to him before Maddox does, you'll never be safe again.

Kate Beckett: This was supposed to be over. I can't go back again. Not now.
Richard Castle: Well, now we don't have a choice. If Maddox gets to him before we do...
Kate Beckett: But I don't know how to do this. I'm not even a cop anymore.
Richard Castle: I'll tell you exactly what we do.
[Castle holds up the photograph of Smith]
Richard Castle: We figure out who this is. We've done it before, and with less to go on. And when we do, we lay all of this to rest and we go back to where we were. This is what you're great at. And I'm not so bad myself. So, what do we know? We know this guy is about 60. He's a longtime New Yorker, uh... friends with Montgomery, so he may have connections to law enforcement.
Kate Beckett: He, um... he seems prominent. Wealthy.
Richard Castle: [realizing something] That's right. And he has been that way ever since this photo was taken.
Kate Beckett: How do you know that?
Richard Castle: Look at his wrist. That's a Nautilus 3800. It was $10,000 when it came out in 1981.
[realizing something else]
Richard Castle: That's the year Montgomery was married. May of 1981. How many of these watches could possibly have been sold in five months?

Kate Beckett: [searching Smith's files for a clue] We need to go.
Richard Castle: Well, the answer's got to be here. It's somewhere here.
Kate Beckett: Castle, there's nothing left to find. 86 could mean anything. You're just grasping at straws.
Richard Castle: Yes, I'm grasping at straws! Because if that file is gone, that means they're coming after you and there's absolutely nothing I can do. So yes, if there is a straw, I'm... I'm grasping.

Kate Beckett: Hey. Thanks.
Richard Castle: [wry laugh] For what? We haven't found it yet.
Kate Beckett: I just... I know I never would have gotten this far if it wasn't for you.

Kate Beckett: I finally figured out who he is, the guy that killed my mom, and there's nothing I can do about it. Did Ryan talk to you? Did he check the security cameras around Smith's room?
Richard Castle: Yes.
Kate Beckett: And?
Richard Castle: The cameras were disabled.
Kate Beckett: Okay. So they're coming for me.
Richard Castle: Ryan's got two teams stationed outside.
Kate Beckett: And what about tomorrow? And the day after that?
Richard Castle: Let me take you someplace, Kate. Someplace you'll be safe.
Kate Beckett: [holding him for comfort] I'll never be safe.

Richard Castle: [Beckett approaches with her gun in her hand] Kate, tell me you didn't...
[Bracken appears behind Beckett, holding a handkerchief to where Beckett pistol whipped him; after a moment, he turns to leave]
Kate Beckett: We reached an understanding.
Javier Esposito: Well, what about your mom?
Kate Beckett: I'll get justice for her. Just not today. 'Till then, I'll get it for others.

Senator William H. Bracken: [answering a phone call] Hello?
Kate Beckett: This is Kate Beckett.
[Bracken reacts]
Kate Beckett: I can see you know the name. That's right, I'm watching.
Senator William H. Bracken: I don't know what this is about, but I am not interested in playing games.
Kate Beckett: Well, you'd better get interested. I have information that will destroy your career, and I will use it, unless you do exactly as I say.

Mr. Michael Smith: You're alive.
Richard Castle: Join the club.
Mr. Michael Smith: What about the other file?
Richard Castle: Maddox opened the safe.
Kate Beckett: We put enough of it together to know that Bracken took dirty money.
Mr. Michael Smith: Close the door.
[Castle goes to close the door]
Mr. Michael Smith: The irony is he used that money to finance his first Congressional campaign.
Kate Beckett: Well, we need proof of that, along with anything else that he did.
Mr. Michael Smith: There is no proof.
Kate Beckett: Well, there's you. You can testify.
Mr. Michael Smith: That will never happen. You see, Roy Montgomery once did me a favor, so I kept that file and I protected you at great personal cost, because I owed Roy. But I don't owe you.
Kate Beckett: So you're just gonna let him get away with murder?
Mr. Michael Smith: You don't understand, Detective. He's protected. Untouchable. You're just gonna end up dead. And so am I. No, as it is, my best bet is to just... disappear. I suggest you do the same.

Kate Beckett: That's far enough.
Senator William H. Bracken: [Beckett approaches with her gun drawn] What do you want, Ms. Beckett?
Kate Beckett: The truth.
Senator William H. Bracken: [smirks] Never expect that from a politician.

Captain Victoria Gates: So let me see if I understand. As luck would have it, you three were in the neighborhood taking a walk.
Richard Castle: Well, many people consider that the best form of exercise. It's low-impact, it has...
[seeing Gates' expression he trails off]
Captain Victoria Gates: Then you heard an explosion and as concerned private citizens, you rushed inside to check it out.
Kate Beckett: Yeah. That's right.
Captain Victoria Gates: Is that how you remember it?
Javier Esposito: Yes, sir.
Richard Castle: Captain Gates, I can personally vouch...
Captain Victoria Gates: I am not interested, Mr. Castle, as you specialize in fiction. Let's say you happened to be in the area. How do you explain the fact that Maddox, the killer we're searching for, and the man who shot you last year, is the one lying there dead?
Richard Castle: Bad karma.
[Esposito nudges him to shut up]
Captain Victoria Gates: Detective Ryan, do you know anything about this?
Kevin Ryan: Just that it appears the safe was rigged to blow when Maddox opened it.
Captain Victoria Gates: And what was in that safe?
Kevin Ryan: Hard to say. Papers of some kind.
[he shares a covert look with Beckett, who smirks to herself]
Captain Victoria Gates: And I don't supposed you know what was in those papers, and why Maddox was here?
Kate Beckett: Like I said, we were just walking by.

Kate Beckett: We were so close. That file would have told us who's at the center of this and who killed my mom.
Javier Esposito: Well, at least Maddox won't be coming after you.
Kate Beckett: They'll just send somebody else.
Richard Castle: Unless whoever's behind all this doesn't know the file's been destroyed. Maybe he thinks it's still in play.
Kate Beckett: I wouldn't bet on that. Would you?
Javier Esposito: [hearing the creak of a floorboard in the hallway] Shh.
[he and Beckett approach the front door with their guns drawn]
Kevin Ryan: [as the door opens, he reaches for his own gun] Whoa! You want to put that thing away?
Javier Esposito: Well, if it isn't Judas.
Kevin Ryan: Yeah, okay, pal. Want to give it a break?
Kate Beckett: Guys, come on.
Javier Esposito: What are you doing here?
Kevin Ryan: [entering the apartment, he shows Beckett an evidence baggie] I came to bring you this.
Kate Beckett: Paper from the safe?

[last lines]
Captain Victoria Gates: I'm told we put a Michael Smith under guard at the hospital. What was his role in this?
Kate Beckett: I... I don't know.
Captain Victoria Gates: I don't believe you. You're covering for someone, and I know who it is. But I don't intend to dig up the past and tarnish Roy Montgomery's reputation. The fact is I... I admire your loyalty. I hope you feel that for me some day.
Kate Beckett: Does that mean I can show up for duty tomorrow?
Richard Castle: [cut to them leaving the precinct] No? What does she mean no?
Kate Beckett: Well, I have to serve out my suspension, same as Esposito.
Richard Castle: What are you gonna do in the meantime?
Kate Beckett: Oh, I'm pretty sure I'll think of something.
[as the elevator doors close, he jumps as she puts her hand on his junk]

"Castle: The Lives of Others (#5.19)" (2013)
Kevin Ryan: Castle. How's the knee?
Richard Castle: It's not the knee so much as the boredom.
Javier Esposito: I thought you writers liked being alone.
Richard Castle: Yeah, if I could write. But the painkillers make me a little loopy. Last night I used the word 'speculate' three times in the same sentence.
Kevin Ryan: [sees a pair of binoculars] Hmm. You must be bored. You've actually gone 'Rear Window'.
Richard Castle: Alexis got me those as a joke to cheer me up. I have not yet resorted to voyeurism.
Kevin Ryan: [Ryan has picked up the binoculars and has trained them on the windows across the street] Then you are missing out.
Javier Esposito: What? Let me see.
[they fight over the binoculars]
Kevin Ryan: No, hey!
Javier Esposito: Give me those!
Kevin Ryan: [Javier claims the binoculars] Dude, she was just about to take off her towel.
Javier Esposito: Oh, the towel's off.
Kevin Ryan: Yeah?
Kate Beckett: [comes up behind them] Unless the body that you're looking at is dead, I suggest you drop those binoculars.

Kate Beckett: Why are men such babies when they get sick or injured?
Javier Esposito: It's an evolutionary thing. Men who can get women to take care of them, they have a greater chance of survival.
Kate Beckett: Really, Espo? Where'd you read that? "You're Making It Up Magazine"?

Richard Castle: It was all a fake? Nothing was real. You let me think I was crazy? You let me think you were gonna die!
Kate Beckett: But, Castle, you were so bored over the past couple of weeks... stuck at home with no case to solve, and... I saw that this apartment was for rent. And I just, I thought that...
Martha Rodgers: Richard.
Richard Castle: No. No. This is... without a doubt... the greatest birthday gift of my life!

Kate Beckett: [Castle has been confined to a wheelchair] Almost there, Castle. Just another two weeks.
Richard Castle: It's already been two weeks. Two weeks is an eternity.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, maybe next time we go skiing, you're not gonna be such a showoff.
Richard Castle: I wasn't showing off.
[Beckett gives him a skeptical look]
Richard Castle: Okay, I was showing off a little bit. But I swear to you, I can do a tail-grab with my eyes closed, and... without breaking my kneecap.

Richard Castle: [believing he's witnessed a murder] I'm not crazy.
Kate Beckett: No, but you do have a vivid imagination, and you've been stuck inside for two weeks. What were you doing looking out the window anyway?
Richard Castle: I was...
Kate Beckett: Bored? So you saw what you wanted to see? When'd you take your last painkiller?
Richard Castle: I was not hallucinating.
Kate Beckett: Come on, Castle. You're here with a broken leg, binoculars, seeing a "Rear Window" scenario play out across the way. I mean, what are the odds?
Richard Castle: [crestfallen] Astronomical.

Kate Beckett: [finding Castle asleep in his wheelchair at his window] Seriously?
Richard Castle: [jerking awake] Oh. I can explain.
Kate Beckett: Please don't.
Richard Castle: Listen, he was pacing back and forth in his apartment. And he kept looking towards the bedroom. And then he slept on the couch. Now why would you sleep on the couch when you have a perfectly good bed?
Kate Beckett: I could ask you the same question.
Richard Castle: I'll tell you why. Because he had a dead body in there. Ryan and Esposito didn't find it because he hid it.
Kate Beckett: Do you realize what you're doing? You're obsessing over this because you have nothing else to obsess about. Why don't you just come with me to the precinct, focus on a real murder instead of wasting your time on an imaginary one?
Richard Castle: Well, actually, I was thinking about just, uh, trying to do some writing today.
Kate Beckett: Okay. As long as by "writing", you don't mean staring out the window and ogling at your neighbors.
Richard Castle: No, of course not. That would be immoral and intrusive.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, like you've never done that before.

Kate Beckett: This is not an emergency!
Richard Castle: I caught him red-handed. Literally red-handed.
Kate Beckett: Oh, so then it's got to be blood.
Richard Castle: What else could it be?
Kate Beckett: Red paint, tomato juice, beets, red velvet cupcakes.
Richard Castle: He bought a tarp and rope. He brought them into the bedroom, where I'm betting right now he's cutting her into portable pieces. Get a warrant, search that place before there's no evidence left.
Kate Beckett: Esposito spoke to the girl. We know she's alive.
Richard Castle: How do you know it's the same girl? It's possible he someone to be his alibi.
Kate Beckett: Or it's possible something else entirely is going on here. Look, I know that you're lonely and that you miss me; I miss you, too. But you don't have to keep making up things to have me come back here.
Richard Castle: Whoa, whoa, whoa. You think this is a ploy to get you here?
Kate Beckett: Look, I don't mean to be like...
Richard Castle: No, I know what you mean. All right? And I know what I saw.
Kate Beckett: All right, you know what? I have to get back to the precinct.
Richard Castle: Wow. You really don't believe me.
Kate Beckett: I'll be back later.
Richard Castle: You know what? Don't worry about it. I'm fine.

Richard Castle: How many murders do you think we've solved since we met?
Kate Beckett: I don't know, um... maybe a hundred or so.

Richard Castle: [after the revelation of Beckett's birthday gift] You know, what you did for me, nobody's ever done that for me before. That was... epic.
[taking her hand, he pulls her down onto his lap]
Richard Castle: But you do know that now I will have to get you back.
Kate Beckett: Oh, really? And you think that you can top that?
Richard Castle: [turning his chair around, he wheels them towards the bedroom] Oh, just you wait and see.

Kate Beckett: Oh, come on, Castle, stop feeling sorry for yourself. I'll get us a reservation, I'll take you somewhere nice for your birthday.
Richard Castle: As nice as Bora Bora?
Kate Beckett: [wrinkling her nose] Mm...

Martha Rodgers: [Ryan and Esposito show up at the loft] Katherine, your ride is here.
Kate Beckett: Oh, great.
Richard Castle: Ride?
Kate Beckett: Yeah, we had a body drop. I asked the boys to pick me up so I'd have enough time to make you breakfast.
Richard Castle: I'm missing another case? No! Come on, guys, take me with you.
Kate Beckett: No! Not until you get better.

Kate Beckett: Hey, Lanie. What do we got?
Lanie Parish: Sorry, sweetie, it's a bad one. Multiple contusions to the head, evidence of fracturing at the base of the skull. From the pattering, I'd say she was repeatedly struck by that bat.
Javier Esposito: Do we know who she is?
Lanie Parish: The guard who found her IDed her as Clara DeWinter. 35, lives in Queens, and married.
Kate Beckett: What was she doing in this alleyway in the middle of the night?
Lanie Parish: She was an IRS agent. Worked in this building here.
Kevin Ryan: [approaching] Apparently she was working late. The employees sometimes cut across the alley to get to the parking garage next door.
Kate Beckett: Do we have a witness?
Kevin Ryan: No, but we may have something way better.

Kate Beckett: Hey, guys. So, tech couldn't get us a better look at the attacker's face, but they're hoping to have an ID on the car by morning. How's it going in here?
Kevin Ryan: Well, Clara's colleagues don't remember her mentioning any explicit threat.
Javier Esposito: But if we're looking for people whose lives are ruined, there's no shortage of suspects. We've got houses that were repossessed, bank accounts that were seized, businesses that were shut down, and we're only a couple of months in.

Kate Beckett: Hey, Castle.
Richard Castle: Where are you?
Kate Beckett: I'm... at work. Why?
Richard Castle: You said you were bringing home dinner.
Kate Beckett: Yes, on my way home.
Richard Castle: So when are you leaving?
Kate Beckett: Soon.
Richard Castle: When soon?
Kate Beckett: [checking her watch] Like, in... half an hour.
Richard Castle: Fine.
[hanging up, Beckett sees Ryan and Espo's expressions]
Kate Beckett: Shut up.

Kevin Ryan: We went back through all of Clara's records. Turns out that she was hiding something.
Javier Esposito: Over half a million dollars in a secret bank account. She used every legal trick to hide it. Nobody, not even her husband, knew about it.
Kate Beckett: This girl made $75k a year. How'd she get her hands on half a mil?
Kevin Ryan: Well, at first we thought she was shaking down her auditees, but then we traced the deposits.
Javier Esposito: All from businesses owned or affiliated to Tommy Valentino.
Kate Beckett: Tommy "The Shark" Valentino? Why is an IRS agent taking payoffs from a crime boss?
Javier Esposito: I dunno, but wanting to disappear and then getting whacked in an alley, it's all starting to make sense.

Kate Beckett: You've got a long list of indictments against you, Mr. Valentino. Assault, racketeering, murder one, and yet no convictions.
Tommy Valentine: I'm lucky that way.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, your luck's about to run out. I have evidence connecting you to payments made to my vic, Clara DeWinter.
Jack Langstrom: My client has no comment.
Tommy Valentine: Whoa, whoa, wait. Someone killed Clara?
Kate Beckett: Oh, looks like he does have a comment. So you're admitting to knowing her?
Tommy Valentine: Yeah. But I didn't kill her. She was my tax consultant.
Kate Beckett: You paid an IRS agent half a million dollars to act as your tax consultant?
Tommy Valentine: You bet your ass. No one's gonna Al Capone me.

Kate Beckett: Tommy the Shark's alibi holds. He was with some "associates" at a nightclub that he owns.
Javier Esposito: Doesn't mean he didn't send of one of his boys.
Kate Beckett: Look, if he killed Clara, he wouldn't have talked to me. No. Hiding the money, planning to disappear; something else is going on here. So what do you got on the husband?
Kevin Ryan: Oh, not much. He's a manager at a big-name supermarket in Queens, no priors, been married seven years. Oh, and he took a million dollar life insurance policy out on his wife only three months ago.
Javier Esposito: [sarcastic] Hmm. That's not suspicious.

Kate Beckett: Look, I know it sounds suspicious, but without a body or a missing persons report, I've got nothing to go on.
Richard Castle: Well, while you're waiting for something to go on, he's already taken most of the evidence away. But luckily, I know what he's gonna... with...
[Alexis hands him the receipt he found]
Richard Castle: Thank you. With the body in the storage unit.
Kate Beckett: You're talking about an illegal search.
Richard Castle: When you do it, it's an illegal search. When I do it, it's just illegal.

Captain Victoria Gates: What in the hell do you think you were doing?
Richard Castle: But all the evidence... the rug, the storage space.
Captain Victoria Gates: Evidence? I just spoke to your alleged killer, Mr. Castle. He got that storage space at his ex-girlfriend's request. He was moving her belongings there, including her rug.
Richard Castle: How do you know he's telling the truth? No one's heard from her.
Captain Victoria Gates: We contacted her. She's fine.
Richard Castle: Well, what about the paint and the... and the bleach?
Captain Victoria Gates: He discovered mold and wanted to take care of it. Anything else?
Richard Castle: Just...
Kate Beckett: Uh, sir, Castle is just...
Captain Victoria Gates: Embarrassing me and the department? Oh, and Mr. Castle, your neighbor did say that if you bother him in any way, he will press charges. And I will be so happy to take you into custody. *Personally*.

Kate Beckett: Castle, you just apologized to me.
Richard Castle: I rescind the apology. I take it back.
Kate Beckett: You know what? Let's just go downstairs and wait for the driver there.
Richard Castle: I am not going anywhere until I see what's in that fridge.
Kate Beckett: What? You're gonna stay here and wait for him to open it?
Richard Castle: If that's what it takes.
Kate Beckett: Okay, fine.
Richard Castle: [she starts to storm out] Where are you going?
Kate Beckett: Castle, I made plans for you. I dressed up for you, and I'm not gonna let you ruin this night.
Richard Castle: So what are you gonna do?
Kate Beckett: I am going to go over there and open that bloody fridge, and then you and I are going to dinner and never talking about this again.
Richard Castle: No, don't do it. It's too dangerous.
Kate Beckett: Not as dangerous as me if you blow up my plans.
Richard Castle: What if he doesn't let you in?
Kate Beckett: Look at me. He's gonna let me in.

Richard Castle: You were all in on it?
Martha Rodgers: Mm-hmm. Michael, Brent, and Emily, my brilliant acting students. I, of course, was the director.
Richard Castle: And the boys?
Javier Esposito: Yeah.
Kate Beckett: Oh, yeah. They were great. Except you didn't have to kick down the door.
Javier Esposito: I was in the moment.
Kevin Ryan: We wanted to be convincing.
Javier Esposito: Yeah.
Richard Castle: Alexis, you too?
Alexis Castle: It's why I bought you the binoculars.
Richard Castle: Even Captain Gates?
Kevin Ryan: Yeah. She jumped at the chance to dress you down for any reason.
Richard Castle: Where is Captain Gates?
Javier Esposito: She couldn't make it.
Richard Castle: Good.

"Castle: The Final Frontier (#5.6)" (2012)
Richard Castle: What are you doing here?
Kate Beckett: You'd know if you answer your phone.
Richard Castle: Listen, if you want your very own signed copy of "Storm Season", I'd be happy to arrange a private signing.
Kate Beckett: Cap your pen, Castle. There's been a murder here.
Richard Castle: Here at SuperNovaCon?
Kate Beckett: Mmm-hmm.
Richard Castle: Shiny.

Richard Castle: I'm sorry, how is "Nebula 9" worthy of all this? I mean, they were canceled over a decade ago. After twelve episodes. Which was twelve episodes too many.
Kate Beckett: I thought you would be a fan.
Richard Castle: I'm a fan of good sci-fi. "Star Trek", "Battlestar", that Joss Whedon show. But "Nebula 9"? No, no. It's all phony melodrama and lifeless acting.
[they enter the crime scene]
Kate Beckett: [awed] Wow.
Richard Castle: Okay, this is a cool ship. The show is still lame, but this is a cool ship.

Kate Beckett: Do you have a cause of death?
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: It was a burn. A burn that penetrated tissue, muscle, and bone, leaving this perfectly cylindrical hole.
Kate Beckett: What kind of burn does that?
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: Well, one created by high levels of infrared radiation. The blood vessels were cauterized by the intense heat.
Kate Beckett: Are you saying...
Richard Castle: She was killed by a phaser?
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: [Hesitant] Well, as much as it pains me, Mr. Castle is largely correct. She was killed by a high intensity laserbeam.
Richard Castle: [Ecstatic] A real sci-fi murder at a sci-fi convention! This keeps getting better.

Kate Beckett: Mr. Winters, where were you last night between 10 and 11? And don't say your hotel room.
Gabriel Winters: You can't be insinuating I had something to do with Annabelle's death? I told you everything I know.
Richard Castle: [sees the laser gun strapped to his costume] Then you wouldn't mind relinquishing your weapon.
Gabriel Winters: This Thorian blaster was given to me by the Vice Chancellor of Lloron when I helped save the Queen...
Richard Castle: Oh, for the love of Pete.
[Castle grabs the blaster and fires it; much to everyone's surprise, the laser works and burns a large hole in the set]
Richard Castle: Zap said the lady. You are so busted.

Gabriel Winters: Look, I have no idea where that blaster came from.
Kate Beckett: That's funny, since it was on your hip.
Gabriel Winters: I grabbed it off the props table when I suit up, just like I always do. I didn't know it was real. Wait, you guys think I killed her and then kept the murder weapon on me? What kind of idiot does that?
[Castle stares at him pointedly]
Kate Beckett: Why didn't you tell us that you were having problems with Annabelle?
Gabriel Winters: I played a lawyer in a well-regarded film that didn't come out. I know about the legal system.

Richard Castle: [signing autographs at SuperNovaCon] All right, where do you want it?
Kate Beckett: [breathy] Could you sign my chest?
[Castle looks up, his eyes wide]
Kate Beckett: [normally] Wow. That actually caught your attention.

Henry Barnett: Kate Beckett? K-Bex! I knew it was you!
Kate Beckett: [surprised] Oh! Henry Barnett. Well, it's been years.
Henry Barnett: Since our first semester at Stanford.
Richard Castle: "K-Bex"?
Kate Beckett: Umm... Uh... do you think we could catch up later? I'm actually here for work.
Henry Barnett: Oh, well, that explains why you aren't wearing your "Nebula 9" outfit.
Richard Castle: [his interest piqued] Uh... you have a "Nebula 9" outfit?
Henry Barnett: Oh, she had a few. She was a megafan. You should've seen her as Lieutenant Chloe. Oh, wait, you can. Remember that photo we all took? I brought it to get it signed.
Richard Castle: May I?
Henry Barnett: [showing Castle the photo] It's us from back in the day.
Richard Castle: Ooh!
Henry Barnett: Isn't it frakking awesome?
Kate Beckett: It's frakking something. Henry, I need that photo.
Henry Barnett: What? Why?
Kate Beckett: [holding up her badge] It's official NYPD business. Don't make me ask again.

Kate Beckett: So I was a "Nebula 9" fan. Big deal.
Richard Castle: Oh, you were beyond a fan. You dressed up in costume. *You*.
Kate Beckett: Okay, yes, I was a sci-fi loving, costume-wearing geek. And you know what? Not ashamed of it or of "Nebula 9". Despite what you think, it was an awesome show.
Richard Castle: Hmm. I'll tell you what. I'll forgive you your terrible taste if you try on that "Nebula 9" costume for me.
Kate Beckett: In your dreams.
Richard Castle: Look at my life. My dreams come true.

Kate Beckett: [Castle has spotted Alexis at SuperNovaCon in a skimpy costume] Castle? Come on, let's go.
Richard Castle: Are you kidding me? Can you see what she's wearing?
Kate Beckett: Yeah, it's not that bad.
Richard Castle: "Not that bad"? How am I gonna un-see that?

Kate Beckett: [about Alexis] Castle, she is a full-grown woman.
Richard Castle: Who, as we speak, is being ogled by thousands of sweaty, lecherous fanboys. It's just so... wrong.
Kate Beckett: Can I just point out the fact that the costume that she was wearing is not so different from the one that you are asking me to wear?
Richard Castle: Don't say that! That... It's so confusing and disturbing.

Kate Beckett: [entering the morgue] Perlmutter.
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: Detective Beckett.
Richard Castle: Perlmutter.
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: And non-detective Castle.

Kate Beckett: How is it possible she was killed by a laser?
Richard Castle: Easy. Someone shot her with a laser gun.
Kate Beckett: Real ones don't exist, Castle.
Richard Castle: Actually, they do. There is an advanced tactical laser that could melt a hole in a tank from five miles away.
Kate Beckett: Read about it. It's as big as a truck.
Richard Castle: Yes, well, obviously someone has constructed a portable, hand-held version.
Kate Beckett: Like who?
Richard Castle: Well, let's go back to the e-mails of the crazed "Nebula 9" fans. And when I say "crazed fans", I'm... I'm not referring to you. You... are a megafan.
Kate Beckett: Nice one, coming from the guy with a life-size Boba Fett in his bathroom.
Richard Castle: Point taken.

Richard Castle: Do I look different to you?
Kate Beckett: No... why?
Richard Castle: Just... I feel so tingly. Something's wrong. I'm beginning to mutate like the Hulk or the Thing, or worse, the Leader. What happened to my hair?
Kate Beckett: I prefer Dr. Manhattan. The blue skin. Brings out your blue eyes.

Richard Castle: Hey, tell me, you guys, do you think my hair is thinning?
Kate Beckett: You're not losing your hair, Castle.
Richard Castle: Okay, so if I wake up bald tomorrow, you'll still be attracted to me?
[Beckett doesn't know what to say]
Richard Castle: Oh, my god! You wouldn't.
Kate Beckett: I didn't say that.
Richard Castle: No, but you were thinking it.

Kate Beckett: [on the bridge of the "Nebula 9" ship] I can't tell you how many times I have had dreams about being in this very ship.
Richard Castle: Sexy dreams? You know, it's never too late to live out your fantasy.
Kate Beckett: You do realize that this is still a crime scene?
Richard Castle: Oh. Right. Ew.

Richard Castle: Speaking of fantasies, how about we live out one of yours? What do you say to a little "Nebula 9" cosplay?
[Beckett rolls her eyes]
Richard Castle: Come on, it'll be fun. I'll serve you breakfast in bed for a week.
[Beckett scoffs]
Richard Castle: And... I'l do your laundry.
Kate Beckett: Okay, fine. Do you really want to see me in one of my old costumes?
Richard Castle: Yes, please.
Kate Beckett: Then you have to promise that you're gonna watch a "Nebula 9" marathon with me.
[Beckett holds out her hand for a handshake agreement; Castle is reluctant to accept]
Kate Beckett: And... no making fun.
[Castle is still reluctant, but finally gives in]
Richard Castle: You drive a hard bargain, but okay.

[last lines]
Kate Beckett: Okay, promise not to laugh.
Richard Castle: I promise. Come on. Quit stalling. Come out already.
Kate Beckett: Ready?
Richard Castle: [sitting up in anticipation] Ready.
[in slow motion, Beckett seductively teases her appearance, before jumping out in her Lt. Chloe costume and a Creaver mask]
Kate Beckett: [Castle jumps up in fright and falls off the bed] Do you like it? Huh?
Richard Castle: That's not what you... That's not...
Kate Beckett: You wanna make out, Castle? Roar.
Richard Castle: [backing away] No...
Kate Beckett: Come on, just a quick snog, right here on the lips. Isn't this what your dreams are made of?
[Beckett growls and laughs, while Castle hurries to hide, locking the door behind him]
Kate Beckett: [knocking on the door] Castle, are we gonna make out?
Richard Castle: Maybe you... we should start with the "Nebula 9" marathon.

Kate Beckett: Look, the fact is you had means, motive, and opportunity. And we checked with your hotel. You left at 9:45 p.m. and returned at 11. That's the exact time window of Annabelle's murder.
Gabriel Winters: I was busy handling a personal issue that I would rather not discuss.
Kate Beckett: You're facing a murder charge.
Richard Castle: Okay, look, we already know about the threesome with the Lt. Chloes. How bad can it be?
Gabriel Winters: Well, let's just say my, uh... weakness for fleeting romance left me with a burning desire to see my doctor last night.
Richard Castle: And it just got worse.
[Beckett gags and covers her mouth]

Kate Beckett: You're right, okay? It was a stupid show. It was cheesy and melodramatic. I mean, a handful of academy cadets on a training mission and suddenly the Earth is destroyed and they're all that's left of humanity? I completely understand why you hated it. But Castle, I also understand why people loved it. Why Annabelle loved it. It was about leaving home for the first time, about searching for your identity and making a difference. I loved dressing up like Lt. Chloe. She didn't care what anybody thought about her, and I kind of did at that time. I mean, she was a scientist and a warrior, and that was all in spite of the way that she looked. It was like I could be anything and I didn't have to choose. So don't make fun, okay?
Richard Castle: Okay.
Kate Beckett: Besides, it didn't hurt that my legs looked great in her outfit.

Richard Castle: How are... how are you doing?
Kate Beckett: I'm fine. Why?
Richard Castle: Well, it's hard to see your idols fall.
Kate Beckett: Oh, Castle, Stephanie Frye was never my idol; Lt. Chloe was. And as far as I'm concerned, she's still out there fighting evil and saving humanity. No self-centered actor's ever gonna take that from me. And you know what? If they do make a movie, I'm gonna be first in line to see it.

"Castle: Flowers for Your Grave (#1.1)" (2009)
Kate Beckett: Welcome to reality, superstar.
Richard Castle: Well, I never did much like reality.

Kate Beckett: He's like a nine year old on a sugar rush. Totally incapable of taking anything seriously.

Richard Castle: Yeah, and you always come to a complete stop at a red light and you never fudge your taxes. Tell me something, you ever have any fun? You know, let your hair down, drop your top, little "Cops Gone Wild"?
Kate Beckett: You do know I'm wearing a gun?

[Castle is shown photos of crime scenes modeled after his novels]
Richard Castle: "Flowers for Your Grave."
Kate Beckett: And this is how we found Marvin Fisk, right out of "Hell Hath No Fury."
Richard Castle: Looks like I have a fan.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, a really deranged fan.
Richard Castle: Oh, you don't look deranged to me.
Kate Beckett: [taken aback] What?
Richard Castle: "Hell Hath No Fury"? Angry Wiccans out for blood? Come on. Only hardcore Castle groupies read that one.

[Beckett realizes Castle stole documents about the Tisdale and Fisk murders]
Kate Beckett: Richard Castle, you are under arrest for felony theft and obstruction of justice.
Richard Castle: You forgot making you look bad.
Kate Beckett: You know, for a minute there, you actually made me believe that you were human. Cuff him.
Richard Castle: Ooh, bondage. My safe word is "apples."
Kate Beckett: [to the cops cuffing Castle] Oh, there's no need to be gentle.
Richard Castle: How'd you find me, anyway?
Kate Beckett: I'm a detective. That's what I do.
Richard Castle: My mother told you, didn't she?

Kate Beckett: Mr. Castle, you've got quite a rap sheet for a best-selling author. Disorderly conduct, resisting arrest.
Richard Castle: [shrugs shoulders innocently] Boys will be boys.
Kate Beckett: [smiles sarcastically] It says here you stole a police horse.
Richard Castle: Borrowed.
Kate Beckett: Ah! And you were nude at the time.
Richard Castle: It was spring.
Kate Beckett: [angrily] And every time, the charges were dropped.
[drops folder on table]
Richard Castle: What can I say? The mayor's a fan. But if it makes you feel any better, I'd be happy to let you spank me.

Richard Castle: Can I get copies of those?
Kate Beckett: [confused] Copies?
Richard Castle: I have this poker game. Mostly other writers. Patterson, Cannell. You know, bestsellers. You have no idea how jealous these would make them.
Kate Beckett: Jealous?
Richard Castle: That I have a copycat. Oh, my gosh, in my world that's like the red badge of honor. That's the criminal Cooperstown.
Kate Beckett: [slams hands down on table angrily and gets in Castle's face] People are dead, Mr. Castle.
Richard Castle: [whispers] I'm not asking for the bodies, just the pictures.
[bites bottom lip]
Kate Beckett: I think we're done here.

Kate Beckett: Can I ask you a question?
Richard Castle: [puts down letter and looks eager] Shoot.
Kate Beckett: Why are you here? You don't care about the victims, so you aren't here for justice. You don't care that the guy is aping your books, so you aren't here because you're outraged. So what is it, Rick? Are you here to annoy me?
Richard Castle: I'm here for the story.
Kate Beckett: The story?
Richard Castle: Why those people? Why those murders?
Kate Beckett: Sometimes there is no story. Sometimes the guy is just a psychopath.
Richard Castle: [scoffs] There's always a story. Always a chain of events that makes everything make sense. Take you, for example. Under normal circumstances, you should not be here. Most smart, good looking women become lawyers, not cops. And yet here you are. Why?
Kate Beckett: I don't know, Rick. You're the novelist. You tell me.
Richard Castle: [as he talks, Beckett silently reacts, the pain in her eyes noticeable] Well, you're not bridge and tunnel. No trace of the boroughs when you talk. So that means Manhattan. That means money. You went to college, probably a pretty good one. You had options. Yeah, you had a lot of options. More socially acceptable options. But you still chose this. That tells me something happened. Not to you. No, you're wounded, but you're not that wounded. No, it was someone you care about. It was someone you loved. And you probably could have lived with that, but the person responsible was never caught.
Richard Castle: And that, Detective Beckett, is why you are here.
Kate Beckett: Cute trick. But don't think you know me.
Richard Castle: The point is there's always a story. You just have to find it.
Kate Beckett: [opens up letter and eyes grow wide] I think I just did.
[shows Castle letter with a drawing of the crime scene]

Kate Beckett: Out here we find a guy standing over a body with a gun, he's usually the guy who did it.

Richard Castle: [clears throat]
Kate Beckett: [turns around to face Castle, smiling] Well, I guess this is it.
Richard Castle: Oh, it doesn't have to be. We could go to dinner, debrief each other.
Kate Beckett: Why, Castle? So I can become another one of your conquests?
Richard Castle: Or I can be one of yours.
Kate Beckett: It was nice to meet you, Castle.
[extends hand]
Richard Castle: [looks down and shakes hand] It's too bad. It would have been great.
Kate Beckett: [bites bottom lip and whispers in Castle's ear] You have no idea.
[walks away]

Richard Castle: Just once, I'd like someone to come up to me and say something new.
Kate Beckett: [off screen] Mr. Castle?
Richard Castle: [Castle turns around and pulls out a pen] Where would you like it?
Kate Beckett: [Beckett approaches and holds up her badge] Detective Kate Beckett. NYPD. We need to ask you a few questions about a murder that took place earlier tonight.
Alexis Castle: [Alexis takes the pen] That's new.

[the killer is fending off Beckett by holding a gun to Castle and dragging him away]
Kate Beckett: Castle! You okay?
Richard Castle: Yeah, except psycho here needs a breath mint.

[Castle has managed to rescue himself from the killer]
Kate Beckett: What the hell were you thinking? You could have gotten yourself killed!
Richard Castle: [gestures toward the killer's gun] Well, the safety was on the whole time.

Javier Esposito: Man's really got the mayor on speed-dial. The rich really are different.
Kate Beckett: You want him? He's yours.
Javier Esposito: A control freak like you with somethin' you can't control? No, no. That's gonna be better than shark week.

Lanie Parish: Who says romance is dead?
Kate Beckett: [whispering] I do. Every Saturday night.
Lanie Parish: A little lipstick wouldn't hurt.
[Beckett shoots her a dirty look]
Lanie Parish: I'm just sayin'...

Kate Beckett: Cuff him.
Richard Castle: Ooh! Bondage. My safeword is "apples".

Richard Castle: You wanna know why I killed Derrick? There were no more surprises. I knew exactly what was going to happen every moment of every scene. It's just like these parties, they become so predictable. "I'm your biggest fan!" "Where do you get your ideas?"
Alexis Castle: And the ever popular, "Will you sign my chest?"
Richard Castle: That one I don't mind so much.
Alexis Castle: Yeah. Well, FYI, I do.
Richard Castle: Just once I'd like someone to come up to me and say something new.
Kate Beckett: Mr. Castle?
Richard Castle: [Pen in hand] Where would you like it?
Kate Beckett: Detective Kate Beckett, NYPD. We need to ask you a few questions about a murder that took place earlier tonight.
Alexis Castle: That's new.
[Takes Castle's pen]

Kate Beckett: [finding Castle at her desk] What are you doing?
Richard Castle: It's a novelist's habit. Poking through other people's mail, checking their medicine cabinets.
Kate Beckett: Why are you still here?
Richard Castle: I just came by to give you this.
[he hands her a wrapped box]
Richard Castle: It's a little something to... memorialize our brief partnership.
[she gives him a look of skepticism]
Richard Castle: Don't look so suspicious. Go on, open it.
[just to get it over with, she opens the gift and sees a copy of "Storm Fall"]
Richard Castle: I got you an advance copy. I even... signed it to you. Not that you're a fan.
Kate Beckett: Thanks. That's actually kind of... sweet.

Kate Beckett: Mr. Castle, this whole bad boy charm thing that you've got going might work for bimbettes and celebutantes. Me? I work for a living, so that makes you one of two things in my world. Either the guy who makes my life easier or the guy who makes my life harder, and trust me, you do not want to be the guy who makes my life harder.

Kate Beckett: Do any of these "groupies" ever write you letters?
[Castle nods]
Kate Beckett: Disturbing letters?
Richard Castle: Oh, all my fan mail is disturbing. It's an occupational hazard.
Kate Beckett: Because sometimes in cases like this, we find that the...
Richard Castle, Kate Beckett: ...killer attempts to...
Richard Castle: ...contact the subject of his obsession. I'm also pretty well-versed in psychopathic methodologies. Another occupational hazard, and do you know you have gorgeous eyes?

"Castle: Secret Santa (#5.9)" (2012)
Richard Castle: I am not overreacting. It's one night out of the year. Is it too much to ask to stick to the program?
Kate Beckett: Well maybe your program should evolve a little.
Richard Castle: It is evolving. I invited you, didn't I? You are still coming, right?
Kate Beckett: Ah, yeah, I mean, if I don't have to work. But look, no presents, remember? We promised. It's just... a little too stressful this first year.
Richard Castle: No presents. I'm flexible. There are certain aspects to this that are time honored. The heart, the beating heart behind the Christmas holidays.
[he sees the murder victim]
Richard Castle: And now Santa is dead? When will it end?
Kate Beckett: I hate to break it to you Castle, but there is no Santa.
Richard Castle: Well not any more.

Richard Castle: $30 thousand. That's a little more than the Cabots needed for their lawsuit. Maybe our Santa is Robin Hood. Stealing from the rich to give to the poor?
Kate Beckett: Yeah, but why would he use a helicopter to steal this? I mean, he could have just stuffed it in his sack and ho ho ho'd his way out of there. It has to be about more than just the clock.
Richard Castle: Well, there were a couple more clocks on his workbench. Maybe this one's significant somehow.
Kate Beckett: Okay. What's your theory?
Richard Castle: Uh...
Richard Castle: Treasure map inside.
[he has a better idea]
Richard Castle: No. No, the clock was commissioned by a secret society to count down the end of days. A secret society of Santas, who are the guardians of times.
Richard Castle: Oh, that's good.

Captain Victoria Gates: [her phone chirps] Ugh! Speaking of people having their homes stolen...
Kate Beckett: Is that your mother-in-law again, sir?
Captain Victoria Gates: Detective, if you happen to receive a report of a homicide tonight at my address, do me a favor: ignore it.
Kate Beckett: [snickers] Yes, sir.

Lanie Parish: Remember how you asked if that fall is what killed him? Well, it wasn't. I pulled this out of his back.
[Lanie holds up a bullet]
Kate Beckett: And that is a .38. Do you still think he fell off his sleigh, Castle?
Richard Castle: No. Clearly, he was shot out of it. Talk about a war on Christmas.
Kate Beckett: Or he was just shot in an aircraft and pushed out.

Richard Castle: You volunteered to take Eldin's shift. Don't pretend. If you aren't ready, why not just tell me?
Kate Beckett: I'm sorry, Castle. I didn't mean to...
Richard Castle: You didn't mean to what?
Kate Beckett: Christmas means something different to me than it does to you.
Richard Castle: It's Christmas. I mean, how can it be different?
Kate Beckett: [sighs] Castle, every winter, as soon as that chill rolls in, I'm right back there in that alley. January 9th, and we still hadn't taken our Christmas decorations down. And by the time my dad and I did, it was like we were putting Christmas away forever. We haven't opened those boxes since.
Richard Castle: I didn't know.
Kate Beckett: That's why every year, my dad goes up to his cabin, and ever since I became a rookie, I have taken the Christmas shift. Because I know that there are families out there that are celebrating together in their homes and I am keeping watch, and that is my tradition. And that is important to me. It's as important as your tradition is to you. And I'm sorry, Castle. I thought I could let that go, but I...
Richard Castle: [smiles] I understand.

Dave Dunne: I already told you where I was, and it wasn't in any helicopter.
Richard Castle: Yeah, about that. We checked the photos from the Harlem Youth Club. The Santa that was there was not you.
Kate Beckett: Where were you that night, really? Let me help you. I just got off the phone with Chuck Ames, the guy that owns that helicopter, and he said that you've rented it from him before.
Dave Dunne: So I know the guy. So what? You got no proof that I was in that helicopter that night.
Kate Beckett: That's because you wiped it down when you brought it back, but you took something with you, didn't you?
[Beckett opens the door, and L.T. brings in the Thomas Tilledge clock]
Kate Beckett: We found this in your apartment.
Richard Castle: Care to revise your statement?
Kate Beckett: Let me help you again. Edmund figured out a way to make a quick score for you both. He worked the party, and you were the getaway flier. And then when he got back into the chopper, you decided you wanted it all for yourself.
Dave Dunne: All what? All he had was a damn clock!
Richard Castle: Not just any clock. A Thomas Tilledge worth $30,000.
Dave Dunne: [surprised] That crap is worth thirty grand?

Captain Victoria Gates: Remember that class-action suit against SunCove Funding?
Kate Beckett: Yeah.
Captain Victoria Gates: My contact at the SEC dug these up. SunCove's original articles of incorporation, showing the name of the account signatory. Look familiar?
Kate Beckett: James Edmund Smith. The victim.
Richard Castle: Santa is the shark who bilked those people out of their homes?
Captain Victoria Gates: He has more blood on his hands than that. Tim Cabot's father died in a car crash, fell asleep at the wheel working three jobs to pay his inflated mortgage, courtesy of Edmund Smith. That was Christmas Eve five years ago.
Kevin Ryan: The Christmas that Edmund walked out on his life.
Richard Castle: So... it's a tale of redemption. Edmund moves next door to the family whose lives he destroyed, dedicating his life to repairing theirs, never telling them who he really is.
Javier Esposito: But what if Tim found out?
Richard Castle: Then it's a very different tale.

Kate Beckett: Well, Castle, it looks like you might have been right. Maybe there is a Santa Claus after all.
Richard Castle: Whether there's a Santa Claus or not, that's not why I love Christmas. When I was kid, no matter how bad things got, my mother always managed to make Christmas Eve magical. Every year, she would put on "The Nutcracker Suite". And I thought if she can do that in our tiny apartment when money was tight and we were alone, it gave me hope that things could get better. I love that feeling, that sense of hope. It's crazy, you know? On the shortest days of the year, people of all faiths celebrate the light.

Richard Castle: [sitting down for Christmas dinner] Mother, the glogg is excellent. And everything looks excellent.
Martha Rodgers: Thank you.
Richard Castle: Just like always.
Martha Rodgers: Oh, Richard. Richard, darling, you don't have to look so miserable.
Richard Castle: Oh, no...
Alexis Castle: She's right, dad. We know how much this tradition means to you, so we both decided to cancel our plans. We're here all night, like always.
Richard Castle: I love you both so much that you would do that for me. But I was wrong about tonight. There's someplace I need to be.
Alexis Castle: Dad, I...
Martha Rodgers: Go. Go, go, go.
[Castle stands to up leave; opening the front door, he is surprised to see Beckett]
Richard Castle: Uh... Uh... I was just coming to see you.
Kate Beckett: I was coming to see you.
Richard Castle: What about your shift?
Kate Beckett: I got Karpowski to cover. What about your family tradition?
Richard Castle: Um... I was just thinking it's time for a new tradition.
Kate Beckett: Me, too.
Martha Rodgers: Oh, for god sakes, Richard. Invite the girl in.

Lanie Parish: You gotta admit, with that beard and that belly, he looks like the real deal.
Kate Beckett: If by "the real deal", you mean an overweight man in a red suit who's hopefully carrying ID.
Lanie Parish: Yep. Along with lots of candy cane wrappers, though I don't think that ID of his is gonna do you much good.
Kate Beckett: [Lanie hands over the victim's wallet] Kris Kringle, address North Pole. That's cute.
Richard Castle: Maybe he's the real Santa, like in "Miracle on 34th Street".
Lanie Parish: Yeah, but with no happy ending. This Santa fell out the sky around 9:30.
Kate Beckett: From an aircraft?
Lanie Parish: Maybe, but it wasn't a commercial plane, I can tell you that. With a fall from high altitude, we'd see severe frostbite on his eyes and his face.

Kevin Ryan: So, I just talked with the family. They didn't see or hear any planes overhead.
Kate Beckett: That doesn't make any sense. He had to have fallen from somewhere.
Richard Castle: I'm sorry, are we overlooking the obvious here? He hit some turbulence, slipped out of his sleigh and fell to his doom.
Kevin Ryan: Santa, lying there dead. I gotta ask you something; what kind of world do we live in?
Kate Beckett: A world in where there is no Santa and people don't fall out of nowhere. Can you check with air traffic control and find out what flights were in the area?
Kevin Ryan: Sure.
[turning to leave]
Kevin Ryan: Bah humbug.

Kevin Ryan: Hey. So, I heard from air traffic control, but you're not gonna like the news. They have no record of anyone flying over the park during the time our guy hit the ground.
Kate Beckett: How is that even possible?
Richard Castle: Santa had his sleigh in stealth mode.

Richard Castle: Hi.
Receptionist: Merry Christmas!
Kate Beckett: We're looking for David Dunne.
Receptionist: Oh, Dave's in the big room, teaching a class.
Richard Castle: Uh... what is it you do here, exactly?
Receptionist: We make magic.
[she leads them into another room, where a group of Santas practice "ho ho ho"ing]
Dave Dunne: Again! Again! Once again, from the diaphragm! Outstanding!
Richard Castle: Santa school?
Kate Beckett: And I bet you one Santa is missing.

Kate Beckett: [going to question a suspect] Wow. Someone takes Christmas seriously.
Richard Castle: Oh, you should see our place. Our tree is a fifteen-foot Noble fir. We have our garlands shipped in from some lake I can't pronounce by the Canadian border, and wait 'till you see my train set.
Kate Beckett: [half-heartedly] Yeah. Can't wait.

Kate Beckett: Now, where were you at 9:30 last night?
Dave Dunne: I was at the Harlem Youth Center handing out gifts to kids. I wasn't anywhere near Edmund.
Richard Castle: But you did engage in some un-Santalike behavior at his apartment.
Dave Dunne: That was this is about? That was nothing.
Kate Beckett: You threatened to kill him and now he's dead. I wouldn't call that nothing.

Kate Beckett: Did you find out what Santa job Edmund was doing?
Kevin Ryan: His agency said he wasn't booked on any gigs last night.
Kate Beckett: So then why was he wearing a Santa suit and how did he end up dead?
Richard Castle: Well, if this was a story, it would all come back to Edmund's character; why he became a Santa in the first place.
Javier Esposito: [approaching] Turns out that's a mystery all by itself. I've been looking into this guy, and check it.
[he puts a picture on the murder board]
Javier Esposito: That is Santa five years ago. Meet James Edmund Smith. He was a private equity manager at some big firm.
Kate Beckett: That's the same guy?
Javier Esposito: Yeah.
Kate Beckett: What happened?
Richard Castle: Dedication to his craft.
Javier Esposito: Like De Niro in "Raging Bull".

Javier Esposito: [about the victim's dramatic transformation] It's pretty extreme, I know, and I'll tell you this much: he didn't go all Santa for the money. Back in the day, he used to pull down a half a mil a year. As Santa, he made a tenth of that.
Kevin Ryan: Make that much as a Santa? Maybe I should switch jobs, huh?
Javier Esposito: What, gain two hundred pounds and have a bunch of rugrats sitting on your lap with dirty diapers?
Kevin Ryan: [in disgust] Yeah, thanks for that visual.
Javier Esposito: Oh, here's another thing. I pulled Edmund's financials. On the night he was killed, he withdrew two grand from his ATM.
Richard Castle: He didn't have that money on him when we found him. His wallet was empty.
Kate Beckett: All right, take a look at the ATM footage and see if anyone was with him. He might have been robbed.
Richard Castle: Uh, robbed and then launched into space?
Kate Beckett: And how is that less plausible than your sleigh?
Richard Castle: I think you mean less Clausible.

Kate Beckett: How does a guy on a motorcycle connect to Edmund landing in the park?
Richard Castle: Nothing connects. Why does a man watch a Christmas movie, then walk out on everything and become a Santa? Unless the key to Edmund's story *is* "It's a Wonderful Life". You remember in the movie, George Bailey tried to commit suicide on Christmas Eve and was saved by an angel.
Kate Beckett: Which in our story is David Dunne.
Richard Castle: Weird casting choice, I know, but... what if Edmund was trying to jump off a metaphoric bridge, you know, to start over?
Kate Beckett: As a Santa?
Richard Castle: Yes! Yeah... that's where it falls apart.

Richard Castle: Speaking of "It's a Wonderful Life", I was thinking tomorrow night, perhaps we should have a Christmas movie marathon. Or... some other kind of marathon that makes life wonderful.
Kate Beckett: Um...
Richard Castle: What?
Kate Beckett: Castle, look, I know how much the holidays mean to you, and I know that you love Christmas, but I can't make it tomorrow.
Richard Castle: What?
Kate Beckett: The precinct is short-staffed, so I'm gonna have to work.
Richard Castle: How... to... what... don't... I... don't you have seniority? Don't... how... how can this happen?

"Castle: Mr. & Mrs. Castle (#8.8)" (2015)
Kate Beckett: [investigating a murder on a cruise liner] Are we moving?
Richard Castle: Beckett, I think your crime scene's making a run for it.

Vikram Singh: [on the phone with Beckett, having discovered a direct link between the current case and LokSat] Good thing Castle's nowhere near this one.
Kate Beckett: Yeah.
Richard Castle: [standing on a rail on the deck above Beckett] Ahoy! I'm the king of the world!
Vikram Singh: [Beckett lowers her phone, unnerved at Castle's presence] Hello? Beckett?
Kate Beckett: This can't be happening.

Kate Beckett: Vikram?
Vikram Singh: Surprise! Welcome to our new office.
Kate Beckett: A strip club? Really?
Vikram Singh: Hey, you said to find a location where we could hunt for LokSat without anyone looking over our shoulders.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, and, uh, this is the best you could find?
Vikram Singh: It's perfect. Vice raided the place. Now it's tied up in trial. We can operate here for months completely off the grid.

Kate Beckett: So, um, the text from last night. What did you find?
Vikram Singh: Actually, uh... that's a dead end.
Kate Beckett: What?
Vikram Singh: My bad.
Kate Beckett: A-And you didn't know this last night?
Vikram Singh: Um...
Kate Beckett: Did you text me to pull me out of my anniversary dinner with Castle?
Vikram Singh: Look, you broke up with him for a reason. No one can know what we're doing, especially Castle. It's too dangerous.
Kate Beckett: I know. And I am being extremely careful. I'm just trying not to lose my marriage in the process.

Javier Esposito: Perlmutter just called. Turns out that baggie from Lara's stomach? Pure uncut heroin.
Kevin Ryan: Uncut? No wonder she only swallowed one baggie. That 8-Ball has a street value of $30k.
Kate Beckett: Uncut heroin comes directly from the cartel, so how does a dancer from Michigan get her hands on that?

Janice Elden: Here at Iconic, we pride ourselves on two things: the old world elegance of ocean travel and our impeccable safety record. So I'm sure whatever happened to Lara was simply a tragic accident.
Kate Beckett: Uh, well, she was shot in the head, so unless she tripped and fell on a bullet, it wasn't an accident.

Kate Beckett: Hey. Get anything?
Richard Castle: [pretending to be a professional dancer] A pulled groin and a potential clue.

Richard Castle: You know, we really should take a little cruise. Imagine all the secret interludes we could have.
Kate Beckett: You mean like that scene in "Titanic", the one in the old car?
Richard Castle: Yeah, Jack and Rose and the steamy window. We could just jump into one of these life boats.
[realizing something about the case]
Richard Castle, Kate Beckett: The life boats.

Vikram Singh: [discovering Castle and Hayley are trying to hack them] She's almost in. I could launch a cyber nuke, but it'll completely fry his system.
Kate Beckett: He's got a backup system at home.
Vikram Singh: Is that a go for launch?
Kate Beckett: Yes.
Hayley Shipton: [Castle's system is fried] No, no, no, no! Oh!
Richard Castle: What... just happened?
Hayley Shipton: Armageddon, I'm afraid. Vikram just nuked the whole system. We've lost everything.
Richard Castle: We've lo...? I never liked that guy.
Kate Beckett: Did they get in?
Vikram Singh: No. Another second and they would have. Thankfully, our location and all our files are still safe.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, for now. I just hope I didn't nuke my marriage.

Vikram Singh: Where you going?
Kate Beckett: I need to talk to Castle.
Vikram Singh: No, that'll have to wait. I found the garbage truck driver from Friendly Islands. His shift ends in thirty minutes. With Lara's murder all over the news, they might be circling their wagons. We got to get to him now.
Kate Beckett: No, I hate lying to him.
Vikram Singh: I know, but you're doing it for the right reasons. This is our first real shot to get to LokSat. We have to take it.
Kate Beckett: You're right. Tell me about the driver.

Richard Castle: You know, when I hung up my shingle as a P.I., I knew I'd have to follow some wives. I just never thought it'd be my own.
Kate Beckett: Castle, why couldn't you just trust me?
Richard Castle: How can you ask me that? I saw the text Vikram sent you last night. I thought you were in trouble. Instead, I find out you've been lying to me.
Kate Beckett: I was trying to protect you.
Richard Castle: From Allison Hyde's killer? Yeah, it was easy to figure out once I realized you weren't just looking for "me" time.
Kate Beckett: LokSat thinks that his cover-up worked. That's why he let us live. And if he finds out that I am still pursuing this, he will kill me and anyone that I am close to. That's why I had to push you away.
Richard Castle: The fact that you even think that breaks my heart. I'd walk into a tornado for you, Kate.
Kate Beckett: And I would die if I lost you.
Richard Castle: You want to know what hurts the most? You could have come to me with everything, broken us up just like you did, only it would have been a cover. And together, in secret, we could have taken this guy down. Only that thought never even occurred to you, because deep down inside, you like being broken, and you need this obsession. And no matter what I do, I can't change that. Only you can, Kate.

Vikram Singh: You okay?
Kate Beckett: No. Acosta's partner could have brought us closer to LokSat. Instead, he's in the morgue. It's all come crashing down around my ears, and I've got nobody to blame but myself.
Vikram Singh: Ahh, you are having a pity party. That's okay. I'll leave. But I will be taking a pretty juicy clue with me.
Kate Beckett: If you're messing with me, I might shoot you.

Kate Beckett: You were right.
Richard Castle: Okay.
Kate Beckett: Everything that you said, you were absolutely right.
Richard Castle: Could you be more specific?
Kate Beckett: That our breakup could have just been a cover so that we could bring down LokSat together.
Richard Castle: Yeah. I wish you would have come to me.
Kate Beckett: Well, I'm here now. So let's do it.
Richard Castle: It's not that easy.
Kate Beckett: I thought that you would...
Richard Castle: Just take you back, in spite of what you put me through?
Kate Beckett: Look, Castle, I am sorry. I hate that I hurt you. That was never what I wanted.
Richard Castle: But you did hurt me, Kate. And what's worse, you lost faith in me.
Kate Beckett: No, I never... I need you, Rick. I didn't realize even how much I needed you until this happened. Please, just don't make me do this without you.
Richard Castle: Okay.
[he kisses her]
Richard Castle: Though you do realize I'm gonna have to punish you a little first.
Kate Beckett: [eagerly] Naked punishing?
Richard Castle: *Very* naked punishing.

Vikram Singh: I was able to trace the ownership of the warehouse where Sam Mackey dropped off the heroin. It's a Caymans shell corp. I dug back into the articles of incorporation from '99. You won't believe who wrote up those documents. Caleb Brown.
Kate Beckett: Acosta's public defender?
Vikram Singh: Turns out Brown worked for a major corporate law firm back in the day. Pulled in mid-six figures annually. Then he suddenly gave it up a few years ago to be a... defender of the people.
Kate Beckett: That's the perfect cover. It gives Brown access to assets in prison and allows him to pass orders to dealers that we've already caught.
Vikram Singh: Dealers like Acosta.
Kate Beckett: Brown told Acosta to take the fall for Lara's murder so that we would back off of the drugs.
Vikram Singh: And Acosta obliged. That's how powerful Brown is.
Kate Beckett: Okay, we can't go straight at this guy. He's not a scared truck driver. This guy is a shark, and if he sees us coming, LokSat's gonna burn all of us. We've got to track Brown's every move, nice and quiet.
Vikram Singh: It's gonna take time.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, but if we do it right... he'll lead us straight to LokSat.

[Castle is trying to stall Beckett so Hayley can hack Vikram, while she's trying to stall him so Vikram can lock them out]
Richard Castle: Hey.
Kate Beckett: Hey, babe.
Richard Castle: Change your mind about tonight?
Kate Beckett: Uh, you know, uh... tonight's still not gonna work. But how about right now? Feel like steaming up your office?
Richard Castle: My office? That sounds great. I'm, uh... sort of in the middle of something right now.
Kate Beckett: Really? That's too bad, 'cause I'm right downstairs.
Richard Castle: "Downstairs" downstairs?
Kate Beckett: Yeah. I can be up in ten seconds.
Richard Castle: Ten seconds is not long at all. Hang... hang... hang on one second.
[he mutes the call]
Richard Castle: We have to shut it down. She's gonna walk in the front door.
Hayley Shipton: No, she's lying. Her phone is pinging from Queens.
Richard Castle: She knows it's us who's hacking her.
[taking the phone off mute]
Richard Castle: Sorry about that. Just taking off my pants. You coming up?
[Beckett mutes the call]
Kate Beckett: He knows I'm lying.
[unmuting the call]
Kate Beckett: Hey. Uh... you know what? Something just came up. Rain check?
Richard Castle: Sure. You know where to find me.

Kate Beckett: Hey, Rick. What's up? You decided to buy that boat?
Richard Castle: Well, someone's in a good mood. You thinking about our naked time?
Kate Beckett: Um... no.
Richard Castle: Well, I am. I haven't stopped thinking about it, as a matter of fact. Um... tell you what, how about round two, tonight, my place? No one has to know.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, I can't. I have to work tonight.
Richard Castle: [Hayley gestures to keep her talking] Um, well, I thought, uh, being a captain meant that you could delegate.
Kate Beckett: You know what? I actually have to do a few things myself.
Richard Castle: Well, maybe I can help. What are you working on?
Kate Beckett: [glancing at Vikram] Um... captain stuff?
Richard Castle: Well, that...
[Hayley gestures she's decrypted Vikram's first firewall]
Richard Castle: Then good luck with your captain stuff. Bye.
Kate Beckett: [he abruptly hangs up] Hello?

Kate Beckett: How did you get on board?
Richard Castle: You know, we always talked about buying a boat. What do you think? I mean, I know it's a fixer-upper.
Kate Beckett: I don't know. Maybe for our second anniversary.
Richard Castle: Oh, I don't know if anything's gonna compare to the first.

Captain Ziering: Just so the two of you know, they're sending a boat to pick you up in about an hour.
Richard Castle: So we got sixty minutes to investigate this murder before we lose access to our crime scene.
Captain Ziering: And about that...
Richard Castle: Really?
Captain Ziering: I've been instructed to order the crew not to cooperate with you. Hey, I'm not losing my job over this.
Kate Beckett: [as Ziering leaves] We gotta divide and conquer.
Richard Castle: Right. I'll talk to Lara's dancer friends. They may be the last ones to see her alive.
Kate Beckett: Okay, but just remember they're not supposed to cooperate, so don't tell them that you're working with the police.
Richard Castle: Where will you be?
Kate Beckett: There are three Marthas on Lido deck. If anyone knows anything about this ship, it's gonna be them. And plus, they're not with the crew.
Richard Castle: All right. If they're anything like my mother, you're gonna have your hands full.

Kate Beckett: I know what you're thinking, Sam. You're thinking I'm not gonna kill you, and you are right. But you've been running drugs, and that means the NYPD can seize everything in your life.
Vikram Singh: Want your kids to live out of a cardboard box? 'Cause that's what's gonna happen.
Sam Mackey: Hey, I don't know any names. They pay me not to ask questions. And don't involve my family. I... I... I didn't have a choice.
Vikram Singh: I think he's telling the truth.
Kate Beckett: All right, Sam, here's what's gonna happen. I'm not gonna arrest you, but if you get another delivery, you call this number.
[she hands him a business card]
Sam Mackey: No, no, no, no. I can't. They'll kill me.
Kate Beckett: They might. But if I arrest you, they definitely will.
Vikram Singh: And telling them about this conversation guarantees that your whole family will be wiped out.
Sam Mackey: I won't say a word. I promise.
Kate Beckett: Good. Now where exactly is the warehouse full of heroin?

"Castle: Dreamworld (#6.2)" (2013)
Kate Beckett: I'm so sorry, Castle. This wasn't supposed to be this hard.
Richard Castle: What, Washington or us? Sometimes the hardest things in life are the things most worth doing. Just because we haven't figured it out yet doesn't mean we won't.

[first lines]
Richard Castle: What about an antidote? There has to be an antidote.
Kate Beckett: The only existing vial was stolen with the toxin.
Richard Castle: They can make more, right? They have to be able to make more.
Kate Beckett: It would take too long to synthesize.
Richard Castle: How long?
Kate Beckett: A week.
Richard Castle: That's too long. Are you sure I was exposed? I mean, I... I feel fine. Maybe they were wrong.
Kate Beckett: Look, there's a doctor coming in from Walter Reed. He's gonna be able to answer any other questions you might have.
Richard Castle: No, well, I think you already did that.
Kate Beckett: Hey. We're gonna find whoever's behind this. And when we do, we're gonna get that antidote, 'cause I'm not letting you out of our engagement that easily.

[Beckett's boss has allowed Castle to consult on the investigation]
Kate Beckett: Look, uh, thanks for backing me up with Castle.
Special Agent Rachel McCord: Is he always such a character?
Kate Beckett: Yeah. It's one of the things that I love about him, too.

Richard Castle: [listening to the flight recording of the Zawari air strike] Valkyrie was the servant. She was one of ours.
Special Agent Rachel McCord: No wonder the transcript was so heavily redacted.
Kate Beckett: Secretary Reed killed an American operative.
Richard Castle: And then ordered Bronson to cover it up.

Chief Carl Villante: So, what are we saying here? That Bronson was murdered to cover up the death of an American operative, with the implication that General Reed is behind it? The sitting Secretary of Defense?
Special Agent Rachel McCord: A position he got largely because of his success in taking out Zawari.
Kate Beckett: His political star was on the rise. Maybe he couldn't afford to have damaging details out there.
Chief Carl Villante: But if he wanted to silence Bronson, why would he go to the trouble of setting him up first? And none of this explains the theft of the toxin.
Kate Beckett: Sir, he lied to us. About Valkyrie and about Bronson. Either he's involved or he knows a hell of a lot more than he's telling us.

Richard Castle: Hey. So I'm guessing Villante said no to the idea of waterboarding the truth out of Secretary Reed?
Kate Beckett: Yeah, something like that.

Defense Secretary Michael Reed: You show up at my home? Who the hell do you think you are?
Kate Beckett: I should ask you the same thing. You lied about Valkyrie. You obstructed a federal investigation.
Defense Secretary Michael Reed: I told you all you need to know.
Kate Beckett: I need to know everything. What is going on, and what are you hiding?
Defense Secretary Michael Reed: You are barking up the wrong tree, Agent, and it's gonna cost you.
Kate Beckett: There's a deadly toxin out there. If so much as one person dies because you won't cooperate, then I...
Defense Secretary Michael Reed: You'll what? Look, whatever this is, it has nothing to do with me. You might want to remember the first rule of combat: you don't ever start a war you can't win.

Chief Carl Villante: What the hell were you thinking?
Kate Beckett: Sir, I was just following a hunch.
Chief Carl Villante: Next time, follow orders. I had to go to the mat with the Attorney General to keep your job.
Kate Beckett: Wait, Secretary Reed complained to the Attorney General?
Chief Carl Villante: If that surprises you, you're not as smart as I thought.
Kate Beckett: No, sir, it's just if Reed was behind this, he wouldn't have made that call.
Chief Carl Villante: Right, because he wouldn't want to call attention to himself.
[realization dawns on him]
Chief Carl Villante: Is that why you went out there? To force him to show his hand? I'm impressed.

Special Agent Rachel McCord: I was following up on Valkyrie to see if there was anything more to the story. This is a family photo we got from Rasheed. He identified this woman as the servant whose body Bronson took after the air strike. And we've identified her as Farrah Usman.
Matt Hendricks: Yeah, she's listed as a civilian contractor working out of the U.S. Consulate in Kabul.
Special Agent Rachel McCord: [explaining to Beckett] It's a typical cover for an intelligence operative.
Matt Hendricks: Yeah, and she was supposedly killed by a roadside IED the same night as the Zawari attack.
Chief Carl Villante: Well, that makes sense. The injuries from an IED look a lot like those from an air strike.
Special Agent Rachel McCord: That's not the story. Look at this. So, Farrah Usman's body was shipped back to Dover two days later. It was claimed by this man. Recognize that name?
Kate Beckett: Brad Parker? The reporter?
Special Agent Rachel McCord: One and the same.
Kate Beckett: I don't get it. How is he connected to Valkyrie?
Special Agent Rachel McCord: According to the paperwork, he was her fiancé. He's involved in this whole thing.

Chief Carl Villante: Where are we on tracking Parker?
Matt Hendricks: He's not at work. No one's seen him all day.
Agent Richmond: I can't get a trace on his cell signal. He must have turned it off.
Kate Beckett: Sir, if there's the slightest chance...
Chief Carl Villante: Hit his apartment. Go.
[Beckett and McCord prepare to leave, and Castle turns to follow them]
Chief Carl Villante: Castle, you stay here.
Richard Castle: I was given less than a day to live, just a little less than a day ago. If Parker has that antidote, I need to go with them.

Kate Beckett: This has to be about revenge, so it has to be about Reed.
Richard Castle: Maybe he wants to do to Reed what Reed did to him. Take away the person he loves the most.
Kate Beckett: His wife.
[sharing a look with Castle, Beckett turns around and speeds off]
Special Agent Rachel McCord: [over the walkie-talkie] Beckett, why'd you turn around? Is it Castle?
Kate Beckett: No. We have a hunch.

Kate Beckett: It's over, Parker! We know everything! Now give us the antidote before it's too late!
[Parker attacks her from behind and disarms her]
Kate Beckett: No, wait!
Brad Parker: Did Reed wait when he ordered the strike? No. No, now it's his turn to see how it feels. She's gonna die. Just like Farrah.
Kate Beckett: Please, Parker, she's not the only one that you've poisoned. My fiancé is dying. He needs that antidote.
Brad Parker: No, you don't understand. You're too late. It's too late.
Special Agent Rachel McCord: [appearing behind Parker with her gun drawn] You'd better hope you're wrong.

[last lines]
Kate Beckett: What about Secretary Reed? What's gonna happen to him?
Special Agent Rachel McCord: What do you mean?
Kate Beckett: He withheld information to save his own ass. People almost died because of it.
Special Agent Rachel McCord: Well, we both know it's not that simple.
Kate Beckett: Well... there's gonna be an investigation at least, right?
Special Agent Rachel McCord: You want everything to be black or white, I get it. But in this town, it rarely is, and to do this job, you have to make peace with that. But, hey, that was a hell of a hunch about Mrs. Reed. You should feel really good about this.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, that was Castle.
Special Agent Rachel McCord: But you were smart enough to act on it. That was your call.
Kate Beckett: You backed me up without even knowing my play.
Special Agent Rachel McCord: That's what partners do.
[as McCord leaves, Beckett turns to look back towards Castle's hospital room]
Kate Beckett: [quietly] Yeah. That's what partners do.

Richard Castle: So, where are you in the investigation?
Kate Beckett: We're looking into every possible lead.
Richard Castle: That's what you say when you're nowhere.

Kate Beckett: These are the mission documents?
Special Agent Rachel McCord: Is there even a sentence that doesn't have redactions?
Agent Richmond: Not a complete one. Somebody is definitely trying to hide whatever went on here.
Kate Beckett: I... I'm sorry, Castle. This is pointless.
Richard Castle: Can you do a word search for Valkyrie?
Agent Richmond: [typing] It doesn't appear in the document. Probably because it's redacted.
Richard Castle: Right. But what about a search for blacked-out eight letter words the same length as "Valkyrie"?
Special Agent Rachel McCord: Aren't all eight letter words the same length?
Richard Castle: Well, not in a proportional font, like Times Roman. Um, each character will vary in size, from the narrowest lowercase "i" to the widest uppercase "W", so the combination of letters in the word "Valkyrie" will create a very specific length. Not unlike a typographical fingerprint.
Agent Richmond: I may be able to work with that.

Richard Castle: [recuperating in the hospital] Hey.
Kate Beckett: Hey.
Richard Castle: How was your weekend?
Kate Beckett: Mmm, you know. Uneventful. Yours?
Richard Castle: Hmm, same. But at least I got to see you.

Kate Beckett: Castle.
Richard Castle: Hmm.
Kate Beckett: Hey.
Richard Castle: Hi. I had the strangest dream, and you were there.
Martha Rodgers: Oh, thank god.
Alexis Castle: Hi, dad.
Richard Castle: And you were there, and you were there.
Pi: Hey, Mr. C. I did some healing reiki on you. Looks like it worked.
Richard Castle: [unenthused] And you were there.

Brad Parker: The first time I heard about Dreamworld was in '03. I was serving with the 173rd in Kandahar at the time. The story stuck with me, so about a year ago I started poking around. Found out it was a forward operating base in northern Afghanistan; launching pad for covert special ops in the region.
Kate Beckett: Did Bronson work at that base?
Brad Parker: Yeah. Yeah, I'd heard his name a couple of times, so I approached him.
Special Agent Rachel McCord: And what'd he tell you?
Brad Parker: Nothing at all. In fact, he seemed pretty freaked out that I knew he was stationed there. Asked me how much I knew about him, Dreamworld, about what he'd done.
Kate Beckett: Wait, wait, wait. What did he mean by that?
Brad Parker: Never told me. Whatever it was, he sure as hell didn't want it getting out. Next thing I know, my editor's killing the story at the personal request of Defense Secretary Reed.
Kate Beckett: These conversations that you had with Bronson, did he ever mention the word Valkyrie?
Brad Parker: No. Why? What's Valkyrie?
Special Agent Rachel McCord: Wait. The Secretary of Defense himself called to kill the story? That's unusual.
Brad Parker: Try unheard of. But I am guessing that the subject matter struck a nerve. Look, prior to his appointment as Secretary of Defense, General Reed was in charge of Central Command, which ran all missions out of Dreamworld.
Kate Beckett: Are you suggesting that the Secretary of Defense is hiding something?
Brad Parker: You have another explanation?

Agent Richmond: For a strike in Jalalabad, they'd probably use an F-16 out of Bagram Air Base. I did a year as chief technical officer at Bagram. Part of my job was dumping the fighter jets' flight data onto a central server. If I can access it, I might be able to get that audio.
Kate Beckett: [referring to the redacted documents] What are we waiting for, McCord? We played by the rules, and that's what they gave us.
Special Agent Rachel McCord: Do it.

"Castle: Always (#4.23)" (2012)
Kate Beckett: You, um... you have to stop. This investigation, you have to stop.
Kate Beckett: Castle, we already talked about this. I'm fine. I'm in control.
Richard Castle: No, you're not. They are. And if you don't stop, they will kill you, Kate.
Kate Beckett: What are you talking about?
Richard Castle: Before Montgomery went into that hangar, he sent a package to someone. Someone he trusted. It contained information damaging to the person behind all this. Montgomery was trying to protect you, but the package didn't arrive until after you'd been shot. Montgomery's friend struck a deal with them. If they left you alone, that package and the information inside would never see the light of day. But they made one condition: you had to back off. And that's the reason you're alive, Kate. Because you stopped.
Kate Beckett: How do you know this?
Richard Castle: In order for the deal to work, someone had to make sure you weren't pursuing it.
Kate Beckett: Are you a part of this?
Richard Castle: I was just trying to keep you safe.
Kate Beckett: By lying to me about the most important thing in my life?
Richard Castle: That lie was the only thing that was protecting you.
Kate Beckett: Castle, I didn't need protection. I needed a lead, and you sat on it for a year. Now, who is this person? How do I find him?
Richard Castle: He's a voice on the phone. He's a shadow in a parking garage.
Kate Beckett: You met with him? How do you know that he's not behind my mom's murder? How do you know that he's not involved, and how the hell could you do this?
Richard Castle: Because I love you! But you already know that, don't you? You've known for about a year.
Kate Beckett: Are you kidding me? You're actually bringing this up right now? After you told me that you just betrayed me?
Richard Castle: Kate, listen to me.
Kate Beckett: Listen to you? Why should I listen to you? How am I even supposed to trust anything that you say?
Richard Castle: How are you...? Because of everything we've been through together! Four years, I've been right here! Four years just waiting for you to just open your eyes to see that I'm right here! And I'm more than a partner! Every morning I... I bring you a cup of coffee, just so I can see a smile on your face. Because I think you are the most... remarkable, maddening, challenging, frustrating person I've ever met. And I love you Kate, and if that means anything to you, if you care about me at all, just don't do this.

Kate Beckett: [discussing Alexis' forthcoming graduation] Of course you don't understand why she's taking her graduation speech so seriously. You were probably the guy who had nothing on but boxers underneath his gown.
Richard Castle: That is so insulting. If you must know, I was naked underneath.

Richard Castle: [after a fight with Beckett, Castle is coldly indifferent when she shows up at the loft] Beckett, what do you want?
Kate Beckett: You.
[entering the apartment, she cups his face and kisses him]
Kate Beckett: [whispering] I'm so sorry, Castle. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
[she kisses him again; he pushes her away, his indifference turning to genuine concern]
Richard Castle: What happened?
Kate Beckett: He got away, and I didn't care. I almost died, and all I could think about was you. I just want you.

Kate Beckett: Castle, you cut a deal for my life like I was some kind of a child. My life. *Mine*. You don't get to decide.
Richard Castle: You keep going with this, they're gonna decide. They're gonna come for you, Kate.
Kate Beckett: Let them come! They sent Coonan, and he is dead. They sent Lockwood, and he is dead. And I am still here, Castle, and I am ready!
Richard Castle: Ready for what? To die for your cause? This isn't a murder investigation anymore, Kate. They've turned it into a war.
Kate Beckett: If they want a war, then I will bring them a war. Straight to their doorsteps.
Richard Castle: [seeing and accepting she isn't going to let the matter go] Well, I guess there's just nothing I can say, is there? Okay, um... yeah, you're right, Kate. It's your life. You can throw it away if you want, but I'm not gonna stick around and watch you, so this is, um... over.
[he turns to leave]
Richard Castle: I'm done.

Kate Beckett: So, how's the father of the graduate taking it?
Richard Castle: I already have a plan to drown my sorrows. After the ceremony, my mother goes off to the Hamptons, Alexis will be doing her all-nighter, I will be distracting myself with a double feature of "The Killer" and "Hard Boiled".
Kate Beckett: Wow. That is a double feature.
Richard Castle: You like John Woo?
Kate Beckett: The bloodier, the better.
Richard Castle: You wouldn't want to... join me, would you?
Kate Beckett: Actually, I'd love to.

Kevin Ryan: We're just thankful no one was hurt.
Evelyn Montgomery: Believe me, so am I. Ever since Roy died, I've slept with his .357 in the nightstand.
Kate Beckett: So it was just the one guy?
Evelyn Montgomery: As far as I know. He was taking files out of the cabinet. He had Roy's old laptop in his backpack. When he saw me, he pulled his weapon, so God help me, I shot him. I think I hit him in his shoulder. He fired back, and then he crashed through the window.
Kate Beckett: [showing Evelyn a picture of the victim] Evelyn, was this the guy?
Evelyn Montgomery: Yeah. That's him.
Richard Castle: I'm glad Evan and the girls weren't home.
Evelyn Montgomery: Funny thing is, I wasn't supposed to be home, either. It's almost like he knew we weren't supposed to be here.

Kate Beckett: Say something reassuring.
Richard Castle: There are thousands of break-ins in New York City every year.
Kate Beckett: This one feels different.
Richard Castle: Well, that doesn't mean that it is. Montgomery worked hundreds of cases. Just because this guy was after files doesn't mean he was after your mom's case.
Kate Beckett: Then why is our thief dead? You know those people that Montgomery was involved with, he said that they wanted me dead. That I was getting too close, and he said that he was gonna give his life in order to protect mine, and they still tried to kill me. I wake up sometimes and I think to myself "How the hell am I still alive?". It's like I'm just waiting for that other shoe to drop. What if this is that other shoe?

[deleted scene]
Richard Castle: Hey, Kate.
Kate Beckett: Castle, not now, please.
Richard Castle: Kate. Hey, would you just listen to me?
Kate Beckett: Look, I know what you're gonna say. You think I'm gonna lose perspective because this is my mom's case, and I'm not. I've got this under control.
Richard Castle: You *can* hear yourself, right? You sound like an alcoholic, one year sober thinking she can take another drink. I know you, Kate. We all do. Just step off this case.
Kate Beckett: You wanna help me, Castle? Then help me finish this thing.

Kate Beckett: [getting pulled out of an interrogation] Book him on the drugs and weapons charge, and tell the DA I'm gonna want to file for murder one.
Javier Esposito: It wasn't him.
Kate Beckett: What do you mean it wasn't him?
Javier Esposito: The skin tissue that Lanie managed to scrape from underneath our victim's fingernails, the lab was able to pull DNA. We ran it against Vincente, it's not a match. In fact, it wasn't a match to anyone in the system.
Kevin Ryan: But it did match DNA trace evidence from another crime scene.
Richard Castle: Well, at least that's something. What was the crime scene?
Javier Esposito: It was a shooting.
Kevin Ryan: Beckett, it was your shooting.
Javier Esposito: DNA confirms that the man who killed Orlando Costas in that alley is the same man who put a bullet in your heart.

[first lines; Beckett is hanging off of a roof, holding on for dear life with one hand]
Richard Castle: Beckett!
Kate Beckett: CASTLE!
Richard Castle: Beckett!
Kate Beckett: CASTLE, I'M HERE!
Richard Castle: Beckett, hang on!
Kate Beckett: [her fingers slip] NO!

Captain Victoria Gates: Withholding evidence, lying to a superior officer. What you did dishonors the city and dishonors the badge. Not only are you off this investigation, I'm putting you both on administrative leave, effective immediately.
Kate Beckett: Sir...
Captain Victoria Gates: Don't you "sir" me! You don't deserve to wear the uniform. Now hand over your badges and guns.
[Esposito turns his over with no hesitation]
Captain Victoria Gates: Detective Beckett?
[Beckett hands over her gun; she takes her badge off her belt and stares at it. Finally she puts it on Gates' desk]
Kate Beckett: Keep it. I resign.

Kate Beckett: [having identified her shooter] All right, you stay on grid. Let us know if he moves. Esposito, you're coming with me.
Kevin Ryan: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. What are you doing? You want to do this, you do it right. You put a team on that car and you bring backup with you.
Kate Beckett: Ryan, this whole thing started because of a group of corrupt cops. How do you know there aren't more out there? We're about an inch away from catching this guy, and I'm not gonna blow it by advertising our next move.
Kevin Ryan: With all due respect, this guy put a bullet in your heart and then he disappeared into the ether. You cannot go in there unprepared.
Kate Beckett: Unprepared? I've been preparing for this for the past thirteen years.

Richard Castle: You, um... you have to stop. This investigation, you have to stop.
Kate Beckett: Castle, we already talked about this. I'm fine. I'm in control.
Richard Castle: No, you're not. They are. And if you don't stop, they will kill you, Kate.
Kate Beckett: What are you talking about?
Richard Castle: Before Montgomery went into that hangar, he sent a package to someone. Someone he trusted. It contained information damaging to the person behind all this. Montgomery was trying to protect you, but the package didn't arrive until after you'd been shot. Montgomery's friend struck a deal with them; if they left you alone, that package and the information inside would never see the light of day. But they made one condition: you had to back off. And that's the reason you're alive, Kate. Because you stopped.
Kate Beckett: How do you know this?
Richard Castle: [reluctantly admitting his role] In order for the deal to work, someone had to make sure you weren't pursuing it.
Kate Beckett: Are you a part of this?
Richard Castle: I was just trying to keep you safe.
Kate Beckett: By lying to me about the most important thing in my life?
Richard Castle: That lie was the only thing that was protecting you.
Kate Beckett: Castle, I didn't need protection. I needed a lead, and you sat on it for a year. Now, who is this person? How do I find him?
Richard Castle: He's a voice on the phone. He's a shadow in a parking garage.
Richard Castle: You met with him? How do you know that he's not behind my mom's murder? How do you know that he's not involved? And how the hell could do you do this?
Richard Castle: Because I love you! But you already know that, don't you? You've known for about a year.
Kate Beckett: Are you kidding me? You're actually bringing this up right now? After you told me that you just betrayed me?
Richard Castle: Kate, listen to me.
Kate Beckett: Listen to you? Why should I listen to you? How am I even supposed to trust anything that you say?
Richard Castle: How are you...? Because of everything we've been through together! Four years, I've been right here! Four years just waiting for you to just open your eyes to see that I'm right here! And that I'm more than a partner! Every morning, I... I bring you a cup of coffee just so I can see a smile on your face. Because I think you are the most... remarkable, maddening, challenging, frustrating person I've ever met. And I love you Kate, and if that means anything to you, if you care about me at all, just don't do this.

Kevin Ryan: He's a thief. Orlando Costas. Couple of domestic B&Es, but suspected of a dozen more. He used to run with the Cazadores.
Richard Castle: Cazadores?
Kevin Ryan: They're a violent street gang that deals in drugs, arms, and larceny, but all of Orlando's priors are back when he was a teenager. He hasn't been arrested in years
Richard Castle: Maybe he got back in the game.
Kevin Ryan: I don't know. He went a long way to clean up his act. Did four years active in the military, discharged with honors last year. Spent his rotation as an MP in Germany.
Richard Castle: Military police? He really did clean up his act.
Kate Beckett: If this guy went straight, then how did he end up dead in an alley?

Javier Esposito: [locating the victim's car] Two blocks away from the alley, blood smeared on the armrest. This is definitely it.
Richard Castle: He was shot somewhere else and then he came here? Why not go home? Why not go get patched up?
Kate Beckett: He was meeting someone in that alleyway.
Javier Esposito: Phone. His last call was 4:47 a.m., just before he died.
Kate Beckett: Run that number.
Javier Esposito: Right.
Kevin Ryan: Hey, Beckett. Gun. It's a .38. Recently fired.
Richard Castle: So it was a shootout. That's how he got the shoulder wound.
Kate Beckett: Which means wherever he came from, there might be another body.
Javier Esposito: [looking at the car's GPS] I know where he was coming from.
Richard Castle: Where?
Javier Esposito: His last entry was 299 1st Avenue.
Richard Castle: What... what's at 299 1st Ave.?
Kate Beckett: Captain Montgomery's house.

Richard Castle: You get any sleep?
Kate Beckett: Not much.
Richard Castle: Anything new on our victim?
Kate Beckett: We rechecked Orlando's rap sheet. Montgomery wasn't involved in any of his old arrests. That break-in wasn't personal.
Richard Castle: What about the call he made before he was killed?
Kate Beckett: It's from a burner phone. There's no registered owner.
Richard Castle: Hey.
Kate Beckett: Hmm?
Richard Castle: You're not in this alone. I'm here.
Kate Beckett: [taking his hand] I know.

Kate Beckett: No leads for eleven months, and now this. Does Gates know?
Javier Esposito: No.
Kate Beckett: Then we don't tell her. If she finds out this is a match to my shooting, she'll take me off the case.
Richard Castle: Maybe you should be off this case. They tried to kill you once, Kate. You keep going on this, they... well, what's to stop them from trying again?
Kate Beckett: What's to stop them now? No. I've been waiting a year for this, and I'll damned if I let someone else screw it up.

Kate Beckett: I've got enough on the drug and weapons charges to put you away for at least five years. Five years of your life. What's that worth? I know you didn't kill Orlando. But he called you and you talked to him for two minutes. And you were in that alley. Why?
[Diego stays silent]
Kate Beckett: There's nobody in here but you and me. There's no cameras, no microphones. No one's listening. I can make all those charges go away. Five years of your life back, but you gotta tell me what you know.
Diego Gutierrez: [sitting down next to her] He called last week, talking about times were bad. So I told him I could get you some work, but he knew if he came back to the Cazadores, there'd be no leaving this time. And all he really wanted was a loan and could I help him out for old times' sake.
Kate Beckett: Did you give it to him?
Diego Gutierrez: No. He begged me. Said he was good for it. Said he had something big coming up, something that'd make him whole.
Kate Beckett: Did he say what?
Diego Gutierrez: No. But that morning my phone rings, and he said it had all gone wrong. He was desperate, talking about they were gonna kill him.
Kate Beckett: Who's "they"?
Diego Gutierrez: Don't know. But he was scared.
Kate Beckett: Why did he call you?
Diego Gutierrez: Protection, chica. Said if I help him out, he'd come back, and he knew that was the price. So I told where to meet, but by the time I got there, he was already dead.
Kate Beckett: And you told him where to meet?
Diego Gutierrez: That's right.
Kate Beckett: You didn't tell anyone else?
Diego Gutierrez: No.
Kate Beckett: Did you see anything there?
Diego Gutierrez: White guy. Six foot. Caught a glimpse before the night swallowed him whole.

[deleted scene]
Kate Beckett: If this guy went straight, then how did he end up dead in an alley? And that still doesn't explain that second gunshot or the missing bag.
Richard Castle: Well, since I'm in the middle of resurrecting Derrick Storm, all my theories have massive military conspiracies in them.
Kevin Ryan: You know what I don't get? How can you bring back Derrick Storm when he's dead?
Richard Castle: Because I have magical, god-like powers. And a daughter going to college. Do you have any idea what that costs nowadays?
Kevin Ryan: I was just beginning to accept his death.
Kate Beckett: You guys, non-fictional murder case?
Kevin Ryan: Sorry.
Richard Castle: Unprofessional.

"Castle: Knockdown (#3.13)" (2011)
Kate Beckett: Look, I signed up for this when I put that badge on. You didn't. It's not your fight.
Richard Castle: The hell it isn't. I don't hang around you just to annoy you. I don't ride out to murder scenes in the middle of the night to satisfy some morbid curiosity. If that's all this was, I-I would have quit a long time ago.
Kate Beckett: Well then why do you keep coming back, Rick?
Richard Castle: Look, I may not have a badge, unless you count the chocolate one Alexis gave me for my birthday. But I'll tell you this: like it or not, I'm your plucky sidekick.
Kate Beckett: Plucky sidekick always gets killed.
Richard Castle: Partner, then.

Captain Roy Montgomery: The hell am I gonna do with you?
Kate Beckett: You're gonna let me work this case.
Captain Roy Montgomery: You're too close to it. It's all over your face. You're thinking "What was Raglan gonna tell me before he died?", when you should be thinking how you're gonna catch the guy that killed him.
Kate Beckett: Sir, Raglan was killed because he was gonna tell me something about my mother's case. Nobody knows it better than I do.
Captain Roy Montgomery: Yeah, but I know you. You're gonna pick up those scissors, run around the house with them. But I'm telling you now walk, don't run. Go where the evidence leads, not the other way around.

Kate Beckett: [Castle finishes wiping Raglan's blood off his hands] You good?
Richard Castle: Yeah, I think I got it all off my hands.
Kate Beckett: [seeing his facial expression] It's different when it happens right in front of you. You're close enough to watch the lights go out.
Richard Castle: Yeah. When I saw the blood on your shirt, I thought you'd been shot.

Richard Castle: You know, I was thinking on the way over here... all the best cops: Dirty Harry, Cobra, the guy from "Police Academy" who makes the helicopter noises, they all have one thing in common.
Kate Beckett: Plucky sidekick?
Richard Castle: That, and they do their very best work after they've been booted off a case.
Kate Beckett: Is that what you came all the way over here to tell me?
Richard Castle: Montgomery booted us off the Raglan murder, but he didn't say anything about your mother's case, did he? Here's my plan... I sneak back into the station, wearing a hat. Montgomery always takes a coffee break fifteen minutes after the hour. I get your mother's file, wearing soft shoes, the south entrance...

Kate Beckett: There was a lawyer named Johanna Beckett. Are you familiar with her? She was murdered in the alley about seven years into your incarceration.
Joe Pulgatti: You look just like her, you know. You first walked in here, it was like I was looking at a ghost. The way she talked about you, I should've known you'd become a cop. I sent letters to every lawyer I could find, and your mother was the only one who wrote me back. The only one willing to take a chance on me. She didn't care that I was a thug.
Kate Beckett: [half-smiling] All she cared about was the truth.

Kate Beckett: [after Castle punched out the man who was about to shoot her] Thank you. For having my back in there.
Richard Castle: Always.

Kate Beckett: We booked you as John Doe, you sure as hell aren't Hal Lockwood. Who hired you? I put a lot of people in this place. Some of them want to kill me, others never been treated so fairly in their lives. So they form this attachment to me, it's like I'm their favourite school teacher. Some of those people might visit you while you're in here, like the ghosts that visit Scrooge. And after some time with them you might find yourself a changed man. So I will be back here week after week to ask you who hired you til that miracle occurs.

Kate Beckett: I'm open to dumb ideas.
Richard Castle: Good, 'cause I've got one.

Kate Beckett: Vulcan Simmons had nothing to do with this. But as a former cop, you knew that he fit the part, and so you used him to throw us off, when the truth is that you and Raglan were up to your necks in murder and kidnappings.
Gary McCallister: Listen, it's easy to for you to sit in judgment now, but you weren't there. We did what we thought we had to do.
Kate Beckett: Then you did plenty.
Richard Castle: Kidnapping, cover-ups.
Kate Beckett: You killed a fed and then you pinned it on Pulgatti.
Gary McCallister: Want me to tell you about Joe Pulgatti? About the people he put in the hospital, the ones he put in the river? He and the rest of those jackals fed on the city for decades! But you couldn't touch them, because they bought everybody. And this part... this part I want you to know, because this part I'm not ashamed of, 'cause at least we tried to do something. It wasn't pretty, and it wasn't legal. But it was *right*.
Richard Castle: Kidnapping people for ransom was right?
Gary McCallister: We called it incarceration. Yeah, we grabbed 'em off the street, we'd take 'em somewhere, and we'd tune them up. We put the fear of God into 'em, at least for a while. But we knew we couldn't hold them forever. So we set bail. And I'm here to tell you that we set it high. If those bastards wanted back on the street, they were gonna have to pay for their way.
Kate Beckett: When my mom put that appeal together for Pulgatti, you got worried that she'd get onto you, and so you hired Dick Coonan to kill her.
Gary McCallister: No.
Richard Castle: And then when Raglan grew a conscience, you had him killed, too.
Gary McCallister: No. I didn't have anything to do with that. That was... that was somebody else.
Kate Beckett: Who?
Gary McCallister: Somebody you'll never touch.
Kate Beckett: *WHO*?
Gary McCallister: You don't understand, detective. You woke the dragon. And this is so much bigger than you realize. And I'm done talking. I want a lawyer.

Kate Beckett: Hey, Castle.
Richard Castle: Hey. Where's Josh?
Kate Beckett: Oh, he's in Africa. He's saving the world.
Richard Castle: Uh, I brought you some...
[he holds up a bouquet of flowers]
Richard Castle: I just thought after everything that... you might wanna... here.
Kate Beckett: [taking the bouquet] Thank you. That's really sweet.

[first lines]
Kate Beckett: [her phone rings] Beckett.
John Raglan: Detective Beckett?
Kate Beckett: Yeah.
John Raglan: This is John Raglan. I was lead investigator on your mother's homicide twelve years ago.
Kate Beckett: I remember you, Detective Raglan.
John Raglan: Listen, I... We need to talk, about your mother's case. There's something you don't know. There's a coffee shop at 4th and Main. Meet me there in an hour. Just you. No cops.

John Raglan: [Beckett has brought Castle to their meet] Lady, what part of "no cops" didn't you understand?
Kate Beckett: He's not a cop.
John Raglan: Well, who the hell is he, then?
Kate Beckett: He's someone I trust.

Kate Beckett: Tell me what I don't know about my mom's murder.
John Raglan: Everybody drinks their coffee out of cardboard cups these days, or those plastic travel mugs. But there's... there's something about the way ceramic warms your hands. It's weird, the things you notice. I just got the long face from the doc. Lymphoma. Six months.
Kate Beckett: Sorry to hear about that.
John Raglan: Every year around the holidays, they... they run that "Christmas Carol" on local TV. When I was a kid, I remember Jacob Marley scared the hell out of me. Forced to drag that... that chain around in the next world.
Richard Castle: "I wore the chain I forged in life."
John Raglan: "I made it link by link." I hid a lot of sins behind my badge, and now I gotta carry 'em. But your mother's case, that one weighs a ton.
Kate Beckett: Why? Because you wrote it off as random gang violence when you knew it wasn't?
John Raglan: I did what I was told. And I kept quiet because I was afraid. About a year ago, there was a hostage standoff in your precinct; you killed a hitman named Dick Coonan. It was a big deal in the papers; people noticed.
Kate Beckett: Who hired Coonan to kill my mom?
John Raglan: You need some context here. This thing started about nineteen years ago, back before I ever knew who Johanna Beckett was. Nineteen years ago, I... I made a bad mistake, and that started the dominoes falling. And one of them was your mother.
[Raglan's coffee mug inexplicably explodes]
Kate Beckett: [to the other patrons, as Raglan's body slumps over] Everybody on the ground, now! Back away from the window! Away from the window!
Richard Castle: You're hit.
Kate Beckett: I'm fine. It's not my blood.

Kate Beckett: 1 Lincoln 40, I have shots fired on 4th and Main. I need backup and an ambulance.
[dispatch: "1 Lincoln 40, repeat your last transmission. You're broken. 1 Lincoln 40, repeat."]
Kate Beckett: [ignoring dispatch's requests for repeat transmissions] Castle?
[checking Raglan's pulse, Castle shakes his head]
Kate Beckett: 1 Lincoln 40, please be advised this is now a homicide.

Kate Beckett: Nineteen years ago.
Richard Castle: What's that?
Kate Beckett: Raglan started telling us about something that happened nineteen years ago. My mom's murder was twelve years ago. It's not making any sense.

Kate Beckett: [reading Vulcan Simmons' jacket] Assault, attempted murder, extortion, possession with intent, witness intimidation. Then it looks like it just dries up. Nobody's booked him in years.
Richard Castle: So what does that mean? He found religion?
Javier Esposito: It means he got smart. Swimming in deeper waters.
Kevin Ryan: Guess he's come a long way since Washington Heights.
Kate Beckett: Wait, what? You said Washington Heights?
Kevin Ryan: Yeah, back in the day, Simmons used to run the drug trade in Washington Heights.
Kate Beckett: My mom and a group of her colleagues, they put together this campaign called Take Back the Neighborhood. They were trying to get drug dealers off the streets in Washington Heights.
Kevin Ryan: With Simmons running all the dope in that neighborhood, that campaign would've cost him. That hitman, Coonan, we know he that he was into dope. Maybe that's how Simmons got in contact with him.
Richard Castle: So Simmons hires Coonan to kill them all, including your mother, and pays his old friend Raglan to write off their homicides as random gang violence. There would've been no way to trace the murders back to him.
Kate Beckett: Until Raglan threatens to reveal his role in the conspiracy and Simmons has him silenced.
Javier Esposito: We'll have him in the box before lunch.

Gary McCallister: John Raglan was no angel. And New York was a different city back then, and I'm here to tell you, kid gloves didn't get it done out there. You police a damn theme park. Looking to start some half-ass truth commission, you can count me out.
Kate Beckett: I'm not trying to tarnish Raglan's memory. I'm trying to find his murderer.

Vulcan Simmons: They painted since the last time I was here. You'd have been about sixteen. Wrestling some pimply kid in the back of his daddy's wagon, wondering if you were gonna give it to him or not.
Richard Castle: Hey. That's enough.
Vulcan Simmons: He's sweet on you. Makes him brave.
Kate Beckett: What was your association with detective John Raglan?
Vulcan Simmons: Raglan? Raglan, Raglan, Raglan. Thirsty cop, right? Couldn't pick a winner to save his life. Well, detective, our association, as you put it, exceeded the statute of limitations many moons ago.
Kate Beckett: There's no statute of limitations on murder, Mr. Simmons.
Vulcan Simmons: And here begins what is known as the initial confrontation. During this phase, the interrogation interrogator may invade the suspect's personal space in order to increase his discomfort.
[to Castle]
Vulcan Simmons: You want to invade my personal space.
Kate Beckett: Look at me. Twelve years ago, Johanna Beckett led a big Take Back the Neighborhood campaign in Washington Heights.
Richard Castle: And that must have pissed you off.
Vulcan Simmons: And this would be theme development. Presenting the crime through the eyes of the suspect.
Kate Beckett: Johanna Beckett was murdered, along with two of her colleagues .They were professional hits carried out on your orders, and you had your pet homicide detective, John Raglan, bury them.
[showing Simmons a crime scene photo of her mother]
Kate Beckett: Look at her face. Tell me you don't remember her.
Vulcan Simmons: You know, Detective Beckett, I think I do remember her. Bled out in an alley like the trash she was.
Kate Beckett: [trying to keep her emotions in check] Mr. Simmons, you'd better watch it.
Vulcan Simmons: Rich bitch from uptown on safari in the Heights. Somebody should have warned her not to feed or tease the animals.
Kate Beckett: You...
Vulcan Simmons: If they had, she might not have gotten eaten. From what I hear, though, she was pretty tasty.
[in a rage, Beckett grabs Simmons and pushes him up against the one-way mirror]
Richard Castle: Whoa, Beckett!
Kate Beckett: Back off, Castle! Remember your old life, Vulcan; savor it. Because I am gonna take it all away.

"Castle: Target (#5.15)" (2013)
Kate Beckett: Tell me what happened with Douglas Stevens.
Richard Castle: I appealed to his humanity.
Kate Beckett: I didn't think you had that side to you.
Richard Castle: Well, when it comes to the people I love, I do.

Kate Beckett: You seem to have adopted a real Zen-like attitude about this, Castle.
Richard Castle: Well, I realized I've been a little overprotective of Alexis at times.
[Gets a look]
Richard Castle: Okay, constantly. But since she's left for Columbia I've learned to let go. You know, stop checking her video blog. I don't ask to meet her boyfriend anymore. I've come to realize that like a bird, Alexis needed to leave the nest. So I let her fly. Turned around and strode away. That's acceptance.
Richard Castle: Wait, wouldn't acceptance be letting her go, seeing where she flies, and then being okay with it?
Richard Castle: Yeah, but I don't wouldn't be okay with that. I don't want to see where she goes. What other birds of prey are out there, or what other nests, or...
Kate Beckett: [Interrupts] So is that acceptance or denial?
Richard Castle: Well it was acceptance 'til you started applying your fiendish logic.

Kevin Ryan: Hasim Farouk is a Saudi national living here as a student.
Richard Castle: Majoring in what? Urban warfare?
Kevin Ryan: Uh, undeclared, actually. Up at Columbia.
[Castle does a double take]
Kate Beckett: So what was he doing in lower Manhattan?
Richard Castle: More importantly, what is Columbia doing admitting gun toting lunatics and are there any more of them?
[Takes out his phone]
Richard Castle: For the record, I'm not calling to check on Alexis. I'm just checking my email.

Kate Beckett: Excuse me, Bram Stoker?
Bram Stoker: Yeah?
Kate Beckett: Detective Kate Beckett, NYPD.
Richard Castle: And might I say how youthful you look.
Bram Stoker: [dryly] Witty. I've never heard that before.
Richard Castle: I've never heard of anyone named Bram Stoker before. Except... Bram Stoker.
Bram Stoker: Apparently he's a distant relative and both my parents are English scholars. They thought it'd be cute. It wasn't.

Kate Beckett: Do you think this is really about money?
Richard Castle: Did a web search on El-Masri. He's worth over $300 million.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, but still. Who hires an ex-commando to babysit their daughter?
Richard Castle: I've considered it.

Kate Beckett: [Castle has provided her with a lead] Castle, listen to me...
Richard Castle: Don't. Don't promise me you'll find her unless you can do it, because... I would never forgive you, any more than I'd ever forgive myself.

Richard Castle: [discovering Alexis has been abducted, Beckett holds Castle to comfort him] Kate, they'll see.
Kate Beckett: I don't care.
Richard Castle: I can't believe this is happening.
Kate Beckett: We're gonna find her, Castle.

Captain Victoria Gates: [to Beckett, as Castle leaves the precinct an emotional wreck] You do whatever you need to do to get him back his little girl. Anything you need, Detective.
Kate Beckett: Thank you, sir.

Anwar El-Masri: I will pay them. I will pay whatever they ask.
Lina El-Masri: What if that isn't what they want? You've made enemies, Anwar.
Anwar El-Masri: In Egypt, not here. This is about money. This is always about money.
Richard Castle: It's also about this man. Hasim Farouk. Have you ever seen him?
Anwar El-Masri: Yeah, I tried to reach Hasim when I learned of this. Perhaps he can help us if...
Richard Castle: Wait, you know him?
Anwar El-Masri: Sara would not accept a bodyguard. So I hired Hasim to watch over her discreetly. Where is he?
Kate Beckett: He died trying to protect her.

FBI Agent Harris: How are the El-Masris?
Kate Beckett: Scared. Devastated.
FBI Agent Harris: Okay, that's good.
Richard Castle: It is?
FBI Agent Harris: It beats angry or defensive. They want to be helpful and honest, which is important, 'cause at the end of the day, it's the accuracy of our information that can determine whether this ends well or badly.

Kate Beckett: There are hopeful signs here, Castle. They've gone out of their way not to harm the girls. They want them alive. That'll give us time to track down whoever's behind this.
Richard Castle: [fighting back tears] How? Our main suspect is dead, the only thing Stevens knew was where the farmhouse is, and... we have no idea who we're looking for.
Kate Beckett: The FBI is searching the farm for evidence. They're canvassing the area for witnesses that might have seen whoever was on the property.
Richard Castle: All of which is just another way of saying that we're back to square one.
Kate Beckett: Won't be the first time. We're gonna solve this, Castle. We will find a way. We've done it before, with less to go on. You know who told me that?
Richard Castle: I did. In a... fit of irrational optimism.

Lanie Parish: Meet Hasim Farouk. Man versus van. At one a.m. last night, he was killed instantly.
Javier Esposito: Knocked right out of his shoes at the point of impact.
Kate Beckett: So, hit and run?
Javier Esposito: Well, that's just the tip of the iceberg. A witness, homeless guy, said that the victim emptied his gun at the van and just stood in the middle of the street shooting right until it hit him.
Richard Castle: Why would he do that?:
Javier Esposito: I don't know, but he definitely knew his way around guns. Jan!
[a patrol cop approaches and hands Espo an evidence baggie]
Javier Esposito: This is a SIG P220S with a weight compensator, target sights, and a custom molded grip to his hand. This was a serious shooter.

Kate Beckett: The guns could fit with terrorism, but the wiretapping equipment?
Richard Castle: Maybe he's a spy. He's got military training; it says here he was a commando in the Saudi Special Forces.
Kate Beckett: But then there's this. Twenty-five grand wired to him every month from a Swiss bank account. Whatever he was doing, he was well-funded.
Richard Castle: What did his fellow students have to say?
Kate Beckett: Well, I talked to most of the girls on Bram Stoker's list, and none of them noticed Hasim in class or even knew who he was. It's like the guy was invisible.
Richard Castle: He was hiding in plain sight. A foreign agent, in deep cover, on some kind of special reconnaissance mission.
Kate Beckett: So then why would he shoot up a van?
Richard Castle: Maybe Jack Bauer was driving.

Richard Castle: Hasim was surveilling her apartment and he was nearby when she was kidnapped, but why? What was their relationship?
Kevin Ryan: Well, Sara's roommate's coming in. Maybe she has an answer. There were no phone calls between them. It's looking more like he was stalking her. Not only did he wiretap her place, he was also taking two classes that she was in.
Richard Castle: Maybe it's like "The Conversation".
Kevin Ryan: I'm sorry, I don't...
Richard Castle: Francis Ford Coppola.
Kate Beckett: Gene Hackman. Very underrated.
Richard Castle: Thank you. Um... in it, a surveillance expert overhears a plot against the woman he's bugging. Maybe Hasim got wind of the kidnapping, tried to thwart it, and paid with his life.
Kate Beckett: Eh, that still doesn't explain the guns in his apartment.
Richard Castle: True. Gene Hackman did not possess an arsenal.

Javier Esposito: [watching Castle leave the precinct] How's he doing?
Kevin Ryan: It's Alexis. He's got to wrecked. Hell, I'm wrecked.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, we got to put all of that aside and help him find her. Where are we on the van?
Javier Esposito: We've been working the traffic cam footage and we made some headway.
Kevin Ryan: After the van left lower Manhattan, we picked it up on East River Drive heading toward the Queens-Midtown Tunnel.
Kate Beckett: We've got to figure out where that van went. Let's bring in some more bodies to review the footage. We find the van, we'll find Alexis.

Kate Beckett: What do you got?
Javier Esposito: Well, the van exited the Queens to Midtown tunnel to Greenpoint. Took Greenpoint Ave to McGuiness, then went west on Huron.
Kate Beckett: Then where'd the van go?
Kevin Ryan: Well, we're not sure. But this area right here, it's pretty much boxed in by Greenpoint Ave, McGuiness, and Franklin.
Javier Esposito: We checked the video feeds from those streets. The van went into that neighborhood but never came out.
Kevin Ryan: The girls have to be somewhere in there, along with Henson.
Kate Beckett: Okay, so how big is our search zone?
Javier Esposito: Twenty square blocks.
Kate Beckett: Okay. Coordinate with feds and Queens PD. We need to do a street by street search for that van. Plainclothes and unmarked cars only.

Kate Beckett: The girls that you took, where are they? Where's your partner, Roger Henson? Who put the two of you up to this?
Douglas Stevens: I got nothing to say.
Kate Beckett: Well, then you're gonna go down for all of it. You were driving the van. That's murder, two counts of kidnapping. Do you now how many years you're gonna be in jail for? It's in the triple digits. Tell us where the girls are. That's your only hope.

FBI Agent Harris: These people we're dealing with are sophisticated. There are web cams outside; our approach was streamed to an anonymous IP address. That same IP accessed your daughter's website.
Richard Castle: And you can't trace it?
FBI Agent Harris: It was routed across four continents. We're not optimistic.
Kate Beckett: What about Roger Henson?
FBI Agent Harris: [leading them to another room] He was shot to death after being tortured at length by someone who knew what they were doing.
Kate Beckett: His fingernails were pulled off.
Richard Castle: I don't understand. Henson was working for the kidnappers.Why would they torture him?
FBI Agent Harris: I don't know.
Richard Castle: Well, then what do you think? What is your best guess as to what this means for Alexis? For the girls?
FBI Agent Harris: It means getting them back may be a little more complicated.

"Castle: For Better or Worse (#6.23)" (2014)
Kate Beckett: [at City Hall to file for their marriage license] T-minus 72 hours until we are married. This feels like a dream.
Richard Castle: That's 'cause I'm dreamy.
Kate Beckett: Oh, shush.
Cassandra: Next?
Richard Castle: Ah.
[they step up to the window]
Richard Castle: [handing over the paperwork] Here we are.
Cassandra: Mr. Richard Castle and Ms. Katherine Beckett.
Richard Castle: That's us.
Cassandra: Proof of divorce?
[Castle hands over more paperwork; after a moment, Cassandra looks at Beckett expectantly]
Richard Castle: Is there something wrong with my documents?
Cassandra: They're in order. Ms. Beckett, do you have yours?
Kate Beckett: [confused] Pardon me?
Cassandra: Your divorce paperwork.
Kate Beckett: I'm sorry, there's a mistake. I've... I've never been married.
Cassandra: [looking at her computer] Well, according to this, you have. And it looks like you still are.
Kate Beckett: I'm married?
Richard Castle: To whom?

Kate Beckett: [handing Esposito and Ryan a stack of folders] Those are my case files. Ask your questions, because I will be pretty much unreachable for the next three weeks.
Kevin Ryan: [taking the folders and forcing them on Esposito] Okay. What are you most excited about, the wedding or the honeymoon?
Javier Esposito: Three weeks in the Maldives on a private island? What do you think?
[Esposito hands the folders back]
Kate Beckett: Actually, the only thing that I'm not excited about is having to say my vows in front of all those people.
Kevin Ryan: Well, you'll be fine. Just imagine your wedding guests are murder suspects.
Javier Esposito: In their underwear.
Kate Beckett: Or not.
Captain Victoria Gates: [coming out from her office] You know, I was so nervous before my wedding that I ran into a wall and got a black eye. You're supposed to be a wreck. You're about to experience one of the most important days of your life. I'm so happy for you, Detective.
Richard Castle: [entering] Hey, guys!
Captain Victoria Gates: In spite of who you're marrying.

Martha Rodgers: Who is Rogan O'Leary?
Richard Castle: A guy she met freshman year at Stanford.
Kate Beckett: Oh, I think I'm gonna be sick.
Alexis Castle: And you married him?
Kate Beckett: Not really.
Richard Castle: Except she did. The two of them drove to Vegas, had too much to drink, and thought it would be a riot to take a cab to a drive-thru wedding chapel.
Martha Rodgers: You didn't.
Richard Castle: She did.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, I did. But I never thought that it was for real. And I broke up with the guy a couple of weeks later, after I found out he was a compulsive liar, degenerate, and a thief.
Richard Castle: Yes, but not before you tied the knot. And here I thought you were a one-and-done kind of girl.
Martha Rodgers: Does your father know about this?
Kate Beckett: I really am gonna be sick.
Richard Castle: [the doorbell buzzes] And that'll be my lawyer.

Henry Browning: You were both over 18. Regardless of your seriousness or intent at the time, I'm afraid that your wedding at the Drive-Thru of Love was real, legal, and binding.
Kate Beckett: [gesturing to herself and Castle] Okay, we are getting married in three days.
Henry Browning: I'm afraid you can't. Not unless you terminate your first marriage.
Kate Beckett: We have three hundred people coming. Most of them are flying in. So what are we going to say to all of them?
Richard Castle: Henry, is there anything we can do to make this go away?
Henry Browning: It's possible, if there's mutual consent. I brought a dissolution of marriage contract, and I could expedite it through the city, but... you'll have to get Mr. O'Leary to sign it, too.
Kate Beckett: How? It's been fifteen years. I have no idea where he is.
Kevin Ryan: [cut to Ryan and Esposito at the precinct] Okay, looks like we found him. But man, is your husband a piece of work.
Kate Beckett: He's not my husband.
Richard Castle: Except legally, he is.
Kate Beckett: So, what do we know about him?
Javier Esposito: Well, your boy got around. He was charged with theft in Austin in '05. He did time for a DUI in Iowa in '07.
Kevin Ryan: He was arrested for fraud in Kentucky, and, uh... oh, this is a good one. He was put in jail for impersonating an FBI agent in New Orleans.
Richard Castle: I must say, given his record, I'm really surprised you stayed with him all these years.

Kate Beckett: [Rogan has been abducted] Thanks for coming up, babe. I'm so sorry about this whole mess.
Richard Castle: Oh, what's a fiancé for, if not to help find his future wife's current husband?

Kate Beckett: [talking to Rogan's ex-girlfriend] Did he mention any trouble yesterday? Or say anything about you having something in your possession that he urgently needed? Something in the garage or house?
Tildy McGuire: Actually, yeah. He said he needed the laptop I took from his apartment. Said he needed it right away.
Richard Castle: Did he say why?
Tildy McGuire: No. But since it's my laptop, I figured it was a line of bull, that he wanted me to give it up so he could sell it for the money.
Richard Castle: [to Beckett] Give how anxious he was to get his hands on it, it might have something to do with his abduction.
Kate Beckett: Tildy, could we borrow that laptop? Might help us find him.
Richard Castle: We are trained professionals, and Rogan might be in some very, very serious trouble.
[cut to Beckett and Castle in their car]
Kate Beckett: He's in trouble, all right. I mean, all these years, he knew that we were married! He knew when I got here. And for fifteen years, he's been using that as an excuse not to commit.
Richard Castle: [snickering] Coma wife. It's kind of brilliant.
Kate Beckett: You mean despicable, right?
Richard Castle: [awkward pause] Yeah. That's what I meant.

Kate Beckett: Did you find anything on the laptop?
Richard Castle: Their e-mails to each other are fairly pornographic, but nothing that would get a man abducted.
Kate Beckett: You know what? Maybe we should call Tory and have her access it remotely and see if we're missing anything.
Richard Castle: And we should re-check Rogan's apartment, see if there's anything there that could tell us what he was involved with.
Kate Beckett: I gotta call Lanie. I'm not gonna make my spa bachelorette party this afternoon.
Richard Castle: You were gonna have naked ladies at your party, too?

Kate Beckett: Are we crazy for going ahead with this?
Richard Castle: Yes. But what other choice do we have? Look, I don't want to have a makeup wedding in a few months, okay? I want to do this now. So let's find this husband of yours and get married tomorrow. Besides, it's not like things can get any crazier.
Biker: [Beckett and Castle enter Rogan's apartment] Well, what do we have here?
[Castle and Beckett see a gang of armed bikers in the room]
Richard Castle: I spoke too soon.

[a biker to whom Rogan owes a lot of money has threatened Beckett and Castle]
Kate Beckett: Are you okay?
Richard Castle: No, Mrs. O'Leary, I am not okay. I happen to like my legs. And yours, too.

Richard Castle: Why is your husband paying bikers over five grand for a stripper's phone?
Kate Beckett: First of all, could we please stop calling him my husband? And secondly, I don't know, but I'm guessing it has something to do with the abduction.
[dialing her phone]
Kate Beckett: Hey, it's Beckett. Yeah, I need you guys to set up remote access to scrub a laptop. Castle, can you look up the address to the Roadhouse? I want to know what was on that stripper's phone.
Richard Castle: Find a local strip bar? Now, that I know how to do.

Richard Castle: [Beckett's wedding dress has been ruined] It's only a dress. It's not the end of the world.
Kate Beckett: [her voice breaking] Then why does it feel like it is? Our wedding was supposed to be magical! It was supposed to be our perfect day.
[near tears]
Kate Beckett: And now it's just... falling apart.
Richard Castle: So we'll put it back together.
Kate Beckett: Castle, I'm married to someone else. And I have no idea where he is. We don't have any leads. And to make things worse, the venue and now this. I mean, it just feels like all of this is one big sign.
Richard Castle: Well, maybe it is a sign. A sign that ours is a great love story. So what's a great love story without obstacles to overcome? Every fairy tale has them. Terrible trials that only the worthy can transcend. But you can't give up. That's the deal. We want the happy ending? We can't give up.
Kate Beckett: [she smiles, near tears again] And that's why I want to marry you.

Tory Ellis: Hey, it's Tory. I think I may have found something. I was scrubbing the laptop and came across a hidden folder.
Kate Beckett: What's in it?
Tory Ellis: Pictures. According to image data, they were recently downloaded from someone's phone. Most of them are innocuous, but there are a couple of them that, um, I think you need to see. I'm e-mailing them now.
[Castle takes the phone and flips through the pictures; he stops on a picture of a man with a stripper at a strip club]
Richard Castle: [in a "busted!" tone] Oh, ho ho ho! Oh, ho ho!
Kate Beckett: What?
Richard Castle: I think I know why your scheming, scamming husband wanted to steal that stripper's phone. Check it out.
Kate Beckett: [looking at the picture] It's a guy with a stripper. What's the big deal?
Richard Castle: What's the big deal?
[Castle stands up and holds the phone next to an ad on the bench]
Richard Castle: That is the big deal. It's the local pastor. There's only one reason your husband would pay that much to get these photos. He was blackmailing a man of God.
Kate Beckett: A pastor with skin in the game.
Richard Castle: And motive to make Rogan disappear.

Rogan O'Leary: Kit Kat, who is this guy?
Richard Castle: "Kit Kat"?
Kate Beckett: "This guy" is Richard Castle. My future husband.
Rogan O'Leary: Really? Well, after his little scream, you may wanna, uh, recheck his man parts.
Richard Castle: My man parts are just fine, thank you very much.
Kate Beckett: Could everyone please stop saying "man parts"?
Rogan O'Leary: So, how did you find me?
Richard Castle: Well, we just followed the trail of disappointment and deception. Led us right to you.

Kate Beckett: [as Rogan reconciles with his ex] I can't believe you gave him the money from Pastor Bob.
Richard Castle: I'm a sucker for happy endings. Let's get the hell out of this town and go get our own.

Lanie Parish: [seeing Beckett in her wedding dress] I must say, your mother had great taste.
Martha Rodgers: [entering] Yes, she did. Look at you. I believe you're the most beautiful bride I have ever seen.
Kate Beckett: Thank you, Martha.
Martha Rodgers: Lanie, darling, could you just give us a minute?
Lanie Parish: Oh, sure. I'll just tell your dad that it's perfect.
Kate Beckett: Thanks, Lanie.
[Lanie leaves]
Kate Beckett: Martha, I... I... I just wanted to tell you how grateful I am to you and Alexis for... for putting all of this together.
Martha Rodgers: And I want to thank you for making my son so very happy. I brought you something, in case you didn't have something blue.
[Beckett opens the case to reveal a pair of earrings]
Kate Beckett: Oh, wow. They're... beautiful.
Martha Rodgers: They were given to me by my mother to wear on my wedding day, and by her mother before. Only women of substance have worn these gems. They've been waiting, Katherine. For you.
Kate Beckett: I am so honored, Martha. Thank you.
Martha Rodgers: [Beckett hugs her] Oh, darling, they look exquisite on you.

Kate Beckett: [answering a call from Castle] Hey, lover. How close are you?
Richard Castle: Twenty minutes. And you'll be happy to know things went smoothly with the judge. You are a free woman. But not for long. I got our marriage license in my pocket, and I will be there soon. And Kate?
Kate Beckett: Yeah?
Richard Castle: I love you.
Kate Beckett: I love you, too.

[last lines]
Lanie Parish: It's been an hour already, and the natives down there are getting restless.
Martha Rodgers: Where do you think he is?
Kate Beckett: I don't know. When I spoke to him last, he said he was less than twenty minutes away.
[she dials her phone]
Richard Castle: [voicemail] This is Richard Castle. Leave me a message.
Kate Beckett: [hanging up] Straight to voicemail.
[Kate's phone rings]
Kate Beckett: Hello? Yes, this is she.
[cut to a car arriving at a ravine; Beckett runs out and over to the embankment, where she breaks down when she sees Castle's crashed car engulfed in flames]

Lanie Parish: [seeing Beckett in her wedding dress] Wow. You look like an angel.
Kate Beckett: Really?
Lanie Parish: Yeah! For a second there, I wanted to marry you.

"Castle: The Squab and the Quail (#5.21)" (2013)
Kate Beckett: [Castle is playing a video game] Who's Patel?
Richard Castle: He's this kid from India. He's been thrashing me for weeks. But not tonight, because tonight I am bringing it. And it stings, doesn't it?
Kate Beckett: [to herself] Yeah, it kind of does.
[raising her voice]
Kate Beckett: Castle!
Richard Castle: What?
Kate Beckett: Would you rather play with a kid in an imaginary world, or with...
[she poses provocatively]
Kate Beckett: ...in the real world?
Richard Castle: [unable to decide] I... ooh... I, uh... Uh...
Kate Beckett: Oh, my god!
Richard Castle: What?
Kate Beckett: Oh, my god! You actually have to *think* about this!

Richard Castle: [Castle couldn't decide between playing a video game and intimate time with Beckett] I'm sorry. You know how I get when I'm gaming. I was... I was in the zone. I was like Gretzky.
Kate Beckett: Well, at least Gretzky knew how to score.
Richard Castle: Ouch. Okay, look, I'm... again, I'm very, very sorry. Do you forgive me?
Kate Beckett: You know, Castle, it wasn't too long ago when me wearing a sexy outfit would get... an immediate response from you.

Richard Castle: [after an attempt on Vaughn's life, Ryan is taking Beckett's statement] So, he ate the wrong entrée and avoided being poisoned, and then he "stumbled" at just the right time to avoid being shot by an assassin through a window. Nobody's that lucky. What's going on here, Kate?
Kate Beckett: He kissed me, okay, Castle?
Richard Castle: He what?
Kevin Ryan: [awkwardly leaving] I think I have all I need here.

Eric Vaughn: Are you and Castle...?
Kate Beckett: Yes.
Eric Vaughn: Is it serious?
Kate Beckett: [pause] Yes. Yeah, you could say it's serious.
Eric Vaughn: But the truth is you don't really know. Otherwise, you wouldn't have hesitated.
Kate Beckett: No, it's just, uh... we've never really talked about it. That's all.
Eric Vaughn: Why not?
Kate Beckett: We just haven't.
Eric Vaughn: Then he's a fool.
Kate Beckett: No, it's, uh... it's just... it's complicated.
Eric Vaughn: Kate... there's nothing complicated about meeting a woman like you and knowing what to do.

[last lines]
Kate Beckett: What is it, Castle? I was really comfortable on that couch.
Richard Castle: There's something I need to do. Something that you need to see.
[picking up a pair of scissors, Castle cuts the power cable to his PS3]
Kate Beckett: Wait! No, Ca... I didn't say that I never want you to play your game again.
Richard Castle: No, I know. Don't worry, I have more cords. This is just symbolic. But... you're right. I've been taking you for granted. But no longer. Tonight, it's all about me.
Kate Beckett: Shouldn't it be about me?
Richard Castle: Nope. 'Cause tonight, it's all about me...
[turning on romantic music on the stereo, Castle opens the door to the bedroom, where candles and roses are set up]
Richard Castle: ...giving you a romantic, full body massage.
[they kiss]
Kate Beckett: Castle?
Richard Castle: Yeah?
Kate Beckett: [meaning their relationship] Where are we going?
Richard Castle: To the bedroom. Come on. You're gonna love this.
[Castle heads to the bedroom, leaving Beckett alone with a look of uncertainty on her face]

Kate Beckett: [playing a video game, Castle blew off her attempts to get romantic] Are you kidding me?
Richard Castle: What?
Kate Beckett: You know what? Forget it.
Richard Castle: Seriously, I died on purpose for you.
Kate Beckett: [leaving] Whatever.
Richard Castle: Come on! What?
[into his earpiece]
Richard Castle: No, I... it's not my mom. It's worse.

Kate Beckett: [Castle hands her a latte with a heart in the foam] Is this you being jealous?
Richard Castle: [trying to laugh it off] Jealous?
[seeing Beckett's expression]
Richard Castle: Yes. The guy won a MacArthur Genius Award. Do you know who they give those awards to? Geniuses. Okay? He's got one company bringing clean water to Africa, and another one that might actually cure cancer. So, yes, when you're in a room with him, alone, I'm a little jealous. I saw... I saw how you looked at him.
Kate Beckett: Oh, my gosh. Castle, it's Eric Vaughn. He was voted one of the hundred most interesting people on the planet. Of course I'm gonna swoon, a little. Just like you would if Bar Refaeli walked through the door. But it's meaningless.
Richard Castle: Yeah, you're right. It's just... the guy's so impressive.
Kate Beckett: But he's not you. Besides, the guy could get any woman he wants. He's not interested in me.

Captain Victoria Gates: Okay, I spoke with the Commissioner, and he's agreed to provide Vaughn with a protective detail.
Kate Beckett: Uh, great. I actually have a few uniforms that I'd like to recommend for duty.
Captain Victoria Gates: No. Mr. Vaughn has requested you.
Richard Castle: He what now?
Kate Beckett: Sir, I'm a homicide detective, not some bodyguard.
Captain Victoria Gates: Trust me, I know, but this comes directly from the Commissioner.
Richard Castle: Why doesn't Vaughn just hire a private army? He can afford that.
Captain Victoria Gates: I don't know why, Mr. Castle. I just know what my orders are. He wants Detective Beckett, and only Beckett.
Richard Castle: [Gates leaves] Can he even do that?
Kate Beckett: I think he just did.

Kate Beckett: This is a big mistake. The best way for me to keep you alive is to get out there and catch the guy that's behind this.
Eric Vaughn: You underestimate yourself, Detective. I'm quite sure you can do both.
Kate Beckett: And are you willing to bet your life on that? You don't even know me.
Eric Vaughn: I know enough. You graduated at the top of your class, you're the youngest woman in the history of the NYPD to make detective, you have the highest closure rate of anyone in the department, and earlier this year, you bucked every protocol to save a Senator's life.
[Beckett sighs heavily]
Eric Vaughn: Do you have any idea how remarkable you are? You don't, do you? If anyone can keep me safe, it's you.

Kate Beckett: Hey, Lanie. What's up?
Lanie Parish: Your cause of death. The poison was a chemically synthesized, weaponized agent similar to the organic compound saxitoxin.
Kate Beckett: Saxitoxin?
Lanie Parish: Mm-hm. It usually occurs in shellfish, but not this version. Whoever created this had access to a pretty sophisticated lab, and this one's been supercharged. Speaking of supercharged, is it true that you're with Eric Vaughn? I mean, Kate, I know you love Castle and all, but girlfriend...
Kate Beckett: [hanging up] Bye, Lanie.

Eric Vaughn: Saxitoxin?
Kate Beckett: Yeah. Are you familiar with it?
Neal Morris: Well, the Vaughn Alliance partnered with a university lab to develop a next-generation antidote to that entire class of neurotoxins.
Kate Beckett: And have you had troubles with anyone associated with the lab?
Clerk: Cindi.
Kate Beckett: Who's Cindi?
Eric Vaughn: Cindi Paralti. She's our lead researcher. A few months ago, we were presenting at a conference in Singapore. We had a few drinks, and...
Kate Beckett: [understanding] And it ended badly. I get it.
Eric Vaughn: Actually, it started badly. She expressed some deep-seated feelings for me, ones that I didn't share. So when I declined, she took it hard.
Clerk: He is being polite. She went "Fatal Attraction" for a couple of weeks.
Kate Beckett: And you still worked with her?
Eric Vaughn: She's a very talented researcher. Detective, we're all misled by our heart sometimes. It shouldn't end a career.
Kate Beckett: Shouldn't end a life, either.

Richard Castle: [Beckett is being forced to guard Vaughn in his hotel suite] You know, it's one thing to follow him around, but quite another to be shacking up with him.
Kate Beckett: Castle, I am not shacking up with him. I'm just doing my job.
Richard Castle: Right.
Kate Beckett: [getting his attitude] You don't trust me.
Richard Castle: Oh, no, of course I trust you.
Kate Beckett: No, you don't. That's what this is all about. Otherwise, this wouldn't be an issue.

Kate Beckett: [in Vaughn's hotel suite] Wow. This is the nicest safe house I've ever seen.
Eric Vaughn: Well, if someone's trying to kill you, you might as well make the most of it, eh?

Eric Vaughn: [taking a bottle of champagne from room service] Pour you a glass?
Kate Beckett: Uh, no, thank you. I'm on duty.
Eric Vaughn: Take your work seriously. I like that about you. Makes me feel safe.
[opening the champagne bottle, the cork pops him in the eye]
Kate Beckett: Oh, my god! Are you okay?
Eric Vaughn: [laughing] Yes. I think you're gonna have to protect me from myself.

Eric Vaughn: You know, with your bedside manner, you could have been a doctor.
Kate Beckett: Me? No. No. A lawyer, maybe. I was, uh, in pre-law. I could have represented you in your case against the cork.
Eric Vaughn: But instead you became a cop. Why?
Kate Beckett: Uh... someone close to me was killed, and that just... changed things, and changed me.
Eric Vaughn: Hmm. You know, I was supposed to be an architect.
[Beckett looks at him suspiciously]
Eric Vaughn: No, seriously. But my sister died when I was in college. Heart defect. So I dropped out and invented a new heart valve. That was my first patent. It's amazing how fate changes lives, isn't it?

Richard Castle: Looks as though you two are enjoying yourselves.
Kate Beckett: Castle...
Richard Castle: What about pajamas? Only flannel or skimpy sleep shorts?
Kate Beckett: My gosh, you're sounding like my dad dropping me off at summer camp.
Richard Castle: Did they serve champagne at your summer camp?
Kate Beckett: I was being polite. Castle, do you think I want this? Do you think I asked to be here?
Richard Castle: I think you're making the best of it.
Kate Beckett: You know I would rather be with you.
Richard Castle: Well, then, maybe I should stay. We could protect him together.
Kate Beckett: No. I am not letting you do this. I'm not letting you turn this investigation into some kind of a twisted competition. Look, don't make this harder than it needs to be, please.
Richard Castle: Okay. But only because you said "please".

Kate Beckett: It's gonna be fine.
Eric Vaughn: I know it is. I've worked with the best, and you'd run in circles around any of them before your first cup of coffee. I feel completely safe in your care.
Kate Beckett: After knowing me for just two days?
Eric Vaughn: No, after knowing you for two minutes.

Richard Castle: [watching Vaughn being led into the precinct] Of all the confessions over all the years, this one is going to hold a special place in my heart.
Kate Beckett: Castle, I'm going in there. Alone.
Richard Castle: But we're a team. And the universe demands that I see him crumble.
Kate Beckett: No. This one has to be about putting Vaughn away, and nothing else. Don't worry. He will crumble.
Richard Castle: Leave the blinds open.

"Castle: Cloudy with a Chance of Murder (#5.2)" (2012)
Rebecca Fog: Well, if she was up in the chopper, she must have been using the direct tox monitor.
Richard Castle: [gravely] The direct tox monitor. Of course.
Kate Beckett: You have no idea what that is.
Richard Castle: No. Not a clue.

Kate Beckett: [about Castle's date with Kristina] What's your point?
Kevin Ryan: Isn't it obvious? She's *totally* gonna put the moves on him.
Javier Esposito: No way. Not gonna happen.
Kate Beckett: Thank you. For actually showing some maturity.
Javier Esposito: He's totally gonna put the moves on *her*.
Kate Beckett: Don't you guys think that he's actually evolved beyond that by now?
Javier Esposito: He's a man. He has a pulse. So...
Javier Esposito, Kevin Ryan: No.

Lanie Parish: It wasn't a mugging.
Kate Beckett: How can you tell?
Lanie Parish: Blood spatter on her blouse indicates the shirt was ripped after the gunshot.
Richard Castle: What about the bruising?
Lanie Parish: Postmortem.
Kate Beckett: To make it look like a mugging.
Lanie Parish: Someone's trying to cover their tracks. Speaking of which, I figured out what's different. You're having sex.
Kate Beckett: Excuse me?
Lanie Parish: Oh, don't try to deny it. There's a glow. I know that glow.
[Beckett and Castle exchange nervous glances]
Lanie Parish: So, who's the guy?
Richard Castle: [playing ignorant] Yeah, Beckett, who's the guy?

[Esposito is still mad at Ryan for ratting on him and Beckett to Gates]
Richard Castle: [noticing Ryan and Esposito aren't in the bullpen] Shouldn't they be back by now?
Kate Beckett: Well, maybe they hit traffic.
Richard Castle: Or each other.

[thinking he was in trouble, Beckett caught Castle in a compromising position with another woman]
Richard Castle: Okay, look, I'll make it up to you, all right? Whatever you want.
Kate Beckett: What I want is not to have this image of a bikini-clad woman stuffing her boobs in your face. So good luck with that.
Richard Castle: Don't I even get credit for figuring out who the killer is?
Kate Beckett: No!

Kate Beckett: [studying the murder board] Do actually buy this whole "just friends" thing?
Richard Castle: It's possible.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, it's possible, but it's not probable.
Richard Castle: I don't know. You and I were just friends for four years.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, except you were trying to sleep with me that whole time.
Richard Castle: [feigning ignorance] What?
Kate Beckett: Mmm-hmm.
Richard Castle: Excuse me, it was you that was trying to sleep with me. Don't tell me you dress like that for Esposito.
Javier Esposito: [approaching] What's for me?
Richard Castle: [simultaneously with Beckett] Don't worry about it.
Kate Beckett: Nothing.

Richard Castle: The only reason I went on the date in the first place was because you made a big deal about being single in public.
Kate Beckett: Castle, I have twelve missed phone calls from Chip the sportscaster because he thinks that I'm single, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna let him mount me in a Speedo just to prove it.
Richard Castle: You didn't tell me he called.
Kate Beckett: Really? You're gonna play the jealousy card now?

[first lines]
Kate Beckett: [trying to get dressed for work] Castle, what do you think of this one?
Richard Castle: Mmm, sexy.
Kate Beckett: Sexy? What do you mean by sexy?
Richard Castle: I mean... well... I mean sexy. Yeah, sexy. What's wrong with sexy?
Kate Beckett: Oh, god, Castle, this is my first day back at work. I'm supposed to look... normal.
[opening her closet, Beckett rummages for another shirt]
Richard Castle: No one is going to be able to tell that we're together by how you are dressed.
Kate Beckett: [taking her shirt off] Oh, no? I only work with a room full of detectives. It's their job.
[putting on another shirt]
Kate Beckett: What about this one?
Richard Castle: [feigning difficulty in deciding] I don't know...
[Beckett sighs and opens her closet again, then stops]
Kate Beckett: [suspiciously] You just want me to take my shirt off again, don't you?

Kate Beckett: I told you that NYPD has a strict policy about co-workers dating.
Richard Castle: Yes, but since I'm not getting paid, technically we're not co-workers.
Kate Beckett: Oh, really? And you think that Captain Gates is going to see it that way? If anyone finds out, and she gets wind of it...
Richard Castle: No one is going to find out. I haven't even told my mother or Alexis.
Kate Beckett: That's because they're in Europe celebrating her graduation.
Richard Castle: Yes, true, but I haven't told them long-distance.

Richard Castle: No one is going to find out. But just to be safe, you might want to change out of those pants.
[he pulls her in close]
Kate Beckett: [her phone chimes] Oh, there's a murder uptown.
Richard Castle: And it looks like the pants stay on.
Kate Beckett: Castle, remember, act normal. And when we're in public, you're single and I'm single. Got it?
Richard Castle: Got it.
Kate Beckett: Thanks.
[they kiss]
Richard Castle: So that's a no to carpooling, then?

Kate Beckett: [after questioning Mandy's co-worker, whom she was also dating] Castle, what about the other stuff that they said, about how secret romances are impossible to keep hidden? I mean, you heard Miles. I don't want to drown in a sea of lies.
Richard Castle: If it's any comfort to you, I do know mouth to mouth.

[to keep their relationship a secret, Castle and Beckett arrive at a crime scene separately so as not to raise suspicion]
Richard Castle: Good morning, Detective Beckett.
Kate Beckett: Castle, where's my coffee?
Richard Castle: You already had some.
Kate Beckett: You've been bringing me coffee for the past four years. I told you to act normal. This is gonna look suspicious.
Richard Castle: Don't worry. Relax. You are overthinking this. Really.
Javier Esposito: [meeting up with the pair] What, no coffee?

Javier Esposito: Castle, don't you have a date with Kristina Cottera tonight?
Richard Castle: Yes, I do. And...
[he checks his watch and jumps out of his chair]
Richard Castle: ...oh, crap. I'm late.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, don't let us keep you.
Richard Castle: [from her tone, he can tell something is bugging her] Uh... are you sure you're okay? You're okay with this?
Javier Esposito: Okay? Are you kidding? It's Kristina Cottera.
Kevin Ryan: Yeah, besides, since when have you let cop work get in the way of your busy social life?
Kate Beckett: Yeah, go. Enjoy your date.
Richard Castle: Right. Okay.
[as he prepares to leave, he absent-mindedly says to Beckett... ]
Richard Castle: I'll call you later.
[he leaves; after a moment, he sticks his head back in]
Richard Castle: To check on the case.

Kate Beckett: I just got off the phone with Mandy's parents. They said that she spent most of her time at work. There was no boyfriend, and they have no idea why she was in the park.
Kevin Ryan: [approaching] Hey, guys. Check this out. I was going through Mandy's purse, and I found this folded up in her wallet.
[he hands Castle an evidence baggie with a handwritten note inside]
Richard Castle: "If any of this gets out, I'll kill you." I'm gonna go ahead and say she was being threatened.

Harvey Milton: Everyone here is devastated. We're like a family.
Richard Castle: What kind of family, happy or dysfunctional?
Harvey Milton: What do you mean?
Kate Beckett: Meaning as the station manager, you would know your personnel. Did she have any conflicts with anyone?
Harvey Milton: Sure, but I can't imagine it has anything to do with what happened.
Kate Beckett: Who was it?
Harvey Milton: The other weather girl, Rebecca Fog.
Richard Castle: Is Fog her real name?

Kate Beckett: So, who's our vic?
Javier Esposito: Local celeb. Groundskeeper found her tucked behind this fountain early this morning. She's actually the weather girl for WHNY, Mandy Michaels.
Richard Castle: Mandy Michaels?
Javier Esposito: Yeah.
Richard Castle: Really?
Javier Esposito: Yeah.
Richard Castle: Oh, man. I watched her every night. She had the best...
[realizing he's about to say something about her sexuality, he glances at Beckett and stops himself]
Richard Castle: ...forecasts.
[seeing Beckett's look]
Richard Castle: Listen, as a single man, I appreciated her assets.
[Beckett rolls her eyes]
Richard Castle: You can't tell me people watched her for the weather.

Richard Castle: [about Kristina] Oh, that's just their entertainment reporter. She's... my agent has been haranguing me to promote "Frozen Heat", so I...
Kate Beckett: Isn't she the reporter that shows up to cover stories in her bikini?
Richard Castle: I don't... is... I didn't... notice that.
Kate Beckett: You wanna try it again, make it sound a little more convincing?
Richard Castle: No, I'm good.

[last lines]
Richard Castle: [at Beckett's apartment] I'm sorry.
[rolling her eyes, Beckett moves to shut the door, but he stops her]
Richard Castle: [entering the apartment] I'm sorry. I should not have gone on that date. I... I should have said no.
Kate Beckett: Then why didn't you?
Richard Castle: I... I'm no good at this. Pretending to be single?
Kate Beckett: Yeah, but Castle, neither am I. And the last thing I want to do is have to worry about you with other women.
Richard Castle: Well, I... for the record, I... I wasn't gonna sleep with her.
Kate Beckett: I know. Look, that's not even the point. The point is... is... I don't even know how to do this. Do you remember when Miles said that it's inevitable that this will fall apart, that it's destined to implode?
Richard Castle: Just a reminder, Miles is a lying killer. But, okay, maybe people find out and maybe we won't get to work together, and maybe we'll implode. Or maybe we'll continue to be amazing. Point is we don't have the answers, we just have to live with the questions and... find our way.
Kate Beckett: Okay. Can... well, can we just start here, then? Can we say that we will talk about dating other people but we won't actually date other people?
Richard Castle: Yeah. I... No, I can do that.
Kate Beckett: Okay, good. 'Cause I have a gun and you don't really have a choice.
Richard Castle: Clearly, I don't have a choice.
Kate Beckett: [with a giggle] No.
[she moves to kiss him, then stops]
Kate Beckett: I'm sorry. I can't. It... it's too soon. I just... I keep seeing her boobs in your face.

"Castle: Secret's Safe with Me (#5.3)" (2012)
Kate Beckett: Take your hand off your tool, Marco!
[Ryan and Esposito snicker]
Kate Beckett: Shut up.

Kate Beckett: So Amtrak confirms that Pratt was ticketed yesterday but they can't be sure of what train he was on so we're double checking his alibi.
Richard Castle: Have them check on that cheesesteak, too. There's no way it's the best in Philly.

Richard Castle: [Alexis is packing all of her stuff to take to college] I mean, it's ridiculous. She's got boxes and boxes of stuff. And apparently, all of it's important.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, we need all our stuff, Castle. I've got boxes and boxes of it. It's comforting. It reminds me of my past.
Richard Castle: Your kinky past?
Kate Beckett: I've got that box, too.

[Castle has won a bid for a storage unit containing evidence connected to the murder investigation]
Richard Castle: You are so going to owe me for this.
Kate Beckett: Castle, I don't know if the department's gonna be able to reimburse you for all of this.
Richard Castle: [whispering] That's not the owing I mean.

Kate Beckett: You told Alexis?
Richard Castle: I didn't want to. Mother used her Jedi mind tricks on me.
Kate Beckett: She knows, too? Castle, do they realize what's at stake here? Because if Alexis tells Lanie...
Richard Castle: Alexis won't tell Lanie.
Kate Beckett: Lanie's gonna tell Esposito. Esposito can't keep his mouth shut with Ryan, and Ryan's gonna blow it out of proportion. And then Gates is gonna find out, and we won't be able to work together anymore.
Richard Castle: Trust me, she knows what's at stake. And our secret is safe.

Richard Castle: [auctioning for the storage locker] I've only got $2,000.
[Beckett takes Castle's checkbook out of his pocket and offers a blank check]
Kate Beckett: Here. Sign it. Now keep bidding.
[Castle signs the check]
Kate Beckett: [working her way through the crowd] Hi, hi. Big Percy, right? What would it take to get all the cash you have on you?
Big Percy Jenkins: [eying Beckett] Depends on what you offering.
Kate Beckett: [offering the check] How about a check?
[Percy rolls his eyes]
Kate Beckett: No, it's good. I swear. It's signed by the millionaire mystery novelist, Richard Castle.
Big Percy Jenkins: Yeah, right.
Kate Beckett: No, really. He's right behind me.
Big Percy Jenkins: For real?
Kate Beckett: Yeah.
Big Percy Jenkins: My mom loves his books. Okay, I'll give you $1,600, but it'll cost 25.
Kate Beckett: 18.
Big Percy Jenkins: 23.
Kate Beckett: Two grand, and he'll name a character in his next novel after your mom.
Richard Castle: What?
[Beckett elbows him in the ribs to shut him up]
Big Percy Jenkins: Sold.
Kate Beckett: [giving Percy his money] Here you go. Thanks.
[turning back to Castle]
Kate Beckett: We got $3,600. Now make it work.

Joel Pratt: [about a threatening text message sent to the victim] Yeah, I sent it. You bet I did.
Kate Beckett: Well, it sounds like you had a big problem with her.
Joel Pratt: Hell yeah a problem. Wendy's a waitress at my place, Joe's Cheesesteaks. They're the best in Philly.
Richard Castle: [under his breath] "The best in Philly"? That's a tad presumptuous.

Kate Beckett: [catching Castle on her desk phone] Who said that you could answer my phone? And why are you going through my drawers?
Richard Castle: I was looking for a pad of paper.
Kate Beckett: [skeptically] Sure you were. Stay out of my stuff, Castle.
Richard Castle: Your stuff? Need I remind you I've already seen "your stuff".
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, some of my stuff is still private.

Kate Beckett: What are you doing with two grand in your pocket?
Richard Castle: I'm a best-selling author. Why wouldn't I have two grand in my pocket?

Kate Beckett: Listen to this: Angelica was scheduled for a bankruptcy hearing a week ago, but it was canceled because she made a $2 million payment to her creditors.
Richard Castle: That's right after the insurance company paid her claim on the bracelet. What if... this whole thing was a ploy to commit insurance fraud?
Kate Beckett: [realization dawns on her] "Mission accomplished". That's what Wendell said after the break-in, "mission accomplished".
Richard Castle: Right. He didn't say he actually stole anything. The mission was to make it look like a robbery.
Kate Beckett: And the best way to make it look real, to fool the police and the insurance company...
Richard Castle: Is to actually break in, yet steal nothing. Angelica set this whole thing up.
Kate Beckett: And the only other person that knew was Wendell.
Richard Castle: She couldn't afford to let him or his sister expose her secret.
Kate Beckett: I call that motive for murder and probable cause for a search warrant.
[they look at each other like they want to kiss; remembering that they're in the middle of the precinct, they awkwardly turn away]
Kate Beckett: Oh.
Richard Castle: Oh. Good work.
Kate Beckett: Thank you.

Richard Castle: But it just goes to show you that everyone and everything has a story, including your little stick man there.
Kate Beckett: [taking the figure out of her desk drawer and putting it on the desktop] So... you want to take another shot?
Richard Castle: Actually, no. I thought about what you said, and you're right. Just because we've been... "shaking hands", a lot, doesn't mean that I have the right to pry. So when you are ready, you'll tell me.
Kate Beckett: [smiles] Coney Island.
[Castle leans forward attentively]
Kate Beckett: We, uh... we had a reception at our place after my mom's funeral, and... it was miserable. I was miserable, and my dad took my hand and he said, uh, "Let's get the hell out of here, Katie." And we took the Q train, and we went up to Coney Island. We walked up and down that beach, just enjoying ourselves. We were still in our funeral clothes. And the best part was that we made this little guy out of the twigs and twine that washed up on the shore.
Richard Castle: Does that make that day a bad memory or a good one?
Kate Beckett: Both. He's a reminder that even on the worst days, there's a possibility for joy.
Richard Castle: Nice.

Anjelica Henley: I'm not saying a word without my lawyer.
Richard Castle: You don't have to, but you might want to listen.
Kate Beckett: We know what Wendell stole.
Anjelica Henley: That's it, I'm calling my attorney.
Richard Castle: Uh... may I?
Kate Beckett: Yes.
Richard Castle: Thank you.
Kate Beckett: Mm-hmm.
Richard Castle: I've worked a lot of murder cases, waiting patiently for the day I could unequivocally exclaim...
Richard Castle: The butler did it!

Kate Beckett: I don't get it. All of the evidence, Wendy's murder; everything points to the fact that that bracelet should be in there.
Richard Castle: Well, it's not. I did, however, make some headway on my little stick man theory.
Kate Beckett: Really?
Richard Castle: Yes. Whilst you were still an officer, you risked your life running into traffic to save an old gypsy woman.
Kate Beckett: [skeptical] A gypsy woman.
Richard Castle: An old gypsy woman. To reward your bravery, she gave you a talisman.
Kate Beckett: Mm-hmm.
Richard Castle: She said as long you keep it, no harm will ever befall you.
Kate Beckett: No harm will ever befall me?
Richard Castle: You look all right to me.

Richard Castle: I so wish I could kiss you right now.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, I know.
[Castle holds out his hand for a handshake, and Beckett takes it]
Richard Castle: This is me, softly touching your face, pulling you in for a long, slow kiss.
Kate Beckett: [stroking the back of his hand with her thumb] And this is me kissing you back, running my hands through your hair.
Richard Castle: Best handshake ever.
Kate Beckett: Yeah.
Richard Castle: I think my hand's getting a little sweaty.
Kate Beckett: I know. It's kind of gross.
Richard Castle: [letting her hand go] Sorry.
Kate Beckett: No worries.

Kate Beckett: Kirby Smith, you're under arrest for the murders of Wendell and Wendy Dupree. And I am sure that the State of Pennsylvania will be adding two counts of vehicular manslaughter to that.

Richard Castle: I have ripped through everything in this room big enough to hide a bracelet. You know what I found?
Kate Beckett: Nothing?
Richard Castle: Absolutely nothing. Save for these wicked nunchuks, which is how I broke the hot dog maker.

Kevin Ryan: Hey, guys, mother lode. Tax returns. Looks like Johan Fleming's actually Wendell Dupree.
Kate Beckett: That's the same last name as our victim.
Richard Castle: Yes, and the same date of birth, too. They must be twins.
[realization dawns on him]
Richard Castle: Wait. Twins. Of course. It all makes sense now. Wendell's secret identity, Johan Fleming, is the same secret identity of Zan, the male half of the Wonder Twins.
[Beckett, Ryan, and Esposito all look at him blankly]
Richard Castle: Wonder Twins. The Super Friends? Seriously, you guys, do you not watch TV?
Javier Esposito: [changing the subject] If this unit belonged to her brother, then why was Wendy bidding on it?
Kevin Ryan: And why did he stop making payments? And why was he using an alias?
Kate Beckett: Why don't we track down Wendell and ask him?
Richard Castle: [under his breath, as he and Beckett leave] One of you buy a TV.

Kate Beckett: Alexis hates me? Is it because we're together?
Richard Castle: I guess she feels like she's being replaced, which is weird because she's never done this before. Not with Gina, not with the hundreds of super hot girlfriends I've...
Kate Beckett: [interrupting him] Okay, I don't need to hear this.
Richard Castle: Right.

"Castle: The Wild Rover (#5.18)" (2013)
Kate Beckett: Um, do you know how you talk in your sleep sometimes?
Richard Castle: Oh yeah.
Kate Beckett: Well, last night you said a name.
Richard Castle: Ooh
Richard Castle: And not your name, I assume.
Kate Beckett: No.
Richard Castle: Well, I wouldn't read anything into one random utterance...
Kate Beckett: Fourteen utterances, and the name was Jordan. You said it over and over again. Who's Jordan?
Richard Castle: [Slightly defensive] I have no idea.
Kate Beckett: Is it a woman?
Richard Castle: No! It's nothing.
Kate Beckett: Castle, I know nothing. Nothing is a dear friend of mine and this is not nothing.
Richard Castle: Yes, it is. Besides, most of what I say is meaningless. Why would it be any different when I'm asleep?

Kate Beckett: C'mon, Castle. Who is Jordan?
Richard Castle: I've got nothing to hide, there's just nothing to tell.
Kate Beckett: Then why are you being so defensive?
Richard Castle: I'm not.
Kate Beckett: Okay, fine. I'll just wait until you're asleep and then I'll ask you.
Richard Castle: You can't do that.
Kate Beckett: C'mon, Castle. You just said you have nothing to hide.
Richard Castle: Yeah, but interrogating me in my sleep? Would you stoop that low?
Kate Beckett: Who says I haven't already?

Javier Esposito: Deep cover? I can't believe he didn't tell me.
Kate Beckett: Espo, he didn't even tell Jenny.
Javier Esposito: Yeah, but I'm his best friend. She's just the wife.
Kate Beckett: Thus proving why there is no Mrs. Esposito.
Javier Esposito: Hey, it's hard to find a woman for this much man.

Kevin Ryan: My name's not Fenton. It's Kevin Ryan, and I'm a cop.
Robert 'Bobby S.' Shannon: What? Cop?
Kevin Ryan: Yeah. And I'm placing the three of you under arrest.
Robert 'Bobby S.' Shannon: Well, that would be a hell of a trick, considering Liam's about to shoot you and your girlfriend.
Kevin Ryan: Wait a second, Liam. Before you do that, let me ask you a question. Where's your cell phone, huh?
Liam Finch: What?
Kevin Ryan: Remember when we tussled back in the hall? Yeah, I picked your pocket. And then when you weren't looking, I dialed my partner and left the line open.
Liam Finch: No way.
Kevin Ryan: He heard exactly where we were going.
Robert 'Bobby S.' Shannon: Liam?
Liam Finch: He's full of crap, Bobby. He's bluffing.
Kevin Ryan: Oh, am I? Why don't we meet my partner, huh? Yo, Javi, where you at?
[nothing happens; after a moment, Esposito approaches with his shotgun drawn]
Javier Esposito: Right here, bro.
[Bobby, Liam, and Bobby's thug all draw their guns]
Kevin Ryan: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. No, no, he is former Special Forces. You do not want to draw on him. Want to meet the rest of my crew? Hey, Beckett!
Kate Beckett: [approaching from behind Bobby] You called, Ryan?
Kevin Ryan: Don't let the looks fool you, boys. You don't want to mess with her, either. Castle!
Richard Castle: [stepping out from his hiding place behind Beckett] Seriously? I didn't... I didn't bring my vest.
Kevin Ryan: [to Bobby and Liam, as squad cars approach] Drop your weapons. Now.

Richard Castle: Is it possible our Ryan is involved in something scandalous and tawdry?
Javier Esposito: Ryan? No way. He doesn't have it in him.
Richard Castle: But did you see the way Siobhan gave him that flying lip lock? They were... ooh. Look, Jenny's pissed.
Kate Beckett: [pointedly to Castle] Yeah, well, it's not surprising when you find out someone you're in a relationship with is keeping a secret.

Richard Castle: So, do we know how Ryan's doing?
Kate Beckett: I don't know.
Kate Beckett: And I hate not knowing things.
Richard Castle: Okay, look... uh... Jordan is not a woman, all right?
Kate Beckett: Then who is it? Or rather what is it?
Richard Castle: Why does it matter?
Kate Beckett: Because, Castle, it matters to you. Why won't you tell me?

Kate Beckett: Lanie's identified the fibers on Jimmy Wheelan. They are... wool from an Australian sheep.
Richard Castle: Yeah... perhaps Bobby S. had an accomplice. A cold-blooded, murderous sheep.
Kate Beckett: [realizing something] That's it.
Richard Castle: Seriously?
Kate Beckett: No, not that. This.
[Beckett stands up and points at the picture of Bobby on the murder board]
Kate Beckett: Look. Look at the jacket he's wearing. It's leather shearling. With wool.

Richard Castle: Listen, Kate, about Jordan...
Kate Beckett: You know what? If, uh, if you don't want to talk about it...
Richard Castle: No, I want to. But... what happens if you don't like what you see?
Kate Beckett: What happens if you don't let me look?
Richard Castle: Jordan Motor Company. They made cars from 1916 to 1931.
Kate Beckett: That's Jordan? That's the big secret? A defunct car company?
Richard Castle: Sort of. It goes back to my boarding school days. My first semester there, I was in danger of flunking out. I needed an "A" on my term paper.
Kate Beckett: So you wrote the paper on that car company?
Richard Castle: No. Someone else did. And I paid him $250.
Kate Beckett: Um... Castle, that happened when you were a kid. I don't understand why that would change how I see you.
Richard Castle: Because it changed how I saw myself. The teacher read the paper to the entire class as an example of great writing, and they applauded. It was the first time I was celebrated for anything. And... it was a fraud. I... I was a fraud. That's when I learned how to write. I wrote and wrote, trying to be as great as everyone thought I was, trying to earn that applause. I'm still trying.
Kate Beckett: You're right, Castle. It does change how I see you. It makes me like you just a little bit more.

Kate Beckett: Hey, Lanie.
Lanie Parish: Hey.
Richard Castle: Wow. Talk about death by chocolate.
Lanie Parish: Don't blame it on the chocolate, Castle. A bullet's what did him in.
Richard Castle: So that red stuff's not raspberry sauce.
Lanie Parish: 'Fraid not. Exit wound.
Kate Beckett: So he was shot in the back and then fell in the mixer.
Lanie Parish: Looks like. But before that, he may have struggled with his attacker. Beige fibers. They were caught on his watch band. CSU'll run an analysis.

Javier Esposito: Vic's name is Jimmy Whelan. He's the owner of the shop. He has no record, and nothing in his bio that points to who did this.
Richard Castle: [through a mouthful of food] You can rule out dissatisfied customer. These things are insanely good.
Lanie Parish: Ew! You're eating a dead man's cupcake?
Richard Castle: [gesturing to a nearby table] There was... free samples.
Kate Beckett: Time of death?
Javier Esposito: Between 11:30 and 12:00.
Lanie Parish: Based on what? All of a sudden you're an M.E.?
Javier Esposito: I thought you liked it when I played doctor.
[he looks for a fist bump from Castle, who shakes him off]
Javier Esposito: [after an angry stare from Lanie] I, uh... based the time of death on what the vic's assistant told me. Right over there.

Kate Beckett: Okay, Todd, why don't you just run us through what happened.
Todd: Jimmy sent me on a delivery at 11:30. Uh, a dozen red velvets to a beauty shop down the way. And when I came back... he was a super nice guy, Jimmy.
Richard Castle: Was there anyone in his life who didn't feel that way?
Todd: I'm not sure. Truth is this is only my second week here. But he was acting real strange right before I left.
Kate Beckett: Strange how?
Todd: This car cruised by the shop, kind of slow. He got all nervous. That's when he sent me on my run, like he wanted to get rid of me.
Kate Beckett: What kind of car was it?
Todd: It was a black '68 Charger RT.
[Castle is surprised Todd is so specific]
Todd: I know my muscle cars.

Richard Castle: So, master baker Jimmy Whelan, longtime purveyor of caloric, yet delicious, baked goods, sponsor of a local kids' softball team, charter member of the small business round table, but what was he doing with fifty grand in cash and why the secret trips to Staten Island?
Kate Beckett: Sounds like you're not the only one keeping secrets, Castle.
Richard Castle: I'm going to ignore that.
Kate Beckett: That's peculiar.
Richard Castle: What's so peculiar about wanting to ignore...
Kate Beckett: No, no, no. I mean these purchase orders. They show that Jimmy spent over $70,000 on kitchen equipment, like a twenty-foot wide walk-in freezer.
Richard Castle: I don't remember seeing that.
Kate Beckett: That's because there wasn't one. It wouldn't even fit in his kitchen.
Javier Esposito: [approaching] Yo. So, I ran '68 Chargers. There's only a handful of 'em on the road, but get this: one of them is registered to a Robert S. Shannon, aka Bobby S. He's a shot caller for Irish mob over in Staten Island. He's a ruthless son of a bitch, too; drug trafficking, assault. He's suspected of half a dozen murders over in Staten Island.
Richard Castle: Wait a minute. Secret trips to Staten Island, all that cash. What if the cupcake shop is actually a mob front? Jimmy Whelan the baker is actually Jimmy Whelan the money launderer. Bobby S could have had a falling out with him, could have whacked him.
Kate Beckett: Maybe. But we're gonna need more than just his car at the crime scene to connect him to that murder.

Kate Beckett: Thank you for coming in, Ms. O'Doul.
Siobhan O'Doul: Anything for New York's finest.
Kate Beckett: Yes, especially considering that a felony charge, like obstruction, would cost you your liquor license.
Siobhan O'Doul: What do you want?
Kate Beckett: I need some answers about Jimmy Whelan.
Siobhan O'Doul: Never heard of him.
Kate Beckett: That's funny, considering you made... seven phone calls to him over the last three days.

Kevin Ryan: Damn. Bobby S. Are we thinking that this guy is the one that took out Jimmy Whelan?
Kate Beckett: Wait, you know Bobby S.?
Kevin Ryan: Yeah, we were friends back in the day.
Javier Esposito: You were friends with this lowlife? How's that?
Kevin Ryan: We used to run on the same crew. I was undercover for fourteen months before I joined Homicide.
Kate Beckett: You were undercover on Staten Island?
Richard Castle: With the Irish mob?
Kevin Ryan: Yeah. So, what do we got on Bobby S.?
Javier Esposito: No. Hold up, hold up, hold up. Just go back for a second, please. You were undercover? That's where you and Siobhan used...?
Kevin Ryan: It's complicated.
Richard Castle: [a little too interested] I love complicated.

Special Agent Sam Walker: Special Agent Sam Walker, FBI.
Kate Beckett: I'm Detective Beckett. This is Detective Ryan and Esposito.
Special Agent Sam Walker: Ryan. Kevin Ryan?
Javier Esposito: You've heard of him?
Special Agent Sam Walker: Yeah, of course. This man got inside the Irish mob with a wire when no one else could. You helped put away half the crew in Staten Island.
Kevin Ryan: Too bad the weeds grew back, huh?
Special Agent Sam Walker: They always do.

Javier Esposito: So the canvass at Yonkers Raceway came up with something. A parking attendant saw Bobby S.'s black Charger. Now, it returned thirty minutes after the murder. He only saw it from a distance, but he says that the driver was wearing a baseball cap and he walked to the subway stop.
Kate Beckett: Okay, let's touch base with the MTA.
Javier Esposito: Already did. I cross-referenced all metro cards swiped at that time. One of 'em was bought with a credit card, and that credit card belonged to Liam Finch. That's Bobby S.'s number two.
Richard Castle: It's a coup. Liam is framing Bobby to get him out of the way. He wants to take over.
Kate Beckett: And Ryan walked right in the middle of it.
Javier Esposito: Worse. He didn't walk in the middle, he walked in as Bobby S.'s friend. That makes him Liam's enemy.
Kate Beckett: Okay, we have to warn him.
Richard Castle: If we call him, we could blow his cover.
Javier Esposito: If we don't, he could end up dead.

Jenny Ryan: So you don't know where he is?
Kate Beckett: Um... no. But we are going to find him, and, um... we don't believe that he's in any immediate danger.
Jenny Ryan: Why would he do a thing like this? Maybe he thinks he has something to prove, 'cause of all of our... pregnancy stuff.
Kate Beckett: You know, I think that there are probably a number of reasons, but the main one is that he just wants to do the right thing. I mean, that's who he is, that's why he became a cop, that's why you fell in love with him.
Jenny Ryan: I just want him to come home.

Kevin Ryan: Maggie. You know, I pegged you for a lot of things, but never a killer.
Maggie Finch: Yeah, I pegged you for a lot of things, but never a narc.
Kevin Ryan: Actually, it's... see, I'm a homicide detective, which is why I know that you killed Jimmy the baker.
Maggie Finch: Jimmy the who?
Kate Beckett: Oh, god, are we actually gonna play this game? It's late. I am tired. Officers went through your house and they found your gun.
Kevin Ryan: Same caliber that killed Jimmy. It's only a matter of time before we get a ballistics match.

"Castle: The Human Factor (#5.23)" (2013)
Richard Castle: [accidentally steering his toy tank into the bedroom where Beckett is getting dressed] Whoa. That is not the Suez Canal. Ooh. If you're trying to decide what to wear, just keep wearing what you're wearing now. Or less.
Kate Beckett: [spotting the toy, she laughs and covers the camera with one of her shirts] Pervert!
Richard Castle: That is "Field Marshall Pervert" to you.

Richard Castle: Beckett? No tank is gonna get me!
[strikes toy tank with bat, then toy helicopter flies at his head]
Richard Castle: Beckett. Get up, we gotta go!
Kate Beckett: [laughing] You totally fell for that. You acted like it was rise of the machines.
Richard Castle: No I didn't. I didn't think it was rise of the machines.
Kate Beckett: [Still laughing] If that was actually a killer tank, you bailed!
Richard Castle: I went to get the bat to protect you, to eliminate the threat!
Kate Beckett: There's a camera here Castle, I saw the look on your face!

Richard Castle: What is going on here? Do you really think the military took him out?
Kate Beckett: I don't see how they could.
Richard Castle: Because they wouldn't cross that line?
Kate Beckett: Because in my experience huge bureaucracies don't act with that kind of efficiency.
Richard Castle: Well that's comforting.

Kate Beckett: How many drones were in the area this morning?
Colonel Fortis: That information is classified.
Kate Beckett: Colonel Fortis, was there a drone flying over New York City at 8:15AM?
Colonel Fortis: That's classified.
Richard Castle: Okay, how about this. Did anyone else have access to the drones? Any federal agencies, corporations...
Richard Castle, Colonel Fortis: That's classified.
Kate Beckett: Okay, then I would like to take a look at your flight logs
Colonel Fortis: This meeting is over.
Ronald Hooper: Keep in mind, the waivers that you signed prohibit you from discussing what was said here.
Richard Castle: Nothing was said here.
Ronald Hooper: Well then we shouldn't have a problem.
Richard Castle: Touché.

Jared Stack: Well played, Detective Beckett. So, what do you want to know?
Kate Beckett: Why don't we start with who are you?
Jared Stack: Jared Stack, special investigator for the Attorney General's office.
Richard Castle: I've never heard of it.
Jared Stack: You're not supposed to.
Kate Beckett: And what is your connection with Dale Tanner?
Jared Stack: Tanner was under scrutiny by the FBI, DHS, and the pentagon, not to mention the NYPD counterterrorism unit. Somebody objective needed to look into his death, so they picked me.
Kate Beckett: When did you realize he was killed by a drone and not a car bomb?
Jared Stack: Once our people examined the wreckage.
Jared Stack: I didn't know where this was headed. The AG needs deniability.
Richard Castle: [to BECKETT] The secretary will disavow all knowledge of your actions. It's Mission Impossible.
Jared Stack: Pretty much. I'm even wearing a mask.
Richard Castle: Really?
Jared Stack: No.

Simon Warburg: It began two years ago.
[Shows photo]
Simon Warburg: With this.
Kate Beckett: I don't understand what a car driving through the desert has to do with Dale Tanner.
Simon Warburg: Intelligence reports said there were three high-ranking Afghan militants in this car. It was the right make and model, traveling at a high rate of speed. So the drone pilot was given the green light to strike. But then he saw those red dots on the trunk and he had a feeling so he aborted the mission. There were no militants in that car. The red dots were roses, because the young couple driving down that desert road had just gotten married. That's when I knew I could no longer be a part of the drone program.
Richard Castle: I don't understand why. They pilot didn't fire.
Simon Warburg: Because the next generation of drones won't have pilots. The new AI software will give drones decision-making capability. They'll assess the data and take lethal action all on their own.
Richard Castle: It really will be Rise of the Machines.
Simon Warburg: Those new drones would turn that car to ash without hesitation. That's why, when lives are at stake, we need a man who sees roses. We need the human factor.

Richard Castle: [Entering antique bookstore] Ah... that aroma. Old leather and moldering paper. It's official. I love this place.
Kate Beckett: Castle, look. It's 'Storm Season'.
Richard Castle: Oh!
Kate Beckett: Oh, on the clearance table.
Richard Castle: And the love fades.

Richard Castle: Warburg. Sounds like a Bond villain, right? Petting his cat while forming a plan for world domination. And what is that plan, you ask?
Kate Beckett: Actually I didn't ask.
Richard Castle: Talking about the boys.
Richard Castle: To create a drone army. A drone army that can think. That possesses awareness. And who better than the programming genius who designed their software to give them that spark of life?
Kate Beckett: Castle, you don't actually believe that. And keep in mind, if you say yes I will find you less attractive.

Richard Castle: I just had a deeply disturbing thought.
Kate Beckett: Much like most of your thoughts?

Richard Castle: [after shooting down a drone] Wow! I can't believe you missed with every shot.
Kate Beckett: Really? Do you think that you shot down that drone, with your marksmanship?
Richard Castle: I rose to the occasion. Wow, this time I really did protect you.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, along with yourself.
Richard Castle: You know, this makes up for what may be considered a momentary lack of manliness. No, I have earned my redemption. Nothing can take that away from me.
Kate Beckett: [picking up a shell casing] These aren't real bullets. These are blanks.
Richard Castle: Blanks? Well, I didn't know that, so that doesn't... that doesn't diminish the act of heroism.

Kate Beckett: You claim you have no idea where this is headed, but it seems pretty clear to me. The military launched an attack against Tanner.
Jared Stack: I went over the logs at Fort Drummond. It didn't come from there.
Richard Castle: Where did it come from?
Jared Stack: That's what I'm trying to find out. Fact is, we've lost a number of drones. Some of them have fallen into enemy hands.
Kate Beckett: So one of our enemies killed Tanner, with a drone?
Richard Castle: That theory is highly improbable. And coming from me, that's saying something.

Kate Beckett: What's your name?
Jared Stack: Does it matter? It's not like we're gonna get to know each other.
Kate Beckett: Who had Dale Tanner killed? Were you a part of it? Or was your job just to clean up the mess?
Jared Stack: You're tenacious. I respect that.
Kate Beckett: Was Omar Dixon part of the mess?
Jared Stack: He went into hiding. By the way, how did you manage to draw him out?
Kate Beckett: I'll be asking the questions.
Jared Stack: You just won't be getting the answers.
Kate Beckett: We'll see. I can keep you for twenty-four hours, and I fully intend to do so.
Jared Stack: You have me for five more seconds. Use them well.
[Beckett doesn't respond; five seconds later, there is a knock on the door]
Kevin Ryan: Beckett? You've got a phone call.
Jared Stack: Time's up.

Kate Beckett: Well, we don't have a body, we don't have a crime scene, and we don't have any witnesses, but...
Richard Castle: At least we have each other.
Kate Beckett: We still have a homicide to solve.
Richard Castle: And that.

Kate Beckett: [spotting Jared Stack at Ft. Drummond] That man over there. He was at the crime scene. Who is he? Does he work for you?
Richard Castle: Don't bother. It's classified.
Kate Beckett: [turning to leave] You know, I don't know what the hell you guys are up to, but I promise you I will find out.

Kate Beckett: [the feds have seized all of the case evidence] We're been played. They just met with us to find out where everything was and what we knew, and then they grabbed all the evidence.
Javier Esposito: Yeah, and now we have no proof that a drone strike ever happened.
Richard Castle: Well, we're no closer to figuring out why it happened or who did it.
Kevin Ryan: [approaching] Well, maybe Tanner's partner can tell us.
Kate Beckett: Do you know who it is?
Kevin Ryan: Turns out Tanner taught law classes at Eastborough College to make ends meet, and his colleagues said they remember seeing a former student named Omar Dixon hanging around. I talked to Omar's girlfriend; she said that he did work for Tanner, but it was all hush-hush what he did.
Kate Beckett: And where's Omar now?
Kevin Ryan: The girlfriend said she has no idea, but Sean Tanner might. He attends Eastborough, too. Used to drop by and see his dad. Maybe he knows Omar.
Richard Castle: Oh, I think he does. Remember what he did when you asked if he knew his dad's partner?
Kate Beckett: He changed the subject.
Richard Castle: Boom.

Jared Stack: Let's say our government wanted Tanner dead. Why not just gun him down in the streets? Why use a drone? Why get rid of him in a way that could bounce back on them?
Kate Beckett: Same reason most killers do. Because they think they're gonna get away with it.

Kevin Ryan: Why is it so hard to believe? People hack into banks all the time. The Pentagon, NASA.
Javier Esposito: Yeah, but a drone? Maybe the pilot was just pretending that he wasn't flying.
Kate Beckett: No. No, you can't fake that kind of panic.
Richard Castle: I agree. He was having a pant-soiling moment, but there is one possibility we are neglecting. The drone itself. It's rise of the machines, not unlike SkyNet in "The Terminator". The machines have achieved consciousness, and they are pissed.

Jared Stack: Let me ask you something. Where do you see yourself five years from now?
Kate Beckett: I haven't really given it much thought.
Jared Stack: As lieutenant? Captain? At One Police Plaza, climbing the ladder?
Kate Beckett: It's not really where my heart is.
Jared Stack: Where is your heart? In that room? You want to be in that room five years from now, busting some killer's balls?
Kate Beckett: I don't know you. Certainly not well enough to have this conversation.
Jared Stack: [she turns to leave] You know, I used to work homicide, too.
Kate Beckett: [turning back] Really?
Jared Stack: Yeah.
Kate Beckett: Hmm.
Jared Stack: Chicago. 'Till some guy tapped me on the shoulder. Today, I'm that guy. What I'm saying is this. I think you're exceptional. You're smart, you're strong, you're an asymmetrical thinker. I see bigger things for you.
Kate Beckett: Who says I want bigger things?
Jared Stack: Practically everything about you screams it. There's a job opening in D.C.
Kate Beckett: What job?
Jared Stack: With the Attorney General. We report directly to him, we work with total autonomy on the biggest, most challenging cases. Cases like this, where the stakes are high and the outcome can affect history. Not everybody has what it takes for the job. I think you do.
[handing her a business card]
Jared Stack: Call that number to schedule an interview. Think about it.
Kate Beckett: I will.
Jared Stack: [as he leaves] I'll be talking to you, Detective Beckett.

"Castle: The Third Man (#2.14)" (2010)
Kate Beckett: Thank you for coming in, Miss Langford.
Michele Langford: [to Castle] By the way, that photo in the paper? Did you no justice. You're much better-looking in person.
Kate Beckett: There's a picture of you in the paper?
Michele Langford: So, are you the detective girlfriend?
Kate Beckett: I'm sorry, the what?
Michele Langford: He is such a catch.
Kate Beckett: [before Castle can say anything] Don't. Show me. Now.
[cut to them in the break room]
Kate Beckett: "Romantically involved"?
Richard Castle: "Rumored to be"!
Kate Beckett: What did you tell them?
Richard Castle: Nothing! Why would I do that? Do you have any idea what this does to my reputation?
Kate Beckett: Your reputation? What about my reputation?
Richard Castle: I am just as upset as you are! I'm on your team! This is shoddy journalism, and I am two seconds away from canceling my subscription.
[realizing something about the case]
Richard Castle: My subscription!

Javier Esposito: Why do you care about some mother freaking snakes on a mother freaking plane?
Richard Castle: Because as a murder mystery novelist, I am highly paid to think like a bad guy. Here are a few fun facts about snakes: they are cold-blooded, they swallow huge amounts, and they digest their food very slowly.
Kate Beckett: Perfect for smuggling.

Kate Beckett: Castle, hold my purse.

Richard Castle: You know who kills with syringes? Mad doctors and "B" movie Nazis. Why not just use a gun?
Kate Beckett: Guns are loud. I've seen squatters in abandoned buildings, but nothing like this.
Richard Castle: And then someone sneaks in and kills him with a needle. Weird.

Kevin Ryan: Hey, check this out. Dysons found this in the kitchen. Said it's not theirs.
[Ryan hands over a cell phone, and Beckett scrolls through stored photographs]
Kate Beckett: This is here.
Kevin Ryan: Yeah. Weird, huh?
Kate Beckett: Why would he take pictures?
Richard Castle: So he could put everything back the way he found it.
Kate Beckett: He was hoping nobody would know he was here.
Richard Castle: Almost as though he was hiding?
Kate Beckett: [handing the phone to Esposito] All right, have a tech pull the memory card. See if any of the deleted photos can tell us who he is.

Javier Esposito: I ran background checks on everyone who knew the family was gonna be out of town. So far, everyone's come back clean, but I'm gonna keep digging.
Kate Beckett: Anything on the canvass?
Kevin Ryan: A whole lot of nothing. No doorman on the building, none of the Dysons' neighbors noticed anything out of the ordinary.
Javier Esposito: Shocker. I've lived in my spot eight years, I couldn't pick my neighbors out of a lineup.
Richard Castle: Well, that's Manhattan for you. Nobody notices anything unless it affects them directly.
Javier Esposito: [teasing him about the Ledger article] Unless it's in the paper.

Richard Castle: What kind of psychopath takes pictures of himself and his murder weapons?
Kate Beckett: Some killers keep trophies.
Kevin Ryan: In his defense, he did delete these photos.
Javier Esposito: .45 with a silencer? Wonder what he had lined up for this.
Kate Beckett: Nothing good. Has CSU pulled the prints off of the camera and personal effects?
Javier Esposito: Yeah. They don't match Doug Bishop and they're not in the system.
Kate Beckett: Which means he doesn't have a record.
Richard Castle: Well, if Doug wasn't our squatter, what was he doing in the Dysons' apartment?
Kate Beckett: He had to known the squatter somehow.
Kevin Ryan: If this squatter was so meticulous about putting things back, why'd he leave all this for us to find?
Richard Castle: You're right. It... it makes no sense.
Kate Beckett: [surprised] What? No grand, theatrical theory to spin for us?
Richard Castle: Honestly, uh... I got nothing.

Kate Beckett: Are you sure you don't recognize him?
Michele Langford: Yeah, I'm positive.
Kate Beckett: And you don't know the Dysons?
Michele Langford: No. The only person that knew I was even out of town was my mother. Everyone else thought I was on sick leave. You won't... tell my boss that, will you?
Richard Castle: Did you notice anything unusual when you returned?
Michele Langford: [realization dawns on her] Oh, that totally explains it.
Richard Castle, Kate Beckett: What?
Michele Langford: My faucet. For weeks, I've been asking my super to fix my leaky faucet, but he never came. And then when I got back, it was fixed, so I just assumed that he finally did it; but then later when I saw him on the stairs, he didn't even know what I was talking about.
Richard Castle: The squatter fixed your sink?
Michele Langford: Yeah. And there was this bottle of, um... like, weird strawberry champagne in the fridge, and I just assumed that one of my friends had left it during a dinner party I had before I left. But... none of my friends would have bought such a...
Richard Castle: Cheap bottle of booze.
Michele Langford: Exactly.
Richard Castle: So he makes repairs, leaves hostess gifts. He's the gentleman squatter.
Kate Beckett: Who killed a man, so don't make him out to be the houseguest of the year.

Kate Beckett: What are you doing?
Richard Castle: Langford said that the only person who knew she was on vacation was her mother, but that's not true. If she was actually pretending to be sick, the last thing she'd want is newspapers piling up at her front door.
Kate Beckett: She had the papers held.
Richard Castle: [into his phone] Yes, your subscription department, please.
[to Beckett]
Richard Castle: Anyone with access to vacation hold information would know exactly who's out of town and exactly for how long.
[Beckett hurries around the table to listen in on the phone call]
Richard Castle: Yes. I would like to verify vacation hold information on two of your subscribers, please. Who am I? I'm... I...
[awkwardly handing the phone to Beckett]
Richard Castle: I... I sometimes forget I'm not actually a cop.
Kate Beckett: [taking the phone] I don't.

Kate Beckett: I have no life.
Lanie Parish: No, Mr. Bishop has no life. That's why he's on my table.
Kate Beckett: I need a date.
Lanie Parish: What?
Kate Beckett: A date. A... guy. A... man? You're always trying to set me up with people, so here I am. I'm game, what do you got?
Lanie Parish: Okay... what's gotten into you?
Kate Beckett: I get so wrapped up in work. All I want to do is go home, where it's quiet, and I'm so tired of quiet. I want... loud.
Lanie Parish: [getting an idea and scribbling down a name and phone number] Okay. I have the perfect prescription for you.
Kate Beckett: Braddecker?
Lanie Parish: No, no, baby. That's "Brad Decker". That firefighter I wanted to set you up with?
Kate Beckett: Is he cute?
Lanie Parish: He was Mr. July in last year's New York firefighters calender.
Kate Beckett: July. Huh.
Lanie Parish: Mm-hmm.
Kate Beckett: [smiles] They always put the really hot ones in the summer months.
Lanie Parish: Exactly.

Kate Beckett: So, who's your friend at the paper?
Richard Castle: Oh, Donna Vincennes? She's the one who wrote the blurb about us.
Kate Beckett: There is no "us".
Richard Castle: I know that.
Kate Beckett: Did you tell her that?
Richard Castle: Yes, I did. Which worked out actually really well for me; as it turns out, most eligible bachelorette numero tres... very interested in meeting me. Once the infotainers get a hold of her with me, they're gonna forget all about you and I.
Kate Beckett: I can just see the headlines now: "Nine meets three at dinner for two."
Richard Castle: [sarcastic laugh] Believe it or not, there's a lot of women in this town who like the idea of being romantically linked to me.

Richard Castle: [after questioning a suspect] I'm just saying, it's a really good story. Come on, mysterious bad guys, crescent-shaped scars, hiding in a closet?
Kate Beckett: It sounds like fiction because it probably is.
Richard Castle: Well, that's too bad. He's a nice guy.
Javier Esposito: So was Jeffrey Dahmer; didn't stop him from eating people.

Javier Esposito: Place is clear.
Kevin Ryan: No gun, no ketamine, no mountain climbing equipment. There is nothing here.
Richard Castle: Yes, there is! An ice box, circa late 1800s. You see, before the invention of modern household refrigeration, people used to keep their perishable items in a box that held ice. Hence... an icebox.
Kate Beckett: It's not an open house, Castle.
Richard Castle: Oh, the Maitlans were very clever. They converted this into a cupboard, meanwhile it's right next to their fridge.
[Castle opens the refrigerator and a dead body falls out]
Richard Castle: AHHHH! I did not expect that.
Kate Beckett: Crescent-shaped scar.
Richard Castle: Looks like there was some truth to Micky's tale, after all.

Kevin Ryan: Why go through so much trouble to get in the Maitlans' apartment?
Kate Beckett: Maybe what they wanted wasn't in the Maitlans' apartment. Maybe they were gonna rob someone else, but just needed access.
Richard Castle: The audio/visual equipment.
[Beckett, Ryan, and Espo all look at him blankly]
Richard Castle: Access?
[drawing on the murder board]
Richard Castle: The Maitlans live on the second floor. Running perpendicular to them, and whatever's below, is the old dumbwaiter shaft. In "Gathering Storm", I had Derrick Storm climb up the dumbwaiter shaft to bypass the Czech assassin in order to save the Swiss ambassador's daughter. Maybe our bad guys are using the dumbwaiter to bypass the security of whatever's below them.
Kate Beckett: Which would explain the ropes and the climbing gear. So what's below the Maitlans' apartment?

Kate Beckett: [surprised to see Castle on a date at the same restaurant] What are you doing here? You knew that I was coming here.
Richard Castle: I knew you wanted to come here. I didn't think you could get a table last minute.
Kate Beckett: You got a table last minute.
Richard Castle: Yeah, I've got connections.
Kate Beckett: So do I. City health inspector.
Richard Castle: Wow. Nice abuse of power.

[last lines]
Kate Beckett: So, how did your date go?
Richard Castle: She was kind of boring. Didn't talk much. Mr. July?
Kate Beckett: A little self-absorbed.
Richard Castle: Looked it.
Kate Beckett: Really?
Richard Castle: [unaware of the irony] You can tell. Some people just don't know to behave on a date.
Kate Beckett: Especially on a first date.
Richard Castle: Exactly.

Richard Castle: I was just trying to help.
Kate Beckett: I don't need your help. How did you get here, anyway?
Richard Castle: I was following up a lead, same as you.
Kate Beckett: Oh, really? So you subpoenaed the victim's phone records and looked for commonalities?
Richard Castle: No, not exactly.
Kate Beckett: Then what?
[Castle smirks, but doesn't reply; Beckett grabs his ear to make him talk]
Richard Castle: Oww! Okay, I *69ed. I *69ed.
Kate Beckett: You *69ed?
Richard Castle: Yes, on Maya's phone. I figured it would give me her last call. Rang up McCutchen here, I got his name from his voicemail, and then I did a web search. Tell me you're not impressed.

"Castle: Heartbreaker (#8.16)" (2016)
Richard Castle: [accidentally popping a balloon] That wasn't me.
Kate Beckett: Says the guy with the razor-sharp French toast and the sausage kabob.
Richard Castle: Okay, that was me, but that balloon had it coming. To you, my love, my heart, my bride. Welcome back to our home.
Kate Beckett: Oh, that is so sweet, Castle. But how is this really a welcome back if I've been sneaking into your room almost every night?
Richard Castle: Well, because you officially moved all your stuff back in. Now that we've agreed to hunt LokSat together, we can simply pick up exactly where we left off.
Kate Beckett: [leaning in for a kiss] And as I recall, we left off this morning somewhere right about here.

Kate Beckett: [having had a romantic moment with Castle interrupted] What just happened?
Richard Castle: Well, I've integrated Lucy into all the loft's infrastructure. Climate, lights, music; you name it, she controls it. Just got to work out a few... kinks.
Kate Beckett: Well, I still like a few things the old-fashioned way, so do you want me to make you a cup of coffee?
Lucy: [the coffee machine starts] Uh, no need, Kate. I've programmed Rick's coffee exactly to his liking. Cuban blend, steamed milk, two sugars, pinch of nutmeg.
Richard Castle: Amazing, huh?
Lucy: No, Rick, you're amazing.
Richard Castle: No, you are.
Lucy: No, you are.
Richard Castle: No, Lucy, you are.
Lucy: Rick, you are amazing and you know it.
Kate Beckett: [her phone rings] Beckett.
Richard Castle: [to Lucy] Stop it. I'm not doing this with you again.

Kate Beckett: We have a homicide.
Richard Castle: You, me, and a crime scene. Just as nature intended.

Kate Beckett: Um, Lucy, do you think you could make me a cup of coffee? Splash of low-fat milk, two Splendas?
Lucy: No can do. All out of Splenda. But there is a Starbucks two blocks from here. Would you like directions?
Kate Beckett: [a little disappointed] No. Thanks. I know where it is.

Javier Esposito: [having recognized a robbery modus operandi] It was, like, ten years ago.
Kate Beckett: So, when you worked with the 54th?
Javier Esposito: Yeah. I collared a thief. Her name was, uh, Sonia Ruiz. She was part of a crew that stole $10 million worth of gold coins from some auction house.
Richard Castle: And they used a fragrant gel, too?
Javier Esposito: It was actually a unique blend of Jell-O and ladies' perfume.
Richard Castle: You're saying a kid's dessert mixed with eau de toilette can foil a sophisticated security system? I'm telling you, we need a dog.

Kate Beckett: Espo, why don't we pay Sonia Ruiz a little visit? She might not have turned on her crew back in the day, but after nine years hard time, we might be able to persuade her.
Javier Esposito: You know what? From what I remember, she may be the type to hold a grudge, so you might have better luck taking Castle with you.
Richard Castle: Ooh. No, not falling for that trick again. Contrary to what you three led me to believe, those women's prisons are nothing like the late-night skinemax movies, so have fun.

Kate Beckett: All right, Ms. Ruiz, tell me what you know.
Sonia Ruiz: Please. I didn't snitch back in the day; why would I start now?
Kate Beckett: Because nine years ago, this was just a burglary, and now it's a murder.
Sonia Ruiz: Murder? Who died?
Kate Beckett: An armored truck driver. Look, Sonia, you help me out, I'll help you out.
Sonia Ruiz: With what? I'm up for parole in three months, and due to overcrowding, I'm a lock to get out.
Kate Beckett: Not if I go to your parole hearing and testify that you refused to cooperate in solving a homicide.
Sonia Ruiz: It's like that?
Kate Beckett: I've got an innocent man in the morgue who left behind a wife and two small kids, so yeah, it's like that.

Javier Esposito: The Department of Corrections authorized her furlough?
Kate Beckett: Yeah. Right now, Sonia is our best and only path to Hammerhead's real identity.
Kevin Ryan: So what's the plan?
Kate Beckett: You and Espo are gonna head over to the...
[seeing Espo is a bit uncomfortable]
Kate Beckett: Excuse me. What's going on? What are you not telling me?
Javier Esposito: [awkward laugh] So, funny story, really, uh...
Kevin Ryan: What?
Javier Esposito: Uh... uh... Sonia and I were kind of involved.
Richard Castle: "Involved" like dating?
Javier Esposito: [scoffs] Dating? No. Come on. Dating. We... we were more like engaged.

Kevin Ryan: [learning Esposito was engaged to a robbery perp] Engaged? You were... wait a second. All those years, you never told me that?
Javier Esposito: You never asked.
Kevin Ryan: You're a cop. How could you get involved with a criminal?
Richard Castle: Well, technically, they were in the same line of work. So, really, it's a workplace romance.
Javier Esposito: [sarcastic] Thank you. I didn't know she was a crook at first, okay? I... I met her at a club. She seemed normal. We just... we just clicked. And it's probably why she hid who she really was from me.
Kate Beckett: A... and again, when did you find out the truth?
Javier Esposito: After it was too late! We were engaged, and then she started acting strange; disappearing at odd hours, and then she couldn't look me in the eye. And then news of that gold coin heist broke, and I... I don't know. I knew. And I was the one who arrested her.
Richard Castle: So, did you ask for the ring back, or did you let her keep that so she could trade it for cigarettes in the prison yard?
[seeing Espo's expression]
Richard Castle: That's... don't answer that.

Javier Esposito: For the umpteenth time, Beckett, I... I can handle this.
Kate Beckett: Really? Because if it was me, I don't think I would be that confident.
Javier Esposito: Is it awkward? Of course. But it's the only way we're gonna solve this murder. Castle and Ryan are gonna be backing me up in a follow car. What's the worst that could happen?
Kate Beckett: I don't know. And that's what makes me nervous.

Martha Rodgers: I have to say, Katherine, it is so good to have you home.
Kate Beckett: Thank you.
Alexis Castle: I second that motion.
Kate Beckett: Oh, thank you.
[the screeching violin of the "Psycho" theme suddenly blares]
Kate Beckett: Lucy! What the hell? Turn it off!
Lucy: [the music stops] Whoa. Language, Kate. Is there a problem?
Kate Beckett: Oh, really? Well, then, let me make it up to you.
Martha Rodgers: [Kate picks Lucy up and sticks her into the refrigerator] Isn't that a little extreme?
Kate Beckett: No. No, actually, I-I-I don't think so. Look, uh, this... this might sound odd, but ever since I got back, it's like Lucy's been jealous.
Alexis Castle: She's an "it". A CPU wrapped in a plastic pyramid. She doesn't have emotions, and she certainly can't be jealous.
Kate Beckett: [the electricity inexplicably goes out] You were saying?

Richard Castle: If Sonia and her partner wanted to kill Esposito, they would have done it here. No, they must need him for something.
Kevin Ryan: The question is why was Sonia so desperate to see her father before he died? According to Espo, they weren't even that close.
Richard Castle: Maybe he has something she wanted.
[spotting something under a chair]
Richard Castle: And I think I know what it is.
[picking the object up, he shows it to Beckett and Ryan]
Kate Beckett: Gold. He was holding her cut of the heist from nine years ago.
Kevin Ryan: Sonia didn't want the secret of the gold's location to die with her father.
Richard Castle: They took Esposito for insurance in case we tried to stop them.
Kate Beckett: Which means we find Pena's coin stash, we'll find Espo.
Kevin Ryan: Problem is we don't know the first thing about this guy.
Kate Beckett: Well, time for a crash course. Let's tear this place apart.

Kate Beckett: Sonia's dad owned at least a half a dozen businesses; dry cleaners, car wash, a Cuban restaurant.
Richard Castle: All high cash flow. Makes sense. If he was selling off his gold bit by bit, he'd need a place to launder the money.
Kate Beckett: Well, according to the company's bank records, the weekly receipts were pretty uniform.
Richard Castle: Except look at this. The dry cleaners, about three months ago, there was a spike in the weekly deposit amount, and three months before that and before that.
Kate Beckett: Same with the restaurant.
Richard Castle: So he was retrieving some of the gold every three months, selling it off, and then running the proceeds through his businesses.
Kate Beckett: Hey, Ryan, where is Vikram with the GPS info from Pena's phone?
Kevin Ryan: He just sent this over. Pena stayed close to home most of the time, except for this location.
[he shows them on his tablet]
Kevin Ryan: Looks to be an outlier. He wouldn't go there often, only once every...
Richard Castle: Every three months?
Kevin Ryan: Exactly. And only at night.
Kate Beckett: And what's there?
Richard Castle: Let's see, uh... it's an old Con Ed storage facility. Perfect place for stashing coins.
Kate Beckett: Pena owned a transport company that subcontracts with Con Ed.
Richard Castle: Then that's it. That's where he is.
Kate Beckett: Let's go. Once they find the gold, they're gonna make a run for it.
Richard Castle: After they kill Espo.

Javier Esposito: I'm sorry. I screwed up. I let my feelings for Sonia cloud my judgment, and... and I let my guard down.
Kate Beckett: I... Look, I'm not gonna pretend that I haven't done the same thing, but I am a captain now. So I have to suspend you for a week, no pay.
Javier Esposito: [standing to leave] Yes, ma'am.
Kate Beckett: [Espo notices Sonia being led through the bullpen by patrol officers] You did the right thing.

Richard Castle: Home at last, with all the makings of a perfect evening. Thai food, a bottle of Pino, and my two favorite ladies.
Kate Beckett: Wait, two? Is that a joke about my boobs?
Richard Castle: I'm referring, of course, to you and Lucy.
Kate Beckett: Oh, right. Lucy.
Richard Castle: Oh, come on. Don't be mad. I'm kidding. Is... is it too late to say it's about your boobs?

Kate Beckett: The truth is, is that I overreacted the other day. I have a feeling that Lucy and I are gonna be on much better terms from here on out.
Richard Castle: And I am glad to hear it. You hear that, Lucy? I knew you'd win her over. Now why don't you dim the lights for us just a little bit?
[the lights dim]
Linus: [Castle is taken aback by a male voice] How's that, Rick? Are the lights not to your satisfaction?
Richard Castle: No, they're fine. Just, uh... who are you and where's Lucy?
Linus: My name's Linus, and I'm starting to think you don't like me.
[behind Castle, Beckett tries not to laugh; as he turns to look at her, she straightens her face]
Richard Castle: Oh, okay, very funny. What did you do?
Kate Beckett: I... I read the user's manual, and apparently, with the simple flick of a switch, she can become a he.

[last lines]
Richard Castle: You killed Lucy?
Kate Beckett: No. I didn't kill her. I mean, she's still in there. Why? You want her back?
Richard Castle: No. Of course not. No. No. Linus it is.
Kate Beckett: All right, good. Well, I'm gonna go change, so why don't you guys become acquainted?
Richard Castle: All right.
[Beckett leaves]
Richard Castle: Okay, Linus. Let's get this bromance started. How about you make me a little cappuccino?
Linus: It's a little late for caffeine, Rick. How about some relaxing yoga stretches before bed?
Richard Castle: And experiment's over. Where's that switch?
[looking for the switch, Castle gets an electric shock]
Richard Castle: Ow! Linus, you gave me a little shock. I think you must have a short or something.
Linus: I don't like to be touched, Rick. Not by you, anyway.
Richard Castle: [the electricity powers down; whispering] Beckett.
[raising his voice]
Richard Castle: Beckett!

"Castle: And Justice for All (#8.13)" (2016)
Kate Beckett: Someone sent the victim a text yesterday. "Where go my money, Eddie? Yous owe huge. Paybacks time. I got ways for to get you dead." It was sent by a blocked number. I'll see if Vikram can trace it.
Richard Castle: "I got ways for to get you dead." That's particular syntax, unique grammatical structure, perhaps denoting a cultural significance.
Kate Beckett: Or maybe bad auto correct.
Richard Castle: No, Beckett. This was no error. This was a specific choice. It was a methodical decision, Dialectology 101, and I, being an expert in the English language, would be happy to help you solve this linguistic mystery.
Kate Beckett: Castle, you're not gonna work the case. So why don't you just, uh, go back home, and I will see you tonight.
[she moves in to kiss him, but he puts his fingers on her lips to stop her]
Richard Castle: While I do love kissing you, Beckett, it's just a little creepy when you do it in front of a dead body. It's... inappropriate.

Kate Beckett: Hey. What are you doing?
Richard Castle: [having been rocking out on his drum kit] Nothing. Just reading a book.
Kate Beckett: Uh, do you really think you can figure out who sent that text based on linguistics?
Richard Castle: Yeah, I can do that. All I have to do is hear them speak and I can match the syntax. Why?
Kate Beckett: Well, you might be able to work this case after all, at least in an undercover capacity.
Richard Castle: [in his excitement, he accidentally bumps into his crash cymbals] Really? How?

Richard Castle: Stop it, stop, stop, stop!
Kate Beckett: Uh... who are you yelling at?
Richard Castle: No one. I just... still have writer's block. That's all.
Kate Beckett: So you're taking it out on your laptop?
Richard Castle: No, not the laptop. The... the cursor. Just look at it there, taunting me, just blinking on, off, on, off, like it's so easy writing a best-selling novel. 'Cause I'd like to see you try it, Mr. Cursor! I'd like to see you try it! So why don't we...
Kate Beckett: [closing the computer] You know what? Why don't we just say goodbye to Mr. Cursor?

Kate Beckett: What is this, fan mail?
Richard Castle: Oh, not exactly. Remember I went on "Good Morning America" a while back and offered a reward for proof of anyone who knew what happened to me during those eight weeks I disappeared?
Kate Beckett: But Castle, those letters are over a year old, and we've already proven that all the theories were ridiculous. Why are you re-reading them?
Richard Castle: Looking to spark my imagination. But, honestly, these letters are not very inventive. They all either claim I was a victim of a government conspiracy or abducted by aliens and probed. This guy even drew a diagram of me being violated by E.T. I need inspiration, Beckett, and although Lester's knowledge of alien anatomy is commendable, it... it's just not enough.

Kate Beckett: [leaving for a case] You know that I would love to take you, but...
Richard Castle: But we have to maintain the ruse of our separation until you capture LokSat. I know. I know, I just... what am I supposed to write about without my muse, Beckett? I need you. I... I'm Sherlock without Watson.
Kate Beckett: No, you probably mean Watson without your Sherlock, because after all, darling, you're the writer.

Richard Castle: I figured out who sent the text. Guy's name is Alistair Durcoyne.
Kate Beckett: Are you sure it's him?
Richard Castle: Yeah, the grammatical structure in the text, "I got for ways to make you dead", is a direct match to his homework assignment where he wrote "I went for to get some beer."
Kate Beckett: Good job, Castle. I'll have Ryan and Espo take it from here.
Richard Castle: Are you gonna tell them about my involvement?
Kate Beckett: I have to. I mean, I'll say you found out about the ESL class on your own and that I had no idea that you were going undercover.
Richard Castle: You think they'll buy it?
Kate Beckett: Oh, I don't know. I mean, when have you ever gone against my wishes and interfered with an investigation?
Richard Castle: No need for sarcasm. All you had to say was "yes".

Kate Beckett: Uh, what's going on?
Richard Castle: Hey. Where's your passport? We've got to go to Korea.
Kate Beckett: Why?
Richard Castle: Because I finally figured it out. My missing time? It... now it all makes sense. It mostly makes sense.
Kate Beckett: Wait a minute, is this about what happened in your classroom?
Richard Castle: I ate a dish today. It triggered a memory. I was in Korea surrounded by locals, and I could see that temple.
Kate Beckett: Tongdosa Temple.
Richard Castle: It's in the south Gyeongsang province.
Kate Beckett: Okay, well, we know that you were in Thailand, so Korea's not a stretch.
Richard Castle: Yeah, I must have gone there right after.
Kate Beckett: But why?
Richard Castle: I have no idea. I... I ordered more food in hopes of jogging another memory. It didn't work, but that's okay. When we get to Korea, all the...
Kate Beckett: No, no, no. Castle, I'm not going to Korea.
Richard Castle: Yeah, you're right. I should go first. That way...
Kate Beckett: And neither are you. We don't have enough information yet. It's too dangerous. You almost got killed in Thailand.
Richard Castle: Yeah. Yes, you're right. I'll just try to keep triggering more memories loose. Are you in the mood for some kimchi? 'Cause I bought, like, $400 worth and... the stuff goes right through me.
[Beckett tries to hold back her disgust]

Kate Beckett: It's too bad your plane got rerouted, Alonzo. On the bright side, I spoke to the airline, and you're still gonna get the miles.

Kate Beckett: So, Alonzo alibied out. Looks like we were wrong about Judge Caldwell's involvement.
Richard Castle: No. We're missing something. Eddie confronted the judge, and the next day he was killed.
Kate Beckett: Well, we know it wasn't the judge. He was under twenty-four hour surveillance. And besides, he thought that Alonzo was gonna take care of it.
Richard Castle: Eddie confronts the judge. Twelve hours later, Alonzo's on a plane with an approved visa. How did the judge even know about Alonzo? Who told him?
Kate Beckett: No, you're right. We didn't even know about Alonzo. How did the judge find out so quickly?
Richard Castle: There has to be someone else involved in this conspiracy, someone close to Eddie.
Kate Beckett: Well, the only people that are close to him are in the ESL class. So who would kill him?
Richard Castle: [a thought strikes him] I think I know. And you know what this means, Beckett. After all these years, I finally get to say... "J'accuse".

Kate Beckett: Is that a snake hook?
Javier Esposito: Yup. Looks like our victim was bludgeoned to death with it.
Kate Beckett: Okay. Who's the victim?
Javier Esposito: Uh... we're not a hundred percent sure yet.
Kevin Ryan: The zoo supervisor thinks that it's Eddie Ramirez, the nighttime animal caretaker. If it is, then he's an El Salvador native who's lived in the States for the past few years...
Kate Beckett: Yeah, I'm sorry, uh... can we go back? Why are you having trouble IDing the victim?
Javier Esposito: We can't positively ID the victim yet because the killer tossed his body into...
M.E. Perlmutter: A pit filled with deadly snakes.
Kate Beckett: Okay, well... that's a first.

Kate Beckett: Hey.
M.E. Perlmutter: Well, hello, captain. I'm... I'm glad you're alone. I've been meaning to say how proud I am of you.
Kate Beckett: [surprised] Oh. For what?
M.E. Perlmutter: For breaking up with Mr. Castle, of course. Now you're free to meet a man who can really appreciate you.
Kate Beckett: Um...
M.E. Perlmutter: Like my brother, Edgar.
Kate Beckett: Your, uh, brother?
M.E. Perlmutter: My identical twin.
Kate Beckett: Oh. There's two of you?
M.E. Perlmutter: I'd be happy to introduce you...
Kate Beckett: [trying to let him down easy without revealing she and Castle are still together] Yeah, no. Uh, no, but, uh, thank you, Perlmutter. It's just that I... I'm not quite ready to date right now.

M.E. Perlmutter: Mr. Castle, what the hell are you doing here?
Richard Castle: It's nice to see you, too, Perlmutter.
M.E. Perlmutter: [growing agitated as he talks] Can't you see the lady doesn't love you anymore? Be a man. Walk away. See, it's because of nitwit pretty boys like you that good men like my brother, Edgar, struggle to find...
Kate Beckett: [trying to calm him down] Uh, Perlmutter, can... would you mind giving us the room just for a moment?
M.E. Perlmutter: [giving Castle a sneer of contempt] There's a scalpel and a rib spreader if you need them.
Richard Castle: [Perlmutter leaves] Wow. Perlmutter really doesn't like me.
Kate Beckett: Neither do I right now.
Richard Castle: I know, I know. I just wanted to see the snakes.
Kate Beckett: Help yourself, Castle. They're all at the zoo.
Richard Castle: Really? They're not here? I thought they'd be evidence or something.

Javier Esposito: So, so far, there's no physical evidence linking Marco to Eddie's murder. You have any insight from your federal contacts?
Kate Beckett: Only that Agent Napier specializes in fraud and financial crimes.
Javier Esposito: Well, since when does financial crime trump homicide?
Kate Beckett: Never, as far as I'm concerned.

Richard Castle: I don't get it. The financial upside to extorting immigrants cannot be that high. Why would a judge who makes six figures a year get involved?
Vikram Singh: My assumption is Marco kept the extortion money for himself.
Kate Beckett: What would the judge get out of it?
Vikram Singh: Huge kickbacks from a private prison in Texas. According to Judge Caldwell's financials, he's got a sweetheart deal with a company that runs a detention center in El Paso. He literally gets paid for every bed he fills.
Hayley Shipton: So Marco shakes down the immigrants for money. Sooner or later, they run out of cash, and then Caldwell ships them to Texas.
Kate Beckett: And gets paid.
Richard Castle: I hate this guy.

Javier Esposito: This text was sent yesterday during class. Any idea who might've written that?
John Emerson: "Where go my money, Eddie? Yous owe huge. Paybacks time." I don't know, it's... it's hard to say. All my students are still learning English.
Kevin Ryan: Well, then we're gonna need to talk to all your students, one by one.
John Emerson: That's gonna be harder than you think, detective. Most of my students come from countries where the cops are corrupt, so they're not gonna want to talk to you.
Kevin Ryan: Look, teach, we don't tell you how to conjugate a verb. Don't tell us how to interview a suspect.
Javier Esposito: Yeah. We're gonna get them to talk.
[cut to Ryan and Esposito in Beckett's office at the precinct]
Kate Beckett: And you couldn't get any of them to talk?

FBI Agent Napier: That's great work, captain. Do you know how long the FBI's been on this case? Two years! Before Crockett and Tubbs here T-boned my stakeout.
Kate Beckett: Detectives Ryan and Esposito are investigating a homicide, Agent Napier. And no FBI alert came across my desk about your precious little stakeout, so why don't you drop the attitude?

FBI Agent Napier: Captain Beckett. Do you have any idea what you've done?
Kate Beckett: I have a feeling you're about to tell me.
[cut to them entering her office]
FBI Agent Napier: We lose eyes on Judge Caldwell for all of ten minutes, and the next thing you know, he's canceled court and he's holed up with his lawyer.
Kate Beckett: [playing ignorant] I'm sorry, who is this judge exactly?
FBI Agent Napier: Knock it off, captain. We know you were on to Caldwell this morning. We pulled surveillance video from the courthouse. Your husband and his band of immigrant misfits are all over the footage.
Kate Beckett: Okay, then I will make sure my guys question them.
FBI Agent Napier: Well, you'd better move fast, 'cause I plan on having each and every one of them deported for this.
Kate Beckett: No, you want to go after someone, you go after me, but leave those people alone.
FBI Agent Napier: They interfered with a federal investigation.
Kate Beckett: Their friend was murdered. They wanted justice, which includes the ability to live and work in this country without being victimized by a goverment-appointed judge or a power-hungry FBI agent. Eddie's killer was solicited by Judge Caldwell, which means he's complicit in the murder, so you help me identify his killer and we will put the good judge away in federal prison for the rest of his life.

"Castle: Murder He Wrote (#5.4)" (2012)
Kate Beckett: We should interrogate Natalia Roosevelt.
Chief Brady: Oh, I already spoke to her. She has no motive for killing Franklin.
Kate Beckett: And did you ask her about being his mistress?
Chief Brady: [stunned] No. She didn't mention that.
Richard Castle: Yeah, suspects tend to hold back on stuff like that.

Kate Beckett: [about Ryan and Esposito's interest in their relationship] I don't understand why they even care.
Richard Castle: Ah, why do people care about Brangelina?
Kate Beckett: Oh, so we're Brangelina now?
Richard Castle: No. No, no. We're...
[he thinks]
Richard Castle: ... Rickate.
[This doesn't work for them]
Richard Castle: No, we're Kate-ick.
[Another miss]
Richard Castle: Caskett. Oh, that's good! 'cause of the whole murder thing? Caskett.

Richard Castle: [showing Beckett his house in the Hamptons] Everything okay?
Kate Beckett: [uneasy] Yeah, it's, um... it's spectacular, Castle.
Richard Castle: And is that a problem?
Kate Beckett: It's just... I can't help wondering how many other girls have gotten this tour.
Richard Castle: Right. Well, I'm not gonna deny that I've brought other women up here. But, um...
[he takes her hand in a show of comfort and reassurance]
Richard Castle: ...none of them were you.

Richard Castle: [leading Beckett to his pool] I am sure you will find the temperature suitable, but if you would like it any warmer, I can change the temperature, or...
[as he talks, Beckett takes off her robe, revealing she's naked]
Richard Castle: ...I... could... just... stop talking. You forgot your suit.
Kate Beckett: [coyly] I know.

Richard Castle: T-minus one minute and counting.
Kate Beckett: [lowering her voice] Castle, what are you doing here? We're supposed to wait around the corner so that nobody would see us.
Richard Castle: I know, but I thought it would be fun to be here with you when the clock strikes 5:00. You know, just like New Year's Eve, except without the kissing, for obvious reasons. But there will be plenty of that this weekend.
Kate Beckett: Can you just shush?
Richard Castle: No one is going to hear me. Look around you. You are in a room full of detectives, and not one of them has a clue.
Kate Beckett: Wow, Castle, thank you for reminding me that I'm lying to a bunch of people that I really care about so I don't get fired on an ethics violation 'cause I'm dating you.

Richard Castle: There she is. Our lady in the white dress. Only now she's looking dazzling in blood red. So, what's our play?
Kate Beckett: Just keep it light, Castle. Find a natural way of bringing up the murder. See how she reacts.
Richard Castle: I know just what to do.
[Castle and Beckett approach Natalie]
Richard Castle: Hey, I recognize you. You were at Doug Shapiro's party last night.
Natalia Roosevelt: [wry laugh] Who wasn't?
Richard Castle: [fake laugh] Right? But I saw you on the beach. Weren't you arguing with Randall Franklin?
[Beckett chokes on her drink]
Kate Beckett: [whispering] Light, Castle. I said "light".

Kate Beckett: Dead bodies, meth heads, mobsters. Is that what you meant by a romantic weekend?
Richard Castle: Need I remind you that it was murder that brought us together in the first place?

[last lines]
Richard Castle: You know, it's funny. My cover was that I was coming out here to write, and I actually got an idea for a book.
Kate Beckett: [lighting romantic candles] Oh, "Hamptons Heat". So you're serious about that, huh?
Richard Castle: Well, I already have the story. That's the hardest part.
Kate Beckett: So, do you have an ending yet?
Richard Castle: Oh. Well, I had some ideas. But, uh, I'm open to... suggestions.
Kate Beckett: How about this: "The weekend hadn't turned out exactly as Detective Heat had imagined, but now nothing..."
Richard Castle: [Beckett seductively climbs into bed and mounts him] Ooh!
Kate Beckett: "... not even another murder on the beach could stop her from getting exactly what she desired most."
[she and Castle kiss]
Richard Castle: Hmm. That's good.
Kate Beckett: Can I get a writer's credit?
Richard Castle: We'll talk.
Kate Beckett: Okay.

Richard Castle: [seeing a bleeding man stumble into his pool] Call 911.
Kate Beckett: [sarcastic] You think?

[Chief Brady is taking Castle's statement; he doesn't know Beckett is a cop, and she doesn't want word of their relationship leaking back to the precinct]
Chief Brady: Were you here as well, ma'am?
Kate Beckett: Yeah.
Chief Brady: Name, please?
Kate Beckett: Um, Katherine Beckett. But do you think we could keep that out of the public record?
Chief Brady: Of course.
Kate Beckett: Not that we're doing anything wrong. I just...
Chief Brady: Right.
Kate Beckett: What's that supposed to mean?
Chief Brady: Don't worry, it's the Hamptons. We'll be discreet. We're... we're not interested in your arrangement.
Kate Beckett: Arrangement?
Richard Castle: Chief... chief, uh... I'm... I'm not... I don't... she's not a...
Kate Beckett: I'm not a prostitute.
Chief Brady: Oh, I'm sure.

Richard Castle: What kind of cold-blooded killer takes a nap on the beach after shooting someone?
Kate Beckett: Castle, I'm on vacation. If I wanted to investigate a murder, I would have stayed in the city.

Richard Castle: The guy died in my back yard.
Kate Beckett: It's not our case.
Richard Castle: But still, you have admit, as cases go, it's pretty weak.
Kate Beckett: It's still not our case. And if you keep obsessing over this, it's gonna ruin the weekend.
Richard Castle: [pause] So what do we do?
Kate Beckett: Maybe we just try putting it out of our minds, hmm?
[she kisses him]
Richard Castle: Yeah, but what about the gun? They would've found the gun on him.
Kate Beckett: Castle, that's not putting it out of your mind.
Richard Castle: [she kisses him again] You're right. I'm sorry. I'm obsessing. I won't obsess.
Kate Beckett: It's okay.
Richard Castle: Except you said it yourself about not hearing the shots. What kind of meth head, who obviously doesn't know what planet he's on, carries a gun with a silencer? Which, by the way, indicates premeditation.
Kate Beckett: We're not gonna get on with our weekend until you've gotten some answers, are we?
Richard Castle: I'll get the coffee.

Kate Beckett: [arriving in the Hamptons, in awe of Castle's house] Oh, my goodness, Castle. Wow. So, um, are you rich or something?
Richard Castle: Well, I'm not James Patterson rich, but I do okay.

Javier Esposito: Hey, did you hear about Beckett's weekend?
Richard Castle: [feigning ignorance] No. Big plans?
Kevin Ryan: She's going away with her boyfriend.
Richard Castle: A boyfriend? Beckett! Really? Who is the lucky guy?
Javier Esposito: For some reason, she's not telling.
Kate Beckett: Okay, seriously, guys?
Richard Castle: Actually, I for one am offended that you're not sharing with us.
Kevin Ryan: Hmm. After all we've been through.
Javier Esposito: Yeah, I think we deserve better than that.
Kate Beckett: You know, I have a couple of ideas about what you guys deserve.

Richard Castle: That's why no one heard the shots. He was shot off a boat, "Godfather" style.
Kate Beckett: And the salt water slowed down his bleeding, giving him enough time to make it to shore.
Chief Brady: So, what, we should try and figure out which boats were in the vicinity at that time?
Kate Beckett: Yeah. So, do we have a witness who we know was on the beach last night?
Richard Castle: You mean someone like our favorite meth addict. MCMURRAY!
[in his cell, McMurray jerks awake]
Chief Brady: Seriously? The guy was whacked out on meth.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, but that doesn't mean that he doesn't remember what he saw.

Kevin Ryan: You were right, Castle. Franklin was using his helicopter to move meth to the Hamptons. Looks like you blew this case wide open. Guess you can get back to your writing now, huh?
Richard Castle: Well, there's still the matter of finding out who the killer is.
Kevin Ryan: Yeah, well, I think Brady knows what he has to do. I already told him to look for a local drug dealer who had been feeling squeezed by Franklin's expanding operation.
Richard Castle: Wow, that's a great theory. Nice work.
Kevin Ryan: Oh, thanks, but it's not my theory. Aaron Lerner gave it up when I interrogated him this morning.
[Beckett hurries into the room, a look of horror on her face]
Richard Castle: Aaron Lerner? Aar... uh... so you interrogated Aaron Lerner, too.
Kevin Ryan: Yeah. He's back in the city. Turns out he was Franklin's partner in crime.
Richard Castle: Wow. What do you know?
Kate Beckett: [quietly] Castle...
[the mutter back and forth quietly]
Kevin Ryan: You still there, Castle?
Richard Castle: Yeah. Still here. Uh, what else did Aaron Lerner say? Did he say anything else about... anything else?
Kevin Ryan: Oh, you know, usual. "I didn't do it", "you got the wrong guy". I'm pretty sure he told me everything he knows.
Kate Beckett: [horrified, quietly] Everything?
Richard Castle: Everything, huh? That's good.
Kevin Ryan: Yeah. Good luck with the writing.

Richard Castle: So, Chief Brady's first time pulling his gun.
Kate Beckett: Uh, Castle, maybe I should go in there.
Richard Castle: You don't have a gun.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, but that never stops you.

"Castle: Always Buy Retail (#1.6)" (2009)
Kate Beckett: If she's so bad, then why did you sleep with her this morning?
Richard Castle: Let me tell you something about crazy people. The sex is unbelievable.
Kate Beckett: How shallow are you?
Richard Castle: Very.

Kate Beckett: You dragged me in here so that you could read from your own book?
Richard Castle: Hey, there's a lot of good stuff in here and some of it is factual.

NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan: [Castle after mentioning having sex with his ex-wife and comparing her moving back to New York to] A deep-fried Twinkie?
Richard Castle: Yeah, the guilty pleasure that you know is bad for you, so you only do it once, maybe twice a year for the novelty. But the deep-fried Twinkie everyday is...
[Beckett stops him from continuing]
Kate Beckett: Castle!

Kate Beckett: Castle!
Richard Castle: What?
Kate Beckett: Crime scene. Dead body. Little respect here.
Richard Castle: I don't think he can hear me.

Kate Beckett: Just show us the recordings from the past couple of days, okay?
Richard Castle: Blood sugar is low, she's a little cranky.
Kate Beckett: Zip it... kitten

Kate Beckett: This ritual: I assume that it was done for a specific purpose?
Javier Esposito: That's only if you're assuming that the guy doing this was rational.
Richard Castle: No, no. She's right. It might not make sense to you or me, but, uh, if you find out why he did this? We might find your killer.
[Esposito and Ryan look at each other, nodding and grinning about the new guy telling them their jobs]
Javier Esposito: Yes. Kinda how we do it.

Richard Castle: This once, when Alexis was nine, Meredith dropped by to take her out to lunch.
Kate Beckett: So?
Richard Castle: In Paris.

[repeated line - throughout many episodes]
Kate Beckett: I don't have time for this.

Michelle: You know, from the design, I'd say this isn't Haitian, Jamaican or Dominican. This is hard-core Nigerian.
Kate Beckett: What about this charm?
Michelle: The charm's an offering to a Vodou saint, a loa. In this case, it's Ogun. He's usually called upon to help find something that's been lost.
Richard Castle: So our killer's looking for something.
Michelle: Something the victim once possessed.
Kate Beckett: Maybe that's why he was tortured.

[Kate and Castle are questioning a shop owner who has a large TV screen in his window and a videocam always running; it faces Oni's knock-off warehouse]
Oscar: What can I say? People like to see themselves on television. I mean, you would not believe the things people do in front of a camera.
Richard Castle: [maybe a little too fascinated] I'm listening.
Oscar: Like, this one chick? She's standing there, right in front of the store, and she starts to take off her, uh...
[he starts pulling his shirt up]
Kate Beckett: [bored with the interest in exhibitionism] Just show us the recordings from the past couple of days, okay?
Richard Castle: Her blood sugar gets low, she gets a little cranky.
Kate Beckett: Zip it, "kitten"!

Kate Beckett: Castle! Castle!
Richard Castle: I'm on TV.
Kate Beckett: Are you having a breakdown?
Richard Castle: Not a breakdown, a breakthrough. And I really am ruggedly handsome, aren't I?
Kate Beckett: I'm waiting for the breakthrough.

Kate Beckett: You okay, Castle?
Richard Castle: My first gun battle.
Kate Beckett: Your last gun battle.
Richard Castle: Don't be so pessimistic. I think I handled myself pretty well.
Kate Beckett: Yeah. Probably saved my life.
Richard Castle: Probably? I definitely saved you life. And you know what that means, don't you? It means you owe me.
Kate Beckett: Owe you what?
Richard Castle: Whatever I want. And you know exactly what I want, don't you? You know what I really, really want you to do.
[Whispers in Kate's ear]
Richard Castle: Never. Ever. Call me "kitten."

Kate Beckett: And you call your ex-wife a deep-fried Twinkie.
Richard Castle: Oh, trust me, as annoying and intrusive you think I am, she's a million times worse.

[while on the phone with Meredith, Castle saw the murder suspect drive by in his car]
Kate Beckett: What do you mean you didn't get the plate?
Richard Castle: Uh... there was a... it was coming...
Javier Esposito: What kind of car was it?
Richard Castle: Uh, it was big. It was an SUV, I think.
NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan: You think? What about the color?
Richard Castle: Uh, black. Dark blue. Uh... it's very hard being a witness. I don't know how you guys ever get a conviction.

Richard Castle: [in a shootout with Baylor] I've written this scene about a hundred times. We give him what he wants, you know how it ends? Badly. And by "badly", I mean us dead.
Kate Beckett: Just stay down.
Richard Castle: You stay down.
Kate Beckett: I can't shoot him from down here.
Richard Castle: Yeah, he can't shoot you, either.

Kate Beckett: [showing Beckett his new Kevlar vest] Look.
Kate Beckett: "Writer"?
Richard Castle: Uh-huh. Cool, huh?
Kate Beckett: No. Not cool. You don't need a vest.
Richard Castle: If you shoot me, do I not bleed?
Kate Beckett: You're not gonna get shot, and you know why? Because you are going nowhere near the gunfire. You're staying here.
Richard Castle: Yes, we've seen how well that works.

"Castle: Nanny McDead (#1.2)" (2009)
Richard Castle: "Don't leave town"? Don't you need probable cause for something like that?
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: Only he doesn't know that, does he?
Richard Castle: You can *lie* like that? That is so cool!
[begins scribbling in his notepad]

Howard Peterson: You think I was having an affair with Sara?
Richard Castle: Bingo.
Howard Peterson: That is... that's crazy.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: Is it? We know that she stayed late some nights.
Howard Peterson: Right. She helped us make dinner.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: Us? Well, what we heard was that she helped on the nights that your wife wasn't home.
Howard Peterson: [realizing he's been caught] First of all, it's not what you think.
Richard Castle: [sarcastic] When is it ever?
Howard Peterson: And yes, I was having an affair.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: So what happened?
Howard Peterson: What do you mean "what happened"? I cheated. I strayed. Whatever you want to call it.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: I mean in the laundry room.
Howard Peterson: What?
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: You just said that you...
Howard Peterson: Yes, I was having an affair, but it wasn't with Sara, for God sakes. It was with another woman in my office.

Kate Beckett: Castle, it's accompany and observe, not participate and annoy. Got it?
Richard Castle: Participate and annoy is a lot more fun, but all right.

Police attorney: Mr. Castle, be advised: if you get injured following detective Beckett to research your next novel, you cannot sue the city. If you get shot, you cannot sue the city. If you get killed...
Richard Castle: My lifeless remains cannot sue the city?
Police attorney: Your heirs, Mr. Castle.
Kate Beckett: So do I have to wait for him to sign, or can I shoot him now?
Kate Beckett: No... ok...
Police attorney: Mr. Castle, these waivers are serious business. Perhaps you'd feel more comfortable by referring the matter to *your* attorney?
Richard Castle: What, are you kidding? He'd never let me sign these! But fortunately, it's his job to get me *out* of trouble, and not to prevent me from getting into it.
Kate Beckett: [phone rings,picks up] Beckett... Yeah, where?... Ok, on my way.
Richard Castle: What-where are you going?
Kate Beckett: I have work to do.
Richard Castle: What, we have a case?
[smiling excitedly]
Kate Beckett: No. *I* have a case. You have paperwork.
Kate Beckett: Oooh, ouch!

Lanie Parish: But what I thought you might find really interesting is the fact that she had sex within the hours before her death.
Kate Beckett: Sex?
Richard Castle: I'll explain how that works later.
Lanie Parish: Might have even been within a few minutes of the murder. The heat from the dryer makes it hard to pinpoint.
Kate Beckett: So you're saying she was raped?
Lanie Parish: Hard to determine. There were no vaginal lacerations or the presence of any semen.
Kate Beckett: So what's the evidence of sex?
Lanie Parish: Traces of spermicide.
[Beckett looks confused]
Lanie Parish: The guy wore a condom.
Richard Castle: Boy, it really has been a long time for you, hasn't it?

Richard Castle: [shocked] You suspected him, too?
Kate Beckett: The husband? Duh.
Richard Castle: You would really clean up at my poker game.
Kate Beckett: Right. You, James Patterson, and the rest of the Times bestseller list? No, thank you, Castle. A little too rich for my blood.
Richard Castle: We could always make it strip poker.
Kate Beckett: Sorry, but I prefer mystery to horror.

NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: Exactly how much longer do I have to expect you to be shadowing me on my cases like this?
Richard Castle: Hard to say. When I'm writing a new character, there's no telling when inspiration might strike.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: I thought I was your inspiration.
Richard Castle: Oh you are, Detective, and in so many ways.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, then your inspiration might strike you sooner than you think.

Kate Beckett: Mrs. Peterson? Detective Kate Beckett, N.Y.P.D. I was wondering if I could ask some questions about Sarah Manning.
Claudia Peterson: Of course. Please, come in.
Kate Beckett: Thank you.
[following Mrs. Peterson inside]
Richard Castle: [standing behind] Richard Castle. Just N.Y.

Neighbour: You're the police?
Richard Castle: Uh, she is. I'm sorry. Do you live here alone!
Neighbour: Yeah. Why you wanna know?
Richard Castle: Uh, don't worry about it. You're not young enough.
Neighbour: Young enough for what?
Richard Castle: To have sex.
Neighbour: Uh, what kind of cops did you say you were?
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: He's not a cop. I'm a cop.
Neighbour: And you're looking for someone to have sex with?

Kevin Ryan: Mrs Rosenberg, 9E here, comes down to put her clothes in the dryer, finds it's occupied, comes down a half an hour later and she's had enough. Decides to take matters into her own hands.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: Come on, you're telling me an old lady killed someone over a busy dryer?
Kevin Ryan: What? No, she's just tired of waiting around. So, she opens up the drier to take the other person's clothes out. Finds Miss Fluff and Fold here instead.
Javier Esposito: If that's not a cautionary tale about poking around someone's laundry, I don't know what is.
Kevin Ryan: Dude, there is an etiquette involved. If the clothes were dry, Mrs Rosenberg had every right to put them in the basket.Now, if you're going to tell me that she folded them, then it gets a little creepy.
Javier Esposito: 'm sorry, but if someone starts rooting around in my underwear without an invitation, I'm taking it as a serious breach of hygiene.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: I thought you went commando, Esposito?
Javier Esposito: Well. It's a seasonal thing.

NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: You used to take your daughter to the park?
Richard Castle: [scoffs] Spring, summer, fall. We were here every day. Alexis' mom was doing community theater. She was on the road a lot, so I had custody. What?
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: Nothing. I just never figured you for Mr. Mom.
Richard Castle: Some of the best days of my life.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: It's actually kind of nice.
Richard Castle: Yeah, tell me about it. Do you know how many lonely single mothers there are on a Manhattan playground? And there I was, between marriages.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: Exactly how many times have you been married, Castle?
Richard Castle: Twice.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: That's it?
Richard Castle: Isn't that enough? How about you?
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: Me? No, never been.
Richard Castle: Really?
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: Yeah.
Richard Castle: You'd be good at it. You're both controlling and disapproving.

NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: Where are we on the boyfriend?
Javier Esposito: His story checks out. Video and a sign-in sheet.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: Great. So now all we have is a cheating husband with a possible alibi and no cell phone to run the perp's fingerprints.
Kevin Ryan: I got something better.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: [rolling her eyes at Castle] Please tell me it's that the mayor wants him out of here.
Richard Castle: You ever notice how she gets a little grumpy when she doesn't have a suspect?
Kevin Ryan: We got one now. Guess who wasn't where they say they were the day Sara Manning was killed?
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: [Ryan offers a Post-It note, but pulls it back when Beckett snatches for it] Who?
Kevin Ryan: Come on, you gotta guess.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: [snatching at the Post-It again] Ryan. Ryan. I'm not guessing.
Kevin Ryan: [handing the Post-It over] You're a killjoy, you know that?
Richard Castle: Exactly what I've been telling her.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: [reading the note] No way.
Kevin Ryan: Pretty good, huh? Told you you should have guessed.

Richard Castle: So, it looks like I managed to make it through the case without getting injured, shot, or killed.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, maybe tomorrow.

Captain Roy Montgomery: Esposito and Ryan pulled security tape from an elevator in the rear entrance.
Kevin Ryan: Front door has a 24-hour doorman.
Javier Esposito: This is the elevator's cam. Our victim gets on the elevator with the laundry basket. Takes it down to the basement, to put the kid's laundry into the washer.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: Mm-hmm.
Javier Esposito: Few minutes later, gets back on, goes all the way back up to the apartment. Then about forty minutes later, rides the elevator back down to the basement again.
Kevin Ryan: We figured probably to take the kid's clothes out of the washer, put 'em in the dryer.
Captain Roy Montgomery: Camera never picks her up again.
Kevin Ryan: Only other person to ride the elevator down all the way to the basement during the next hour was the old lady who found the body.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: So whoever attacked her must have used the stairwell, otherwise the camera would have caught him.
Kevin Ryan: We got... three maintenance workers on duty that day. We'll run their names tonight.
Richard Castle: Why only run the workers' names? Why not run all the neighbors' names?
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: What are you basing that on?
Richard Castle: I'm basing that on... the neighbor would make a better story.
[the group snickers derisively]
Richard Castle: No, come on. What do any of us know about our neighbors in this city? You think the guy living next door to the Son of Sam knew he was living next door to the Son of Sam?

Richard Castle: [discussing the victim] Are you really the one who has to call her parents?
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: Easier to write about than to live through, huh, Castle?

Lanie Parish: Mr. Castle, nice to see you again.
Richard Castle: Wish I could say the same, but my glasses are all scratchy. How often do they let you replace these?
Kate Beckett: Not everybody has your budget, Castle.

"Castle: Witness for the Prosecution (#8.10)" (2016)
Kate Beckett: Castle, are you sure that Nina's innocent?
Richard Castle: I don't know. But what's worse than letting a guilty person go free?
Kate Beckett: Sending an innocent one to jail.

Kate Beckett: You kept an innocent woman out of jail, Rick. I'm proud of you for that.
Richard Castle: Couldn't have done it without you.

Kate Beckett: Now, Rick, be charming, but not too charming.
Richard Castle: That's like asking Superman not to be too super. What's wrong with being too charming?
Kate Beckett: Nothing, except when you are testifying in a murder trial. Look, being charming tells the jury that you're confident, but being too charming tells them that you're trying to be manipulative.
Richard Castle: Oh, I see. This is why you never had me testify in any of our cases. You're jealous of my charm.

Kate Beckett: This is the first time you'll be testifying in court, and it can get... nerve-wracking.
Richard Castle: I'll be fine, especially since word on the street is the defense lawyer is a total hack.
Kate Beckett: Oh, yeah? Who is it?
Richard Castle: Stan Novak.
Kate Beckett: "Short Attention Span" Stan? That guy gets lost in his own cross-examinations. Yeah, you will be fine.
Richard Castle: Too bad you won't be there to see me in action.
Kate Beckett: No, but I will.
Richard Castle: Is that wise? I mean, publicly aren't we still supposed to be separated?
Kate Beckett: This is the Sadie Beakman murder trial we're talking about. Her reporting from Iraq shaped the way many Americans saw the war. Plus, it gave her the profile to launch her own news website. And as captain of the precinct that closed her murder case, it would be odd if I didn't show.

Richard Castle: We should come up with a secret signal. A little thing just between the two of us that says "I love you."
Kate Beckett: Oh, you know, I think that would be a little...
[Castle does an exaggerated movement under his nose]
Kate Beckett: Do you need a tissue?
Richard Castle: No, this is my... that's the secret "I love you" signal. Do you like it?
Kate Beckett: Rubbing your nose?
Richard Castle: Yeah.
Kate Beckett: [sarcastic] Yeah, that's really romantic. Anyway, I gotta go. I'm meeting Vikram. I'll see you at the court.
[Castle does the signal again]
Kate Beckett: Yes, I love you, too.

Kate Beckett: Where are we on surveilling Caleb Brown and connecting him to LokSat?
Vikram Singh: Exactly where we were last week, and the week before that, and the week before that.
Kate Beckett: So nowhere?
Vikram Singh: Our target at the public defender's office is like a supervillain; no weaknesses.
Kate Beckett: Oh, come on, that's not possible.
Vikram Singh: Sure about that? 'Cause CeeCee and I have tried every poss...
Kate Beckett: Wait, what? Who's CeeCee?
Vikram Singh: [defensively] No one.
Kate Beckett: Did you give your computer a girl's name?
Vikram Singh: You don't know my life.
Kate Beckett: Huh. I've never been happier about that until this moment. Look, I am tired of lying to everyone. I want my life back, and given your new relationship with your computer, it's time you get yours back, too.

Richard Castle: Marcus, I'm so sorry. I don't know what happened. I got torpedoed.
Marcus Weller: No, no, no, no. You got nuked.
Kate Beckett: [approaching] Are you okay?
Richard Castle: Beckett, I just blew the entire case.
Kate Beckett: Well, the trial's not over yet, right, Marcus?
Marcus Weller: Look, I'm not gonna lie to you. We got a serious problem now. Castle, you've just given the jury reasonable doubt.
Richard Castle: But there's gotta be something we can do, right?
Kate Beckett: Well, we have until court resumes tomorrow morning to find new evidence or another witness who can prove Nina's guilt.
Marcus Weller: Yes. However, what can you possibly uncover in less than sixteen hours?
Kate Beckett: I don't know. But we have to try.

Kate Beckett: Hey, Espo, that story about Ms. Lucinda. So she still talks about how she made a fool out of you.
Javier Esposito: Yes. Thank you for rubbing it in, Captain Beckett.
Kate Beckett: You guys, we're approaching this wrong. I mean, we've been trying to find a clue from the murder, whereas we should be looking for a clue from after the murder.

Richard Castle: Hey, thank you.
Kate Beckett: For what?
Richard Castle: For not giving up on me.
Kate Beckett: Well, you've never given up on me, so...
[they share a smile; Castle moves in to kiss her, but she backs away]
Kate Beckett: Castle, wait. Uh, not here.
Richard Castle: Oh, right. Separated. Oh.
Kate Beckett: [Castle does his "I love you" nose rub] Are you okay? Do you have allergies?
Richard Castle: No, that's the... that's the signal. That's the...
Kate Beckett: Oh, yes. You really should think of something better.
Richard Castle: It's adorable.

Marcus Weller: You see, Beckett? This is why I love the 12th precinct. You guys never let me down.
Kate Beckett: This recording gives you new motive for murder, and it's ironclad. Nina and Sadie were having an affair. Clearly, they were fighting, and Nina most likely killed her in a crime of passion.

Kate Beckett: Are you out of your mind?
Richard Castle: I didn't do anything wrong.
Kate Beckett: You tricked a judge to postpone a trial, and then you illegally questioned the defendant.
Richard Castle: Yeah, but other than that, I didn't do anything wrong.

Caleb Brown: Captain, you crossed the line. I know that you had Castle go in and interview my client...
Kate Beckett: Look, counselor, Castle and I are separated. He is no longer associated with the 12th precinct. So neither I nor the NYPD can be held accountable for his actions.
Caleb Brown: So you knew nothing about it?
Kate Beckett: That's what I said, isn't it?
Caleb Brown: I don't believe you.
Kate Beckett: And I don't care.
Caleb Brown: [turning to leave] Typical cop.
Kate Beckett: Wait.
Caleb Brown: [turning back] What?
Kate Beckett: Look, if you repeat what I am about to tell you, I will deny it. I have people looking into Nina's case.
Caleb Brown: [his interest piqued] Do you believe that she's innocent?
Kate Beckett: I didn't say that, but I think we have to be thorough. And now that the trial has been postponed, we have time to investigate further.
Caleb Brown: I appreciate that, captain.
Kate Beckett: Counselor, Nina wasn't your client until yesterday morning. Why are you so passionate about this case?
Caleb Brown: Oh, for the same reason that I assume you are. Justice.
[his phone rings]
Caleb Brown: This is Caleb Brown. Yes. Yeah? Yeah. Yeah, I'm on my way.
[he hangs up]
Caleb Brown: So, while the judge was heading home, she called a neighbor, who checked on her house. Turns out the house was not burglarized. Anyway, she's ordered that the trial resume in a half an hour. So if your people are going to help prove Nina's innocence, they'd better hurry.

Richard Castle: Please tell me you solved it.
Kate Beckett: Roger's alibi checks out. We're back to square one with zero leads. Any luck with Weller?
Richard Castle: All he cares about is getting a conviction, and from the look of the jury when they found out about Nina and Sadie's affair, he's gonna get it.
Kate Beckett: We need to figure something out.
Richard Castle: I have an idea.
Kate Beckett: Castle, what are you doing?
Richard Castle: Saving an innocent woman's life.
[they enter the courtroom]
Judge Gloria Wollcott: Mr. Brown, your witness.
Richard Castle: Stop the trial!
[the room goes silent and everyone turns to look at him]
Kate Beckett: [sotto] Okay, so... now what?
Richard Castle: I don't know. I didn't think this one all the way through.

Kate Beckett: Great job, guys. You should be proud of yourselves.
Javier Esposito: Why? We blew it.
Kevin Ryan: Yeah. For five months, we had an innocent woman rotting in jail.
Kate Beckett: No, that one's not on us. Nina's original defense attorney did that to her. At the end of the day, we're the ones who brought her justice.

Kate Beckett: Caleb is a monster, but what we learned today is that he is a monster who is desperate to do good.
Vikram Singh: So?
Kate Beckett: So, we were looking for his weakness. And we just found it.

[last lines]
Richard Castle: So, how is your investigation into LokSat coming along?
Kate Beckett: You know I can't tell you about that.
Richard Castle: Right, right. For my own safety.
Kate Beckett: Uh... but I can tell you this. I'm getting close.
Richard Castle: That's good, because so am I.
[they kiss]

"Castle: A Deadly Affair (#3.1)" (2010)
Richard Castle: Do you know what these bodies are? A sign.
Kate Beckett: A sign?
Richard Castle: A sign, A sign from the universe telling us we need to solve this case together. You don't wanna let the universe down, do you?
Kate Beckett: You're not gonna go away no matter what I do, are you?
Richard Castle: I respect the universe.

Lanie Parish: So I hear you made an interesting arrest today. You wanna talk about it?
Kate Beckett: No.
Lanie Parish: Okay, you just keep all that in- you're going to get an ulcer.

Kate Beckett: [Castle was discovered at a crime scene with a gun in his hands] So you, being the expert veteran of dozens of crime scenes, decided to pick up the murder weapon to what, ensure that we had your prints?
Richard Castle: Maybe you missed the part where I said she was shot dead. When I heard the noises coming from the next room, I thought whoever killed her was coming back. So I picked up the gun to defend myself. It seemed like a very good idea at the time. That's when you, Esposito, and Annie Oakley come bursting through the door.
Captain Roy Montgomery: [in the observation room with Ryan and Esposito] Annie Oakley?
Kevin Ryan: I... kind of almost shot Castle.
[seeing Montgomery's look]
Kevin Ryan: What? He had a gun.

Richard Castle: [trying to determine the connection between the three victims] Maybe they're top CIA agents targeted for termination.
Kate Beckett: CIA is a popular theory with you.
Richard Castle: Yes, well, law of averages demands that I'll eventually be right.
Kate Beckett: [sarcastic] I've forgotten how helpful your insights can be.
Richard Castle: Oh, yeah? I bet I figure out how they're connected before you do.
Kate Beckett: All right, you're on. But if I win, you have to promise to go away and never interfere with any of my cases again.
Richard Castle: Fine. And if I win, you have to take me back as your partner.
Kate Beckett: Deal.
Richard Castle: [glancing over at Ryan and Esposito] What if they figure it out first?
[they look at Ryan and Espo together, then back at each other]
Richard Castle, Kate Beckett: Nah.

[first lines]
Kate Beckett: [pointing her handgun at Castle] Castle - down on the ground, now!

Richard Castle: [after finding a possible connection between the victims to crystal meth production] It's so obvious; I can't believe I didn't think of it sooner!
Kate Beckett: Do you really think it was meth?
Richard Castle: It's the only thing that makes any sense. All of our victims were struggling financially; one night after the club closes they're all together, talking about their money woes, until our high-school chemistry teacher cracks a smile and says,
Richard Castle: "Well, we could always make meth!" But the others don't laugh... they say, "yeah, we *could* make meth... just like that cable show." I'm telling you, it's drugs.

Javier Esposito: [at her desk, Beckett absent-mindedly stares at Castle's chair] If you ask me, you should have locked him up just out of spite.
Kate Beckett: No, that would be unethical. Making the people down in Holding deal with him?
Javier Esposito: True.

[at his desk, Ryan is trying to balance an egg on its tip; as Beckett walks by, it falls on the floor and breaks]
Kate Beckett: Are you guys re-enacting the Humpty Dumpty crime scene?
Kevin Ryan: It's the autumnal equinox today.
Javier Esposito: Yeah, and according to Mr. Wizard there, it's the only time of year you can balance an egg on its tip.
Kate Beckett: Don't you guys have work to do?
Javier Esposito: Nah.
Kevin Ryan: No, not really.
Kate Beckett: [tossing a folder onto Ryan's desk] Hmm. Well, now you do.
[Beckett nonverbally tells Ryan to clean the egg mess up, then heads to her own desk]
Kate Beckett: By the way, that whole thing with the egg is just urban legend.
Kevin Ryan: Not true. I saw Castle do it last year.
Javier Esposito: [seeing Ryan has hit a nerve, Espo slaps his head] What's wrong with you?

Javier Esposito: [re: Castle] Still no word from him?
Kate Beckett: No.
Kevin Ryan: Maybe you should call him.
Kate Beckett: He said that he would be back in the fall, and it's fall, so clearly he has better things to do.

Kevin Ryan: [at the crime scene outside a bookstore] Hey, it's Castle!
[seeing Castle approaching, they realize it's just the store owner carrying a cardboard cutout of Castle holding "Naked Heat"]
Kevin Ryan: I guess he did finish that book.
Lanie Parish: [sarcastic] Nice of him to send us a copy.
[the store owner puts a cardboard poster of Castle up in the window reading "Meet the author this Friday at 7 PM"]
Kevin Ryan: Looks like he's back in town.
Javier Esposito: [also sarcastic] Nice of him to call.
Kate Beckett: All right, guys, you can stop pining for your girlfriend. After all, we got a body full of holes.

Richard Castle: [having been cleared of a murder charge] So, what's our next move?
Kate Beckett: There isn't one. At least not for you. You're going home.
Richard Castle: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Two victims, one of them an acquaintance of mine, and you're sending me home?
Kate Beckett: You're a witness, Castle. I can't have you involved.
Richard Castle: I'm already involved!
Kate Beckett: [the hurt that he never called breaking through] Castle, go home. Go back to your Hamptons, your ex-wife, your book parties, okay? I've got work to do.
Richard Castle: [confused about her attitude] What did I do?

Kevin Ryan: Hey, bad news. According to the banks, our victims' deposits were made in cash. There's no way to trace the payments. And since the deposits were less than $10,000, there was no report made to the IRS.
Kate Beckett: Which means that our victims were most likely involved in something illegal.
Richard Castle: Just so you know, I got that from "shot to death".
Kevin Ryan: So?
[to Beckett]
Kevin Ryan: So... what illegal activity involves vending machines, an artist, and a high school teacher?
Richard Castle: I know. Even the stuff I'm making up in my head doesn't make sense.

Richard Castle: I know that look.
Kate Beckett: What look?
Richard Castle: That "something doesn't add up" look.

Kate Beckett: [having determined that the victims were printing counterfeit money together] So... plates, paper... there's only one missing ingredient.
Richard Castle, Kate Beckett: I know who the killer is!

Kate Beckett: You've been informed of your rights, Mr. Castle?
Richard Castle: Really? You're not even gonna ask me how my summer was?
Kate Beckett: You are aware that you're under arrest for murder?
Richard Castle: And I thought you were being rough with the cuffs just for fun. You look good.
Kate Beckett: [half-smiles] You look good, too.
Richard Castle: Yeah?
Kate Beckett: For murder.

Kate Beckett: Were you sleeping with her?
Richard Castle: How is that relevant?
Kate Beckett: Motive.
Richard Castle: Ah. No, I wasn't sleeping with her.
Kate Beckett: Are you sure? Beautiful woman...
Richard Castle: I'm in a relationship.
Kate Beckett: With who?
Richard Castle: Is that a new lipstick?
Kate Beckett: Castle.
Richard Castle: You know with whom.
Kate Beckett: How should I know? I haven't seen you in months. You could have been in dozens of relationships with women since then.
Richard Castle: You sound jealous.
Kate Beckett: Jealous? Of you dating your second ex-wife and publisher? Tell me, does she make you do everything on a deadline?

"Castle: Much Ado About Murder (#8.20)" (2016)
Richard Castle: Yes!
Kate Beckett: Wow, I haven't seen you this excited since, uh, well, earlier this morning, so...
Richard Castle: You know what this is, Beckett?
Kate Beckett: Uh, no, but I know that a very secure messenger just brought it in.
Richard Castle: Oh, my. It's absolutely beautiful.
Kate Beckett: What is it?
Richard Castle: The YOLO card.
Kate Beckett: Like "Dude, I just drove my mom's car into the river, hashtag YOLO"?
Richard Castle: No, no, no, this... this work of art will forever release YOLO from Internet jail. You see, each card was painstakingly hand-crafted by an international team of artisans. Note the flecks of actual black diamond embedded in the card. The state of the art radio frequency ID chip. The... the best part... only 10,000 people in the world were chosen to have a YOLO card, and I'm one of them.
Kate Beckett: Castle, it's just a credit card.
Richard Castle: "Just a credit card"? I think not, my good woman. This is a YOLO, as in "you only live once". It is... a way of life.
Kate Beckett: No, it's a way to be obnoxious.
Richard Castle: Oh, is it? You see, for every dollar I spend seizing my own day, YOLO matches it to help someone less fortunate seize their dreams.
Kate Beckett: Oh, okay. Well, that's a little less obnoxious.

Kate Beckett: What's tonight?
Richard Castle: Come on. Don't tell me you forgot. Our weekly date night. It's new. It's our thing. It's... it's your turn to arrange it, remember?
Kate Beckett: [lying through her teeth] Yeah. Of cour... of course I remember. I don't need a YOLO card to help me out with that. I've already got it planned.
Richard Castle: Oh, do you? So, tell me, how are you gonna top my American Revolution evening I arranged with the carriage ride to see "Hamilton" on Broadway, the dinner served by waiters dressed as Founding Fathers?
Kate Beckett: Yes, that was fun. Except for when Ben Franklin started hitting on me.
Richard Castle: That's nothing. George Washington slipped me his digits.
Kate Beckett: What?
Richard Castle: So, what are we doing tonight?
Kate Beckett: Uh, well, it's a surprise, Castle.
Richard Castle: Oh, I love surprises. At least tell me what to wear. On a wardrobe scale of 1 to 10, 10 being James Bond, 1 being "Big Lebowski", give me a number.
Kate Beckett: [her phone rings] For now? Five. Crime scene casual.

Kate Beckett: 1PP has been on my ass about keeping media under control, and now my husband is the face of the investigation.
Richard Castle: It's not all bad news, Beckett.
Kate Beckett: How?
Richard Castle: That's a great photo of me.

Kate Beckett: Do we have a suspect?
Javier Esposito: Not yet. Naomi's alibi checked out. But we do have a lead on this mystery woman that Zane was seeing. His financials came in. They say that he rented a limo yesterday morning.
Richard Castle: Which makes sense, since Naomi trashed his DB9.
Kate Beckett: And where was this limo going?
Javier Esposito: I don't know yet. I'm still waiting for the driver to call me back, but hopefully he knows who this woman is.
Kevin Ryan: [approaching] I have already found her. It turns out that Zane was renting a suite at the Black Door Hotel under a fake name.
Richard Castle: Ah, the Black Door. Yes, very fancy. Known for being discreet.
[seeing their expressions]
Richard Castle: Is what I've heard from other people who were once single and now married.

Kate Beckett: It's my turn to plan date night tonight, but I forgot, and Castle's gonna lord it over me if I don't outdo what he did last week. So I need a few ideas.
Kevin Ryan: [sardonic laugh] Wait... for Castle?
Kate Beckett: Yeah.
Kevin Ryan: Wait, wait, wait, wait. The, uh... the guy who, uh, took you on an urban-spelunking adventure through the city subway tunnels last Halloween, and then he hired actors to re-enact scenes from the movie "C.H.U.D." Yeah, I can't... I can't come up with stuff like that.

Javier Esposito: I just heard back from that limo driver that Zane hired the morning of his murder. You'll never believe where he went: Sing Sing Penitentiary.
Kate Beckett: Why did he go there?
Javier Esposito: To pick up a newly released inmate. Johnny Toro, who also happens to be his estranged older stepbrother.
Kate Beckett: How did we not know that Zane had a stepbrother?
Javier Esposito: Different dads, different names, and according to Zane's publicist, he kept it quiet. He didn't want to be associated with this guy.

Javier Esposito: Jorge "El Oso" Zamacona. He's part folk hero, part demon, the rest pure monster.
Kevin Ryan: The man kills anyone who crosses him; cops, journalists, politicians.
Kate Beckett: Zane must have been real desperate for money to want to do business with this guy.
Richard Castle: Maybe he wanted to be El Oso's new drug pipeline to Hollywood.
Kevin Ryan: Well, chances are we'll never find out. I mean, if the DEA, FBI, and the Mexican government can't find him, then what chances do we have?
Kate Beckett: I'll reach out to my Fed contacts.
Javier Esposito: Well, we'll drill down all of El Oso's stateside connections.
Kate Beckett: Okay.
Richard Castle: [Ryan and Espo leave] Well, I suppose that puts the brakes on our date night.
Kate Beckett: Uh, yeah. Sorry, Castle.
Richard Castle: Oh, no, I'm sorry for you. You're the one who put all the planning into our special evening.
Kate Beckett: [half-heartedly] Yeah, I... I did. I... Yeah, I did.
Richard Castle: You know what? I think I'll take my mother out to dinner, maybe cheer her up after all this.
Kate Beckett: You're such a good son.
Richard Castle: And you're such a good everything.

Martha Rodgers: Hi, darling. I know you're busy, but is Richard here?
Kate Beckett: No. I thought he was at dinner with you.
Martha Rodgers: [sardonic chuckle] Yeah, well, he didn't show up, and his cell went right to voicemail, so I figured he must be here immersed in the case.
Kate Beckett: Well, he's probably out playing with his fancy new credit card, but let me check in on him. Alexis put new tracking software on my laptop. I'll just ping his cell.
[as she types]
Kate Beckett: There we go. 7th and 53rd.
Martha Rodgers: That's the parking garage across from the restaurant where we were supposed to meet an hour ago.
Kate Beckett: Uh, you know what? Just give me a second.
[dialing her phone]
Kate Beckett: Hi, uh, this is Captain Beckett. I need a unit at 53rd and 7th.

Javier Esposito: We got security footage from the garage, and it's not good.
[playing the tape]
Martha Rodgers: [she gasps in horror] Oh, my... Oh, my god.
Kevin Ryan: The Escalade is registered to a shell corp that's a known front for El Oso.
Martha Rodgers: You can track the SUV, can't you?
Kate Beckett: We can, but they probably swapped cars at least once by now, and with a two hour head start, we're looking at a hundred mile search radius, and we still have no idea what we're looking for.
Martha Rodgers: There must be something you can do. This... this is Richard's life.
Kate Beckett: [realizing something] YOLO.
Javier Esposito: That's cold, Beckett.
Kate Beckett: No, uh, Castle's new credit card. The kidnappers left his cell phone by the car, but he might still have his wallet with him. And the new YOLO card has an upgraded RFID chip in it.
Kevin Ryan: And if they passed within range of a tollbooth or a gas station...
Kate Beckett: Then it'll pick up the chip and we'll be able to track his movement.

Richard Castle: It was just instinct. He was running by, and I tripped him.
Kevin Ryan: You did good, Castle.
Richard Castle: No, not good! I... not good at all! I tripped a drug lord. It's my fault he got caught.
Kate Beckett: The DEA had the building surrounded. El Oso wasn't getting away even if you didn't trip him.

Kate Beckett: So, other than pissing off a homicidal drug lord, how did you enjoy our surprise date night?
Richard Castle: Are you saying you planned my abduction by a fugitive cartel leader?
Kate Beckett: Yeah, complete with the daring rescue and everything. It was fun, huh?

Richard Castle: I don't think date night counts when it's a candlelit dinner with the butcher of Guadalajara.
Kate Beckett: Well, I'll... I'll plan something else.
Richard Castle: Something else?
Richard Castle: You didn't have a plan!
Kate Beckett: [trying to come up with a denial, then giving up] Do you realize how pressure-filled this is, always trying to top each other?
Richard Castle: That's half the fun of it! Our rivalry is what fuels the passionate fire...
[realizing something about the case]
Richard Castle: Rivalry.
Kate Beckett: What?
Richard Castle: [hurrying out of the bedroom to his office] Rivalry. Between two brothers.
Kate Beckett: What? What rivalry?
Richard Castle: The one between Jorge "El Oso" Zamacona and his brother Hector.
Kate Beckett: A rivalry would explain why Zane was working with both brothers. But how... how do we prove it?
Richard Castle: [typing on his laptop] I just need to find one piece of evidence to see that I'm on the right track.
[he stops typing and turns the laptop around]
Richard Castle: And that could be it.

Richard Castle: All right, my Spanish is a little rusty, but my handy translator says...
Javier Esposito: Hector Zamacona's been sleeping with his brother's wife.
Richard Castle: They have been shacking up ever since El Oso went on the run.
Kate Beckett: So Zane might have been caught in a rivalry between the brothers, and that's what got him killed.
Kevin Ryan: Hector wants more than just El Oso's wife. According to the DEA, all of his, uh... "legitimate" businesses, they're suspected fronts for money laundering.
Javier Esposito: So with big brother on the run, Hector can make a play to rule the family in his place.
Richard Castle: But Hector can never truly own the throne until his brother is dead. A powerful family, a cartel for a kingdom, two brothers locked in a battle for control. Guys, this is just like the play. Hamlet's father is killed by his brother, who then takes the throne and marries the dead brother's wife. There's a reason they say Shakespeare endures. This is a real-life "Hamlet".

Kate Beckett: Why would Hector need Zane to take down El Oso?
Richard Castle: Because Hector didn't know where to find his brother.
Kevin Ryan: And movie star Zane had a face-to-face with El Oso.
Richard Castle: Making Zane the perfect Trojan horse to lead Hector to his brother.
Javier Esposito: Why would Zane agree to do that? He wanted to star in the El Oso movie.
Kate Beckett: [realizing] Money. Hector's worth hundreds of millions. Zane needed the money now, not in three years, when the movie could get off the ground.
Javier Esposito: So Hector offers to solve Zane's money problems in exchange for Zane leading him to El Oso.
Richard Castle: But El Oso refuses to meet with Zane.
Kate Beckett: Then, rather than wait to see if Zane's "Hamlet" reviews are good enough to meet with El Oso, Hector decides to cut his losses.
Richard Castle: Which, in this family, translates to murder.

Richard Castle: This date night is everything I dreamed it would be.
Kate Beckett: [touched] Aww. Well, given all the recent excitement, I thought that a quiet night in would be nice for a change.
Richard Castle: [there's a knock on the door] Oh, you did plan something. What is it? Flash mob, treasure hunt, land shark?
Kate Beckett: No, no, I swear. I don't know who's at the door.
Richard Castle: [opening the door, a messenger hands him a box] Oh. Thank you.
Kate Beckett: Oh, no. Castle, is that another credit card? Because I am YOLOed out.
Richard Castle: Not a credit card.
[setting the box down, he opens it to find stacks of handwritten notes]
Richard Castle: Script notes, biographical materials. It's from El Oso. Beckett, you know what this means?
Kate Beckett: He still wants you to write his script.
Richard Castle: And he doesn't want me dead.
Kate Beckett: Until he reads the first draft.

Richard Castle: [having received a package from El Oso] "These materials only cover the first two acts of our movie. The third act is yet to come, and it starts with a bang."
Kate Beckett: [her phone rings] Hey, Espo. Seriously?
[to Castle]
Kate Beckett: El Oso just escaped federal detention.
Richard Castle: What? They should call this guy El Houdini.
[picking up the package, he heads towards his office]
Kate Beckett: Hey, wait, Castle, where are you going? Date night's not over yet.
Richard Castle: It is for me. I got to start writing this script. Typey, typey, typey!

"Castle: Valkyrie (#6.1)" (2013)
[first lines]
Kate Beckett: Oh, my god! Oh, my god, you're proposing.
Richard Castle: Okay, you're surprised.
Kate Beckett: Of course I'm surprised! I thought you were breaking up with me.
Richard Castle: By offering you a ring?
Kate Beckett: Well, you just... you seemed so serious.
Richard Castle: Yeah, of course I'm serious. This is the most serious thing I've ever done.

Kate Beckett: There's something I have to tell you. I got the job.
Richard Castle: In D.C.?
Kate Beckett: Castle, I love you. But this is my shot, and if I don't do this, I'll always regret it. Look, if this changes anything for you, if this changes the way that you feel...
Richard Castle: Kate, I'm not proposing to you to keep you here, or because I'm afraid I'm gonna lose you. I'm proposing because I can't imagine my life without you. If that means when things get difficult we have to figure them out, then I'm willing to figure them out. Assuming you're willing to figure them out with me.
Kate Beckett: Well, in that case, Richard Edgar Alexander Rodgers Castle, yes. Yes. I will marry you.

Richard Castle: [answering a call from Beckett] Please tell me your flight is not delayed. I don't think I can bear another minute not seeing you.
Kate Beckett: I'm sorry. I'm not at the airport.
Richard Castle: You're not coming, are you?
Kate Beckett: I just got put on a priority case.
Richard Castle: Kate, we haven't seen each other in six weeks.
Kate Beckett: Trust me, this was not my call. I'm just as upset as you are.
Richard Castle: No, I know. It's... I'm the one who canceled last time.
Rachel McCord: Beckett! Let's go.
Kate Beckett: Look, I gotta go. I will make this up to you, I promise.
Richard Castle: All right, I'm gonna hold you to that.
Kate Beckett: Okay. I love you.
Richard Castle: Love you, too. Bye.
Kate Beckett: Bye.
[Castle hangs up, disappointment on his face]
Richard Castle: [to his cardboard cutout of himself] What are you smiling about?

Richard Castle: Hey. How long have you been up?
Kate Beckett: Hey. Couple of hours. Had some homework to do.
Richard Castle: Maybe we should do some homework, too.
[he kisses her neck]
Kate Beckett: Yeah, I would love to, except I'm still proving myself. I've gotta know these reports better than the people that wrote them.
Richard Castle: Is this your case?
Kate Beckett: Yeah.
Richard Castle: What's it about?
Kate Beckett: Castle, it's classified.
Richard Castle: [his interest piquing] You do realize that only makes me more curious. So, is it big?
Kate Beckett: You know I can't talk about it.
Richard Castle: Doesn't mean I can't guess. It must be big, you had to cancel our weekend together. It must be local, because you're still here. I bet I can figure this out.
Kate Beckett: Well, that doesn't mean you should.
Richard Castle: Come on. Don't you miss working together?
Kate Beckett: Yes, I do.
Richard Castle: So, if I were to help you, maybe we could solve whatever this is faster and have the whole weekend to ourselves. Wouldn't you like that?
Kate Beckett: [Castle tries to sneak a peek at the file] I would. Until I got arrested for disclosing classified information.
Richard Castle: Oh, come on. Who's gonna know?
[there is a knock on Beckett's front door]
Richard Castle: Wow. They're good.

Kate Beckett: Are you trying to get me fired?
Richard Castle: It would make it easier to see you.
Kate Beckett: Not if I was in jail!
Richard Castle: Right.

[last lines]
Richard Castle: Beckett. Finally. What's going on? Why won't anyone talk to me? And why would they take my blood?
Kate Beckett: Castle, you know that case that I've been investigating, the, um... the break-in and the theft? Well, it turns out there's more to it than we thought.
Richard Castle: Are you gonna waterboard me? Because that would seriously affect our relationship.
Kate Beckett: No, babe. Can you listen for a second? Um... It turns out that something else was stolen from another lab in that building. It was a chemical agent that they were working on for the military, but it was deemed too dangerous to use. The amount stolen was enough to kill thousands of people.
Richard Castle: Isn't this "need to know" stuff? Why are you telling me?
Kate Beckett: Because that toxin was used to kill Jack Bronson, the man who abducted you. It was aerosolized. It was placed in the ventilation system of his car.
Richard Castle: I was in that car.
[Castle looks in worry at where his blood was drawn]
Richard Castle: Was I...?
[Beckett nods]
Richard Castle: How bad?
Kate Beckett: Based on the amount found in your bloodstream, you have less than a day to live.

Richard Castle: [Kate kisses him after his marriage proposal] So that's a yes?
Kate Beckett: No, wait.
Richard Castle: No?
Kate Beckett: No, no, no. Not "no".
Richard Castle: So yes?
Kate Beckett: Um...
Richard Castle: Not yes?
Kate Beckett: No, not "not yes". I... I...
Richard Castle: You do know how this works, right?

Kate Beckett: [after accepting Castle's marriage proposal, he puts her engagement ring on her finger] It's big!
Richard Castle: You just have remarkably tiny fingers.
Kate Beckett: We're gonna be able to make this work, right?
Richard Castle: We're gonna be great. D.C. is gonna be great. I promise.

Matt Hendricks: [seeing Beckett's bloodstained shirt, the result of a training exercise] Hostage alley?
Kate Beckett: Yeah.
Matt Hendricks: [snickers] Don't feel bad. Everyone screws that up.
Kate Beckett: I should have seen it.
Matt Hendricks: Hey, look, it's better to die in training than in the field, right?
Kate Beckett: It's better not to die at all.

Kate Beckett: [quoting Castle's excuse for getting caught investigating her case] "Get in a few rounds"?
Richard Castle: What did you want me to say? That you accidentally left out your evidence photo of the blown transformer?
Kate Beckett: Castle, you went through my classified photos? What the hell were you doing?
Richard Castle: I was trying to help. I didn't think I'd get caught.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, you did.

Kate Beckett: Thank you. For, um, not saying anything about Castle.
Rachel McCord: Look, when I was a year out of Quantico, I was busting my ass on this case, my first big chance. We'd been going at it straight for a month, and I really wanted to let off some steam, so I went to a bar and I picked up a guy, and I took him home. Next morning, he says "Who's Scofield?". Scofield was the subject of our highly classified investigation.
Kate Beckett: You talked in your sleep.
Rachel McCord: That's this job. Things happen, you better make sure they only happen once.

Kate Beckett: Hey, Castle. Everything okay?
Richard Castle: Red or white?
Kate Beckett: What?
Richard Castle: What kind of wine do you want with your salmon? I'm cooking you dinner tonight to make up for getting you in trouble at work.
Kate Beckett: That's so sweet.
Richard Castle: Yeah, I know. Um, so, how's the case going?
Kate Beckett: Castle.
Richard Castle: No, I... just want to know when to start cooking. Trust me, I got the message. Cone of silence, church and state. No more interference.
Kate Beckett: Okay, well, then in that case, red. And, um...
[Beckett quickly looks around to make sure her coworkers aren't listening]
Kate Beckett: [suggestively] ... can you get that kind that makes me feel all...?
Richard Castle: I'll buy a whole case. See you tonight.

[after a long day at work, Beckett is at home; sensing someone's presence, she draws her gun]
Richard Castle: Whoa! Can you at least finish taking that off before you shoot me?
Kate Beckett: Castl...? Castle! Uh... what are you doing here?
Richard Castle: I know I promised to respect your job, but I couldn't go another week without seeing you.
Kate Beckett: [putting her gun down] You know, you should... you shouldn't have come here.
Richard Castle: So you want me to leave?
Kate Beckett: Oh, immediately.
[they kiss]

Rachel McCord: You didn't find it odd that the hostage wasn't struggling?
Kate Beckett: She had a gun held to her head.
Rachel McCord: She didn't cry out for help. Why?
Kate Beckett: Because... she didn't want to give away her accent. Fine. But the intel said that the operative worked alone.
Rachel McCord: And that's the point of the exercise. Intel is sometimes wrong. You have to use your judgment, your instinct, because the analyst that's gathering that intel, he's not the one that's gonna be catching a bullet. That's gonna be you, or worse, me. Now step up your game.

Richard Castle: Please tell me there's something stronger than coffee in there.
Kate Beckett: Sorry.
Richard Castle: So, how much trouble am I in?
Kate Beckett: Not as much as me. Look, Castle...
Richard Castle: I can't make it like it was before, can I?
Kate Beckett: Maybe it'll be better. I mean, this way when we come home at the end of each day, we'll have something to talk about like normal couples.
Richard Castle: Only your day will be classified.
Kate Beckett: We're gonna make this work, I promise. I'll have a couple of days off after this case, and... and we'll figure it out, but... until then...
Richard Castle: You don't have to say it. I'll be on the first flight out in the morning.

Rachel McCord: Castle get home okay?
Kate Beckett: Yup. Fine.
Rachel McCord: You want to talk about it?
Kate Beckett: Nope.
Rachel McCord: Good.

"Castle: After Hours (#5.8)" (2012)
Kate Beckett: Time of death?
Lanie Parish: Between 7 and 10 last night. Likely cause of death three to the chest.
Javier Esposito: That's a tight grouping. The killer's a marksman.
Lanie Parish: Careful, too. He picked up all the spent shell casings.
Kate Beckett: Security cams?
Javier Esposito: None of them are pointing at this building.
Kate Beckett: Well this looks like the work of a pro.
Richard Castle: Someone had a priest assassinated? It's like a Vatican conspiracy. Ah! It's the DaVinci Code.

Richard Castle: I still think we should have taken the subway. It's kind of dangerous to park up here.
Kate Beckett: It's going to be fine.
Richard Castle: [Later] Dude, where's your car?
Kate Beckett: Where's my car?
Leo: Where's your car?
Kate Beckett: It was right here!
Leo: You parked here? Are you kidding me? Don't you see this neighborhood?

Kate Beckett: Hurry, Castle. The payphone before they get back.
Richard Castle: I can't believe they still have these things.
[Goes toward it]
Richard Castle: All right, does anybody have a - a dollar? Are you kidding me?

Kate Beckett: [Hiding from mobsters] Where's the nearest subway?
Richard Castle: Now she wants to take the subway.
Leo: The C train six blocks from here.
Kate Beckett: Okay. So on weeknights after midnight it runs every half hour on the hour. What time is it now?
Leo: Uh... 1:20.
Kate Beckett: 1:20. Okay, so we're not going to make the 1:30, but we can make the 2:00. We just sit tight for 10 minutes then we'll make a run for it.
Richard Castle: The subway's not Amtrak. There is no schedule.
Kate Beckett: Yes there is!
Richard Castle: I've lived here all my life. There is no schedule.
Kate Beckett: I've lived here all my life as well. You just don't know about it because it doesn't always run on time.
Richard Castle: Which is the same thing as not having a schedule. So what happens? We go there, the train is late. Then what? We're sitting ducks.
Kate Beckett: We're sitting ducks now!
Leo: Okay, I'm starting to feel like I'd be safer outside.
Richard Castle: Okay, look. If I can't figure out the code, then we make a break for the subway.
Kate Beckett: Fine.
Leo: I'm so gonna die.

Richard Castle: [Trying to unlock a cellphone] I got it.
Leo: You got it? How?
Richard Castle: All I had to do was get inside the mind of the owner of the phone. She drives a Mini, right? Tried that, nada. Look at the back of the case. Hearts. Tried love, still no. But, look at the lock screen.
[Shows the phone's screen, there's a picture of a cat]
Leo: What?
Kate Beckett: [Unenthusiastic] The password's the cat's name.
Richard Castle: Exactly.
Leo: Great. So what's the cat's name?
Kate Beckett: He doesn't know.
Richard Castle: I don't know. But - as soon as we figure it out, we're golden.

Martha Rodgers: [having dinner with Castle, Beckett, and her father] In celebration of our finally getting together for dinner, I have made a very special dessert.
Kate Beckett: Martha, that looks incredible!
Martha Rodgers: It's to die for, literally. I call it... Death by Chocolate.
Richard Castle: Now, given your baking experience, is that a prediction?

Martha Rodgers: I hope you find time to cut loose, Jim, and just do something fun.
Jim Beckett: Oh, of course. I try to take in a baseball game every now and again.
Martha Rodgers: Oh, Lord, baseball? Isn't that dreadfully dull?
Jim Beckett: Well, it requires a certain... patience.
Martha Rodgers: [laughing] A certain lack of pulse, you mean.
Kate Beckett: I think, uh, what my dad responds to is the game's... nuance.
Martha Rodgers: Oh, well, yes, of course it has its merits.
Richard Castle: Yeah, I think my mother just means it's not exactly, uh... action packed.
Kate Beckett: Right, but that would depend on how you look at it, right?
Jim Beckett: Yeah, I mean, I suppose it does appeal to the more... serious, more discerning crowd.
[Martha gives Castle a look; Castle tries to nonverbally tell her to let it go]
Martha Rodgers: Jim... what exactly does that mean?
Jim Beckett: Just that actors, by their nature, aren't the most serious people in the world, right?
Martha Rodgers: Oh, is that so? So you think I'm not a serious person?
Richard Castle: [trying to diffuse the situation] How about if we dive into this dessert? 'Cause honestly, that whole death thing is sounding pretty good right now.
Kate Beckett: [her phone buzzes] There's been a murder downtown.
Richard Castle: [eager to leave] Close enough.

Richard Castle: I wanted that dinner to go well, and when it didn't...
Kate Beckett: You said different worlds.
Richard Castle: What?
Kate Beckett: You said that they're from different worlds, and that we should just expect it. And then I started thinking about us; you're, like, this world-famous, best-selling author and I'm just this cop, and we're in this relationship which makes absolutely no sense on paper. And sometimes I just start wondering are we just kidding ourselves? What if this bubble bursts? What are we then?

Leo: It's okay to be worried.
Kate Beckett: He's gonna be fine. He's, um... he's smart, and he's resourceful, so...
Leo: Larger than life, from another world.
Kate Beckett: How did you...
Leo: Please. We're in a basement; sound carries. I heard.
Kate Beckett: That was a personal conversation.
Leo: About how different you two are, and that worries you, right?
Kate Beckett: I don't wanna have this discussion right now.
Leo: And those differences that are so charming now, they may end up just pulling you apart.
Kate Beckett: Who are you, Dr. Phil?
Leo: No. Just a guy that may die tonight realizing that life's short. Trust me, living your life for now makes a lot more sense than worrying about the future.

Kate Beckett: [learning her dad and Martha are at the precinct] Well, I guess we can't avoid dealing with them forever.
Richard Castle: No, but you know what? Who cares if they don't get along? They aren't us. And so what if we don't make sense on paper? We don't live our lives on paper. And if we did, we'd never be astounded or...
[they see Jim and Martha actually getting along]
Richard Castle: ...surprised.
Kate Beckett: How did that even happen?
Richard Castle: I don't know. But let... let's just... let's just go with it.

Richard Castle: I'm just saying there have been worse dinners.
Kate Beckett: Like what?
Richard Castle: Well, the dining scene from "Alien" comes to mind.
Kate Beckett: Honestly, a creature bursting out of my dad's chest might have lightened the mood.
Richard Castle: I guess we should have expected it. They come from such different worlds.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, your mom should've been more sensitive to that.
Richard Castle: Wait, what?

Kevin Ryan: Unis on the canvass got a hit on Chumson's Tavern. Bartender there, Jerry Jenkins, says he knows about the murder but will only speak to a detective.
Kate Beckett: Okay, Castle and I will talk to him. You guys chat with the nun.
Kevin Ryan: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Wait a second. We're interviewing a nun?
Javier Esposito: Yeah. And I'm gonna be the good cop, you're gonna be the bad cop.

Richard Castle: What exactly did you mean earlier when you said my mother could be more considerate?
Kate Beckett: I just... I meant that I wish you would have asked her to stop criticizing my dad.
Richard Castle: She was just expressing an opinion, in much the same way your father was when he basically called my mom flighty and stupid.
Kate Beckett: My dad never said that, Castle.
Richard Castle: You know what? Just drop it.
Kate Beckett: Fine.

Leo: What do they want with me?
Kate Beckett: That guy you saw holding a gun, well he killed somebody. And you're the witness.
Richard Castle: A witness they want to get rid of.
Leo: Okay, this is not good. Not good. How... how did they even know what I saw?
Kate Beckett: Same way we do. You ran your mouth off at a bar.
Leo: But it was dark. I... I didn't even really see that much!
Richard Castle: As far as they're concerned, you saw enough.

Kate Beckett: Come on, guys. It's not gonna take Dolan's boys long to get through that door.
Leo: Wait, I'm sorry. Dolan? As in Mickey Dolan, the... the mobster? Oh, god. We're gonna end up floating in the river with cement shoes on.
Richard Castle: Yes, but technically, if you have cement shoes, you're not gonna be floating.
Leo: What?
Kate Beckett: What?
Richard Castle: You're right. That's not helping.

"Castle: Death Wish (#8.17)" (2016)
Kate Beckett: [suggestively, as Castle cleans up a mess in the kitchen] You know, once you clean that up, maybe we could go for a, um... round three?
[she takes off her kimono, revealing she's wearing a sexy negligee]
Richard Castle: Whoa. You do not have to tell me twice. Or should I say thrice?
[they move in to kiss when the front door opens; Beckett rushes to cover up and hides behind Castle]
Martha Rodgers: Good morning, my darlings!
Richard Castle: Mother. I really wish you would call before you came over.
Martha Rodgers: Well, I don't want to risk interrupting you two love birds in the middle of you know what, and it looks like I have interrupted you in the middle of you know... what, and with a melon. My, my. Not judging, but room temperature.
Richard Castle: [urging her to stop talking] Mother.

Richard Castle: [having a romantic moment with Beckett interrupted] What... what is it you want?
Martha Rodgers: I want for my son to grant me a very simple wish. Now, it seems that my publisher says that for my self-help book to make the bestseller list, I need a celebrity endorsement. And not just any celebrity endorsement, *the* endorsement of endorsements.
Richard Castle: Mother, I would be happy to write something for your book.
Martha Rodgers: Oprah. I need Oprah.
Kate Beckett: Uh... do you even know Oprah?
Richard Castle: No, I do not.
Martha Rodgers: Well, you must know someone who knows Oprah.
Richard Castle: If I promise to try, will you leave?
Martha Rodgers: Poof. I am gone.
[to Beckett]
Martha Rodgers: Oh, you know, it's so funny, darling, 'cause I have that same negligee, but of course, it's in a little tiger print, so it's...
[she pantomimes claws and snickers]
Martha Rodgers: Well, resume your lovemaking, darling.

Kate Beckett: Hey, Ryan and Espo have caught a homicide. You want to join them?
Richard Castle: Why? Got a crime scene right here. My mother just killed the mood.

Richard Castle: So what do you think Lars was smuggling?
Kate Beckett: Well, he was in Turkey, which is the heroin pipeline from Afghanistan.
Richard Castle: Hmm. No. Wasn't drugs.
Kate Beckett: Why not?
Richard Castle: Because Lars was beheaded by a scimitar. Well, the storyteller inside me craves an explanation far more...
Kate Beckett: Farfetched?
Richard Castle: Yeah.
Kate Beckett: Pirate's booty? Cold fusion? Alien cadavers?
Richard Castle: No. Those are all ridiculous theories.

Kate Beckett: Hey, Castle, um, what was the name of that woman that you interviewed? Lars' neighbor.
Richard Castle: I didn't get her name.
Kate Beckett: I think my unis forgot to put her statement in this file. I swear, most of my time is spent checking people's paperwork.
Richard Castle: You're suffering from a little buyer's remorse. Yeah, it's one of life's cruel jokes. You get exactly what you wished for, only to find that it wasn't what you wanted at all.
Kate Beckett: No, I love being a captain. It's just sometimes it feels like I'm more of a kindergarten teacher.
[Ryan and Esposito enter, bickering]
Javier Esposito: I'm a sergeant. Get out of my way.
Kevin Ryan: Hey!
Javier Esposito: I just broke this case wide open.
Kevin Ryan: Actually, I did, so I'll go first.
Javier Esposito: No, I think I'll go first. Mine's bigger than yours.
Kevin Ryan: You wish, pal.
Kate Beckett: Guys. Play nice. Indoor voices. Espo goes first.
Javier Esposito: See? She knows.

Javier Esposito: So, I opened Lars' safe deposit box and found 400 G's in cash. Gots to be drug money. Beat that.
Kevin Ryan: Easy. Got Lars' encrypted laptop from Mark, found out what he was smuggling, and it wasn't drugs.
Javier Esposito: What?
Richard Castle: No! Lars wasn't a drug dealer. He was a tomb raider. Ryan, can you zoom in on that, please?
[Ryan zooms in on a picture]
Richard Castle: I've seen that symbol. Yes, uh... at Lars' apartment. You remember there was all those books on "1001 Arabian Nights". I think that symbol was on one of the books. Yes, here it is. The Seal of Solomon. "The Seal of Solomon was believed to be imbued with mystical powers, including the ability to seal genies into lamps. In the tale of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, Aladdin finds a lamp containing a genie in a cave. Many people believe this cave was actually King Solomon's tomb, which is most likely located near the border of Syria and Turkey." You guys, you know what this means?
Kate Beckett: [under her breath] Oh, please no.
Richard Castle: Come on. The money, the Porsche. Lars wished for them, and his wishes were granted...
Kate Beckett: And here we go.
Richard Castle: ...by a genie! Lars found Aladdin's lamp!

Kate Beckett: The only thing magical about that lamp is the millions of dollars that private collectors are willing to pay for it.
Kevin Ryan: Come on, Castle, you don't really believe in genies, do you?
Richard Castle: I believe that until I hear a more viable theory as to where Lars got all that money that this is the best theory I've got.
Javier Esposito: So a genie is your best explanation?
Kate Beckett: Not that Lars sold one of the items in Turkey before smuggling the rest back here?
Richard Castle: Okay, it's a... pretty good theory.
Kevin Ryan: Or that Lars double-crossed his partner, and that's probably where all the cash came from.
Richard Castle: Fine. That's a good theory, too.
Kate Beckett: No, no, no. That's... that's better than good. It explains why the killer tortured him. If it was his partner, then he would've wanted to find out what happened to the rest of the antiquities.

Kate Beckett: What do you got there?
Richard Castle: The woman who wrote this book, Dr. Marion Baker, she's a professor of Middle Eastern literature at Hudson University. We should go talk to her. Knowing more about the lamp will help us figure out why Lars was killed for it.
Kate Beckett: You just want to find out more about genies and wishes.
Richard Castle: Well, yeah.
Kate Beckett: Fine, go ahead. Meet with Dr. Baker. Maybe she can talk some sense into you.
Richard Castle: Your wish is my command.
[he kisses her on the cheek]
Richard Castle: [theatrically] Smoke! And he's gone.
Richard Castle: Okay, now I'm gone.

Kevin Ryan: I could really use a genie right now. I would wish that my kid was already born and sleeping through the night.
Javier Esposito: Bro, fatherhood has made you so damn boring. If I had a wish, I'd use it to become the top MMA fighter in the world, and take home a different hot chick every single night.
Kevin Ryan: Okay, now that I think about it... I would wish... that I could be a Broadway star. Play Jean Valjean in front of sold-out crowds, win a bunch of Tonys.
Javier Esposito: You'd wish to wear tights and sing showtunes for a living?
Kevin Ryan: You'd wish to wear Speedos and grapple sweaty men for a living?
Javier Esposito: And hook up with a different hot chick every single night. Don't forget that part.
Kate Beckett: [approaching] You know what I wish? That my detectives would actually get some work done for a living. While the two of you were on fantasy island, I found a lead.

Richard Castle: I see what's happening here. The, uh, wandering ronin genie is angry with Harlan for killing her master. That's why she prevented him from finding the lamp.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, Castle, the man is either delusional or he's laying the groundwork for some BS insanity plea. What's your excuse?

Javier Esposito: [questioning a suspect] That explains the cash that we found in Lars' safe deposit box.
Kevin Ryan: Right, but how the hell did Lars get his hands on 400,000 bucks?
Kate Beckett: [in the observation room with Castle] Uh, don't... don't say that he wished for it. He probably got the money from the financier. But... but the one thing that doesn't make sense is if Lars already had the extortion money, then why did the shipper kill him?
[before he can say anything]
Kate Beckett: Uh, don't... do not say that it was to gain control of the genie.
Richard Castle: I wasn't gonna.
[seeing her expression]
Richard Castle: Okay, I was. But there is another possibility. Maybe the shipper kept the treasure for himself.
Kate Beckett: Well, then why torture Lars? I mean, what information could he possibly want if he already had the artifacts?

Kate Beckett: Hey, are you okay?
Richard Castle: No. I've been doing some digging into that mystery blonde.
Kate Beckett: Uh... you mean the reporter?
Richard Castle: She is no more a reporter than she was Lars' neighbor.
Kate Beckett: What? She lied to you again?
Richard Castle: [handing over his tablet] This is the real Lindsay Dillon, a 65 year old black woman living in Tallahassee.
Kate Beckett: Oh. So what's this blonde's angle?
Richard Castle: I wish I knew. She lies out of one side of her mouth, helps with the investigation out of the other. It just doesn't make any sense.
Kate Beckett: Well, I mean, for all we know, she could be working with the killer, trying to steer us in the wrong direction.
Richard Castle: Twice, she just vanished on me.
[a thought strikes him]
Richard Castle: Vanished on me.
Kate Beckett: Castle?
Richard Castle: Appearing and disappearing at will, being both deceptive and helpful? The mystery blonde is Lars' ronin genie, wandering the earth, waiting for someone to find her lamp. She's chosen to appear to me.
Kate Beckett: [taking his glass of Scotch] That's it. I'm cutting you off.
Richard Castle: No, no, no, no, no. She's... she's given me clues, Beckett. She wants me to find the lamp. I think she wants me to be her new master.
Kate Beckett: And you know what I think? You need to call me the next time you see her so I can question her.
Richard Castle: I got to come up with a wish list. Oh, my god, I have so many! How am I gonna whittle it down to three?
Kate Beckett: That's funny. I just have one.
Richard Castle: What's that?
Kate Beckett: That my man would stop talking about being some skeezy blonde's master and would start talking about taking his wife to bed.
Richard Castle: Oh, well... I don't need a genie to grant that wish.

Kate Beckett: [Ryan and Espo are leaving to follow a lead] If you find that lamp and Castle's not there, I'm never gonna hear the end of it.
Javier Esposito: We'll have him meet us there.
Kate Beckett: Okay, great.
[the elevator doors start to close]
Kate Beckett: Ooh, can you just... can you make sure that gets dibs on the first rub, please?
Kevin Ryan: Mm-hmm.
Javier Esposito: Mm-hmm.
Kate Beckett: Good. Thanks. I owe you.
[the elevator doors close]
Kate Beckett: [under her breath] Can't believe I said that.

Richard Castle: [going to question Genevieve, he locks Beckett out of the interrogation room] You may have everyone else fooled, but not me.
Kate Beckett: Castle, let me in.
Richard Castle: I am your master. I command you to tell me the truth.
Kate Beckett: Castle!
Richard Castle: Are you a genie or not?
Genevieve: Can you let her in? Because you're seriously weirding me out.
Richard Castle: I'm gonna take that as a "maybe".
Kate Beckett: [Castle lets her in] I would apologize, but his behavior is the least of your worries. You are accused of two homicides, and connected to the theft and trafficking of millions of dollars in antiquities, so your best bet is to start talking.
Genevieve: Look, I didn't kill anyone, and I was trying to keep the relics from falling into the wrong hands. And I would've, too, if I hadn't had to save your... reality-challenged husband.
Richard Castle: I prefer "fantasy augmented".

Kate Beckett: So, if you see that, uh, genie again, you mind telling her I said thank you?
Richard Castle: Oh, I think I'm all done with genies.
Kate Beckett: What? Why the change of heart?
Richard Castle: Well, because of you, of course.
Kate Beckett: Oh, really? So after eight years, some of my common sense has finally rubbed off on you?
Richard Castle: No. No, no, no, nothing like that. Um... I have no need for genies simply because I already have everything I could ever wish for.
Kate Beckett: I... right back at you, handsome.
[they kiss]
Kate Beckett: Oh, wait, um... so you wouldn't even wish for a working lightsaber?
Richard Castle: [thinking for a moment] Nope.
Kate Beckett: Okay. Transporter, like the ones in "Star Trek"? You would never have to fly again.
Richard Castle: I like flying.
Kate Beckett: Huh. Time machine?
Richard Castle: Only to go back and fall in love with you all over again.
Kate Beckett: Wow, that was a good answer.
Richard Castle: I know, right?

"Castle: Significant Others (#5.10)" (2013)
Javier Esposito: Noah Kesswood, former officer in the Army's military intelligence corps.
Richard Castle: Former military intelligence?
Kate Beckett: Noah uses a fake identity, starts dating Michelle, and then he disapears just after she's killed?
Richard Castle: It's The Bachelor meets Homeland.

Kate Beckett: [Walking into the apartment with Meredith after going out to dinner] My God, Meredith. Castle did that? I can't believe that you married him.
Richard Castle: What can't you believe? What- no. What? Uh, no. C'mon. Beckett, there's two sides to that story. That... What did you... What story- What did you tell her?
Meredith: The truth, Richard.
Kate Beckett: Castle, you're not the man that I thought I knew.
Richard Castle: I'm the man you thought you knew. I'm the man you know. I thought you- I'm that- You think- I know you- I'm him.
[When the ladies start laughing, he turns to his mother]
Richard Castle: This is so not cool.

Kate Beckett: Good morning, Lanie.
Lanie Parish: Not from the way you sound. What's wrong?
Kate Beckett: Men are clueless.
Lanie Parish: Men, or just Castle? Well, no matter how miserable your day is, it's not as bad as Michelle Twohey's. She took an ice pick to the side of the neck.
Kate Beckett: Michelle Twohey, the divorce lawyer for the rich and famous? Isn't she the one that only represented women?
Richard Castle: And strikes fear into the heart of many a soon-to-be ex-husband.

Kevin Ryan: Hey, guys, uh... I think we might have our theory backwards. What if it wasn't an angry ex-husband that killed Ms. Twohey? What if... it was an ex-wife?
Kate Beckett: [pointedly to Castle] Oh, wow, a troublesome ex-wife? Imagine that.
[to Ryan]
Kate Beckett: So you think one of her clients killed her?
Kevin Ryan: Uh, well, Lanie got a hit on the blood found on Michelle's jacket. It belongs to a Samantha Voss. She's in the system to due a DUI arrest in Los Angeles.
Kate Beckett: Did she have a grievance with Michelle?
Kevin Ryan: Oh, I'd say so. The morning of Michelle's murder, a judge came down with a ruling in Samantha's contentious divorce case. She lost big.
Richard Castle: How big is big?
Kevin Ryan: Uh, Upper East Side apartment big, car and boats big, half of her multi-million dollar net worth big.
Richard Castle: That's big.

Kate Beckett: Castle, what is it?
Richard Castle: I just wanna make sure you want to go to dinner with Meredith. Remember, she's a little crazy. And, of course, dramatic. Ohh, miserable combination.
Kate Beckett: What are you so worried about? I mean, it's just two people that you've been intimate with coming together, comparing notes.
Richard Castle: [laughs] Comparing notes.
[he realizes Beckett might not be joking]
Richard Castle: What notes?
[Beckett coyly walks away without answering; Castle follows her]
Richard Castle: Seriously, though, what notes?

Kate Beckett: I cannot believe that you are actually letting your ex-wife stay with you. With us.
Richard Castle: What was I supposed to do, stick her in a hotel?
Kate Beckett: Yes. Look, I get her taking care of Alexis, but staying at your place?
Richard Castle: Okay, wait, hang on. I turned to you, I said "Is it all right with you?", and then you said yes.
Kate Beckett: What am I supposed to say? Everyone is looking at me. I'm not meant to be the bad guy in this case, you are. Besides, I gave you the look.
Richard Castle: What look?
Kate Beckett: The "look" look. My look. Please don't tell me after four years, you don't actually know the look.

[a contentious pair of ex-spouses are smashing each other's possessions]
Kate Beckett: Next person to break anything goes to jail.
[cut to the pair being led into the precinct in cuffs]
Walter Voss: This is all your fault.
Samantha Voss: It was so worth it.

Kate Beckett: No.
Richard Castle: "No" what?
Kate Beckett: No on the Four Seasons. If anyone should be sent to a hotel, it's Meredith.
Richard Castle: No, I tried. It just... it means so much to her to be there for Alexis. And... it just seems so heartless to kick her out and send her to a hotel.
Kate Beckett: Really, Castle? 'Cause you just tried sending me to one.
Richard Castle: No, but that was because...
Kate Beckett: But nothing. Button up, kitten. We're going home.

Kate Beckett: I guess we should call it a night. Okay, Castle, see you later.
Richard Castle: Later? We can go back to my place together.
Kate Beckett: Um... I have a dinner date with your ex-wife, remember?
Richard Castle: Yeah, I remember. I was just hoping you'd forget.

Richard Castle: Okay, what did she say about me? Ugh, come on, I get it. I get it. I mishandled this whole thing, and I am sorry. Believe me, I'm sorry. Please tell me what Meredith said. Is it anything I need to be worried about?
Kate Beckett: [snickering] You know what, Castle, as much fun as it would be to continue torturing you, I actually like you a little bit more now.
Richard Castle: You do?
Kate Beckett: Mm-hmm. Yeah. Meredith is a fun, dynamic, and hard to say no to woman. But as long as we're together, she never stays here again.
Richard Castle: That goes without saying.

Richard Castle: I know your apartment is habitable again, I just... do you have to leave?
Kate Beckett: Do you want me here because you actually want me here, or do you need protection from the redheads?
Richard Castle: A little of both.

Lanie Parish: No, you've got to take care of it. This is Meredith we're talking about; the deep-fried Twinkie that Castle has ex sex with whenever she rolls into town.
Kate Beckett: Lanie! Look, I trust him. He's not gonna have sex with her.
Lanie Parish: Fine. Let's say it isn't about sex. It's about boundaries. Meredith is marking her territory; you can't just let her waltz in and out whenever she pleases.
Kate Beckett: He's in a catch-22. Alexis is sick...
Lanie Parish: Doesn't matter. This is a war, girl, and guess who's losing?
Kate Beckett: I dunno. Maybe you're right.
Lanie Parish: *Maybe* I'm right? Of course I'm right!
Kate Beckett: Lanie, I didn't come down here to talk about this. You said that you have something case related.
Lanie Parish: Yes. Are you ready for some good news now?
Kate Beckett: That would be nice.

Kate Beckett: Why didn't it work out between you and Rick? I'm sorry, is that too personal?
Meredith: Oh, no. No, no, no. It's fine. You know, being married to Richard was... great. Full of romance and excitement, like a deliciously sweet soufflé. And then one day, I realized he knew everything about me. My deepest secrets, my worst pain; enough to fill a million novels. But I didn't know enough about him to even write a pamphlet.
Kate Beckett: I don't understand.
Meredith: For instance, whenever I asked him about how he felt about never knowing his father, he would smirk; you know the way he smirks, and then he would throw out a quip and change the subject. Our marriage went one way, and that wasn't enough for me. I mean, soufflés are wonderful, but sooner or later, they always fall.
[Meredith's comment strikes a chord with Beckett]
Meredith: Oh, but that was a long, long time ago. What, fifteen years in fact. He's a totally different man now.

Richard Castle: Sorry about this. I know this isn't what you expected when you asked to stay here while your place is being fumigated. Alexis was supposed to be going to Paris with her mother.
Kate Beckett: It's fine.
Richard Castle: [the front door buzzes] Oh. Okay. Well...
Martha Rodgers: [entering] I'll get it.
Richard Castle: If you want to stay in a hotel, I would completely understand.
Kate Beckett: No, no. I'm not gonna leave you just 'cause your daughter's sick.
Martha Rodgers: Richard?
Richard Castle: I am gonna make this up to you in so many ways.
Martha Rodgers: Richard!
Richard Castle: What?
Martha Rodgers: Your ex-wife is here.

Kate Beckett: [teasing Castle with Meredith] Oh, you're right. He does lean to the left.
Meredith: Told you. Only when he's stressed.
Kate Beckett: I've never even noticed that before.

"Castle: What Lies Beneath (#8.4)" (2015)
Kate Beckett: Let me get this straight: you got parkoured by a blind priest?
Richard Castle: I'd say the blindness is under dispute.
Kate Beckett: Uh-huh. And what about the fact that he's sixty? Was he faking his age, too?
Richard Castle: Sixty is the new twenty. Did you call just to bust my chops?
Kate Beckett: Yeah, pretty much.

Kate Beckett: Martha? Is everything okay?
Martha Rodgers: You tell me, kiddo. Last time we were together, you and Richard were, uh... "ha ha", you know? And now just a few short weeks later, you and Richard are "pfft", you know?
Kate Beckett: It's complicated.
Martha Rodgers: Mm. So were his last two divorces.
Kate Beckett: Oh, god. Martha, we're not getting a divorce.
Martha Rodgers: Well, call me old-fashioned, but don't married couples live together?
Kate Beckett: Yes, but it... it's complicated. And... and I'm working through a few things.
Martha Rodgers: Richard told me that. Right before he declared he was going to win you back. Look, as you know, my son if a lot of things; some of them good, some of them not so good. But he is someone you can always count on. And that is a rare thing, kiddo.

Kate Beckett: [to worm his way into the investigation, Castle has brought the victim's widow to the precinct] Your client, Castle? Please don't tell me you ambulance-chased this woman.
Richard Castle: Beckett, that is an outrageous accusation. I... as a member of the writing community, merely went by her home to offer my condolences.
Kate Beckett: [skeptical] Hmm. And I suppose you told her that you're a P.I. who just happens to have connections with the NYPD.
Richard Castle: The topic may have come up. You look gorgeous, by the way.

Kate Beckett: Considering your husband's success, why was he working as a janitor?
Wendy Johnson: Well, that was research for a new book.
Richard Castle: A second P.J. Moffet novel?
Kate Beckett: He was doing research for over five years?
Wendy Johnson: Mm-hmm.
Richard Castle: Moffet was legendary for total immersion in his subject matter. Much like me with you.

Kate Beckett: So, I just got off the phone with P.J. Moffet's publisher. Our author is still very much alive. Dave Johnson was lying about who he was.
Kevin Ryan: Yeah, we figured. So, Dave tells Milton that he's Jimmy "Two Guns" O'Malley, and then Milton rats him out to the Irish mob.
Javier Esposito: Maybe our vic was a con man.
Kate Beckett: And conning the wrong guy got him killed.

Kevin Ryan: So, what do you think?
Javier Esposito: It tracks with what our victim told his sponsor.
Kevin Ryan: And with Dave's questions about union kickbacks.
Kate Beckett: It doesn't matter. It's non-actionable. There's no way we're gonna get a subpoena for City Hall based on hearsay told to a not-blind priest from a pathological liar.

Kevin Ryan: [the case has appeared to have reached a dead end] So, what are you saying, we give up? Because that's not the Beckett that I know.
Kate Beckett: No, I'm not saying that we should give up. What I am saying is I've been a captain for about five minutes. If we take this to the D.A., nobody's gonna take me seriously, ever.
Kevin Ryan: Okay. We'll get proof.
Javier Esposito: Money's gone. Even if there is a secret slush fund, the person controlling it killed Dave to cover it up. Buried the money deep, covered his tracks.
Kevin Ryan: So what are we supposed to do?
Kate Beckett: We do our homework. We find out who could pull off a slush fund in the city budget, which means we have to talk to someone with contacts and resources in City Hall.
Kevin Ryan: Someone who's best friends with the mayor? Someone like... Castle?
Kate Beckett: [reluctant to ask him] He's gonna be so smug about this.
[cut to Castle's office, where he is video chatting with Beckett]
Richard Castle: [smugly] I'm sorry. Did you say you... needed my help?
Kate Beckett: Castle.
Richard Castle: [to Alexis] You heard her say it, right?

Kate Beckett: Castle, do you have the intel we need or not?
Richard Castle: [laughs] Tell her.
Alexis Castle: When I was in middle school, dad did four months of exstensive research into the inner workings of city finance for a novel he was writing.
Richard Castle: Yes, but then I realized that that novel would be the most boring novel in the history of novels, so I wrote a Derrick Storm book instead.

Richard Castle: The only people with access to the entire budget are the comptroller, the mayor's chief of staff, and the deputy chief.
Kevin Ryan: Stephen Reed. The guy we met with.
Richard Castle: I know for a fact that the chief of staff is in London with the mayor.
Javier Esposito: And I made a few discreet calls. The city comptroller was at a fundraiser when Dave was shot.
Kate Beckett: Which means Reed is our main suspect.
Kevin Ryan: Okay, so how do we get this guy?
Richard Castle: May I suggest the "Midnight Run" stratagem?
Alexis Castle: The what?
Richard Castle: "Midnight Run". It's one of the top five buddy movies of all time.
Kevin Ryan: And you're suggesting we base our legal strategy upon this buddy cop movie?
Kate Beckett: No, he's right. It could work. At the end of the movie, Robert De Niro tricks a mobster into taking computer discs he thinks contain evidence against him, and just by showing up to take them, the mobster is committing conspiracy to obstruct justice.
Richard Castle: If we can trick Reed the same way, then we've got all the leverage we need to expose the slush fund and go after him for Dave's murder. But Kate, you can't be involved.
Kate Beckett: Why not?
Kevin Ryan: Because if Reed isn't involved, then all this blows up in our face and you take the hit.

Kate Beckett: Castle?
Richard Castle: [offering her a latte with a heart in the foam] Relax. Doesn't mean anything. It's just a little congratulatory coffee after after solving a tough case.
Kate Beckett: [she takes it and takes a sip] Mm. Wow. I can never make it like you. Even though you taught me how.
Richard Castle: That's 'cause I lied. There's a, uh... special ingredient. I kept it a secret.
Kate Beckett: Really? What is it?
Richard Castle: Well, now, if I told you that, you might not need me anymore.
Kate Beckett: Then don't tell me. And since we're being honest, there's something that I have to tell you. I hated Moffet's book.
Richard Castle: [indignantly] What? Wha...? Why didn't you tell me?
Kate Beckett: Because you gave it to me when we first started dating, and I knew it was important to you, so... I lied.

Javier Esposito: Hey, what are you meeting with CSU's narcotics guy for?
Kate Beckett: You know, Espo, I do have other cases that I have to supervise.
Javier Esposito: My apologies, capitan.

Kate Beckett: So, any luck on finding that mystery man?
Javier Esposito: Ryan's scrubbing street cam footage near Dave's apartment, but, yo, I think we're missing something here.
Kate Beckett: What do you mean?
Javier Esposito: Well, if Dave was a scam artist, he is the oddest one I ever heard of. I mean, yes, he was exhibiting con man behavior, but to what end?
Kate Beckett: Uh, to rip people off.
Javier Esposito: Who? His wife? She didn't come from money. The priest took a vow of poverty, and the union guy? Dave never asked him for a payoff.
Kate Beckett: Okay, that's a good point. So what's the upside to Dave's cons?

Kate Beckett: So, what do we know?
Kevin Ryan: Dave Johnson. He was a pathological liar who stumbled upon a secret slush fund and then decided to expose it.
Javier Esposito: And everyone connected to that alibied out.
Kate Beckett: So we've got nothing?
Richard Castle: No. We can safely assume that Dave was killed over a lie.
Kate Beckett: [sighs] Which lie, then?
Richard Castle: Well, if I was writing this, I would fall back on a theme. A lie... is a betrayal of trust. And there is no greater betrayal than a lie in a marriage.
Kate Beckett: [aware of the lie she's telling Castle] Yeah, well, that might be, but Wendy thought that Dave was P.J. Moffet.
Richard Castle: What if she found out he wasn't?

Kevin Ryan: Listen, I'm gonna call 1PP, and I'm gonna ask them to give you that last sergeant's exam slot instead of me.
Javier Esposito: I don't need your charity.
Kevin Ryan: It's not charity.
[Espo scoffs]
Kevin Ryan: Hey! Hey, I did wrong by you. I'm trying to make amends here.
Kate Beckett: [approaching] Hey, bozos. Did it ever occur to you that your captain could pull some strings and get you both a slot?
Kevin Ryan: Did you?
Kate Beckett: Yeah. And I expect you to pass.

[last lines]
Kate Beckett: [answering her phone] Vikram, hey. Did you get the test results on the heroin from the Vulcan Simmons case?
[she listens for a moment]
Kate Beckett: Good. Now we can get to work.

"Castle: Hell Hath No Fury (#1.4)" (2009)
Richard Castle: Promise not to hate me.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: I already hate you.
Richard Castle: Fair enough.

Kate Beckett: Don't be mean.
Lanie Parish: You deserve it. Getting a drink with me after work instead of getting your freak on with Writer Boy?
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, he is annoying, self-centered, egotistical, and completely...
Lanie Parish: Fun? And take it from me, girlfriend, you need some fun. I mean, how bad can he be?
Kate Beckett: [her phone rings] Beckett.
Richard Castle: Guess who's got a date with a prostitute!
[Beckett raises her arms in frustration, as if to say "See?"]

[Beckett learns Castle's new character is based upon her]
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: What kind of name is Nikki Heat?
Richard Castle: It's a cop name.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: It's a stripper name.
Richard Castle: Well, I told you she was kind of slutty.

NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: Your book is coming out today, and you are hiding.
Richard Castle: No, hiding would be building a fortress out of my comforter and then downing a fifth of scotch, but apparently that's considered unhealthy.

Kate Beckett: Don't you have a book coming out today or something?
Richard Castle: Yeah, so?
Kate Beckett: So, you are watching me do paperwork. It's creepy.

[Castle and Beckett have discovered that Jeff Horn was having an affair]
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: And what was that girl thinking, that he would leave his wife and kids for her?
Richard Castle: That is so sexist!
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: How is that "so sexist"?
Richard Castle: You assume that just because she's a woman that she was after a relationship; do you ever think that maybe she was in it for the sex?
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: Yes I did... and then I saw him.
Richard Castle: [thinks] What was it that turned you off? Think he was wearing a rug?
[Castle feigns shock at what he just said]
Richard Castle: Too soon?

[after Beckett informs a city councilman's widow of his death]
Richard Castle: Can't be easy breaking that kind of news.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, thanks for not making it a joke.
Richard Castle: Hey, I'm a wise ass, not a jackass.

Richard Castle: This morning, with the body, I took a couple of pictures.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: [outraged] You took photos of my crime scene?
Richard Castle: Before you get mad, I e-mailed a couple of them to a friend of mine.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: You e-mailed them to a friend.
Richard Castle: Well, not exactly a friend. She's my interior decorator, but then we slept together, so I don't really know what she is now.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: What the hell were you thinking?
Richard Castle: I know, right? You work together, you think it'll be fun, but then it always makes things weird. It's a real cautionary tale.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: I'm talking about the photographs. Of the body.
Richard Castle: What? No! I didn't send her pictures of the body. I sent her pictures of the rug. I thought maybe she might be able to tell me where it came from. And guess what? She did.
[Castle looks into a hotel room where a maid is vacuuming]
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: That's the rug. That's the same rug.

NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: This female detective of yours, exactly how much will she be based on me?
Richard Castle: Well, she's not too bright, and kind of slutty.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: Right. So was that wise ass or jackass?
Richard Castle: Actually, that was jackass.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: Hmm.
Richard Castle: No, honestly, you're not going to have anything to be embarrassed about. She's going to be... she's gonna be really smart, very savvy, haunting good looks, really good at her job.
[Beckett half-smiles]
Richard Castle: And kind of slutty.

Kate Beckett: This isn't phone sex, Ryan. You don't just pay for the two minutes that you used.

NYPD Uniform Officer: This the guy.
Kate Beckett: You heard, heh.
NYPD Uniform Officer: Oh everyone's heard. You really base your next character on detectiv Beckett.
Richard Castle: Every artist needs a muse.
Kate Beckett: Call me muse again and I will break both your legs.

Kate Beckett: The 800 number is registered to a PO box from out of state. We're gonna have to get Cyber to track down the IP, see where it's hosted.
Richard Castle: Well, what if the IP's out of state, too?
Javier Esposito: We just coordinate with local PDs.
Kevin Ryan: If they're willing to cooperate.
Kate Beckett: Sites like these are designed to evade authorities. We'll get there. It'll just take us some time.
Richard Castle: [dialing his phone] Or you could just do it the easy way.
[the line picks up]
Kate Beckett: Castle, what are you doing?
Richard Castle: Hi! My name's Richard. I'm a very generous man looking to arrange a very special date with Tiffany.
[realizing what he's doing, Beckett chases after him to get him to hang up]
Richard Castle: Just give me a call on my phone, which is 347-555-0179. Thank you.
[he hangs up]
Kate Beckett: Castle, you can't just call and arrange a date with a prostitute.
Richard Castle: Why not?
Kate Beckett: Because we're the police.
Richard Castle: No, no, no, no. *You're* the police. I'm just a lonely upscale gentleman looking for a date.

NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: Why is it always the family value guys that get caught with their pants down?
Richard Castle: Because the universe loves irony. And because most people are hypocrites.

Kate Beckett: Conspiracy to commit murder is the same as murder, whether you were there or not.

Kate Beckett: I just figured if you're gonna bother me at my work, I should bother you at yours. That was, um... quite a reading. Very, um... moving.
Richard Castle: Are... are you making fun of me?
Kate Beckett: "'Good,' she thought, as the wind gathered up her hair, 'no one will see my tears.'" How does wind gather up hair? I'm just curious.
Richard Castle: Oh, you're telling me how to do my job.
Kate Beckett: Irritating, isn't it?

"Castle: The Mistress Always Spanks Twice (#2.16)" (2010)
Kate Beckett: Hi, my name is Kate and my boyfriend has been a very bad boy. His name's Ricky.

Kate Beckett: [looking at the victim] Bondage cuffs, custom-made. Looks like our killer liked public play.
Richard Castle: How can you tell the difference between custom and regular?
Kate Beckett: The leather is too high-quality to be mass produced, and it's hand stitched.
Richard Castle: No, I mean how can *you* tell the difference?

Richard Castle: The psychology doesn't make any sense. The crime scene was pretty elaborately staged, which seems to suggest a significant amount of premeditation, but the murder itself, strangulation, might indicate a crime of passion.
Kevin Ryan: The guy covered her in caramel. Do you really think we're gonna find a logical explanation?
Kate Beckett: Only a handful of bondage shops in the city do custom work, so let's take photos of those cuffs, send it out, see if anyone can ID where it came from.
Richard Castle: [Ryan and Esposito leave] "Only a handful of shops"? Okay, what aren't you telling me?
Kate Beckett: So much, Castle. So very, very much.

Kevin Ryan: Vic's a female, late twenties. No ID. She was found hanging from the monkey bars by a jogger just after dawn.
Richard Castle: Is that honey?
Lanie Parish: From the smell of it, I'd say it's caramel sauce. But I'll be testing, not tasting.
Kate Beckett: Caramel sauce?
Richard Castle: Maybe our killer has a sweet tooth.
Kate Beckett: Give her state of undress, I'd say it's more likely he had a sexual fetish.
Lanie Parish: Yeah. I can do the chocolate, I'll even do the whipped cream bikini, but caramel? I prefer slippery to sticky.
Richard Castle: [to Ryan and Beckett] Does she know we can hear her?

Kevin Ryan: [still looking at the bondage website] How do you even get in that position?
Javier Esposito: I don't know, but you should try that with your girlfriend, honey milk. As a matter of fact, I'm going to buy this for you right now.
Richard Castle: [walking over to look] Oh, jeez! How do you even get in that position?
Kevin Ryan: Right? It's not even possible.
Kate Beckett: [glancing at the screen] Oh, it's possible.

Kate Beckett: [Castle and Esposito are ribbing Ryan about his girlfriend] You guys, give him a break. I wouldn't bring my boyfriend around here, either.
Richard Castle: Boyfriend? Did I miss something?

Kevin Ryan: [ending a phone call] So, that was Barry from the Love Shackle. He says the cuff might be theirs, but he'd have to examine them closely to know for sure.
Kate Beckett: Well, then have Evidence pull them and tell them I'm coming.
Richard Castle: [as Beckett leaves] Oh, field trip trip to a sex store.
[whispering to Ryan and Espositio]
Richard Castle: I love this case.

Kate Beckett: [looking through the victim's PhD research] It says here that Mistress Venom works in a bondage club somewhere in Dungeon Alley, but it doesn't say which one.
Richard Castle: [fond reminiscence] Dungeon Alley.
Kate Beckett: It's an area between Chelsea and Midtown. There's a whole slew of fetish clubs there.
Richard Castle: Yes, I know where Dungeon Alley is. I want to know... how do you know?

Kate Beckett: This has all the makings of a sex crime, but there's no sex involved.

Kevin Ryan: Hey. We tried to trace the creepy calls that Jessica was getting at her office, but since they were routed through the main switchboard at the college, there's no way to determine their source.
Kate Beckett: What about the cell phone?
Javier Esposito: The day she died, she placed a call to her boyfriend at the hospital, she placed a call to her voicemail at the office, and she placed two calls to Lady Irena's House of Pain.
Kate Beckett: Lady Irena's House of Pain. That must be where Mistress Venom works. Did you get an address?
Javier Esposito: Yeah. An office building on 38th.
Kevin Ryan: Oh, conveniently located for all your lunchtime spanking needs.
Kate Beckett: All right, you guys look through her notes, see if there's anything that's there that might implicate one of her clients. Meanwhile, Castle and I will go and meet this Mistress Venom.
Richard Castle: Whips, women, and murder. Sounds like my lucky day!

[last lines]
Richard Castle: [having finally met Ryan's girlfriend Jenny] So, what about this imaginary boyfriend of yours? Are we going to see him around here? Or is he at home tied to a bed?
Kate Beckett: What's the matter, Ricky? You jealous?
Richard Castle: No. You only get to punish him at night. You punish me all day.
Kate Beckett: Well, you deserve it.
Richard Castle: [feigning offense] What did I do to you?
Kate Beckett: Let's just start with the first day we met...

Richard Castle: You know, you should moonlight. Seriously, you would make a fortune. Come on, haven't you ever wanted to do something with your handcuffs other than arrest criminals?
Kate Beckett: No.
[in a sultry voice]
Kate Beckett: But there is one hot, wild, kinky thing that I do like doing.
[listening in anticipation, Castle's arm slips off the table in surprise]
Kate Beckett: [normal voice] Putting killers behind bars.
Richard Castle: See? You're already a tease. You're halfway there.

Richard Castle: [at the Love Shackle, a bondage shop] You know, while we're here, you should really pick up something for that new imaginary boyfriend of yours. Oh... this his speed?
[Castle holds up and swings a spiked paddle]
Kate Beckett: No. But if you keep talking, I'll put you in one of these.
[Beckett holds up a bondage mask and zips the mouth closed]

Receptionist: Welcome to Lady Irena's House of Pain. How can I serve you?
Kate Beckett: [to Castle, with authority] Well, answer her!
[calmly to the receptionist]
Kate Beckett: You see what I have to deal with? My boyfriend Ricky has an appointment at 4:00 p.m. with Mistress Venom.
Receptionist: Will you be joining him?
Kate Beckett: [taking a little too much pleasure in teasing him] Oh, yes. I have been dying to watch him squirm.

Kate Beckett: What's the matter, Castle? You afraid of a little role play?

"Castle: The Fast and the Furriest (#5.20)" (2013)
Richard Castle: Footprints. Giant footprints made by some kind of beast. Those vicious claw marks? Savage wounds. Her blood. These footprints. It all adds up to one thing. She was killed by Bigfoot. Seriously, Beckett? Do you have any idea what this means? We are about to be the first people in the nation - no, the world - to solve a Bigfoot murder.
Kate Beckett: Very funny, Castle. But there is no such thing as Bigfoot.
Richard Castle: Tell that to the people who've been sighting him for 400 years.
[Kate rolls her eyes]
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: So I typed the blood. It's a match to our victim.
Richard Castle: Never mind the blood. What is your opinion on these?
[He gestures to a giant footprint]
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: Professionally I can't speculate what those are, Mr. Castle, but personally I can say that anyone who believes in Bigfoot is an ass.
Richard Castle: Well, that is a common assertion amongst the uninformed.

Javier Esposito: I may have an explanation for those facial wounds. Turns out our victim worked at a retirement home called Haven House.
Richard Castle: Vicious blood thirsty old folks? Is that your theory?
Javier Esposito: This home is not for people, Castle. It's a primate sanctuary. Mostly for apes and chimpanzees and monkeys who have retired from the movie business.
Kevin Ryan: I always wanted a pet monkey when I was a kid. Big Curious George fan.
Richard Castle: Yeah, wait 'til George grows up. An adult chimpanzee can reach 200 pounds, tear off a man's face, hands, and naughty bits.
Kate Beckett: All right, we're going to go to the primate sanctuary. If Anne was attacked there maybe someone dumped her body to cover it up. And call me if you get anything on that sedan.
Kevin Ryan: [Calls as they leave] George would never do that!

Richard Castle: Well I know who the killer is. Did you see how that gorilla looked at me?
Kate Beckett: Yeah, I think it was lust actually, Castle. You are ruggedly handsome.
Richard Castle: Blood lust, maybe. Don't let Moonshine fool you. I'm betting he and his fellow "retirees" are actually super intelligent apes plotting to take over New York City. They're going to round up all the people, put us in a sanctuary
[Gets a look]
Richard Castle: Most likely Anne got on to them they took her out.
[Mimes throat slashing]
Kate Beckett: Now if this monkey cabal really wanted to get Anne out of the picture, why did they drop her off at the hospital?
Richard Castle: Well obviously they were conflicted. It's a complicated relationship between man and primate. Didn't you see Rise of the Planet of the Apes? Cautionary tale.

Richard Castle: Well, it looks like we're back to this guy as our number one suspect.
[He adds a photo of Bigfoot back on the murder board]
Kate Beckett: Castle, could you please take that down?
Richard Castle: You got it.
[He doesn't move]
Javier Esposito: The lab also was able to identify the glass shards we found in our victim's head wound. It's from a camera lens.
Richard Castle: There was no camera at the crime scene.
Kate Beckett: Maybe our killer took it.
Richard Castle: Which would explain why there're so few photos of Bigfoot.
Kate Beckett: I meant our human killer.
Richard Castle: Right.

Richard Castle: [trying to reach Alexis] Yeah, she's still not taking my calls.
Kate Beckett: Well, can you blame her, Castle? You practically turned her into a Smurf.
Richard Castle: Na'vi would be a more contemporary reference.

Kate Beckett: Castle, please, no more Wookie calls.
Richard Castle: It's not Wookie. I'm not doing Wookie. I can't do Wookie. Alexis does a really cute Wookie.
Kate Beckett: Well, whatever you're doing, could you stop?
Richard Castle: You're scared it might work?
Kate Beckett: No, I am scared that I might murder you, and then I'll have two crime scenes on my hands.

Javier Esposito: Yo. These two nurses saw some guy do a dump and drive around 4:00 a.m. The trauma unit tried to save our vic, but she didn't make it.
Richard Castle: If he's our killer, why would he take her to the ER?
Kate Beckett: Maybe he had a guilty conscience.

M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: Let me caution you, this is not for the faint of heart.
Richard Castle: [Perlmutter pulls back the sheet covering the victim] For once I agree with you.
Kate Beckett: What did this to her?
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: Could be anything from a crowbar to a box cutter, but they look like claw marks. I just can't tell what kind.
Richard Castle: If it was an animal, wouldn't there be bite marks?
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: I might not find them until I do a complete exam, determine the exact cause of death.
Kate Beckett: Give the fact that we don't have a crime scene, is there any indication of where she was attacked?
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: No, but, uh, I can tell you when. Based on the inflammation, I'd say the victim sustained her injuries five to six hours before she died.
Kate Beckett: Well, we figure out who she is, we'll find out how she wound up this way.

Javier Esposito: So, uh, a witness saw a blue sedan take out a side mirror about a block away from our hospital in our time window. They got a plate; owner of the car was Eddie Maslon.
Kate Beckett: How is he connected to Anne?
Javier Esposito: Well, I'm not really sure, but Eddie knows how to put the hurt on people. He just did eight years in Sing Sing for murder two, and he had a way to mess up Anne's face. City records show that he had a pitbull named Badass.
Kate Beckett: A convicted killer with an attack dog. All right, pick him up.
Javier Esposito: Right on.
Richard Castle: [disappointed] Damn it! I really liked Moonshine for this.

Eddie Maslon: [Beckett show him Anne's picture] I've never seen her before.
Kate Beckett: You dumped her outside of the ER last night, except she looked more like this.
[slapping a crime scene photo on the table]
Kate Beckett: Your dog do that to her?
[Eddie stays silent]
Kate Beckett: Eddie, you've been out of prison for three months. You'd better start talking unless you want to go back.

Kate Beckett: Okay, buddy, let's say there is a Bigfoot. How does a giant, hairy apeman get around the city unseen?
Richard Castle: Easy. Follow the big, fat footprints,
Kate Beckett: What?
Richard Castle: Subway access tunnel. Since Hurricane Sandy, a lot of those are still closed, so Bigfoot's been using them to get around.
Kate Beckett: Castle, that's ridiculous.
Richard Castle: How can you say... look at these footprints!
Kate Beckett: These are the footprints that I'm interested in. They're near where the body was, CSU said that they were made within the last twenty-four hours.
Richard Castle: Could be Eddie Maslon's.
Kate Beckett: A size thirteen? The guy's too short to have feet this big. No, these boot prints are our best lead. These prints, not the tracks from the giant clown feet.
Richard Castle: Yes, let's go to a crime scene and ignore the evidence.

Richard Castle: You're saying someone framed Bigfoot?
Kate Beckett: All I'm saying, Castle, is that someone - a human being - left the Bigfoot prints in that alleyway.
Richard Castle: Yeah, and staged the crime scene to make it look as though Bigfoot was the killer. Why go through the trouble of blaming Bigfoot? A creature a select few of us even believe exists, never mind could be a murder suspect.
Javier Esposito: [approaching] Speaking of suspects, Anne's boss came through with a sketch of the guy she argued with the day she died.
Kate Beckett: [taking the sketch] Take a look, Castle. A person of interest. Emphasis on the word "person".

Richard Castle: What is this pit doing out here in the first place? Someone - or something - had to build it.
Kate Beckett: Something, Castle? You think that Bigfoot came out here with a shovel?
Richard Castle: No, you're probably right. I don't think Bigfoot built this.

Richard Castle: I'm just saying I don't want to end up as Bigfoot dinner.
Kate Beckett: You know, Castle, there is a bit of poetic justice in this.
Richard Castle: Poetic justice how?
Kate Beckett: Well, I mean, think about it. You set a trap for Alexis, and now someone - or something - has set one for you.
Richard Castle: Promise me you'll come back.
Kate Beckett: [tossing him an energy bar] In case I don't make it.

"Castle: Driven (#7.1)" (2014)
Kate Beckett: [at the scene of Castle's car crash] It's empty. He's not here! He's not in the car!
Javier Esposito: You sure he's not in the car?
Kate Beckett: Even with a fire that hot, there'd still be a body. He's got to be nearby.
Martha Rodgers: You really think he...
Kate Beckett: He's here. He has to be. We have to start a search.
Kevin Ryan: We could use more men.
Kate Beckett: [running over to a patrol cop] Sergeant! I'm Detective Beckett, NYPD. The man that was in that car is one of our own. We need to scrub every inch of this area.
Sgt. Taggert: I'll get my men on it.
Kevin Ryan: You have search and rescue dogs?
Sgt. Taggert: I'll call them in.

Kate Beckett: What?
Kevin Ryan: I had Taggert set up roadblocks to stop and search every vehicle.
Javier Esposito: We figured that the car that ran Castle into the ditch may be the same car he's in now.
Kate Beckett: Okay, we get a description?
Javier Esposito: Not yet, but CSU thinks the side-marker glass up ahead came from a GM. Local PD is canvassing to see if anyone saw any vehicles leaving the area.
Kate Beckett: What about Castle's cell phone?
Javier Esposito: His provider says it's shut off.
Kevin Ryan: Contacted the FBI to see it could be turned on remotely. It's a long shot, but you never know.
Kate Beckett: What else?
Javier Esposito: Kate, everything that can be done is being done.
Kate Beckett: Espo, don't tell me that. They took him. I need to do something.

Kate Beckett: [entering interrogation] Gary Duffin. You're no stranger to rooms like this. But this time, it's different. This time, your only option is to give me answers.
Gary Duffin: And what if I don't?
Kate Beckett: [putting her foot on the chain to Gary's handcuffs] You were in the junkyard when that SUV came in. Who was in it?
Gary Duffin: You know what? I want a lawyer.
[Beckett stomps on the chain, pulling it taut, grabs Duffin's thumb and puts pressure on it]
Kate Beckett: You're a low-level dirtbag, Gary. You're not a criminal mastermind, so start talking.
Gary Duffin: [in pain] AHH!
Kate Beckett: Start talking. Who was in the car? Who had you crush it?
[slapping a picture of Castle onto the table]
Kate Beckett: Was Castle in the car? Was he in the car? Was he alive?
Gary Duffin: [Beckett applies more pressure] AHH! You're gonna break my finger!
Kate Beckett: And after that there's nine more, so tell me what I want to know. Start talking.

Tory Ellis: Based on what Cardano said, this is the drop point.
Javier Esposito: Now, what are we looking at here? This is not street cam footage.
Tory Ellis: There's no coverage in the area, but after a rash of break-ins, one of the buildings installed hidden cameras, and I was able to tap in. This is in the time window of when the drop should've taken place.
Kevin Ryan: If we get eyes on Cardano's client, we can get a real lead on who took Castle.
Kate Beckett: [seeing something] There. Go back.
[Tory rewinds the tape]
Kevin Ryan: That's him. That's the client dropping off the cash.
Javier Esposito: I'll set up a canvass. Someone had to see where this guy came from or where he went.
[dialing the phone]
Javier Esposito: Yeah, this is Esposito. Connect me with Operations.
Kate Beckett: Wait. Freeze that. Zoom in.
[Tory stops the tape and zooms in; when the picture is cleaned up, Beckett, Ryan, and Esposito recognize a familiar face]
Kevin Ryan: Can't be.
Javier Esposito: It is. That's Castle. He's the one who dropped off the cash?

Kate Beckett: Was he going through anything that I didn't know about?
Martha Rodgers: Like what?
Kate Beckett: Pressure that he was under that he kept to himself.
Alexis Castle: Of course not. Right, Gram?
Martha Rodgers: No, no, no, no. I would've noticed.
Kate Beckett: And what about the wedding? Did he have any misgivings?
Martha Rodgers: Misgivings? Katherine. That was the farthest thing from his mind. He couldn't wait to be married to you.
Alexis Castle: You don't think he'd just walk away, do you?
Kate Beckett: No.
Martha Rodgers: Then what's going on here?
Kate Beckett: I don't know. But there's got to be another explanation.

Kate Beckett: I know that there are a lot of unanswered questions here, but you cannot stop looking for him.
Agent Connors: We'll follow every lead to the end. But once those leads dry up, we have to scale back our investigation.
Kate Beckett: I will find Castle. With or without the FBI.
Agent Connors: You're assuming he wants to be found.

Javier Esposito: [Castle has been found] He was found adrift eighty miles off the coast of Delaware by a Coast Guard cutter that was out there mapping the currents.
Kevin Ryan: Captain recognized who he was and had him airlifted here.
Kate Beckett: What was he doing in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean?
Kevin Ryan: Yeah, especially in a dinghy with three bullet holes in it.
Kate Beckett: He was shot?
Javier Esposito: The captain says no, but the doctors here won't give us any updates on his condition.
Kate Beckett: Where are Martha and Alexis?
Javier Esposito: In a patrol car on their way here now.
Kate Beckett: Okay.
[Beckett stops short when she sees Castle unconscious in his hospital bed]
Javier Esposito: Kate?
Kate Beckett: I'm fine. I just never thought I'd see him again.

Lanie Parish: Kate, I talked Castle's doctor into letting me look him over, and I came across a few... strange things.
Kate Beckett: Strange how?
Lanie Parish: No trace evidence on Castle's clothes. But did find a key sewn into the lining of his pants.
Kate Beckett: What kind of a key?
Lanie Parish: I'm not sure, but it has "38" stamped on it. That mean anything to you?
Kate Beckett: No.
Lanie Parish: Okay. Then there's his blood work. I found antibodies to Dengue fever. That means Castle was exposed to the virus within the last two months.
Kate Beckett: Wait. Isn't Dengue fever tropical?
Lanie Parish: Yeah! It's mostly found in Latin America, Africa, and Asia.
Kate Beckett: That doesn't make any sense.
Lanie Parish: Neither does the bullet wound I found. Castle was grazed across the ribs.
Kate Beckett: Okay, that makes a little bit more sense. There were bullet holes on the boat.
Lanie Parish: But this wound was mainly healed. He was shot a few weeks ago.
Kate Beckett: A few weeks ago? Are you sure?
Lanie Parish: Maybe even longer. Kate, what the hell was Castle mixed up in?

Richard Castle: Hey.
Kate Beckett: Hey.
Richard Castle: Just so you know, the doctor said that kissing will speed my recovery.
Kate Beckett: Kissing can wait, Castle.
Richard Castle: Right. Sorry. I guess I put a little kink in our wedding plans.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, is that supposed to be a joke?
Richard Castle: What do you mean?
Kate Beckett: I mean tell me what happened.
Richard Castle: Was on my way to the wedding, and this black SUV...
Kate Beckett: No. No, after that.
Richard Castle: After the accident?
Kate Beckett: Yes, after the accident.
Richard Castle: I was here.
Kate Beckett: No, before here, Castle. You were found in a boat at sea. A boat that you apparently stole?
Richard Castle: What are you talking about? A bo... no, I was in a crash with a black SUV, and then I woke up here.
Kate Beckett: No, tell me what happened in between.
Richard Castle: Nothing! I mean, I don't... I don't know. I was... I was unconscious.
Kate Beckett: So the black SUV and waking up here, that's all you remember?
Richard Castle: Right. Yes. Why?
Kate Beckett: You've been missing for two months.

Richard Castle: To say I owe you an apology seems an understatement.
Kate Beckett: I don't want an apology, Castle. I just want to understand.
Richard Castle: Well, you know me, Kate. I wouldn't just leave.
Kate Beckett: There's evidence. We found the place where you were staying.
Richard Castle: Where?
Kate Beckett: What difference does it make?
Richard Castle: Because I want to go there. Maybe it'll help me remember. Whatever happens, I need answers. And so do you.

Richard Castle: [at the campsite where he allegedly stayed] Kind of reminds me of the Hamptons or Maine, but I'm pretty sure I've never been here.
Kate Beckett: Okay, this is it. This is where your tent was.
Richard Castle: No, none of this looks familiar.
Kate Beckett: Castle, just tell me the truth. You owe me that much.
Richard Castle: I am telling you the truth. I was not here.
Kate Beckett: Well, your clothes were here. Your watch was here, your tuxedo... the one that you were gonna wear when you married me.
Richard Castle: It must've been planted here, you know, along with...
Kate Beckett: Nothing was planted, Castle. It was you. It was your DNA, your prints.
Richard Castle: Must've been a mistake at the lab. There have been numerous cases...
Kate Beckett: I believed in you. I... I convinced myself that the evidence didn't matter, that everything that seemed so obvious couldn't possibly be true. I was searching for you. I didn't even know if you were alive or if you were dead, and you were right here, right where you wanted to be.
Richard Castle: I promise you... I did not pitch a tent here. I could not have.
Kate Beckett: I saw it for myself, Castle.
Richard Castle: I would never camp in this spot, not after the research that I did on "Tropical Storm".
Kate Beckett: I can't even do this with you.
Richard Castle: [Beckett walks away] Hey! Wait. Listen.
Kate Beckett: You never wrote a book called "Tropical Storm", Castle.
Richard Castle: Kate, wait. Listen. I started the book, I threw it out. It was, uh... supervillian controls the weather. It... it was... it was terrible, but it... the research I did on catastrophic storms, it stuck with me, leaving me with an irrational but overpowering fear of tsunamis.
Kate Beckett: You bought a beach house in the Hamptons.
Richard Castle: Yeah, on the inland side, not on the ocean side. Kate... I would never camp here. I would go for higher ground.
Kate Beckett: Castle... there was a witness.
Richard Castle: What witness?

Richard Castle: How did you not lose hope?
Kate Beckett: I did lose hope, you know? But I... I would get it back. Developed rituals in order to hang onto it.
Richard Castle: Like what?
Kate Beckett: It's... stupid. It really doesn't matter.
Richard Castle: No, I'd like to know.
Kate Beckett: I would stare at your photo on the murder board. And I started thinking that if I would look at it long enough every day, that that would keep you alive.
Richard Castle: I guess it worked.
Kate Beckett: And then I had this thing about your chair.
Richard Castle: My chair at the precinct?
Kate Beckett: I wouldn't let anyone touch it. And then a night janitor came by. He tried to move the chair, and I freaked out and I... almost shot him.

[last lines]
Richard Castle: I am so sorry for everything I put you through.
Kate Beckett: It's not your fault. I know. You went through stuff, too, so...
Richard Castle: Well, it's not the same. I can't remember. Though I do know I missed you terribly, because there's no way I wouldn't. We can't just, um... pick up where we left off, can we, as if nothing happened?
Kate Beckett: No.
Richard Castle: We'll get there. We'll find our way home.

Kate Beckett: Let's move Gary Duffin to a holding cell.
Javier Esposito: So you can do what to him? I was watching. Getting booted off the force is not going to help anything.
Kate Beckett: Espo, he knows who took Castle.
Javier Esposito: Well, he's never gonna give them up. Whoever they are, he's way more afraid of them than he is of you.

"Castle: Home Is Where the Heart Stops (#1.7)" (2009)
Richard Castle: [after Beckett shows her badge while wearing a slinky dress at the fancy charity ball] Where was the badge?
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: Don't ask.

Richard Castle: How often are people killed in neighborhoods like this?
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: Same as anywhere else, Castle, just the once.

NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: [as Beckett grinds her thick-heeled shoes into the dirtbag's gun hand to keep him from killing Castle, she says] Go ahead... I need the practice.

NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan: Why do you writers always call them "perps"?
Richard Castle: Isn't that what you call them?
NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan: Ah, we've got a whole lot of names for them. Pipehead, pisshead, orc, creep,
NYPD Detective Javier Esposito: Crook, knucklehead, chucklehead,
NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan: Churd, turd,
NYPD Detective Javier Esposito: Destro, scall,
NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan: Skexy, slicko, slick,
NYPD Detective Javier Esposito: Mope,
NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan: Sleekstak.
Richard Castle: [scribbling in his notepad] Slow down, slow down!
Kate Beckett: Suspects. We call them suspects.
Captain Roy Montgomery: I'm old school. I like dirtbag.
Richard Castle: Classic.

Evan Mitchell: I'm not talking without a lawyer.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: Why? You guilty of something?
Evan Mitchell: Yeah, of not running fast enough when your boys showed.

NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: The next time you go to a crime scene without me, I show you how my taser works.
Richard Castle: Promise?

NYPD Detective Javier Esposito: [Working security at the fundraiser] Man, these guys are guilty of tax evasion not home invasion.
NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan: Yeah, well
[sees Beckett in her formal dress]
NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan: Appearances can be deceiving.
NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan: [to Beckett] Nice dress.
NYPD Detective Javier Esposito: Yeah, what there is of it.
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: I'd let you borrow it, Esposito, but you stretched out the last one.

Richard Castle: What happened to the dress?
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: You didn't think I was going to interrogate him in it, did you?
Richard Castle: [Motions to Ryan and Esposito] We were kind of hoping.

Richard Castle: Must've used this pillow as a poor man's sound supresser.
Kate Beckett: Ahem!
[as if clearing throat]
Richard Castle: Ok! Yes, I broke the jinx, I will buy you a soda.

NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan: [sneezes]
Richard Castle: [and Beckett at the same time] Bless you!
Richard Castle: Jinx!
Kate Beckett: What's with him?
NYPD Detective Javier Esposito: Goose-down. He's allergic.
Richard Castle: I'm sorry, but under the time-honored rules of jinx, you're not allowed to speak until I release you.
NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan: [sneezes]
Richard Castle: [and Beckett at the same time] Bless you!
Kate Beckett: Reverse double-jinx.
Richard Castle: But I...
Kate Beckett: Uh-uh Castle, mouth shut. Until I release you.

Kate Beckett: Oh, I wouldn't worry about it, Castle. After all, only the good die young.
Richard Castle: Ouch!
Kate Beckett: Listen, I know what you're trying to do. You want me to talk about my mom so you can squeeze more pulp for your fiction.
Richard Castle: 'Pulp'? You think what I write is pulp? Listen, I will have you know that the 'New York Review of Books', not the 'New York Book Review', mind you. The 'New York Review of Books' said that Derrick Storm is this year's...
Kate Beckett: I read that piece. And you have to admit it was a little hyperbolic. So what'd you pay the reviewers?
Richard Castle: A case of Chateau Neuf de Pape, but that's not the point. The point is, you read the 'New York Review of Books'?
Kate Beckett: Oh, so many layers to the Beckett onion. However will you peel them all?

Richard Castle: [shouting over Beckett's gunfire] Wouldn't it be more of a challenge if they weren't standing still?
Kate Beckett: [stops shooting] OK Castle, you show me how it's done.
Richard Castle: Whoo!
Kate Beckett: All yours.
[Castle clears his throat as he takes a one handed stance with his right hand]
Kate Beckett: It's not a duel, Scaramouche.
[Beckett turns Castle around]
Kate Beckett: Here. Square off the target. Feet shoulder distance apart. OK, gauntlet your right fist in your left palm.
Richard Castle: [Castle accidentally fires into the wall] Oh, shot too soon.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, you know we could always just cuddle, Castle.
Richard Castle: Oh, funny, and a smile. Good.
[Castle fires again, missing the target]
Kate Beckett: [sounding dubious] Well, that's better.
Richard Castle: Hmm. You know I, uh, came down to ask you if I could, uhhh, take home some of those stolen property photos.
Kate Beckett: Photos of the jewellery? Why?
Richard Castle: I dunno, I just thought it might spark something.
[shoots again, hitting the target in the groin area]
Richard Castle: Oooh, that kinda hurt!
Kate Beckett: Tell you what. You put any of the next three in the ten ring and I will give you the files.
Richard Castle: Yeah?
Kate Beckett: Yeah.
Richard Castle: [quickly fires three shots right in the 10 ring. Beckett stares at the target, stunned] You're a very good teacher.

NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: Joanne, listen to me. You're gonna wanna play out every possible scenario in the next couple of days. If only you'd been there, if only you'd come by, if only you didn't work so late. And I'm telling you, it's not your fault. The ones to blame are the monsters that murdered your mom. This isn't a speech, it's not a platitude, it's a promise. I am gonna do everything in my power to make sure that they pay for what they did.

NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: The other pieces are still in evidence, but I didn't see the harm in returning this.
[Beckett hands over a locket; Joanne opens it up, revealing a picture of her with her mother]
Joanne Delgado: How do you get over it?
NYPD Detective Kate Beckett: You don't. But one day, you'll wake up and and you'll find that you don't mind carrying it around with you. At least that's as far as I've come.

"Castle: Number One Fan (#6.4)" (2013)
Kate Beckett: [In bed] Castle. Are you asleep?
Richard Castle: [mumbled] Yes.
Kate Beckett: Then why'd you answer me?
Richard Castle: I'm sleep talking. Also known as somniloquy. Just ignore me.
Kate Beckett: I don't know what to do.
Richard Castle: [sits up] I have some ideas.
Kate Beckett: No, Castle, I'm talking about my life. I don't know what to do about my life. I haven't been out of work since I was fifteen. I cannot believe that the FBI fired me, and I can't get my job back at the NYPD because of the Commissioner's stupid hiring freeze. I might as well just apply to become a mall cop.
Richard Castle: Ooh, you would look great on a Segway. You know, Beckett, you don't have to decide right away.
Kate Beckett: Come on, Castle, what are you saying? What am I going to do? Just sleep in every morning and screw around until the phone rings? What kind of life is that?
Richard Castle: Mine.
Kate Beckett: Sorry.

Sgt. Roman: So we're going to need a code word that tells us that you need help. Uh- what's your favorite food?
Richard Castle: Oh, um... are we talking everyday food or fine dining? If desserts are included there's this...
Kate Beckett: Cheeseburgers. He loves cheeseburgers.

Lanie Parish: Girl, what are you doing here?
Kate Beckett: Uh... Captain Gates said that I could come.
Lanie Parish: That's not what I meant. Shouldn't you be off looking at wedding venues or something?
Kate Beckett: No, we haven't even set a date. We're just trying to enjoy our engagement. Why is everyone trying to rush us?
Kevin Ryan: Think you're being rushed now, wait until after the wedding. Not ten minutes from the altar, they'll all be like "When are you two having a baby?".
Javier Esposito: Bro, your wife's hormonal because she's pregnant. What's your excuse?

Richard Castle: I just mean that you don't have to work. You're with me now.
Kate Beckett: I don't need to work? Does that mean you're my... sugar daddy?
Richard Castle: Oh. Hold on, that didn't come out the... actually, I'm still sleep-talking. I can't really be held responsible for whatever I say.

Kate Beckett: [Castle is preparing to confront Emma face to face] Listen, I'm kind of looking forward to spending the rest of my life with you, so don't do anything stupid in there, okay?
Richard Castle: Hey, don't worry. I think I already hit my "stupid" quota for the day.

[during a struggle between Emma and Mickey for Emma's gun, Castle is shot in his vest]
Richard Castle: Wow, it worked!
[looking down at where the bullet impacted]
Richard Castle: [ecstatic] She dotted the "I"!
Kate Beckett: [hugging him tightly, relieved he's okay] Yes!
Richard Castle: AHH! Chest. Ooh! That hurts.
Kate Beckett: [letting him go] All right. Yeah, well, getting hit with a projectile traveling at a thousand feet per second's gonna... sting a bit.
Richard Castle: Yeah, I think that's gonna leave a mark.
Kate Beckett: All that matters is you're okay now.
Richard Castle: Oh, I'm better than okay, Beckett. I know who the killer is.

Javier Esposito: [Beckett has absent-mindedly given him and Ryan an order to follow a lead] You are aware that you don't actually work here anymore, right?
Kate Beckett: I'm sorry. Old habits.

Richard Castle: [fondly looking at his Kevlar vest] Wow. And to think you boys mocked me when I had this made four years ago. I think I'll have it framed.
Kevin Ryan: Hey, what does it say about your writing when your number one fan tries to kill you?
Richard Castle: That was an accident.
Javier Esposito: Been one inch higher, it would've been a tragedy.
Richard Castle: But on the bright side, your autographed copies of "Deadly Heat" would be worth way more.
Kate Beckett: [approaching] Not funny, Castle.
Richard Castle: Little bit funny.

Sgt. Roman: [briefing Castle about the hostage situation] We'll make contact, see how everyone's doing, take Emma's temperature, find out what she wants. And then we'll put a plan together. All you have to do is talk.
Kate Beckett: Well, if there's one thing you excel at, Castle, it's talking.

Captain Victoria Gates: What are you thinking?
Kate Beckett: Sir, are you sure that this woman doesn't have a record?
Captain Victoria Gates: Why?
Kate Beckett: Because she seems to have a deep mistrust of the police.
Captain Victoria Gates: Well, obviously, there's more to it than what's in the system.
Kate Beckett: Look, I know I'm not on the job anymore, but...
Captain Victoria Gates: You want to work the crime scene.
Kate Beckett: It can't hurt to have an extra pair of eyes. And the more we find out about Emma, the better chance we'll have of getting Castle and the hostages...
Captain Victoria Gates: Go.

Sgt. Roman: Mr. Castle, what happened? What is going on in there?
Richard Castle: We got problems. Emma is unstable, to say the least. But that's not the worst of it. There's a hostage in there, he's seen "Die Hard" too many times. He's gonna try and be a hero. And there's something else I think you need to know.
Kate Beckett: What's that?
Richard Castle: Emma might actually be telling the truth.
Kate Beckett: The truth about what?
Richard Castle: Beckett, I think she's being framed for murder.

Kate Beckett: [searching for something at her old desk, which is now Sully's, half-eaten food falls onto the floor] How does Sully find anything on this desk?
Richard Castle: I don't know. He must have a system. I think that was once a bagel.

Javier Esposito: You know, Beckett, despite your fiancé's near death, today was fun.
Kevin Ryan: Yeah. We miss working with you.
Kate Beckett: Good.
[she smiles and holds up her badge]
Kate Beckett: 'Cause I'm back.

"Castle: The Last Seduction (#8.7)" (2015)
Kate Beckett: [seeing Castle's anniversary invitation] Castle, this is very sweet. This is... very you. But... I don't think that it would be a good idea.
Richard Castle: Look, I... I know we're on a time-out right now, a-and... but tomorrow's our anniversary, and I just can't bear the thought of spending it without you.
Kate Beckett: I would love to. I really would. You have... no idea how much. But I, um... I'm worried that it would be unfair. Because no matter how great dinner would be, I would still need our time-out.
Richard Castle: No. No, I know. I'm not trying to put an end to the time-out. I'm just saying what if we could...
Kate Beckett: Have a time-out from our time-out?
Richard Castle: Exactly. So what do you think?
Kate Beckett: I would love to have dinner with you tomorrow.

Kate Beckett: So, where are you with matching Vulcan Simmons' heroin to current dealers?
Vikram Singh: Nowhere. It's... it's gonna take a while. Which is why I think you going out to dinner with Castle is a mistake.
Kate Beckett: I know. But I miss him.

[as part of the investigation, Castle went undercover at a divorce attorney's office]
Kate Beckett: When you were in that divorce lawyer's office, I was watching.
Richard Castle: Why, Captain Beckett, I had no idea. I feel so violated.
Kate Beckett: [she laughs, then gets serious] Look, I know you were just playing a role, but... when she asked you if there was any hope for us and you didn't say anything, it was...
Richard Castle: [taking her hand] Kate. I have never given up hope. Not since the day we met. And that'll never change until you tell me it should.
Kate Beckett: Then don't change. Ever.

Kate Beckett: Hi, Castle.
Richard Castle: Hey. Hey, oh, I'm not here about the case. I'm just, uh...
[he indicates Ryan and Esposito]
Kate Beckett: A buffer?
Richard Castle: Yeah.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, they told me. Sort of.

Javier Esposito: Annika has been posting about she's gonna be flying to Paris tonight.
Kevin Ryan: And we need to get some hard evidence tying our vic to one of these women.
Kate Beckett: Castle, you said that they were gonna spend the day at the spa?
Richard Castle: Yes. Where all body art will be on full display. If one of them has that tattoo...
Kate Beckett: Then we can bring them in. I just need a partner to go with me into the women's locker room.
[Castle, Ryan, and Esposito all immediately raise their hands]
Kate Beckett: A female partner, guys.

Claire Stevens: [Beckett is trying to covertly ID a suspect] Don't I know you from somewhere? Yeah, you're married to that writer, aren't you?
Kate Beckett: You know, I'm sure you're confusing me with somebody else.
Claire Stevens: No, she's a cop.

Kevin Ryan: And when you I.D.ed the tattoo, did you pull the towel off or did it just... fall off?
Hayley Shipton: Well, actually, Kate pulled the towel off, but I'm not quite sure how this is relevant.
Javier Esposito: You're pathetic, bro.
Kevin Ryan: Somebody's gotta write this report.
Javier Esposito: Wow. So, Hayley, it must have been pretty hard for you guys to chase her, 'cause you and Beckett were both wearing towels, right?
Kate Beckett: [entering, to Hayley] Hey. Okay, here you go. This is your voucher. Just take that up to Evidence, and that painting is yours.
Hayley Shipton: All right. I'll see you perverts later.
Javier Esposito: Yes, you will.
[seeing Beckett's expression]
Javier Esposito: Ryan was trying to get details on your wardrobe malfunction.
Kevin Ryan: Me? You were the one asking if Beckett was wearing a towel.

Nancy Underwood: Yes, I slept with Scott. And yes, he took photos, obviously.
Kate Beckett: And then he used those photos to blackmail you.
Nancy Underwood: Blackmail? Where are you getting that from?
Kate Beckett: Well, how else did your now ex-husband end up with these photos?
Nancy Underwood: Because my ex hired Scott to sleep with me. The same thing happened with all of us, Annika and Claire. You see, our husbands wanted to trade us in for younger trophy wives, without having to pay through the nose.
Kate Beckett: [understanding] Oh, because you guys had infidelity clauses in your prenups.
Nancy Underwood: Yeah, my night with Scott cost me 12 mil.
Kate Beckett: You do realize that you just gave me a motive for Scott's murder.

Kate Beckett: So you sent Castle on a surveillance mission after I told you he was not to work any more NYPD cases.
Kevin Ryan: We didn't think you should know. We were trying to protect you.
Kate Beckett: By sending my husband to the city's top divorce attorney?
Javier Esposito: Happy anniversary?

Richard Castle: How are things between the boys?
Kate Beckett: Not good, actually. I'm kind of worried about them.
Richard Castle: Oh, they'll work it out. They've been through way too much together to give up on what they have.
Kate Beckett: [sensing the implication of their own relationship] You're a wise man, Castle. With a big heart. And you're rather good-looking, too.
Richard Castle: You might want to pace yourself on the flattery. You've got a whole dinner to get through.
Kevin Ryan: [loudly] Come on, Javi. Just say it.
Javier Esposito: Trust me, you don't want to hear what I really think.
Kevin Ryan: Oh, bring it on.
Javier Esposito: All right. You're a whiny, insecure, jealous little baby who shot me in the ass on purpose!
Kevin Ryan: And you are an arrogant, manscaped Neanderthal. And it wasn't on purpose. Next time, it's gonna be.
Javier Esposito: That's it. I want a new partner!
Kevin Ryan: Me, too!
Richard Castle: Oh, we can't leave them like this, can we?
Kate Beckett: [sigh] I'll talk to Javi.
Richard Castle: I'll see if I can calm Ryan down. Rain check on dinner?
Kate Beckett: Yeah.

[intercut between two parallel conversations]
Kevin Ryan: How'd it all go so wrong? I mean, one day we're a team. Simpatico, finishing each other's sentences. And then...
Richard Castle: You shot him in the ass.
Kate Beckett: It was an accident, Jav.
Javier Esposito: Oh, was it? You sure about that?
Kate Beckett: Yeah. And deep down in your heart, you are, too.
Javier Esposito: It doesn't matter. Once the trust is gone, it's really hard to get it back.
Kate Beckett: No, that's not true. A strong relationship can survive anything.
Richard Castle: No relationship can survive secrets, or lies. Now, you need to tell Esposito the truth; that you were hurt and jealous that he passed the test and you didn't.
Kevin Ryan: Forget that. He... he rubbed it in my face, remember? "Sergeant Esposito."
Richard Castle: You need to apologize.
Javier Esposito: Hell, no. I am not apologizing to him.
Kate Beckett: Why not?
Javier Esposito: Even before he shot me, he couldn't believe that I passed and he didn't.
Kate Beckett: You have to let it go.
Richard Castle: You have to let it go.
Kevin Ryan: I can't.
Javier Esposito: I can't.

Kate Beckett: Happy anniversary? A day late?
Richard Castle: Yeah. Or, um, 364 days early.

Kate Beckett: Um, Rick, I just wanted...
[Castle kisses her]
Kate Beckett: Mm. Wait. Look, this doesn't mean that we're...
Richard Castle: No. No, I know. No, this is just a... time-out from the time-out.
Kate Beckett: Yeah.
Richard Castle: Yeah. So... time in?
Kate Beckett: Yeah.

"Castle: Cops & Robbers (#4.7)" (2011)
Kate Beckett: What do you want, Castle?
Richard Castle: Tell me you need me.
Kate Beckett: Excuse me?
Richard Castle: I'm stuck at a bank, helping my mother get a loan from my banker. Please tell me that there's a murder somewhere we could be solving.
Kate Beckett: Uh, sorry. There's no dead bodies. Just a lot of paperwork, but you're welcome to come and do your share for once.
Richard Castle: The only thing worse than being here is being there doing paperwork.
Kate Beckett: You know, how come we're partners when I'm chasing down bad guys and as soon as there's paperwork, I'm on a solo mission?
Richard Castle: [distracted, having noticed suspicious people in hospital scrubs enter the bank] Huh...
Kate Beckett: What?
Richard Castle: I think this bank is about to be robbed.
Kate Beckett: Really? Are you that bored?
Richard Castle: There's a man and a woman, dressed in scrubs, and both of them have suspicious bulges in their jackets.
Kate Beckett: Castle, I think your writer's imagination is getting away with you.
Dr. Howser: [a third man enters the bank, turns around with a gun] Everybody get down on the floor!
Richard Castle: It's not my imagination. It's definitely not my imagination!

Kate Beckett: Esposito! There's a 10-30, New Amsterdam Bank and Trust on Lex. Call Dispatch.
Kevin Ryan: 10-30? Since when are we handling bank robbery calls?
Kate Beckett: Castle's there.

Kate Beckett: Castle, I need you to listen very carefully. How many are there?
Richard Castle: There are... three.
[Trapper John comes up behind Castle and cocks his gun]
Richard Castle: Make that four.
Trapper John: So you're the hero I'm gonna make an example of.
[John takes Castle's phone]
Trapper John: Sorry, your friend can't talk right now.
Kate Beckett: I wouldn't worry about him. I'd worry about yourself. I've got squad cars on their way.
Trapper John: You a cop? You called a cop?
Richard Castle: No, I... we were already on the line when you guys came in.
Kate Beckett: Listen to me. So far, nobody has been hurt and nothing has been stolen. So if you just leave the same way that you came in, you can just disappear.
Trapper John: You gonna promise not to coming look for me?
Kate Beckett: I don't look. I hunt. And trust me, you don't want that. So leave now, and this will just be a quirky little article in the Metro section.
[pause, as John considers it]
Trapper John: Sorry, sweetheart. I'd rather make the front page.
[hangs up]

Richard Castle: Even as a hostage, I help you solve murders. Beckett, I think... I think you have the perfect partner.
Kate Beckett: [laughing] Yeah, except he doesn't like doing paperwork.
Richard Castle: Touché.

Captain John Davis: Who are you?
Kate Beckett: Detective Kate Beckett, Homicide.
Captain John Davis: I'll be sure to call you if someone dies. Meanwhile, I need you to step outsi...
Kate Beckett: No, sir, my partner is in that bank.
Captain John Davis: Wait, we got a cop in there?
Kate Beckett: He's a civilian investigator. He and I were on the phone when they took over the bank. He said that there's four suspects in there. They're dressed up in doctors' scrubs.
Captain John Davis: Anything else you can tell me?
Kate Beckett: Yeah, I spoke with one of the suspects.
Captain John Davis: Okay, what was his demeanor?
Kate Beckett: Calm, actually. Very calm.
Captain John Davis: Thanks for the intel. We'll do everything we can to get your partner out safe.
Kate Beckett: Okay, so what's our next move?
Captain John Davis: Well, your next move is to leave my command post.
[Beckett opens her mouth to argue]
Captain John Davis: You want to help your partner? Let me do my job.

Kate Beckett: This is Detective Kate Beckett. I understand you wanted to speak with me.
Trapper John: Yeah, I don't like that other guy.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, me either.
Kate Beckett: [Peterson gives her a look] You said to build a rapport.

Trapper John: Where's my bus?
Kate Beckett: The bus is on its way. It'll be there in twenty minutes.
Trapper John: The hostages will be dead in two.
Kate Beckett: No, nobody needs to die. Okay? It's coming. It's just... it's stuck in traffic.
Trapper John: We have rules, Kate. I said I wouldn't kill anyone, you said you'd get me a bus. I lived up to my end of the deal.
Kate Beckett: And I'm gonna live up to mine in just...
Trapper John: I warned you not to jerk me around. I was clear about the consequences. Do I have to prove how serious I am? Is that it?
Kate Beckett: Okay, I think we both just need to take a deep breath and we can talk about...
Trapper John: I'm done talking!
[Trapper turns and fires his gun towards Castle]
Kate Beckett: What was that?
Trapper John: [a desktop computer smokes from the gunshot] A warning shot, Kate. The next one's for the kill!
Martha Rodgers: [Trapper makes his way towards Castle] Don't you touch him, you son of a bitch!
Richard Castle: No, no! Davenport, hold her back! I got this.
Trapper John: [cocking the hammer of his gun] I'm gonna make pretty red stains out of your boyfriend, Kate. I got my gun to his throat, and I'm gonna paint a Jackson Pollock with his insides!
Captain John Davis: You need to calm him down.
Kate Beckett: Listen to me, jackass, I do not control traffic. So you're gonna have to give me twenty minutes.
Trapper John: Now you've got one minute, Kate.
Kate Beckett: No! I've got twenty. Do you hear me? Twenty. Because if you pull that trigger, I will walk through those doors and personally put a bullet through your skull.
Trapper John: [after a tense moment, he lowers his gun] Okay, Kate, you got twenty more minutes.
Captain John Davis: [Trapper ends the phone call] Well, that's one way to negotiate.

Kate Beckett: Why didn't he ask me for something?
Captain John Davis: What?
Kate Beckett: Sir, he gave me twenty minutes and he didn't ask for anything in return. If he wanted to maintain control, he would have asked for something. I mean, this is all way too easy.
Captain John Davis: Take the win, detective.
Kate Beckett: No, sir, something is going on. We're just not asking the right questions.

Richard Castle: So he uses his military connections to hire that team of mercenaries in the bank. And then to avoid loose ends, Ron rigged the C-4 to blow early.
Javier Esposito: Talk about cold blooded.
Kate Beckett: And he did all of this just for the contents of Agnes' safety deposit box? Castle, you said that there were photos and letters in there, right?
Richard Castle: Yeah. Trapper John must have given them to Ron when he was being escorted back from the restroom. Because right after that, he faked a seizure and was let go.
Kate Beckett: But why? I mean, what was so special about his former mother-in-law's safety deposit box?
Richard Castle: Former mother-in-law?
Javier Esposito: Yeah, Ron was married to Agnes' daughter, Tanya. Both her and her son, Connor, were killed in a boating accident about a year ago.
Richard Castle: No, no, Ron spoke about Connor, and he did not speak about him like he was dead. Connor is still alive.
Javier Esposito: Well, I don't know what to tell you, Castle, it says right here Connor's dead.
Kevin Ryan: I'm not so sure about that. Turns out that neither his wife, Tanya, nor Connor's body was ever recovered.
Richard Castle: Why would the wife fake their deaths?
Kevin Ryan: Domestic abuse. However, Ron had the connections and the wealth to avoid prosecution.
Richard Castle: So the system failed her. She and Connor couldn't escape Ron's abuse, so she faked their deaths and disappeared.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, but to disappear, she had to walk away from her former life.
Richard Castle: Sever ties with everything and everyone she ever knew.
Kate Beckett: Except she couldn't, especially with her mom, Agnes.
Richard Castle: Which is what the safety deposit box was for. It's a means of communication. It's like a Cold War drop box in some John le Carré novel. Only Tanya wouldn't be able to risk making the drops. So who would make the drops for her?
Kevin Ryan: Our mystery man, who was posing as Agnes' dead husband. He was Tanya's middleman.
Kate Beckett: Okay, so Tanya sends the photos and the letters to the middleman. The middleman puts them in the safety deposit box for Agnes. The box serves as a mailbox.
Richard Castle: Only it's better than a mailbox 'cause it's locked up inside a bank.
Kevin Ryan: Ron must have suspected that they fake their deaths, and that's when he bugged Agnes' home.
Javier Esposito: And when Ron found out about the box, he killed Agnes for the key.
Richard Castle: Right, and with the clock ticking, he hired that crew to stage the bank robbery to get to the box with that key.
Kate Beckett: You know, those photos and letters will say exactly where his wife and son are hiding. He's on his way there now, and we know what he's gonna do once he gets there.
Richard Castle: He's gonna kidnap his son and kill his wife.

Kate Beckett: Castle!
Richard Castle: Beckett?
Kate Beckett: [seeing the hostages are all okay] They're here!
Richard Castle: I told you. Huh?
Kate Beckett: Oh, my god. Here we go. Ready? Okay. How are you?
[Beckett cuts Castle's zip tie restraint, and they share a tender look]
Martha Rodgers: He's not the only one here, you know.

Kate Beckett: Sir, what happened to the robbers?
Captain John Davis: They're dead. They blew themselves up.
Kate Beckett: What?
Captain John Davis: Apparently the C-4 was part of he exit strategy. They blasted a hole straight through the bottom of the vault and opened the ceiling on an abandoned subway station below. Smart plan, if they didn't screw it up. They must have triggered the explosion before they took cover and they killed themselves.
Richard Castle: It's not possible. C-4, it's a very stable explosive. It wouldn't go off accidentally, and these guys were not dime-store bandits. They were trained. They were military precision. They... they wouldn't set off an explosion prematurely.
Captain John Davis: Really? I got an assortment of body parts that tells me they did.

Kate Beckett: Father McCaskey, I'm Detective Kate Beckett, this is Richard Castle. We need to know where Tanya and Connor Brandt are hiding.
Father McCaskey: I don't know what you're talking about. Tanya and Connor have been dead for over a year.
Richard Castle: Father, you don't understand. Agnes Fields has been murdered. Ron Brandt has the contents of her safe deposit box. He's on his way to them now.
Father McCaskey: What? How could this happen? That box was there to protect them.
Kate Beckett: It didn't, Father, but we can. We need to know their address.
Father McCaskey: Of course. 14 Cascadilla Street, Ithaca.
Richard Castle: Ithaca. That's only four hours away. Ron could already be there by now.

[last lines]
Richard Castle: [Beckett hands him a glass of wine] Ah, thank you. And I didn't get a chance to properly thank you for saving my life.
Kate Beckett: Oh, there's no need, Castle. We're partners. It's what we do.
Richard Castle: Yes, some of us more than others, of course.
Kate Beckett: Wait, what is that supposed to mean?
Richard Castle: Only that this is the eighth time you've saved my life, and I've saved your life nine times.
Kate Beckett: Okay, first of all, I can't even believe that you're keeping score. And secondly, there is no way that you've saved my life more than I have yours. Nine? Please.
Richard Castle: Well, let's review, shall we? The first time, I distracted that mad gunman with the champagne bottle. And yes, that was a save. Even you admitted it. The second time, the, um, serial killer put a bomb in your kitchen while you were taking a shower. I had to brave the hellish flames to pull you out of your bathtub. Won't be forgetting that any time soon.

"Castle: Clear & Present Danger (#7.3)" (2014)
Richard Castle: You promise.
Kate Beckett: [softly] Yes, we'll pick up where we left off. I'll even slip into that Valentine's Day gift you got me.
Richard Castle: [gesturing with his hands] You mean the one with...
Kate Beckett: Uh hmm.
Richard Castle: With...
Kate Beckett: Yeah.
[She enters the crime scene and Castle plants his hand, straight arm style, against the chest of the officer guarding the door and leans forward, dropping his head and signing heavily]

Kate Beckett: [referring to a missing DVD she put in an evidence box] So, what'd it do? Walk out on its own?
Richard Castle: No. It didn't walk out on its own. Beckett, you were right. The killer isn't the Devil. The Devil doesn't need to dispose of evidence.
Kate Beckett: Clearly.
Richard Castle: Clearly is the perfect word because clearly our killer... is the invisible man.
[Castle's eyes move around the room as if looking for the invisible man]

Kate Beckett: [She and Castle have reentered the crime scene and she sees Castle tiptoeing into the apartment] What are you doing?
Richard Castle: [whispering] We don't know if the invisible man is here right now.

Kate Beckett: [after Castle pinches her bottom] Ahh!
Richard Castle: Did the invisible man just goose you?
Kate Beckett: Castle.
Richard Castle: I know. They're like that. So gauche.

Kate Beckett: We know what we saw.
Richard Castle: Or didn't see.

[to get their life together back to normal, Castle and Beckett have planned a night of romance]
Richard Castle: You have no idea how much I've missed this.
[they kiss]
Kate Beckett: You had amnesia for two months. I missed it more.

[last lines]
Kate Beckett: Give me a minute and let me slip into something special, okay?
Richard Castle: Right.
[as Beckett leaves, Castle hurries to the bed]
Richard Castle: 'Cause there's something special I got you for Valentine's Day. I approve.
Kate Beckett: Even better.
[Beckett re-enters the room stark naked]
Kate Beckett: It's invisible.

Kate Beckett: Come on, Castle. You know that there are plenty of ways to access windows on high-level floors without a fire escape.
Richard Castle: Yes, if you're Spider-Man.
Kate Beckett: Our killer's not Spider-Man.
Richard Castle: Agreed. Because it's the devil.
Kate Beckett: The only place that we're gonna find the devil in this case is in the details. Once we find out more about Will's life, then we will uncover who his earthbound enemy is.
Richard Castle: Tomorrow. Tonight, I have something I'd like to uncover back at home.
[Beckett's phone rings]
Richard Castle: Don't answer that. Don't. Don't even. Don't look at it. Don't answer it. Don't pick it up.
Kate Beckett: Just hold on...
Richard Castle: [Beckett picks the receiver up] You picked it up.

Richard Castle: [discussing the victim] A guy says he's gonna lose his soul, and then he does? How creepy is that?
Kate Beckett: The guy was hustling felons and he got himself killed. That's not creepy, that's probable cause.

Kate Beckett: There was a break-in at 39 East 70th Street earlier this week. And the owner, Tom Talmadge, was assaulted.
Richard Castle: Tom Talmadge? He's the founder of that rideshare service, Hytch.
Javier Esposito: [derisively] What, those stupid cars with the thumbs on the roof?
Richard Castle: Laugh all you want. That app made him a billionaire.

Kate Beckett: Mr. Talmadge, what's your relationship to William Fairwick?
Tom Talmadge: I don't know who that is.
[Beckett shows him William's picture and notices Tom's reaction]
Kate Beckett: Mr. Talmadge, your reaction says otherwise. Was he your attacker?
Tom Talmadge: I'm not giving a statement.
Richard Castle: Given that Mr. Fairwick was murdered, you might want to rethink that.
Tom Talmadge: Murdered? Look, if you're implying that I had something to do with it...
Kate Beckett: Well, why else would you refuse to answer the question?
Tom Talmadge: Because you won't believe me anyway. It'll sound... crazy.
Richard Castle: You wouldn't believe the crazy things we've heard. Try us.

Captain Victoria Gates: You were attacked at a closed crime scene? By whom?
Kate Beckett: We didn't get a good look at the assailant, sir.
Richard Castle: Actually, we...
[to shut him up, Beckett softly steps on his foot]
Captain Victoria Gates: Yes, Mr. Castle?
Richard Castle: [covering] It was dark, and we didn't see anything.

Kevin Ryan: Beckett, what would you do if you were invisible?
Kate Beckett: I'd walk out of here without having to file this report.
Kevin Ryan: Hmm. Boring.
Kate Beckett: Yeah. I know.
Javier Esposito: What about you, Castle?
Richard Castle: Be a fly on the wall, see what Beckett's dad really thinks of me.

"Castle: Watershed (#5.24)" (2013)
Richard Castle: Maybe Erika was some kind of an online Erin Brockovich. You know, a crusader for good delving into the seedy underbelly of the legal system to uncover some seemy truth.
Kate Beckett: Or maybe she was just hired by a rival firm to steal privileged information.
Richard Castle: Now why must you be so cynical?
Kate Beckett: It's in my job description.
Richard Castle: Which is why you need me.

Kate Beckett: The only evidence of what she was up to is on that missing laptop.
Richard Castle: So without it we're dead in the water. Much like Erika.
Richard Castle, Javier Esposito: Too soon.

Richard Castle: What's this?
Kate Beckett: What's what?
Richard Castle: Boarding pass.
Kate Beckett: [realizing the cat is out of the bag] Castle...
Richard Castle: You fly to D.C. yesterday?
Kate Beckett: Yes. I did.
Richard Castle: Why?
Kate Beckett: I was invited down for an interview.
Richard Castle: What kind of interview?
Kate Beckett: For a position with a federal task force.
Richard Castle: I'm sorry, you interviewed for another job in another city and you didn't tell me?
Kate Beckett: I didn't tell you about it because it was just an interview, and I knew that you would be upset.
Richard Castle: Yeah. Yeah, you're damn right I'm upset.
Kate Beckett: Castle, I just wanted to see what was out there. What's wrong with that?
Richard Castle: What's wrong with it is that you hid it from me. In fact, you lied about it. I wouldn't do that to you.
Kate Beckett: Castle, this isn't about you. This is about me. This is about my life.
Richard Castle: So you're seriously considering this?
Kate Beckett: Yes. This is a wonderful opportunity. It'll be a chance to do more.
Richard Castle: Without me.
Kate Beckett: Castle, please don't do this. Please don't make this about us.
Richard Castle: I'm sorry, tell me how this isn't about us. You get this job, you move to D.C., I'll never see you. That's pretty much the end of our relationship, isn't it?
Kate Beckett: You don't know that. And I probably won't even get the job.
Richard Castle: That's not the point. The point is you knew what this could mean, and it didn't occur to you to include me. Or worse, it did occur to you and you chose not to. Now, what does that say about us? Not much, you ask me.
Kate Beckett: Castle.
Richard Castle: [picking up his coat and heading to the door] I can't be here right now.

Jim Beckett: Sounds like a great offer.
Kate Beckett: Yeah. It is.
Jim Beckett: Your mom would be proud. Hell, I'm proud. So, what're you gonna do?
Kate Beckett: I don't know, dad. It's like I'm standing at a crossroads and I have to choose between two possible futures.
Jim Beckett: Why do you think you have to choose?
Kate Beckett: Because, dad, he's right. If I take this job, then there's not gonna be time for anyone else. And then if I don't...
Jim Beckett: It'll be because of him, and you'll end up resenting him for it.
Kate Beckett: Or... worse. Dad, I don't know what we have. I don't know if it's... real. It's like we've been doing this dance for the past five years, and... I mean, what happens when the music stops? What if all we were in love with was the dance?
Jim Beckett: You know, your whole life you've never had a relationship go this far. You know, somewhere around here you always end them. Now, why is that? Look, Katie, I know you. When you get scared, you hide in your work. And I just want you to be sure, whatever decision you make, it's because it's what you want. Not because you're afraid.
Kate Beckett: This job. It's what I want.
Jim Beckett: Then tell him.
Kate Beckett: [heavy sigh] He's gonna hate me, dad.
Jim Beckett: [simply, but empathetically] That's something you'll have to live with.

[last lines]
Kate Beckett: I'm sorry. I shouldn't have kept secrets.
Richard Castle: [shrugging it off] It's who you are. You don't let people in. I've had to scratch and claw for every inch.
Kate Beckett: Castle...
Richard Castle: Please let me finish. I've been doing a lot of thinking about us, about our relationship. What we have. Where we're headed. I've decided I want more. We both deserve more.
Kate Beckett: I agree.
Richard Castle: So whatever happens, whatever you decide, Katherine Houghton Beckett...
[Castle gets down on one knee and presents an engagement ring]
Richard Castle: ...will you marry me?

Kate Beckett: Do you have any idea how many people have sat across that table and confessed their sins to me? What makes you think that you're any different? Any smarter? You've only been in this room for one hour. But this room... this room has been my life - my home - and I will not let you sit there and lie to me in my own home. This is a partial print found at the crime scene in the victim's blood. It's a match to yours, Martin. Am I still wasting my time? I've got enough to convict you. So the question is how many years of your own life are you gonna sacrifice for someone else's future? Or are you ready to deal?

Kevin Ryan: Here's what I don't get. Why go through all the trouble of creating a fake persona when you're just gonna be on your laptop all night?
Richard Castle: Wait. Does the Cedric have wi-fi?
Kevin Ryan: Yeah. That's about all it has.
Richard Castle: Computer science major? Hours on her laptop?
Kate Beckett: She's a hacker. Which is why she was staying at the Cedric. She could pay in cash and remain anonymous while she was using the IP address.
Richard Castle: Exactly. And whatever she was hacking into is either so illegal or so dangerous she had to make sure they couldn't trace it back to her. And even if they did trace it back to her, they'd still have to find her amongst hundreds of residents.
Kate Beckett: So she created a whole false persona, and who's gonna look twice at a runaway hooker? I mean, she's like the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.
Richard Castle: Only they did find her, which is why we can't find her laptop. Whoever she went up against killed her and took it.
Javier Esposito: Uh, problem. We don't know who she went up against, and none of her friends seem to know, either.
Kate Beckett: Okay. Contact the Cedric's Internet provider and get a list of all the IP addresses accessed by residents over the past two weeks. There's gotta be an answer somewhere in there.

Kate Beckett: If you had the opportunity to do something that you wanted to do, but it would mean that everything in your life might change, would you take it?
Lanie Parish: Well, it depends. How good is the opportunity?
Kate Beckett: Great. Really, really great. But the job's in D.C.
Lanie Parish: And you're worried about Castle.
Kate Beckett: I mean, we're in this relationship, but... we never talk about where we're going. And that's okay, right now. It's just... but if I get that job...
Lanie Parish: Then you're gonna have to.
Kate Beckett: Yeah.
Lanie Parish: Maybe that's not such a bad thing.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, but what if it is?

Jessica Banks: This is my partner, Mitch Bauer. Do you know this girl?
Mitch Bauer: [looking at Erica's picture] No. Should I?
Jessica Banks: Well, the police think she may have hacked our server.
Mitch Bauer: Why? What did she access?
Kate Beckett: We don't know.
Mitch Bauer: Well, is she in custody?
Richard Castle: Sort of.
Mitch Bauer: What do you mean "sort of"?
Richard Castle: She's dead.
Kate Beckett: Actually, she was murdered, and we believe it might have to do with whatever it was she was trying to access from your system.

Richard Castle: Three deaths, all leading back to the law firm of Banks and Bauer. Is it just me, or is this starting to smell like a John Grisham novel? A single car accident with no witnesses? Guys, this is a classic conspiracy cover-up. Though only a lowly intern, Pam stumbles onto something the firm is doing; something big, nefarious. She has to be silenced, only after the accident, Blaylock can't take the guilt, or admit the truth. So his only bastion is to escape into the sweet oblivion of drugs.
Kate Beckett: And then when Erica starts coming around, they realize that they're gonna have to act by eliminating them both. But what are they covering up?
Kevin Ryan: Whatever it is, the only possible evidence is on Erica's laptop, which our killer took.
Richard Castle: Yeah.
[a thought strikes him]
Richard Castle: Wait, are we sure about that? Erica was meeting Blaylock on the roof, right? A guy who, according to the e-mails, she didn't know very well. If I'm Erica, I'm hiding that laptop.
Javier Esposito: Well, we searched her room. It wasn't there.
Kate Beckett: Wait. Do you guys remember the footage from the elevator?
Richard Castle: Yes. She went down to the laundry room first.
Kate Beckett: And Lanie said that she found traces of creosote under her fingernails from the boiler room next door.
Richard Castle, Kate Beckett: The laptop's in the basement.

Kate Beckett: Are you familiar with a girl named Pamela Bonner?
Jessica Banks: Detective, what is this about?
Kate Beckett: Mr. Rigsdale?
Colin Rigsdale III: The name's not familiar.
Kate Beckett: Really? I understand that she was an intern here at the first last year, isn't that correct? And isn't it also correct that you attended the Banks & Bauer summer associate party last year?
Jessica Banks: Don't answer that. Detective, what are you doing?
Kate Beckett: The same thing that my victim, Erica Albrook, was doing. Trying to figure out how her best friend, Pamela Bonner, actually died.
Jessica Banks: Her death was an accident.
Kate Beckett: Really? Then why do we have a record of Ian Blaylock, Mr. Rigsdale's attorney at the time, receiving a phone call from him at 1:45 that night?
Jessica Banks: Detective, this is privileged information. It's inadmissible.
Kate Beckett: And we're not in court.

Kate Beckett: [after questioning a suspect] He's prepared to give a statement implicating his brother in both murders as well as the accident. Would you guys mind taking it?
Javier Esposito: Yo, Kate.
Kate Beckett: Yeah?
Javier Esposito: What's up?
Kevin Ryan: Yeah, what's going on?
Kate Beckett: Look, there's something that I have to tell you guys, but there's someone else that I have to tell first.

[deleted scene]
Richard Castle: Hey.
Kate Beckett: Hey. Couldn't sleep.
Richard Castle: The case?
Kate Beckett: Mm. Yeah, among other things.
Richard Castle: You know what you need? Both of us, actually; a long vacation. Just turn off our brains. What do you say, next month after the book is in, we take a couple weeks and go out to the Hamptons, just the two of us?
Kate Beckett: [not entirely invested] Yeah, that sounds great.
Richard Castle: It will be. Now, quit thinking so much. Makes your forehead all wrinkly; like I'm dating a Shar Pei.
Kate Beckett: Is that what we're doing? Dating?
Richard Castle: Dating, being with, semi-cohabitating. Tell you what we're not doing: sleeping. Come on back to bed.
Kate Beckett: [quietly, as he turns to leave] Yeah, I'll be there in a minute.

"Castle: Reality Star Struck (#5.14)" (2013)
Kate Beckett: Mr. Monroe, are you pathologically incapable of telling the truth?

Ashley Robinson: Look, I'm just saying this sucks, okay? Hannah dying a month before our wedding.
Stone Gower: Ashley's right. Maybe you should postpone it, or something.
Penelope Foster: Postpone? For that bitch?
Margo Gower: Penelope!
Penelope Foster: Look, it's not like I killed her.
Kate Beckett: [interrupting] Excuse me, Ms. Foster. Detective Beckett, NYPD.
Penelope Foster: How do you do?
Kate Beckett: I'm fine. But you are under arrest for the murder of Hannah Green.
Richard Castle: So I guess it is like you killed her.
Peter Monroe: [to the camera guys] Are you still rolling? Did you get that?

[last lines]
Richard Castle: I am sorry about the earrings, though.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, me, too. They were... stunning.
Richard Castle: Hmm. I will get you something else even more beautiful. Just try not to give it to another woman first.
Kate Beckett: That would be nice.
Richard Castle: Which reminds me... what did you get me?
[Beckett leads Castle over to her chest of drawers and taps one of the drawers]
Kate Beckett: Open it.
[Castle opens the drawer; it's empty, and he feels around for a hidden bottom]
Richard Castle: Maybe it's in another drawer.
Kate Beckett: It is the drawer. It's your drawer. I mean, I know it's not a lightsaber.
Richard Castle: No. It's perfect.
[they kiss]
Kate Beckett: Happy Valentine's Day. Now take your clothes off, put them in your drawer, and meet me in the bed.
[Beckett walks away; Castle works on his shirt cuffs, but they won't come undone]
Richard Castle: Seriously?

Richard Castle: Okay, heart-shaped cufflinks.
Kate Beckett: Can you stop guessing?
Richard Castle: Okay, a pony. It's a rocket. It's a limited edition "Star Wars" lightsaber signed by George Lucas.
Kate Beckett: [sarcastic] Yes, because nothing says "Happy Valentine's Day" like a "Star Wars" toy.
[a thought strikes her]
Kate Beckett: Wait, wait, wait, wait. Please tell me that you didn't get me a lightsaber for our first Valentine's Day together.
Richard Castle: Please, give me some credit.

Richard Castle: [entering the precinct] That's what I mean. Hannah didn't stand a chance. I mean, she's a small-town, naive young woman. She was just chum to piranhas.
Captain Victoria Gates: Yeah, but look what she did to Bob.
Richard Castle: Okay, okay. Do you really think that she played him? That Penelope was right about that?
Captain Victoria Gates: Oh, that girl was smarter than anybody gave her credit for.
Richard Castle: You know what? I think you're right.
Captain Victoria Gates: What about you, Detective? Did you watch "Wives of Wall Street" last night?
Kate Beckett: I watched an episode.
Richard Castle: Just one episode? That's like eating one potato chip.

Kate Beckett: Seriously, Castle, what were you thinking?
Richard Castle: Well, I wanted to surprise you.
Kate Beckett: By putting my gift in Gates' blazer? Okay, I'm surprised.
Richard Castle: Well, why do you and Gates have to wear such similar blazers?
Kate Beckett: Did you write a note?
Richard Castle: Of course I wrote a note. I'm a writer.
Kate Beckett: Was it romantic?
Richard Castle: It's Valentine's Day. So yeah, it was romantic.
Kate Beckett: Did you put my name on it?
[Castle tries to remember]
Kate Beckett: Oh, god. Castle, please, did you put my name on it?
Richard Castle: I can't remember! I put my name on it, I know that much.
Kate Beckett: [groans in frustration] Oh! If Gates finds out that we're dating, then that's it. We're not gonna be working together anymore.
Richard Castle: Why do you think I've been trying so hard to get it back?
Kate Beckett: Oh, we will get it back, right when we get to the precinct. But right now, we've got a murder to solve. Maybe our last.

Peter Monroe: You have to find who did this. The audience will want to know.
Richard Castle: Yeah, not to mention her family, the D.A.
Kate Beckett: Mr. Monroe, when was this shot?
Peter Monroe: Uh... day before yesterday, around 8:00 p.m. Why?
Kate Beckett: Because she's wearing the same clothes that we found her in. That's a full day later.

Kate Beckett: Do you know where she went after filming, or why she would have been on the Upper West Side?
Peter Monroe: Well, to be honest, when the cameras go away, so do I. So I don't even know what she did on her free time.
Richard Castle: In the video, she seems upset. Any idea what about?
Peter Monroe: Oh, you got to understand, we brought Hannah in to be Penelope's assistant. You know, mix things up a little bit. The small-town girl with the big-time dreams of becoming a fashion designer. "Will she make it with the wives of Wall Street?". She's just milking it for the camera; they all do.
Richard Castle: So it's a reality show, just without the reality.
Peter Monroe: Eh... I like to think of it as heightened reality. Reality-ish.

Richard Castle: You're a fan of "Wives of Wall Street"?
Captain Victoria Gates: Oh, yes! It's the best show on TV. Why?
Richard Castle: I don't... I just... assumed that a woman like you would prefer more... sophisticated fare.
Captain Victoria Gates: [insulted] Excuse me? What did you just say?
Kate Beckett: [her phone rings, breaking the awkward silence] Hey, Lanie. What's up?

Lanie Parish: I'll tell you where she was. Madagascar.
Richard Castle: As in the country off the southeastern coast of Africa, made famous by the adorable animated film?
Lanie Parish: Yup. The material I found underneath her fingernails, not skin from an attacker. It's alluaudia.
Kate Beckett: And what is alluaudia?
Lanie Parish: A rare spiny plant, cultivated primarily in Madagascar.
Richard Castle: So how did it get on her fingernails?
Lanie Parish: Beats me. As for her defensive wounds, they were not sustained at the time of murder. They're from twenty-four hours prior.
Kate Beckett: That's about the time that she went off the grid, which means there's got to be a connection.

Lanie Parish: Remember this abrasion?
Kate Beckett: Yeah.
Lanie Parish: Well, I figured out what caused it. Her diamond tennis bracelet.
Richard Castle: But wasn't that on her right wrist?
Lanie Parish: Good memory.
Richard Castle: So her wrists were tied together.
Lanie Parish: Tight, and for several hours.
Kate Beckett: Now it's making sense. Wearing the same clothes overnight...
Richard Castle: The radio silence.
Kate Beckett: And the defensive wounds twenty-four hours prior to death.
Richard Castle: Hannah was held hostage

Kate Beckett: [Castle sees Lanie dressed to go out] Hey, Espo, your date's here.
Richard Castle: I knew they had plans! You knew they had plans and you didn't tell me?
Kate Beckett: Yeah, because she asked me to keep it a secret. This is a really big deal for them. She doesn't want you making fun of them.
Richard Castle: I wouldn't make fun! No, that's not true...
[he chortles]
Richard Castle: It'd be fish in a barrel. Oh.
Kate Beckett: Lanie, you look great.
Lanie Parish: Yeah? It's not too much?
Kate Beckett: No. It might be a little too much for Castle. Eyes up, bud.

"Castle: The Nose (#8.5)" (2015)
[after accidentally shooting Esposito, Ryan is trying to make amends, and the two are making a scene in the bullpen]
Kate Beckett: Hey! Knock it off!
Javier Esposito: Well, he started it with his...
Kate Beckett: You know what? If the two of you can't figure this out on your own, then you're doing it in therapy, and that's an order; no ifs, ands, or buts.
[Esposito gives her an angry stare]
Kate Beckett: I didn't mean it like that.

Kate Beckett: So that's our victim's car?
Kevin Ryan: Yeah. Keys were in his pocket. We're just digging into it.
Kate Beckett: Then this wasn't a carjacking.
Javier Esposito: Or a robbery. Victim still had his cash and wallet on him.
Kate Beckett: These are bulletproof windows, huh?
Javier Esposito: That's not the only upgrade. These tires are reinforced run-flat, and there are Kevlar panels in these doors.
Kate Beckett: [opening the passenger door and leaning in to look around] So what do you think? Maybe he was corporate security?
Kevin Ryan: Not with that tiny back seat.
[turning around, Beckett gives him a hard stare]
Kevin Ryan: I mean there's no room for a guy to get in there.
[realizing he's just digging himself into a bigger hole]
Kevin Ryan: Oh. I'm just gonna stop talking.

Kate Beckett: I'm Captain Beckett. Thank you so much for coming in, Ms. Laszlo.
Mia Laszlo: Let's just get this over with.
Kate Beckett: Uh, so, what do you remember about the murder this morning?
Mia Laszlo: Not much. I heard two gunshots, and then a guy with a ski mask got on the elevator with me. I thought he was gonna kill me, but he didn't.
Kate Beckett: Mm-hmm.
Mia Laszlo: Instead, he got off at the ground level. I called 911 and left. Can I go home now?
Kate Beckett: Uh, no.
Mia Laszlo: Why not?
Kate Beckett: Because I'm not done asking you questions just... yet.
Mia Laszlo: [Beckett notices her recoil] Do you always eat kale for breakfast? 'Cause that is just wrong.
Kate Beckett: How did... you know that I had kale this morning?
Mia Laszlo: You reek of it. Like, this room stinks of grade D Greek food.
Kate Beckett: You're very sensitive to smell.
Mia Laszlo: Oh, you should change your name to Captain Obvious. It's called hyperosmia. Look it up.

Kevin Ryan: Do I smell?
Kate Beckett: What?
Kevin Ryan: Our witness is threatening to file a complaint against me for assault with a deadly odor. Says that I smell like soiled baby diapers and Javi's cologne is, quote, "Satan's butt sweat".

Kate Beckett: Listen, I was... I was planning on calling you.
Richard Castle: Really? Well, here I am. Roguishly handsome and at your service. What do you need?
Kate Beckett: [uncomfortably] Um... I was just hoping I could stop by the loft later on, 'cause I need to pick up the rest of my stuff.

Kate Beckett: You shot your partner.
Hayley Shipton: In the ass.
Kevin Ryan: It was an accident. The hospital says he's gonna be fine. Just needs a few stitches.
Hayley Shipton: And a new pair of trousers.

Richard Castle: [learning a stolen painting is a forgery] Oh, I love it when there's a twist!
Mia Laszlo: And I love it when my belly's full.
Richard Castle: I... I'm getting takeout right now.
Mia Laszlo: Restaurant food? Hell, no! Home cooking only. Everything has to be steamed with zero - and I mean zero - seasoning. If I even smell or see a speck of salt, somebody is gonna get hurt. You're my ride, Castle. Let's go.
Kate Beckett: Bon appétit, babe.

Kevin Ryan: Hey, Beckett, I got something.
Javier Esposito: *We've* got something.
Kevin Ryan: Yeah, that's what I said.
Javier Esposito: That's not what you said.
Kevin Ryan: Okay, it's what I meant.
Kate Beckett: Okay, you both get gold stars for the day if just one of you can tell me what's going on.

Kate Beckett: What did our killer smell like?
Mia Laszlo: [sarcastic] Gosh, I don't know. It was either puppies or gunpowder.
Kate Beckett: Are you always this unpleasant?

Hayley Shipton: The Falcon Unit, it's a private company that specializes in transporting sensitive and, occasionally, illegal items for wealthy clients.
Javier Esposito: So our victim was a transporter. Like the movie?
Kevin Ryan: That explains the armored sports car and secret compartment.
Kate Beckett: So what was in the briefcase?
Hayley Shipton: I'm afraid the answer to that comes with a price. I want in on the investigation.
Kate Beckett: And what's in this for you?
Hayley Shipton: The item in the briefcase has a rather large insurance policy. The insurance company has hired me to recover it.
Kate Beckett: You know, this isn't a treasure hunt. We're trying to solve a homicide.
Hayley Shipton: And your victim was killed for that briefcase. So you find your killer, I find my missing item, everyone goes home happy.

Kevin Ryan: [interrupting an interrogation] It's Castle. He's on the phone. He says he's got a break in the case.
Kate Beckett: What case?
Kate Beckett: This case? How does he even know about this case?

Hayley Shipton: Tell us something unique about the killer's scent.
Kate Beckett: Yeah.
Mia Laszlo: There was a hint of nail polish remover.
Kate Beckett: [skeptical] A six foot tall guy who smells like nail polish remover. This is a waste of time.
Richard Castle: Hang on. Tell her the thing...
Mia Laszlo: Okay, how about this? There was an old oil painting in that briefcase.
Richard Castle: Boom.
Kate Beckett: How do you know that?
Richard Castle: Are you slow? I smelled it.
[to Castle]
Mia Laszlo: Are you sure you want her back? 'Cause I think you can do better.

"Castle: Pretty Dead (#3.23)" (2011)
Richard Castle: Is that America's dad, Bobby Stark? What's he doing here?
Kate Beckett: He's the pageant host. Oh, please don't tell me you watch his sitcom.
Richard Castle: "Family Foibles"? Half of what I know about being a father, I learned from watching that show.

Kate Beckett: [asking Bobby Stark for his alibi] So, let me get this straight: you don't remember where you were, or what you were doing last night?
[pause, as Bobby tries to remember]
Bobby Stark: That's bad, right?

Kate Beckett: What was your relationship with Amber Middleberry?
Bobby Stark: Oh, c'mon. I didn't kill her. If anything I was trying to recruit her.
Kate Beckett: Recruit her? For what?
Bobby Stark: For my, uh, goddess train.
Richard Castle: The goddess train?
Bobby Stark: Yeah, it's my own little private pageant.
Kate Beckett: And how did Amber respond to this oh so enticing offer?
Bobby Stark: You know what? She hadn't seen the light yet. She was coming around. I could always tell the innocent act when I see it. Besides, who wouldn't want to ride the Bobby Rocket?
Richard Castle: Everyone, from what we hear.

Captain Roy Montgomery: Beckett, you're a woman, right?
Kate Beckett: Sir, I have no idea what to get your wife.
Richard Castle: Still no luck on the gift?
Captain Roy Montgomery: Keep coming up empty.
Richard Castle: The best thing to give a woman is something she said she wanted when she didn't think you were listening.
Captain Roy Montgomery: What if I wasn't listening?
Richard Castle: Gift certificate?

Richard Castle: Death of a beauty queen. Scandalous.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, I'm surprised it doesn't happen more often.

Kate Beckett: Hey there, Perlmutter.
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: Detective.
[dismissively to Castle]
M.E. Sidney Perlmutter: Writer.

Richard Castle: Small-town girl comes to New York for the fairy tale, ends up with a horror story.
Kate Beckett: Pageants aren't fairy tales. They're demanding, high-pressure competitions that bring out the very best and the very worst in people.
Richard Castle: That is the voice of experience.
Richard Castle: Oh, my god! You were a beauty queen!
Kate Beckett: No. I had a roommate, freshman year. Debbie Winokur. It was like living with Elle Woods on steroids.

Kate Beckett: [the precinct is packed with pageant contestants] Castle, they're everywhere!
Richard Castle: It smells like a perfume counter at a department store.
Javier Esposito: [approaching] Beats the usual lowlifes and nutjobs.
Kate Beckett: I don't know if you can say that nutjobs and beauty queens are mutually exclusive.

Javier Esposito: Yo. Bobby Stark's blazer, courtesy of the costume lady at the pageant.
Kate Beckett: And the broken black sequin?
Javier Esposito: Perfect match.
Richard Castle: Bam said the costume lady.
Kevin Ryan: [approaching] Ooh, she's not the only lady saying "bam" when it comes to Bobby Stark.
Kate Beckett: Does he have a record?
Kevin Ryan: Uh, no criminal charges, but Mr. Stark has quite the repuation.
[Ryan holds up three folders]
Kevin Ryan: Three women filed restraining orders against Bobby Stark in the last year. All for "unwanted advances".
Richard Castle: How come I didn't hear about this on TMZ?

Kate Beckett: Bad boyfriends and pageant queens? This is like Debbie Winokur all over again.
Richard Castle: You having flashbacks?
Kate Beckett: It was my own private Vietnam. Our place smelled of hairspray, perfume, and cigarettes. I'm surprised that we didn't spontaneously combust.

Kate Beckett: [accidentally interrupting Castle's conversation with Ashley re: Alexis] What was that about?
Richard Castle: He wants me to advocate for him.
Kate Beckett: Ohh. Well, that's sweet.
Richard Castle: Yeah.
Kate Beckett: And... awkward.
Richard Castle: Mostly awkward.

[Beckett enters the precinct to find Castle looking at Amber's blackmail photos with a magnifying glass]
Kate Beckett: Remind me to get you a subscription to a girlie magazine for Christmas.
Richard Castle: [handing her a Styrofoam cup of coffee] Oh, that is so thoughtful, but I'm not looking at the naked girl.
Kate Beckett: What are you looking at?
Richard Castle: Everything but the naked girl. We were so focused on Amber, we almost missed the entire picture. What if Amber and Jeremy were killed not because of who was in this photo, but because of where the photo was taken? Anything look familiar?
Kate Beckett: [Castle taps a corner of the photo] Sure does.
Richard Castle: [whispering, closing his magnifying glass] You can thank me later.

"Castle: Once Upon a Time in the West (#7.7)" (2014)
Kate Beckett: Castle, we are not having a honeymoon at a dude ranch.

[Esposito, Ryan, and Lanie are mad they weren't invited to Caskett's impromptu wedding]
Richard Castle: [arriving at the hospital to see the victim] Well, it could have been worse.
Kate Beckett: It still might be. I mean, who knows what they're doing to our place right now.
Richard Castle: Did you hear what you just said?
Kate Beckett: Hmm?
Richard Castle: Our place. "Our". We're married. We did it, Mrs. Castle.
Kate Beckett: We certainly did, Mr. Beckett.
[Castle is slightly insulted]
Kate Beckett: Although this arguably isn't the most romantic post-wedding activity.

Kate Beckett: About the exotic island getaway. It... it's gonna have to wait.
Richard Castle: Why?
Kate Beckett: Because when you went missing, I used up all of my vacation days looking for you.

Richard Castle: Okay, "diamondback". I have whittled it down to three possibilities as to what that means and why Whitney would utter it with her dying breath.
Kate Beckett: And I am sure that none of them will be a waste of my time.
Richard Castle: Possibility number one: it's the password for a murderous, underground snake handling fight club.
[seeing Beckett's skeptical look]
Richard Castle: Granted, that's probably not what it means, but it might be the basis for my next Nikki Heat novel. Possibility number two, she was killed by the Marvel character Diamondback, whose special skill was throwing diamond-shaped spikes filled with poison.
[Beckett is even more skeptical]
Richard Castle: Third possibility...
Javier Esposito: [approaching] Is a dude ranch in Arizona.
Kevin Ryan: We struck out with the Dagmars, but we found an e-mail to Whitney from a Diamondback Old West Ranch confirming a two-week stay in bunker number fourteen.
Richard Castle: [lying through his teeth] Old West dude ranch. That's my number three. That's exactly what I was gonna say. Good work, boys.
[he pats Esposito on the shoulder, but stops when he sees Espo's angry look]
Javier Esposito: You still suck.
Kevin Ryan: And you owe us for those tuxedo rentals.

Richard Castle: [seeing Beckett dressed up in Old West garb] This is like three fantasies coming true all at once. The only thing missing is... Gentleman James, where do we get the replica guns, like yours?
James Grady: Replica? Son, this is Arizona. It's open carry.
[Castle looks at Beckett, excited]
James Grady: Say, do either of you two know what's quicker than lightning?
Richard Castle: What?
[James pulls his gun out its holster and twirls it in fancy fashion]
James Grady: This gun tamed the Wild West. Colt .45 Single Action Peacemaker.
Richard Castle: [James returns the gun to its holster] I want to be him when I grow up.
Kate Beckett: Well, yeah, if you grow up.

Richard Castle: Whether we like it or not, we are on our honeymoon. So we must act accordingly.
[Castle picks Beckett up in his arms and carries her across the threshold; he lets her down when they see how shoddy the room is]
Kate Beckett: Oh, yeah, so not our honeymoon.
Richard Castle: [Beckett starts rummaging in a cupboard] Are you looking for disinfectant?
Kate Beckett: Clues. Remember? Whitney was staying here.
Richard Castle: I highly doubt we're gonna find anything in this room that can help us.
[Castle opens a door to the bathroom; a naked man stands there]
Tobias: Howdy, partner!
Richard Castle: [he shuts the door] I don't know if it comes with the room, but there's a naked cowboy shaving in our bathroom.
Kate Beckett: I'm sorry, what?
Tobias: [Castle opens the door again] My fault. Forgot to lock the door. It's a Jack and Jill bathroom; I'm in the room on the other side.

Richard Castle: [learning of an affair the victim allegedly had while staying at the ranch] An affair with a married man?
Kate Beckett: Yes. And she was with him until 3 am. That's right in the middle of our time of poisoning window.
Richard Castle: We gotta find this guy.
Kate Beckett: But how? We're undercover. I can't just flash my badge and get people to talk.
Richard Castle: Exactly. Which is why we don't approach this like cops. We approach this like writers.
Kate Beckett: So we procrastinate and make stuff up?
Richard Castle: No. Well, yes. But no. In this particular instance, we approach the investigation like writers by... doing research.

Richard Castle: Now, there are seven ranch hands that fit the bill of tall, dark, and handsome. But in order to find out which one was fooling around with Whitney, we have to first determine who of them are married. That means we need to go on a wedding ring search, and these are the possibilities. So I split their classes up between us.
Kate Beckett: Whoa! Hold up. Harmonica for Beginners, Cowboy Saloon. How come you get all the cool activities? And I get Hog Tying?
Richard Castle: Because this was my idea. Though it will be a shame that we're spending the first day of our honeymoon apart.
Kate Beckett: Except we're not, because this is not our honeymoon.

Kate Beckett: Really? Couldn't resist, huh? Just had to get a six-shooter.
Richard Castle: Right? Isn't it great? And it gets better: I got you one, too. It's a wedding gift. His and her matching set.
Kate Beckett: [sarcastic] And who said romance dies after you say "I do"?

Kate Beckett: [Castle is dumbstruck by Beckett's sexy Old West outfit] Eyes back in their sockets, cowboy. We got a murder to solve.

Kate Beckett: Try to stay out of trouble while I'm gone, Castle.
Richard Castle: Where's the fun in that?

"Castle: Hollander's Woods (#7.23)" (2015)
Mr. Walters: I tried to stop. I did, but she just came out of nowhere.
Richard Castle: Mr. Walters, the trooper said you saw something in the woods.
Mr. Walters: Yeah. It almost didn't seem real. Like it was some kind of ghost. Freaky as all hell.
Kate Beckett: Can you describe it?
Mr. Walters: It wore a dark, ragged coat, with a mask like a doll's face.
Richard Castle: Like porcelain?
Mr. Walters: Yeah. It was white, with black where the eyes should have been.
Richard Castle: Were there markings on it?
Mr. Walters: Yeah.
Richard Castle: Like what?
Mr. Walters: Like streaked teardrops coming from the eyes. Uh, and the... the face, it was, uh...
Richard Castle: Bisected with two black lines, like a cross.
Mr. Walters: Yeah. How'd you know that?
Kate Beckett: Castle, what's going on?
Richard Castle: [more to himself] It was real.
Kate Beckett: What was real?
Richard Castle: Beckett, I've seen that mask before.

Keith Kaufman: Your job is to enforce the law, yet you have repeatedly ignored it. In Los Angeles, you investigated a case outside of your legal jurisdiction.
Kate Beckett: But...
Keith Kaufman: You used your badge to pursue a personal vendetta against Senator Bracken, crossing the line and endangering the lives of others numerous times.
Kate Beckett: Sir, that man was a murderer.
Keith Kaufman: You've withheld case information from superiors and flown in the face of authority whenever it suits you, not to mention your working relationship with Richard Castle. Tell me, Detective, how often have you let your personal feelings for your husband dictate your actions in pursuit of a suspect?
Kate Beckett: Sir, that is unfair. I never let...
Keith Kaufman: And when he went missing, you used your position and a great deal of the taxpayers' money to search for him, enlisting the aid of fellow detectives. And, well, you are infamous for being the inspiration for the fictional NYPD detective Nikki Heat, who spends more time on her back than she does pursuing killers. Detective Beckett, how do you expect to lead, or even continue in your current job, when it's clear you've exercised such poor judgment?
Kate Beckett: Sir, if you would look at my record...
Keith Kaufman: We are looking at your record. You are not qualified for a captaincy, and in my opinion, you are not qualified to be a detective. Thank you. You can go.
[lost for words, Beckett stands up to leave, then stops]
Kate Beckett: You're wrong, sir.
Keith Kaufman: Excuse me?
Kate Beckett: I said "You're wrong". In every case you have referenced, I have not only successfully brought the killer to justice, but I did so with the utmost respect for the law and for the department I represent. And regarding my relationship with Mr. Castle, he has proven to be a brilliant partner, and he's always had my back. And as for his... fictional representation of me, I'm proud to have been his inspiration, and I am proud to be his wife. You asked "How do I expect to lead?". By continuing to fight for what's right, not for what's easy. My job is to protect the citizens of New York, and I will do it by doing my job better than anyone else and getting results. I don't cross the line. I put myself on it. And if you have any other questions, then you can ask the families of the victims that I have served.

Richard Castle: [telling Beckett about Hollander's Woods] That day in the woods, Kate... that's why I do what I do. I'm driven to figure out the story because I could never figure out that one.
Kate Beckett: Why didn't you ever tell me this before?
Richard Castle: I think I didn't want it to be real. But it is real. He's real. He killed before, and he just tried to kill again.

Richard Castle: [Castle is receiving a prestigious mystery writing award] You know, with this award, you going for Captain, we could be New York's newest power couple.
Kate Beckett: Oh, Castle, don't jinx it. I haven't even gotten my exam results back yet.
Richard Castle: [waving her fear off] It's you. You aced it.

Kate Beckett: [meeting Ryan and Esposito at the crime scene] What are you guys fighting about?
Kevin Ryan: Uh, the first case that Captain Montgomery partnered us on. Ten years ago today.
Richard Castle: Really? It's your manniversary? And I didn't get you anything.

Kevin Ryan: Beckett, this thing that Castle says happened, it was decades ago. Is he really sure about this?
Kate Beckett: As sure as I've ever seen him.

Richard Castle: [putting a large portrait of himself on the counter] Boom! "Hello. I'm serious and brooding Richard Castle."
[he puts another, different, portrait of himself on the counter as well]
Richard Castle: "And I am friendly, accessible, ruggedly handsome Richard Castle."
Alexis Castle: Wow, dad, could your head get any bigger?
Richard Castle: Can you blame me? I'm accepting the Poe's Pen career achievement award. It is the biggest honor a mystery writer can get. I am joining the pantheon of greats to whose heights I have always aspired, so... which big head?
Kate Beckett: Uh... I like the ruggedly handsome, smiling giant you.
Alexis Castle: Hmm... I like the serious, brooding giant you.
Richard Castle: Oh. All right, mother, you are the tie breaker. Which of these should be hanging behind me at the ceremony next week?
Martha Rodgers: Darling, you know I refuse to play favorites. I love both of my son's big heads equally.

Kate Beckett: Guys, is there any way to check police records from thirty years ago? See if there were any abandoned cars ticketed within a fifty mile radius of Hollander's Woods?
Javier Esposito: Sure. We just have to call all municipal police departments in the area.
Kevin Ryan: And wait for them to stop laughing long enough to beg them to check their dusty storage rooms... you're serious?
Kate Beckett: [nods] We need to know exactly what we're dealing with here. So, happy manniversary.

Kate Beckett: [Castle believes he's identified the killer] Castle, that was over thirty years ago. You can't possibly...
Richard Castle: Kate, when he spoke, I could feel the knife at my throat. I will never forget that voice as long as I live.

[Beckett, Ryan, and Esposito are all skeptical about Castle's ID of the killer]
Kate Beckett: Babe, the... the voice, is it possible you're misremembering? You've made this killer your personal boogey man; you said so yourself you wanted him to be more formidable.
Richard Castle: You don't believe me.
Kate Beckett: He's clean. He has no connection to this case. We've got nothing to go on.
Javier Esposito: Less than nothing. All we have is a thirty year old voice ID from a witness who was a kid at the time.
Kate Beckett: Look, Castle, we want to solve it as much as you do.
Richard Castle: You know what? I... expected this from these guys, just... not from you.

Richard Castle: State senator?
Kate Beckett: And they say it's just the start. Apparently the party has had their eye on me for a while now. They think that people are looking for someone like me.
Richard Castle: And what do you think?
Kate Beckett: I dunno, Castle. I'm... a cop. I'm not a politician. Did I ever tell you that I was in Model UN when I was a kid? My mom was one of the chaperones, and after watching me, she said "You know, Katie, you can grow up and be anything you want." I just wanted to be her. Just wanted to make a difference.
Richard Castle: And you have. Question now is can you make a bigger difference?
Kate Beckett: [sighs] Castle, if you saw the way that they attacked me in that room... and in a campaign, it would only be worse. You, Alexis, my dad, Martha. You guys would all be fair game.
Richard Castle: We're a tough bunch.
Kate Beckett: So you think I could do it?
Richard Castle: I know you can.
Kate Beckett: They said that I aced my captain's exam. I could probably have my own precinct within the year.
Richard Castle: When do you have to decide?
Kate Beckett: Soon.
Richard Castle: Well, whatever you decide, I will back your play.

"Castle: Cuffed (#4.10)" (2011)
Kate Beckett: What is so special about our victim that our killer burnt off his fingerprints?
[Castle starts to speak]
Kate Beckett: Don't say spy.
[Castle starts to speak again]
Kate Beckett: Or mob hit.
Richard Castle: Mob hit of a spy?

Kate Beckett: [Waking up cuffed together] Did you do this?
Richard Castle: What?
Kate Beckett: Stop saying 'what' and wake up!
Richard Castle: I don't...
[Tries to move his arm, notices the cuffs]
Richard Castle: We're handcuffed. Kinky.
Kate Beckett: Castle, it's not funny!
Richard Castle: I didn't say funny, I said kinky. And I didn't cuff us.
Kate Beckett: You think I cuffed us?
Richard Castle: Well they look like police cuffs.
Kate Beckett: Somebody else did this to us.
[Looks at the surroundings; they're in a dark, empty room]
Kate Beckett: Do you recognize this place?
Richard Castle: No. But if I were writing a book, this is where bad things would happen
Kate Beckett: My watch is missing.
Richard Castle: Mine too. And my wallet.
Kate Beckett: So is my badge and my gun.
Richard Castle: And my phone. I just renewed my contract.
Kate Beckett: Would you stop joking?
Richard Castle: Hey! Do I begrudge you your coping mechanisms?

Lanie Parish: [about murder vic] Someone torched his fingers. Burned off his prints.
Kate Beckett: They wanted to erase his identity.
Javier Esposito: Yeah, and did a pretty good job, too. His wallet's missing and we've been through the room a couple of times. There's nothing here to tell us who this guy is.
Kate Beckett: Did he pay for the room in cash?
Javier Esposito: Yeah. And the clerk said that he registered as Jack Sparrow.
Richard Castle: Well, there's a... possibility that's his real name.
Javier Esposito: Sure it is.

Richard Castle: So do you know what Lanie and Esposito were fighting about?
Kate Beckett: Everything. They both want to be together, but neither of them wants to admit to it.
Richard Castle: Ugh... why do people do that to themselves?
Kate Beckett: Maybe they just don't see it.
Richard Castle: How could they not? It's just so obvious.

Kate Beckett: So you got a story to explain all of this? The old woman in a cage? John Doe with his identity removed? Us handcuffed but still alive?
Richard Castle: Yeah, I don't think that's a story you want to hear.
Kate Beckett: Why not?
Richard Castle: With those elements? I can't think of a version that ends well. Not even a Disney version.

Lanie Parish: I told you, it's none of your business.
Richard Castle: Of course it's none of my business. That's why I want to know.
Kate Beckett: Know what?
Richard Castle: What she and Esposito were fighting about.
Kate Beckett: It's none of your business.
Richard Castle: That's the point.

Richard Castle: Manacles and bloody instruments of torture.
Kate Beckett: It looks like your crazed, sadistic psycho killer theory might not be far off, Castle.
Richard Castle: I don't know whether to be smug or horrified.
Kate Beckett: I vote for motivated.
Richard Castle: I'm right there with you. Let's get the hell out of here.

Richard Castle: [trying to escape from a locked room] Still too high.
Kate Beckett: Not if I climb on your shoulders.
[seeing Castle's expression]
Kate Beckett: What? We've done it before.
Richard Castle: Yeah, you say that like it was pleasant. And we weren't handcuffed.
Kate Beckett: Who's got no faith now? Come on, Castle, we have no idea when they're coming back, or even if they're coming back at all.
Richard Castle: [glancing at Beckett's heeled shoes] Last time, you were wearing sneakers.
Kate Beckett: Fine.
[Beckett tries to remove her shoe, but fails]
Kate Beckett: Think I'm gonna need your help.
Richard Castle: "Lift up my shirt", "pull off my boots". Under normal circumstances, I would like where this was heading.
Kate Beckett: You can fantasize later, after we get out of the room.
Richard Castle: Just so you know, not as much fun if I have your permission.

Javier Esposito: Beckett! Castle!
Kate Beckett: Esposito!
Javier Esposito: Is that a tiger?
Richard Castle: Yeah, yeah, that's a tiger! Hey, how about getting us out?

[last lines]
Kate Beckett: That has got to be the strangest brush with death I've ever had.
Richard Castle: Me, too. But I'll tell you, after that experience, if I ever have to be hitched to someone, it would be you.
Kate Beckett: Hitched?
Richard Castle: Hitched? No, I didn't say "hitched". I said "cuffed". Handcuffed. Not hitched, the colloquial or any other connotation or meaning.
Kate Beckett: It's okay, Castle. I understood what you meant. And for what it's worth, if I ever have to spend another night handcuffed to someone again, I wouldn't mind if it was you, either.
Richard Castle: Really?
Kate Beckett: The next time, let's do it without the tiger.
[Beckett starts to leave; after a moment, a thought strikes Castle]
Richard Castle: Next time?

Kate Beckett: Castle, would you just work with me?
Richard Castle: How about you work with me? How come you always have to lead?
Kate Beckett: How come you always have to step on my toes?
Richard Castle: Since when do I... okay, you know what? Tell me this: why do you always have to be first? First out of the elevator, first through the door.
Kate Beckett: Um, I am a cop. I'm the one with a gun. Being first through the door is my job.
Richard Castle: In the elevator? Look, how about this: would it kill you to let someone open the door for you once in a while?
Kate Beckett: You do realize that if somebody opens the door for me, then I will be going through it first anyway, right?
Richard Castle: Oh, yeah, that's right. I forgot, you have to be the smartest, too. Everything is a competition with you.
Kate Beckett: That is so not true. Are you always like this in the mornings?
Richard Castle: You know, I'd argue with you, but then I'd have to let you win.

"Castle: The Good, the Bad & the Baby (#6.10)" (2013)
Kate Beckett: [Castle enters the precinct laden with baby supplies] Hey. So that's "a couple of things"?
Richard Castle: Yeah, I just grabbed the essentials. You know, uh, diapers, a carrier, wipes, blankies, bottles, formula. Don't want little Cosmo going hungry.
Kate Beckett: Cosmo, huh?
Richard Castle: Yeah. We can't just keep calling him "the baby".

Richard Castle: [dumpster diving for evidence] You take me to the most exotic places.
Kate Beckett: Look, if you didn't wanna jump in, you could have just waited on the side like you usually do.
Richard Castle: What? You kidding? After the puke storm I put you through last night? It felt wrong not to participate.

Kate Beckett: He really likes you.
Richard Castle: Oh, yeah. I don't know if you know this about me, babies love me.
[whispering to the baby]
Richard Castle: I'm the baby whisperer. Wanna hold him?
Kate Beckett: Uh, no. I'd rather figure out where he came from.
Richard Castle: Well, when a...
Kate Beckett: Stop. Stop. I know where babies come from, Castle. Just not this one.

Richard Castle: I gotta say, when I volunteered to take Cosmo, I... I thought I was doing it for his benefit, but... I realized I was doing it more for mine. I... when Alexis was little, Meredith really... wasn't around, so I did it all on my own. And when you said you weren't a baby person...
Kate Beckett: Okay, okay, I get it. You were thinking that...
Richard Castle: Yeah.
Kate Beckett: Okay, well, I'll tell you what: when the time comes, there's no way I'm gonna let you take care of our baby on your own.

[Castle has determined that the motive for the murder was fixing the lottery]
Kate Beckett: The case that they had with them at the time was only large enough to fit one set of balls. You said that the set that you used was chosen at random. Who makes that choice?
Dean Seahorn: Our lottery announcer. Miranda Vail. But she's been with us for ten years. She would never do something like that.
Kate Beckett: Does she have any children?
Dean Seahorn: Yeah. A baby boy.
Richard Castle: How old?
Dean Seahorn: Maybe... three months.
Kate Beckett: Where is she right now?
Dean Seahorn: She said she wasn't feeling well. She just left.
Kate Beckett: [to Castle] Okay, you stay here. That's evidence. Watch those balls.
Richard Castle: [pause] Nah. Not touching it.

Kate Beckett: You know, I think I'm actually gonna miss little Benny.
Richard Castle: Well, who knows? Maybe in a few Thanksgivings from now, we'll have a couple of Bennies of our own running around.
Alexis Castle: Hey, if you guys have kids in a few years, and I have kids in a few years, they can grow up together.
Richard Castle: And it's ruined.

Kate Beckett: You guys... you guys dress up for Thanksgiving?
Richard Castle: Doesn't everybody?
Kate Beckett: No, I think that's pretty special to you. Um... so, is there anything else I need to know about you before we get married?
Richard Castle: So many, many things.

Kate Beckett: There's been a murder in a church downtown.
Richard Castle: Aw, too bad it wasn't in a cathedral. That would be so T.S. Eliot. Huh? "Murder in the Cathedral"? Thomas Becket? Beckett and Becket?
Kate Beckett: Come on.
Richard Castle: Nothing? Anyone?

Richard Castle: [arriving at the crime scene] You know, when we do this...
[meaning when they get married]
Richard Castle: ...let's not do the dead body in the middle of the aisle.
Kate Beckett: [sarcastic] Okay. Good call.

Kate Beckett: [a murder victim was found clutching a baby boy] Contact Ducane's next of kin. Let's see if this little guy is indeed his.
Richard Castle: And then what happens to him in the meantime?
Kate Beckett: Well, we'll get ahold of Child Services, and they'll place him until we're able to get him back to his family.
Richard Castle: I think Lanie's right. I think he is hungry. Um... how about you finish up here, I'll grab a uniform and we'll just go pick up some stuff for him?
Kate Beckett: You really wanna do that?
Richard Castle: Of course. I'm highly qualified, I have an RHD in childcare.
Kate Beckett: And an RHD is...?
Richard Castle: Ruggedly handsome dad.

[Castle and Beckett enter the precinct dead on their feet after taking care of Cosmo all night]
Kevin Ryan: Whoa! You two look like you got hit by the milk truck.
Richard Castle: You see this face? This is the face of your future.
Javier Esposito: That bad, huh?
Richard Castle: No, no, no. We slept like babies.
Kate Beckett: Yeah. Up every hour.

"Castle: Get a Clue (#6.6)" (2013)
Kate Beckett: [Entering a blacksmith shop that looks as if it was in colonial America] This is incredible. Shouldn't there be a... docent or a sweaty guy hammering metal hanging around?
Richard Castle: [In a British American accent] Hello! Is there a smithy here about? We have traveled many a mile-
[Beckett stops him]
Richard Castle: Too much?

Richard Castle: [Putting his hand inside the mouth of a carving in the church] Ahh! Ahhhhh!
[he suddenly stops and looks at Beckett]
Richard Castle: I'm just kidding.
Kate Beckett: Castle!
Richard Castle: I can't believe you fell for that.

Richard Castle: Needless to say, dinner was a disaster. The real disaster is that Alexis has moved in with this guy. It's just so wrong for her.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, well, she'll figure it out. At least she's not living in squalor. That's good.
Richard Castle: No, it's not good. I was hoping for squalor. I was counting on squalor. Because Alexis cannot last in squalor. I was just hoping this whole thing would blow over; she would see Pi for the ambition-free hippie that he is. And now he's morphed into some kind of... new age crusader. It's as though he's turned being a charming man-child into a career.
Kate Beckett: [sarcastic] Now that doesn't sound familiar, does it?

Kate Beckett: So, the FBI doesn't have any murders in their database that match this M.O.
Richard Castle: Which leaves us with my theory. Our victim was dabbling with black magic and she conjured up a demon.
Kate Beckett: Or maybe she ran afoul of some obscure religious sect, and they sacrificed her to their pagan deity.
Richard Castle: What are you doing?
Kate Beckett: Making stuff up, just like you do.
Richard Castle: Yeah, because that's my job. It's your job to follow the evidence. You're messing with the natural order of things.

Javier Esposito: I just called the Franciscan Order. Turns out Benjamin Wade really is a monk.
Richard Castle: And our murderer.
Kate Beckett: Now we just need to prove it.
Javier Esposito: Wait, you guys are on the same page about this guy?
Kate Beckett: Not exactly. I think he's guilty because of his contact with the victim, the stalking, and his history of violence.
Richard Castle: I think he's guilty because of his contact with the victim, the stalking, and his role in a sinister conspiracy involving Freemasons.

Kevin Ryan: Wade's lawyer is here. He says we need to charge his client or let him go.
Javier Esposito: We don't have enough to charge him.
Kate Beckett: Why don't we try and keep him until we do? Put Wade in with a sketch artist. Have him describe that guy that was supposedly stalking Susannah. That'll buy Castle and I enough time to tear his alibi apart. And just to cover our bases, you look into that cab that Wade described.
Kevin Ryan: Really? You want me to track down a cab off a banner ad for "Wicked".
Kate Beckett: [shrugs] Impress me.
Kevin Ryan: [to Esposito, as Beckett and Castle leave] You know, there are times I wish she'd stayed in D.C.

Richard Castle: These are the half-dimes Professor Byford just told us about. These are the very first coins to be minted by the U.S. Treasury. These are worth a fortune.
Kate Beckett: Now we have our motive for murder.
Richard Castle: Just one of these went for auction last year. $1.5 million. There's got to be a thousand of them in here. Do you have any idea what that's worth?
[Beckett gives him a look like he's an idiot]
Richard Castle: I just told you what it's worth.

Richard Castle: Can't believe all this time, it was all just make believe.
Kate Beckett: Castle, you didn't really believe that this was gonna lead to some great Freemason treasure, did you?
Richard Castle: No, of course not. That would be foolish. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go home to wallow in what is perhaps the most disappointing day of my crime solving career.

Lanie Parish: Note the lack of blood. I'd say she was moved here, but killed somewhere else.
Richard Castle: Might I suggest a sacrificial altar?
Kate Beckett: No, you may not.

Richard Castle: An apparently ordinary accountant brutally slain and ritually posed, all while tending to a personal matter shrouded in secrecy.
Kate Beckett: It's not shrouded in secrecy. We just don't know what it is yet.
Richard Castle: Yeah. My version has more dramatic flair.

Kate Beckett: I can't believe you're really buying into that letter.
Richard Castle: I can't believe you aren't. I did a little research into the author of our letter, Mr. Theodore Rose. Did you know he was a 33rd degree master Mason?
Javier Esposito: So that makes him, what, like a Freemason black belt?
Richard Castle: Way better than that. He was a patriot spy. He wrote codes and cyphers during the American Revolution, meaning this letter could be the key to finding the great secret of the Masons enshrined somewhere within the city.
Kate Beckett: Why, because you want it to be?
Richard Castle: Partly. And because it's the only story that makes sense. Shadowy brotherhood guarding Rose's secret for all eternity. Susannah got too close, so they sent their monk assassin to kill her.

"Castle: Hong Kong Hustle (#7.17)" (2015)
Kate Beckett: [jealous of Zhang] She's just like me! Only... better.

Kate Beckett: He steals her car and she kills him? Why doesn't she just put in an insurance claim and call it a day?
Richard Castle: Ah. Because it wasn't about the car. See, when Henry stole the vehicle, he took something of value from the inside. That's what the assassin was trying to retrieve from his body.
Kate Beckett: And said stolen item was...?
Richard Castle: Cold fusion technology. Genetically engineered super virus. Some secret...
[His voice suddenly lowers in awe]
Richard Castle: unpublished Harry Potter manuscript.
Kate Beckett: Actually, one thing that you said does make sense.
Richard Castle: *One*?

Richard Castle: [He's just introduced him self to Chief Inspector Zhang] This is gonna be fun! This little threesome, here.
[Realizing how that sounded, he tries to backpedal]
Richard Castle: Investigatively speaking. I don't wanna... Didn't mean to... I'm not trying to imply...
Kate Beckett: Quit while you're behind.
Richard Castle: Yeah.

Kate Beckett: If Henry left work at 2pm, showed up dead at midnight, he's unaccounted for for ten hours, so where was he during that time?
Javier Esposito: Well, he didn't own a car, so I'll check the activity on his metro and credit cards, see if he went anywhere.
Kevin Ryan: I'll circle back with his neighbors, see if they saw anything.
Kate Beckett: Okay. Call me if you guys find anything.
Richard Castle: [as Esposito and Ryan walk away] Whew! For a second there, I thought I was gonna get stuck doing thankless grunt work tonight.
Javier Esposito: [He and Ryan stop and turn around] Castle. We're standing right here.

Richard Castle: [Trying to reason with Beckett, who is jealous of Zhang] Look, you're idealizing Zhang. You're comparing yourself to a version of her that doesn't even exist. She is a human, like the rest of us. Flaws and all. Not some infallible super cop who swoops in every time to save the day.
Kevin Ryan: Hey. Zhang just got a lead that could crack this case.
Kate Beckett: [to Castle, folding her arms over her chest and giving him her 'look'] You were saying?

Richard Castle: You cannot leave behind what is always at your side.
Kate Beckett: Did you just make that up?
Richard Castle: Yeah. Why?
Kate Beckett: You are *so* much better than Patterson.

Kate Beckett: Oh, god, shoot me now.
Richard Castle: I'd rather not. What's up?
Kate Beckett: Anson Klemp has just been promoted to Captain. He's gonna run the 92.
Richard Castle: Who is Anson Klemp, and why hasn't he changed his name?
Kate Beckett: We went to the academy together.
Richard Castle: Oh! And he's your sworn nemesis.
Kate Beckett: No. He was my friend.
Richard Castle: So he's grossly underqualified?
Kate Beckett: No, he's great.
Richard Castle: So then what's the problem?
Kate Beckett: Me. We started together, we graduated the same year, and he's gonna be captain, and I'm just...
Richard Castle: The best homicide detective in the city?

Richard Castle: You know what you've got? Patterson Syndrome.
Kate Beckett: Hmm. Patterson Syndrome?
Richard Castle: Yeah. Every time I write a bestseller, Patterson writes, like, six. It's maddening, but comparing myself to him does not make me write any faster.
Kate Beckett: I guess I just thought that I would be in more of a leadership position by now. I dunno, maybe I shouldn't have left the A.G.'s office in D.C.
Richard Castle: Except you didn't want to compromise yourself to play their game.
Kate Beckett: Well, I feel like maybe there's something more I should be doing.

Captain Victoria Gates: Take a peek at this. It's Zhang's personnel file. She's more than just some cop.
Kate Beckett: Wait a minute. That U.S./Chinese task force. She's not just on it, she's running it. Wow. Commendations, citations. Oh, my god, she is impressive.
Richard Castle: Oh, sure, on paper.
Kate Beckett: What about the way she schooled Ryan and Esposito? Was that just on paper?

Chief Inspector Zhang: [with Beckett at the shooting range; Beckett's target is a decent score with body shots] Not bad.
Kate Beckett: Thanks. I'm, uh, a little rusty, though.
Chief Inspector Zhang: Me, too. I haven't been to a range in six months.
[Zhang's target is all head shots]
Kate Beckett: [in disbelief] That's after six months?
Chief Inspector Zhang: It's hard to find time to practice with my duties in Hong Kong, San Fran, the Hague.
Kate Beckett: Wait a minute. You work at the Hague?
Chief Inspector Zhang: With international war crimes tribunal. Trust me, it's not as glamorous as it sounds. But when you reach the peak of a mountain, it's time to scale another one, right?
Kate Beckett: Yeah. So, uh... team leader, a wife, a mom. Isn't it a struggle to do it all?
Chief Inspector Zhang: The trick is to not struggle, but to find balance. The moment you think it's a struggle, that's when you fall.

Richard Castle: [holding a shooting target] Somehow, the fact that you did this makes you even more attractive.
Kate Beckett: Yeah? Well, tell it to Zhang.
Richard Castle: This is her target?
Kate Beckett: And she has ten others just like it.
Richard Castle: [downplaying it] Oh, well, so she's a good shot. Big deal.
Kate Beckett: She's good at everything! She's got an incredible career, movie star husband, perfect kids. She does it all, she has it all, and to top it off, she's gorgeous.
Richard Castle: Yeah, she is.
Kate Beckett: Wait a minute. You think she's gorgeous?
Richard Castle: I... was just agreeing with you.
Kate Beckett: Okay, but did you think it before I said it?
Richard Castle: No...?
Kate Beckett: Oh, my god, Castle, I haven't felt like this since I had pimples. I'm insecure!
[cut to them entering the precinct]
Richard Castle: You're not insecure.
Kate Beckett: Wait. If I'm not insecure, then why'd you say what you just said?
Richard Castle: Look, you're doing it again. It's Patterson Syndrome. I knew it was a bad idea for you to go out with her.
Kate Beckett: No, no, Castle. I just wanted to see what made Zhang tick. You know, how she achieved what she did so maybe that could me move forward.
Richard Castle: Kate, you don't need her help. You're doing just fine.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, but when you reach the peak of one mountain, isn't it time to scale another one?
Richard Castle: That sounds like something Zhang would say. Are you quoting her?
Kate Beckett: [avoiding the question] No.

"Castle: 3XK (#3.6)" (2010)
Roy Montgomery: [profiling 3XK] The feds say he's a white male, twenty-five to forty-five years old.
Richard Castle: [quietly, to Beckett] Could be me.
Roy Montgomery: With a dysfunctional relationship with his mother.
Richard Castle: Still me.
Roy Montgomery: He has a menial, unimportant job.
Kate Beckett: Definitely you.
Richard Castle: Just for that, I base my next book on Esposito.

Kate Beckett: I see domestic complaints by the double digits...
Richard Castle: Filed by his wife.
Kevin Ryan: Ex-wife. They were divorced last month after being married for four years.
Richard Castle: So in a way, he did just get out of prison.

Kate Beckett: Castle, do you have a theory you'd like to share with the class?

Kate Beckett: [seeing Castle's expression as he looks at the victim] What?
Richard Castle: Uh... it's nothing.
Kate Beckett: No, what?
Richard Castle: Well, she just... looks so peaceful.

Kate Beckett: What'd you find?
Lanie Parish: I pulled all the files on all his past murders, just like you asked.
Richard Castle: I... I believe that was my idea.
Lanie Parish: Yeah, but I only listen when it comes from her.
Kate Beckett: Anyway, you were saying?
Lanie Parish: He choked them using a three-strand twist, quarter-inch rope. Based on the fibers found embedded in the skin, we know that the rope is green and white nylon.
Richard Castle: I don't remember that.
Lanie Parish: Those details were never made public. Now check this out.
[Lanie holds an evidence photo next to the victim's neck for comparison]
Richard Castle: The marks are identical.
Lanie Parish: I found the exact same green and white fibers.
Kate Beckett: It is him. The Triple Killer is back.

Richard Castle: Hey.
Kate Beckett: Hey. There's no news from CSU on the name tag. Not that I was expecting any.
Richard Castle: Makes you wonder why he didn't pull that whole gas leak routine on Linda Russo.
Kate Beckett: I know why. The answer's in here.
Richard Castle: A transcript?
Kate Beckett: From four years ago. I took a look at calls made to the Triple Killer tip line, and this one stood out for me. It's from May 21st, 2006, which was a week after the sixth murder. A woman called and left a message, but she was too afraid to leave her name. But she did mention that she lived at 24th and 10th.
Richard Castle: Same corner as Linda Russo.
Kate Beckett: She was riding an elevator with a cable repair man who so creeped her out that she got off a floor early just to get away from him.
Richard Castle: Yeah, but cable guy and creepy, that's a job requirement.
Kate Beckett: Except he wasn't a cable guy. She said he wasn't carrying the right tools.
Richard Castle: And working for a cable company, Linda Russo would know that.
Kate Beckett: Which is why I took a look at Linda Russo's phone records from four years ago. She's the one who made the call to that tip line.
Richard Castle: So Linda Russo was special.
Kate Beckett: When she got off a floor early, he knew that she made him, so he dropped out of sight.
Richard Castle: Which also explains why he attacked her outside. He knew there was no way she'd let him into her apartment.
Kate Beckett: Linda Russo saw his face, and he came back four years later. That's a special kind of ruthlessness.

Richard Castle: [reading a note Beckett scribbles down] "Jelly Tyson"?
Kate Beckett: It's Jerry, Castle. When Gates got released, he gave all his stuff to Jerry Tyson, a fellow inmate. So if the two of them were friends, Jerry might be able to tell us where we can find Gates.
[as Beckett leaves, Castle pauses to correct the note]
Richard Castle: Now it's Jerry.

Kate Beckett: [discussing Gates] He wants the search warrant to get a peek at our cards.
Richard Castle: How is that giving him a peek?
Roy Montgomery: The warrant lists ropes, uniforms, and other personal effects belonging to Kim Foster, Linda Russo, and the other six Triple Killer victims. By looking at the warrant, he can gauge where we are in our investigation.
Richard Castle: That's not giving him a peek, that's showing him our whole hand. He'll know we think he's the Triple Killer.
Kate Beckett: He already knows.
Javier Esposito: [entering] Yo. Empire Prop confirmed that Gates works in their warehouse and had access to those tags. He clocked out at 7:02 the night of Kim Foster's murder. Now, Empire is in Lincoln Square, which means he had enough time to get to her apartment and push the intercom button by 7:35.
Roy Montgomery: Show him the warrant. Odds are he will lawyer up, but try to stop him.
Richard Castle: [Beckett leaves] How's she supposed to do that?
Roy Montgomery: [grimly] I don't think she can.

Richard Castle: Tell me you've arrested Gates.
Kate Beckett: Not even close. I mean, I don't know how, Castle, but he killed Kim Foster, and he's gonna do it again.
Richard Castle: There's been no developments? Usually you call me with news.
[realization dawns on him]
Richard Castle: You called to seek my counsel.
Kate Beckett: [reluctant to admit he's right] I wouldn't say it exactly like that.
Richard Castle: No, no, no. You are hoping I had some... wild theory. Some sort of penetrating insight that would lead us to a breakthrough.
Kate Beckett: Well? Do you?
[pause, as Castle tries to come up with something]
Richard Castle: No, I got nothing.

Kate Beckett: I'm so glad that you're okay.
Richard Castle: He's the Triple Killer. He set Gates up to be a copycat.
Kate Beckett: I know. I did the math when you and Ryan didn't come back from talking to Jerry.
Richard Castle: How did you know to come here?
Kate Beckett: Your mom called. She said that you told her that you loved her, and she figured something must be terribly wrong.
Richard Castle: I figured she might. Good girl.

[last lines]
Kate Beckett: Tell me something, Castle. Why did he let you live?
Richard Castle: To punish me. To make me pay for ruining his plan. Now he's gonna kill again all because I couldn't stop him. And I feel so...
Kate Beckett: [supportively putting her hand on his knee] I know the feeling.
Richard Castle: [taking her hand in his] I know you do.

"Castle: Deep in Death (#2.1)" (2009)
Javier Esposito: [commenting on the bachelor-party cop twins uniforms at the photo shoot] Hey, Beckett, how come you don't wear a uniform like that?
Kate Beckett: Because I don't want to get paid in singles.

Richard Castle: [a body is up in a tree] It's raining men.
Lanie Parish: Castle, what are you doing here?
Kate Beckett: Don't worry, we're still mad at him.
Kevin Ryan: [to Esposito] Guy in a tree, Mom and Dad bickering, seems like old times.

Kate Beckett: [Lanie is up in the tree with the body] How's it going up there?
Lanie Parish: I got tree branches poking my boobs and a spotlight shining up my booty.
Javier Esposito: Could be worse. You could be wearing a skirt.
Lanie Parish: [Give him a look] When I come down, I'm gonna smack you.
Javier Esposito: I'll be looking forward to that.

Richard Castle: Speaking of happy endings... thanks for saving my life.
Kate Beckett: I was just trying to avoid paperwork.

Richard Castle: We make a pretty good team, you know. Like Starsky and Hutch. Tango and Cash. Turner and Hooch.
Kate Beckett: You know, now that you mention it, you do remind me a little of Hooch.

NYPD Captain Roy Montgomery: [Beckett is, once again, mad at Castle] We had a deal, Beckett.
Kate Beckett: The deal is off.
NYPD Captain Roy Montgomery: What's the problem?
Kate Beckett: Not only does he have the bachelor party cop twins out there using him as a stripper pole while I make nicey-nice with the press, but you know what he said?
NYPD Captain Roy Montgomery: No.
Kate Beckett: He said that he has been instrumental in helping us solve crimes.
NYPD Captain Roy Montgomery: Well, hasn't he?
Kate Beckett: [avoiding the question] That's not the point.

Richard Castle: It's because you're afraid, isn't it? You're afraid that if you look into your mother's death, that you will go back down that rabbit hole and lose yourself again. But it's different this time. We have good leads. We have strong leads. And you won't have to do it alone. We can do it together.
Kate Beckett: What if I don't want to know? Did you ever think of that? What if I'm not ready? What if the idea of catching my mom's murderer, and then having to sit there and watch as he cuts some deal that puts him back out on the street in ten years, makes me nauseous? You dredged up my past for you, Castle. Not for me, and you're too selfish to even see it. The case is closed, Castle. We made a deal, and I expect you to honor it.

[last lines]
Alexis Castle: [having been stood up on a date] Why do boys do that? Why do they always have to justify everything? Why can't they just say they're sorry?
[a thought strikes Castle; standing up to leave, he stops in front of Alexis]
Richard Castle: Thank you.
[he kisses her forehead]
Alexis Castle: For what?
Richard Castle: For just... being you.
[he hugs her; fade to Beckett at the precinct; feeling someone's presence, she looks up to see Castle]
Richard Castle: I'm sorry. What I did was wrong. I violated your trust, I opened old wounds, and I did not respect your wishes. And if we're not gonna see each other again, then you deserve to know. I'm very, very sorry.
[Castle turns to leave]
Kate Beckett: Castle?
[he turns back]
Kate Beckett: I'll see you tomorrow.

Javier Esposito: You know what I don't get? Is who would steal a dead body?
Richard Castle: Oh, plenty of people. Uh... organ harvesters, cadaverless med students, Satanists, mad scientists looking to create their own monster.
Kate Beckett: [approaching] Or the guys who killed him might have left some evidence behind.
Richard Castle: [thinking for half a second] Boring. How about... a spy, having swallowed a top-secret microchip, that the enemy forces murder him over before the CIA can get ahold of it?
Kate Beckett: As much as we all appreciate your insightful and incredibly believable theories, Ms. Cosmo is gone, so I believe you can go home now.

Kate Beckett: [her phone rings] Beckett.
[she listens for a moment]
Kate Beckett: All right. Thank you.
[she hangs up]
Kate Beckett: They found his body. Again.
[cut to Lanie with the body]
Kate Beckett: [approaching] What happened?
Lanie Parish: Someone operated on him.
Kate Beckett: Operated?
Lanie Parish: They cut him open and took all of his organs out.
[Lanie pulls back the sheet; Castle, Esposito, and Ryan all groan in disgust]
Richard Castle: Somebody hated his guts.

Kate Beckett: [at an underground poker game, Castle has asked for $20,000 in chips] No, no, no, no, no! What's he doing?
Kevin Ryan: Dropping half my yearly salary like it was pocket change.

"Castle: Montreal (#7.2)" (2014)
Kate Beckett: [walking to the crime scene] That wasn't an interview. That was an ambush. And what were you thinking offering a quarter-million dollar reward?
Richard Castle: Genius, right? I don't know why I didn't think of it sooner.
Kate Beckett: Well, maybe because you knew it was gonna lure crackpots and opportunists, and instead of going after real leads, we're gonna be chasing thousands of half-baked tipsters playing the Richard Castle lottery.
Richard Castle: What real leads? So far, we've had nothing but dead ends. And I'm tired of not knowing. No, to find a needle in a haystack, do we not first need a haystack?
Kate Beckett: Yeah, but not a haystack full of nutjobs.
Richard Castle: You saw that interview. No one believes me. But somewhere out there, someone knows where I was and what I was doing.
Kate Beckett: You ready for this?
Richard Castle: A mystery I might be able to solve? It'll be a relief.

Richard Castle: [after talking to the victim's widow] You know, seeing her, I can't imagine what it was like for you. All those nights, not knowing.
Kate Beckett: I was lucky. You came back.

Captain Victoria Gates: Mr. Castle! Just what in the hell do you think you're doing?
Kate Beckett: Did you give that TV station the precinct number?
Richard Castle: I'm not gonna give 'em my home phone. That's private.
Captain Victoria Gates: The NYPD is not your personal secretary. Do you know how many man-hours this little stunt of yours is costing us? The phones have been ringing off the hook.
Richard Castle: [to Beckett, ecstatic] Did you hear that? Ringing off the hook?
[Castle kisses Gates, full on the mouth, then takes the slips of paper in her hand]
Richard Castle: We have leads.
Captain Victoria Gates: [stunned into confusion] What just happened?

[while Beckett talks to the victim's employees, Castle plays around with toys in the room and picks up a Nerf gun]
Kate Beckett: Do you know why he was leaving early?
Marsha Stoller: No, he said he was taking care of some personal things. It sounded private, so I didn't ask. But maybe he told his assistant.
[she presses the intercom]
Marsha Stoller: Matt?
[Matt enters from his office]
Marsha Stoller: Did Mr. Williger ever mention to you why he was leaving early?
Matt Monroe: No. He was actually pretty secretive about the whole thing.
[Castle accidentally fires the gun, hitting Matt with a Nerf ball]
Richard Castle: You leave these loaded?

Javier Esposito: So, I checked with the vic's wife. The days that Mr. Williger claimed he was working late are the exact same days he was leaving work early.
Kate Beckett: That leaves about ten to twelve hours over at least a dozen days that he's unaccounted for. What was he doing?
Kevin Ryan: [approaching] I just went back through his phones and financials, and they are clean. In fact, they're too clean. From the time he left work on those days 'til the time he got home, there's no activity at all. No calls or purchases of any kind, not even subway or cab charges.
Kate Beckett: So whatever he was doing, he wanted to keep it a secret from everyone. Why?
Kevin Ryan: What we could use right now is a crazy Castle theory.

Lanie Parish: Come on, Kate. It's his first case back after two months. You didn't expect everything to be back to normal right away.
Kate Beckett: No, Lane. It's just... It's just I-I want it to be us again, and it's like there's this shadow between us. Look, I-I am choosing to trust him, in spite of all of the evidence. I-I just... I want to believe...
Lanie Parish: But you don't know if you can.
Kate Beckett: Yeah. And he's... he's acting like everything is fine. We both are, but it... it's not.
Lanie Parish: Maybe this reward he's offering is a good thing. Maybe it'll lead to the truth.

Alexis Castle: [Castle has discovered lead regarding his disappearance] So, according to the JPEG's geotag, the photo was taken here, and this is the building you were coming out of.
Kate Beckett: Montreal Global Bank.
Richard Castle: What was I doing at a bank?
Alexis Castle: Dad, the key! The one sewn into your pants when they found you. What if... the bank is where it came from?
Richard Castle: A safe deposit box.
Alexis Castle: It's the right size.
Richard Castle: We need to get up there. This is the break we've been waiting for.
Kate Beckett: Okay, fine. We'll go this weekend.
Richard Castle: We can't wait for the weekend. We gotta go now.
Kate Beckett: I'm in the middle of a case.
Richard Castle: Fine. I'll go. Montreal's a short flight, I'll be there and back in a couple of hours.
Kate Beckett: No! Not after everything we've been through. You're not going alone.
Alexis Castle: She's right, dad. You can't go by yourself. I'll go with you.
Richard Castle: Yes. Yes, she'll go with me.
Kate Beckett: We have no idea what's out there. No idea who's out there. That's too risky.
Richard Castle: It's Canada. How risky could it be? And need I remind you, I'm a grown man. I don't need to ask your permission. That being said, please, please, please can I... can I... can I go?
Kate Beckett: [giving in] Okay, fine. But only because I know you're not gonna do anything stupid if she's with you. Don't let him do anything stupid.
Alexis Castle: Promise.

Kate Beckett: [after Castle meets a crackpot who claims to know what happened to him during his two-month absence] So? What happened?
Richard Castle: I really don't want to talk about it.

Kate Beckett: A memory card.
Richard Castle: Yeah, there were three of them, in three separate envelopes. One for Alexis, one for my mother, and one for you.
Kate Beckett: What's on it?
Richard Castle: Watch.
[Castle plugs the data card in and plays a video file]
Richard Castle: Kate, if you are seeing this... well, if you're seeing this, I'm probably dead. I... I want you to know I never intended to leave you. Not like this. Not on our wedding day, but I... I... it wasn't my choice. I wish I could tell you what's going on. I... wish I could explain, but just know that I love you. I've always loved you. Always.
[Castle turns the video off]
Richard Castle: The ones to Alexis and my mother were pretty much the same. Kate, what did I do?

Richard Castle: Any news on your undercover boss?
Kate Beckett: Every answer just leads to more questions.
[petting the victim's dog]
Kate Beckett: I have no idea what he was doing at that warehouse, or what this guy was doing with him. Actually, I was kind of hoping that you might be able to help me with a crazy theory.
Richard Castle: Sorry, I'm fresh out. How about a kiss?
Kate Beckett: Even better.
[they lean in to kiss; the dog suddenly starts barking and bolts out of the room]
Richard Castle: Think he was a nun in a previous life?
[they follow the dog out, where he is barking at a detective with a cuffed suspect and sniffing his pocket]
Richard Castle: Detective, what do you have in your pocket?
Detective: Evidence. From a bust.
[he pulls a baggie of drugs out of his pocket]
Detective: The girl was dealing.
Kate Beckett: So he's not just a dog, he's a trained drug dog.
Richard Castle: I think I have a crazy theory for you.

Richard Castle: We should get married. Tomorrow, first thing. Put all this behind us. What do you say?
Kate Beckett: There is nothing that I want more than to marry you, but not like this.
Richard Castle: You're not ready.
Kate Beckett: No, we're both not ready. We're looking for solid ground, and you think getting married is gonna fix the way you feel, and it won't. Look, I love you. And I'm here for you. But we need to get some distance from all of this. We need to get back to our own lives. Find solid ground together. And I promise you, I'm not going anywhere.

"Castle: Fool Me Once... (#2.4)" (2009)
Kate Beckett: [Discussing Richard Castle's New York Times Bestseller 'Heat Wave'] Wait, there's a sex scene in the book?
Kate Beckett: Between us?
Richard Castle: There's a sex scene in the book between Nikki Heat and the roguishly handsome reporter who's helping her.
Kate Beckett: Oh, good. So he's nothing like you.
Richard Castle: Funny.

Richard Castle: It's on page 105, by the way.
Kate Beckett: What?
Richard Castle: That sex scene you're looking for. And Agent Gray was right. It's steamy.

[watching a murder caught on tape]
Richard Castle: That was awesome! I mean, well, obviously it was horrible, but... that's not the Arctic.
Kate Beckett: That's an apartment. But where?

Kate Beckett: Welcome to parenting a teenage girl. As someone who used to be one, you have my sympathy.

Kate Beckett: I hate this case.
Richard Castle: I know! Isn't it great?

Kate Beckett: Lanie, what do we got?
Lanie Parish: Victim was shot once in the face with a large-caliber bullet.
Richard Castle: Ouch.
Lanie Parish: Oh, I don't think he felt much with a bullet that size.
Kate Beckett: Face shots usually indicate a deep anger in the shooter. Literally trying to erase what makes the victim a person.

Richard Castle: So, have you read it?
Kate Beckett: Read what?
Richard Castle: The book.
Kate Beckett: What book?
[Castle gives her a look]
Kate Beckett: Oh, your book! "Heat Wave".
Richard Castle: Well?
Kate Beckett: I haven't gotten to it yet.
Richard Castle: What do you mean you haven't gotten to it yet?
Kate Beckett: I'm sorry, I've just been so busy with work, I haven't had time.
Richard Castle: You were all over me to get a copy of that book. Do you have any idea how many hoops I had to jump through just so my editor wouldn't send an armed guard to watch over you while you read it? The least you could do is to...
[realization dawns on him]
Richard Castle: Oh! Oh, I see what you're doing.
Kate Beckett: I'm not doing anything.
Richard Castle: Oh, yes you are. Yes, you are. You're trying to push my buttons, but it's not gonna work.
Kate Beckett: Really?
Richard Castle: Mm-hmm.
Kate Beckett: 'Cause it seems to be working just great.

Kevin Ryan: You know what I don't get?
Kate Beckett: Mm-hmm?
Kevin Ryan: Why go to so much trouble to create such an elaborate scam? Fletcher must have spent weeks going through all the prep work.
Kate Beckett: I can give you 50,000 reasons why.
Richard Castle: Yeah, but for con men, it's not just about the money. I mean, for them, it's about the game. The... the thrill they get from pulling a con, it's like a drug high.
Captain Roy Montgomery: [approaching] Con man was on drugs?
Kate Beckett: No, sir. Castle is just giving us psychological insight based on his extensive experience as a fraud.

Kate Beckett: It's really kind of a psychopathy. To be so cold that you can look someone in the eye, tell them that you love them, and then rob them blind without the slightest remorse.
Richard Castle: Whoa. I just flashed back to the eighth grade. Sherry Ort. Broke my heart, stole my lunch money.
Kate Beckett: [her phone rings] Beckett.
Richard Castle: And she laughed about it with her friends!

Kate Beckett: Okay, Castle, what was so important that you had to cut my sparring session short?
Richard Castle: Just that I cracked this case wide open. You know, the thought of you fighting in a ring with another woman... strangely arousing.
Kate Beckett: Who says I was sparring with a woman?
Richard Castle: Oh, your mystery date.
Kate Beckett: Oh, do I detect some jealousy?
Richard Castle: Me, jealous? Ha! Double "ha".
Kate Beckett: [teasing] What if I told you that my date was with your book?
Richard Castle: Really?
Kate Beckett: [seriously] No. God, you're easy.

Elise Finnegan: Steven wasn't a con man.
Kate Beckett: Elise, we...
Elise Finnegan: He wasn't. He was in the CIA.
Richard Castle: [barely able to contain his excitement] This is the best case ever!
Kate Beckett: Shut up.

"Castle: Under the Gun (#3.3)" (2010)
Kate Beckett: Bikes are what girls want when we realize we're never gonna get a pony.

Kevin Ryan: [canvassing a cemetery at night, guns drawn] You know, if this were a horror movie, we'd be the first ones killed, splittin' off like this.
Javier Esposito: Yeah, except we're not a couple of top-heavy co-eds out lookin' for fun. We're highly trained officers of the law with enough firepower to take out a whole horde of the undead.
Kevin Ryan: Hispanic and cocky. Yeah, you'd definitely die first.
Richard Castle: [cut to Beckett and Castle canvassing another part of the same cemetery] You know, if this were a horror movie...
Kate Beckett: Castle, focus!

Richard Castle: [entering the crime scene] And who is the unlucky winner today?
Kate Beckett: Deon Carver. Bail bondsman. This is his office. He walked into a B&E last night, and before he had a chance to use his registered firearm, our killer knocked him over the head with that.
[Beckett points at the murder weapon]
Richard Castle: A sharpshooter award. That is ironic on so many levels. No.
[he thinks for a moment]
Richard Castle: Just two.

Richard Castle: [at the crime scene, Beckett discovers the source of static on her walkie-talkie] Why would a calculator cause feedback?
Kate Beckett: [opening the calculator] It's not a calculator. It's a bug.
Richard Castle: A wireless RF transmitter, to be precise. Not to be confused with the more advanced infrared signal burst device.
Kate Beckett: [wondering how he knows that] Book research?
Richard Castle: Nanny cam. So, do you think that the robbery was just a pretense for the placement of the bug, and then the killer was caught in the act?
Kate Beckett: Well, it's not Watergate, Castle. If the point was to bug Carver's office, then why leave it here once he's dead?
Richard Castle: Well, tell me this, Miss Know-It-All: who would *want* to bug a burly bail bondsman so badly?

Kate Beckett: What the hell are you doing? That's my suspect.
Mike Royce: Okay, relax. We're on the same team.
Kate Beckett: Royce?
Mike Royce: Hey, kid. Long time.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, too long.
Richard Castle: Nice driving.
Mike Royce: Well, thanks. Mike Royce, bounty hunter. Boom.
Richard Castle: Richard Castle, writer.
Kate Beckett: Royce used to be on the job.
Mike Royce: "On the job"? She says that like I'm any cop. I was her training officer when she left the academy.
Random Pierce: [handcuffed on the ground] Hey, hey, hey, hey. If I'm imposing on your happy reunion, you know, I can just go.
Kate Beckett: The only place you're going is jail.

Kate Beckett: Random, you did a stint at Five Points Correctional, and within a week of your release, you were breaking into someone's apartment.
Random Pierce: That was a misunderstanding. I wrote down my friend's address wrong.
Kate Beckett: Really? So what do you call killing Deon Carver? Mistaken identity?
Random Pierce: Deon's dead?
Kate Beckett: Nice try.

Mike Royce: [regaling Castle and Esposito with old stories of Beckett] Oh, no, she's got the cat in one hand, her gun in the other, I'm trying to get the hell out of the way so she can shoot the guy with the speargun.
Kate Beckett: [approaching] Except Royce has such a giant head that every time I go to pull the trigger, all I could think about is how much paperwork I'll have to do if I accidentally shoot him.
Mike Royce: Yeah, okay. So do you know what she does? She offers to show the guy her boobs if he drops the speargun.
Javier Esposito: Did he?
Richard Castle: Did you?
Kate Beckett: No! 'Cause he had the same slack-jawed look that the two of you have.

Kevin Ryan: So, it looks like your shoplifter isn't our killer after all. Guard at Book Mart confirms that he caught him trying to steal a copy of "The Da Vinci Code".
Richard Castle: "The Da Vinci Code"! Maybe he thought it could help him decipher the document, thinking it's some kind of, uh, ancient religious cryptogram prophesizing the coming zombie apocalypse.
Mike Royce: Is he always like this?
Kate Beckett: No, it's usually about CIA conspiracies.
Richard Castle: I was really close on one of those.

Mike Royce: So it's actually a treasure map, huh?
Kate Beckett: Castle's been trying to figure it out all day. I should have been onto Stuckey earlier, though.
Mike Royce: Nobody's perfect.
Kate Beckett: You were.
Mike Royce: You were easy to impress.
Kate Beckett: No, I wasn't. I was drowning, and... you were dry land. All they ever taught us in the academy was how to do paperwork. You were the one who taught me how to be a cop.

Kate Beckett: I caught him, Royce. The man who killed my mom.
Mike Royce: After all these years. Find out why he did it?
Kate Beckett: Somebody paid him to do it. But I had to shoot him before I could find out who.
Mike Royce: That was stupid. You should have just shown him your boobs.

Richard Castle: [Beckett has revealed she has a motorcycle] Do you have any pictures?
Kate Beckett: Uh, yes, I do, but I won't be showing any of them to you.
Richard Castle: Why not?
Kate Beckett: [teasing] Well, because I don't think you can handle the sight of me straddling it in tight, black leather.
Richard Castle: I am so not getting a scooter for my daughter.

"Castle: A Chill Goes Through Her Veins (#1.5)" (2009)
Kate Beckett: Okay, you speak "guy".

Kate Beckett: How did you know?
Richard Castle: Spidey sense.

Kate Beckett: That's the difference between a novel and the real world, Castle. A cop doesn't get to decide how the story ends.

Richard Castle: All right, so you and I are married.
Kate Beckett: We are not married.
Richard Castle: Relax, it's just pretend.
Kate Beckett: I don't wanna pretend.
Richard Castle: Scared you'll like it?
Kate Beckett: Okay. If we're married, I want a divorce.
Roger: Are you two like this all the time?
Richard Castle, Kate Beckett: Yes.
Richard Castle: All right, we're not married, but they were.

Richard Castle: Until tomorrow, Detective.
Kate Beckett: [fidgets uncomfortably and looks up at Castle] You can't just say "night"?
Richard Castle: I'm a writer. "Night" is boring. "Until tomorrow" is more... hopeful.
Kate Beckett: Yeah. Well, I'm a cop. Night.
[walks away]
Richard Castle: Night.

Richard Castle: If I ever disappear, make sure this guy's not on my case.
Kate Beckett: I hate cops like him. Guys like him, things only make sense if they fit in a box. So they make them fit and murderers go free.
Richard Castle: That what happened to your dad?
Kate Beckett: My dad?
Richard Castle: I noticed your watch. It's your dad's watch, right? That's why you wear it?
Kate Beckett: [Kate's cell phone rings] Beckett.

Kate Beckett: By the way, it was my mother, not my father. We were supposed to go to dinner together - my mom, my dad and I. And she was gonna meet us at the restaurant but she never showed. Two hours later we went home and there was a detective waiting for us, Detective Raglan. They found her body. She had been stabbed.
Richard Castle: A robbery?
Kate Beckett: No. She still had her money and purse and jewelry. And it wasn't a sexual assault either. They attributed it to gang violence. Random wayward event. So, just like in Melanie's case, they couldn't think outside the box. So they just tried to package it up nicely, and the killer was never caught.
Richard Castle: Why do you wear the watch?
Kate Beckett: My dad took her death hard. He's sober now, 5 years. So, this is for the life that I saved
[indicates the watch]
Kate Beckett: . And...
[pulls out a ring hanging from a necklace]
Kate Beckett: this is for the life that I lost. So I guess your "Nikki Heat" has a backstory now, Castle.
Richard Castle: I don't know. I did kind of like the hooker-by-day-cop-by-night thing. But, uh, I guess a heavy emotional angle could work, too.
Kate Beckett: Well, don't bewilder your audiences with substance on my account, Castle.

Kate Beckett: [reading the victim's file] She had a troubled childhood. Drug problems in her teens and twenties.
Richard Castle: I know.
Kate Beckett: How do you know?
Richard Castle: I read the case file. She kicked the habit. Met and married Samuel Cavanagh. She worked in a restaurant, he managed a bank. They have two kids.
Kate Beckett: When did you read the case file?
Richard Castle: [Beckett picks up his cup of coffee] That... when you were in the little girl's room.
Kate Beckett: I was gone for, like, a minute.
Richard Castle: Speed reader. Something I picked up from my years stranded in the New York Public Library.
[Beckett picks up the file and covers her face to ignore him]
Richard Castle: [peeking over the top of the folder] Would you like the CliffsNotes, or in this case, the CastleNotes?
Kate Beckett: [lowering the file] Castle, how do you know you didn't miss something important?
Richard Castle: Like after Melanie disappeared, her husband waited a day before he called the cops?
Kate Beckett: A day? That doesn't make any sense.
Richard Castle: Until you get to the third paragraph. Before Melanie was married, she was what is now referred to as as a runaway bride.
Kate Beckett: According to her husband, she ran away a whole two weeks before their wedding day.
Richard Castle: Mm-hmm. And then she came back. Three years happily ever after, she disappears again. Comes back. Lather, rinse, repeat three times. No indication of where she went.
Kate Beckett: Well, she must have had a reason for running away.
Richard Castle: Hmm. I'm not judging her. Some people love the institution, hate the day to day.
Kate Beckett: Are you one of those people, Castle?
Richard Castle: I guess I just haven't met the right girl.

Lanie Parish: Melanie Cavanagh, 34 at time of death. Turns out COD was blunt force trauma to her head.
Kate Beckett: How'd you get her ID?
Lanie Parish: Her fingerprints were in the system.
Kate Beckett: For...
Lanie Parish: Misdemeanor drug possession.
Richard Castle: She doesn't look like a junkie.
Lanie Parish: No. She's in pretty good shape, considering. But judging the lack of frost and tissue degeneration, I'd say wherever she was stored, the temperature rarely varied.
Richard Castle: Like a freezer.
Lanie Parish: Freezer would do the job.
Kate Beckett: How long has she been dead?
Lanie Parish: Well, considering how long she's been like this, factoring decomposition, I'd say she probably was frozen within twenty-four hours of being killed.
Kate Beckett: What do you mean "How long she's been like this"?
Lanie Parish: According to the records I pulled, this woman's been missing for over five years.

Kate Beckett: [leaving the crime scene] Get a close-up of her face. I want to run her through Missing Persons.
Richard Castle: Oh, cool. Like on the Discovery Channel, where you plug the photo into a facial recognition database?
Kate Beckett: [sarcastic] Yeah. Just like that.
Richard Castle: Yes!
[cut to the precinct; Beckett places a large stack of folders onto the table in front of Castle]
Kate Beckett: Welcome to the department's official facial recognition database.
Richard Castle: [Ryan and Esposito bring in two more stacks just as big] By hand? That's like life before TiVo.

Richard Castle: There's got to be an explanation. A story that makes everything make sense.
Kate Beckett: Okay, Castle. What's our Jane Doe's story?
Richard Castle: Well, I don't know how it starts, but I know how it ends. Frozen at a construction site. So, flying monkeys aside, what's the first question? How did she get there?
Kevin Ryan: Considering she was frozen solid, she had to have been kept pretty close.
Richard Castle: Not necessarily.
[pointing to a map on the board]
Richard Castle: Here is the site. Her body might not have been kept as close as you might think. It takes a long time for a frozen body to thaw.
Kevin Ryan: What, you, uh, freeze a body once for one of your books?
Richard Castle: No. But I cooked a turkey for Thanksgiving. It was a twenty-eight pounder. It took all night to unfreeze.
Kate Beckett: She's a person, Castle. Not a turkey.
Richard Castle: Just making a point.

"Castle: Dead Red (#8.11)" (2016)
Kevin Ryan: So, our vic is a Russian national. Name of, uh...
Kate Beckett: Grigory Mishkin. I spoke to the police commissioner. He's the son of a consulate officer, which means this might get political.
Kevin Ryan: [sarcastic] Oh, great.

Javier Esposito: Howdy.
Kate Beckett: "Howdy"?
Javier Esposito: Yeah, um, "yo" is getting played out, so I thought I'd try something new.
Kate Beckett: Well, you might want to keep trying, 'cause "howdy" is just...
Lanie Parish: Wrong.
Javier Esposito: Well, I like it.

Richard Castle: Richard Castle Investigations.
Vasiliy Zhirov: This is Vasily. I have most important news to discuss.
Richard Castle: Uh, listen, if it's about the case...
Vasiliy Zhirov: Oh, no, no, no, no, no. You see, I'm a writer, too.
Richard Castle: Of course you are.
Vasiliy Zhirov: I have an idea for a Nikki Heat novel.
Richard Castle: [grimacing] Of course you do.
Vasiliy Zhirov: Let's meet for coffee.
Richard Castle: Let me... let me... I'm gonna check my schedule.
[putting Vasily on hold, he calls Beckett]
Kate Beckett: Hey.
Richard Castle: Vasily Zhirov wants me to meet him for coffee. What should I do?
Kate Beckett: Keep him happy. The more time he spends with you, the less he's gonna be hanging over my shoulder.
Richard Castle: And if I keep him happy?
Kate Beckett: [suggestively] Then I will keep you happy.
Richard Castle: Done.
[switching lines]
Richard Castle: Vasily!

Kate Beckett: Emily Hopper's cloud storage company archives old FBI files. That's what Grigory was after.
Javier Esposito: What kind of FBI files?
Kate Beckett: A 1980s Cold War operation to identify and flip Soviet sleeper agents in the U.S.
Javier Esposito: Sleepers? I thought Directorate S was a myth.
Kate Beckett: [handing over surveillance photos] No, it was very real. And the FBI's biggest catch was KGB agent Anatoly Arkady. In '87, he defected and went into witness protection as Frank Thomas. And that's Frank present day, still living in the U.S.
Javier Esposito: This is our guy from the bed and breakfast.
Kate Beckett: [handing over another photo] And the woman in here is Grigory's mother, Anya Mishkin, also a Soviet agent.
Javier Esposito: She's a spy.
Kate Beckett: This is bigger than an illicit affair gone wrong. And I'm beginning to think that our friendly Russian knows more than he's telling.

Richard Castle: A defector resurfaces, a spy dies, and her son is killed in the middle of the night. This novel writes itself.
Kevin Ryan: Tell us what happens next.
Richard Castle: I have no idea. That's what makes it so good.
Kate Beckett: Frank, AKA Anatoly, is the key to figuring out what's behind these murders, so you guys dig into his life and see what you can find.
Javier Esposito: What do you want us to do about Vasily?
Kate Beckett: We got to keep him as far away from this case as possible, which means we need to launch Operation Nickel Tour.
Richard Castle: Right. What's that?
Kate Beckett: You're gonna take him sightseeing.

Kate Beckett: Rita, thank you for meeting with me so quickly.
Rita: [looking around at her and Vikram's hideout] I like it. Although when I ran ops in strip clubs, we were open for business.

Rita: You really did it. You blew up your marriage and went down the LokSat rabbit hole.
Kate Beckett: Um...
Rita: What?
Kate Beckett: [she can't help but smile] No... nothing. It's just that, um, well, you've been watching us, and you think that we're broken up.
Rita: But you're not. Oh, I love a little sexual subterfuge. Oh, it makes things so much hotter.
Kate Beckett: So, Castle is playing tour guide to a Russian diplomatic security officer. His name's Vasily...
Rita: Vasily Zhirov?
Kate Beckett: Yeah. Do you know him?
Rita: He's a cleaner with Russian foreign intelligence.
Kate Beckett: So diplomatic security's just a cover?
Rita: Yeah.
Kate Beckett: Then what's his real mission?
Rita: Who knows? But if your husband gets in Vasily's way, he's gonna be collateral damage.

Richard Castle: So, she's from the State Department?
Kate Beckett: Actually, that's just a cover.
Richard Castle: Cover for what? Who is she?
Kate Beckett: Rita is many things, one of which is... your stepmother. She's been helping me take down LokSat. I... I wanted to tell you sooner, but...
Richard Castle: Let me guess. You couldn't because you needed to protect me.
Kate Beckett: I'm so sorry.
Richard Castle: This is getting really old, Beckett.

Kate Beckett: The report on the Dragunov sniper rifle said that the barrel twist rate was 320 millimeters. But the newer version is 240, right?
Vasiliy Zhirov: Yes, it was changed in the '90s.
Kate Beckett: So then why would our sniper use an older model when the newer one is so much more powerful and accurate?
Rita: It... it must have been the only thing the assassin had access to. Only who the hell leaves around a Russian sniper rifle from the 1980s lying around?
Vasiliy Zhirov: Molniya.
Kate Beckett: Lightning?
Vasiliy Zhirov: It's an old KGB code name for weapon caches planted in NATO countries to support the agents in the field. After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, many were abandoned.
Rita: But someone in the field would know where they were.
Kate Beckett: Like Frank. Except he's all lawyered up.
Vasiliy Zhirov: Yes, but I, too, know where these old caches are. We search those caches, we could find our killer.

[last lines]
Richard Castle: You know, Beckett, we've kissed in six different countries.
Kate Beckett: Really? You're keeping count?
Richard Castle: You're not? Anyway, one country we haven't kissed in is Russia. And technically, right now, we are on Russian soil.
Kate Beckett: You know, there is one other thing that we've done in six different countries.
[in Russian]
Kate Beckett: Idi syuda kroshka.
Richard Castle: What does that mean?
Kate Beckett: [in English] Means follow me and find out.
Richard Castle: [as Beckett leaves, he pulls out his phone] Find a Russian translation app.
[he hurries after her]

"Castle: Need to Know (#6.3)" (2013)
Kate Beckett: Hey, I got your text.
Richard Castle: Hey. I just wanted to check in with you. You know, it must be weird for you, being back here at the precinct, working a case.
Kate Beckett: Yeah. Yeah, it is.
Richard Castle: Yeah, especially since McCord's little gag order prevents you from accessing your most effective investigating tool: me.
Kate Beckett: [Castle offers her a latte] Yeah, you are a tool, all right. Wow.
Richard Castle: So, uh, she's not here right now, so what's the harm in giving me a little... tidbit?
[realization strikes Beckett]
Kate Beckett: This is a bribe. Castle, you're bribing me with a latte?
Richard Castle: [trying to laugh it off] No, I am not. Come on. Don't be ridiculous.
Kate Beckett: This is low, even for you.
Richard Castle: Look, I can solve this. I just need a little more to go on.
Kate Beckett: Castle, you're not gonna "Castle" me on this one.

[the AG's office has taken over the murder investigation]
Kate Beckett: What are you doing here?
Richard Castle: Me? What am I doing...? What are you doing here? Why didn't you tell me you were coming to town?
Kate Beckett: I was gonna surprise you.
Richard Castle: [with a pleased smile on his face] Well done!

Kevin Ryan: I can't believe Charlie was spying on Anton Renkov and his organization. Any of them look familiar?
Javier Esposito: Yeah. I saw about three of those Russians on the movie set.
Kevin Ryan: Mm-hmm.
Grant 'Sully' Sullivan: And according to Interpol, all of them got criminal records back in the motherland. Assault, murder, all kinds of bad stuff.
Kevin Ryan: I bet one of them found out that Charlie was a spy and they killed him.
Kate Beckett: [approaching] Especially since we know that Carlie was followed to the warehouse.
Kevin Ryan: Based on what?
Kate Beckett: We tracked Charlie's movements by triangulating the cell towers that his phone pinged off. And then we used that time stamp to pull satellite footage of the warehouse. How'd you guys get there?
Javier Esposito: [brightly] Chicken poop.
Kate Beckett: Oh. Well, whatever works.

[last lines]
Kate Beckett: [McCord shows up at the loft] Hey, I thought our flight was at eight in the morning.
Special Agent Rachel McCord: It is. They know it was you that tipped off the press. A part of me really admires you for the choice that you made, maybe because I'd like to think there was a time that I would have done it. But the people we answer to don't feel that way.
Kate Beckett: Rachel, I...
Special Agent Rachel McCord: Kate, you're one of the best agents I've ever worked with. But I'm here to tell you you're fired.

Richard Castle: Playing the anonymous source card? I mean, that is pure genius. It... it actually makes me love you more.
Kate Beckett: Well, she's filing for asylum, and the State Department's gonna help relocate her. So, hopefully, that'll keep her safe.
Richard Castle: Yeah, but even working for the feds, you... you found the ultimate way to honor the victim. Charlie died trying to get Svetlana away from her dangerous family. You completed his mission.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, but you would've done the same thing, Castle.
Richard Castle: Yes. Yes, and I would love me more for doing it, too.

Richard Castle: We really have to talk about something.
Kate Beckett: Okay.
Richard Castle: We've been doing this... long distance thing for months, and, uh... I mean, we never see each other. And when we do, it's a... it's a day here, it's a weekend there, and... let's face it, it's not... working.
Kate Beckett: I... I know, Castle, but I don't... I don't know how to fix this.
Richard Castle: I do.
[Castle holds up a key]
Kate Beckett: Wh... what is that?
Richard Castle: That's a key. To... our D.C. apartment. I mean, the truth is, I can... I can write from anywhere, so I found a place with a little home office.
[Kate is touched, but lost for words]
Richard Castle: Listen, if you don't like it when you see it, we can always...
Kate Beckett: No!
[she takes his hand]
Kate Beckett: I don't need to see it. I love this.
[she kisses him]

Special Agent Rachel McCord: We'll use the victim's phone and computer data to reconstruct what he was up to in his last twenty-four hours, and by the way, D.C. made it clear that they want us to send it to them.
Kate Beckett: Why do they want the data?
Special Agent Rachel McCord: They didn't say. They rarely do.
Kate Beckett: That's gotta bother you.
Special Agent Rachel McCord: We don't always get the whole picture. Comes with the territory.

Richard Castle: So, listen, I'm, uh... I'm sorry about that whole bribe thing. I should have known you were incorruptible.
Kate Beckett: Yeah, I wouldn't say that.
Richard Castle: Oh. Well, then allow me to try and corrupt you a little later at my place, where we can finally have some alone time. And by "alone time", I mean you and me and my mother and Alexis and... Pi.
Kate Beckett: That... that sounds... crowded.
Richard Castle: Yeah.
Kate Beckett: You know what? Why don't you just give me a call after you guys have solved the case?
Richard Castle: Well, didn't you hear McCord? Case is wrapped.
Kate Beckett: [handing him a flash drive] Is it?
[cut to Beckett and McCord leaving]
Kevin Ryan: This whole "greater good" thing blows. Charlie died serving his country. He deserves justice.
Javier Esposito: What happened to Beckett? She used to understand that.
Richard Castle: [approaching and showing them the flash drive] I think she still does.

Kate Beckett: [watching the CIA agent question Svetlana] He's bluffing. The CIA's not just gonna expose her like that.
Special Agent Rachel McCord: Yeah, well, I wouldn't bet on it.
Kate Beckett: The man that she loved was murdered and he's gonna send her on a suicide mission?
Special Agent Rachel McCord: Like I said, we don't always see the whole picture.
Kate Beckett: I think this one's pretty clear.

Richard Castle: [trying to get a clue about the case from Beckett] Okay, she's coming. Just... nod once if it's about the Russians, twice if it's about something else.
[Beckett nods twice]
Richard Castle: Twice. About something else.
[Beckett nods again]
Richard Castle: Three times. What does... what does... what does that mean? What does... how can... I don't know what that means.
Special Agent Rachel McCord: [poking her head into the room] Beckett, we got a lead. Let's go.
Kate Beckett: [coyly evasive, as she leaves] See you, Castle.
Richard Castle: What does the... what does three nods mean?

"Castle: Head Case (#4.3)" (2011)
Richard Castle: Missing body, killers who literally cover their tracks... anyone else getting a quick strike as