Tamara Johansen
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Tamara Johansen (Character)
from "SGU Stargate Universe" (2009)

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"SGU Stargate Universe: Light (#1.5)" (2009)
Colonel Everett Young: [in good humor] I'm dead serious about it. That was like... that was the worst shuttle docking I've ever seen in my life.
Lt. Matthew Scott: What are you talking about? I barely even dented it!
Lt. Tamara Johansen: [laughing] The grinding noise!
Colonel Everett Young: At the very least, there is a giant scrape along the bottom. I'm going to make you put on a space suit, go out there, fix it right *now*. Sergeant, we're going to need some of that high, high temperature spaceship paint for, uh, Scott here.
Master Sgt. Ronald Greer: Yes sir, I believe I've found some.

[last lines]
[On the implication left hanging in the air that Dr. Rush knew Destiny was in no danger and let the 15 risk their lives on the shuttle and possibly marooning them on an unknown, barely habitable planet, 13 by lottery plus Scott and Johansen]
Master Sgt. Ronald Greer: Ah, let it go, sir.
[Greer chuckles]
Eli Wallace: [dismissive] He didn't know. I-I-I saw his face.
Lt. Matthew Scott: There's no way.
Eli Wallace: No.
Colonel Everett Young: What if he did?
[Pregnant pause. Scott looks down, Eli and Greer look up]
Lt. Tamara Johansen: He's right, sir. Let it go.
Colonel Everett Young: [shakes his head, mutters repeated line] A lot of work.

"SGU Stargate Universe: Lost (#1.15)" (2010)
Colonel Everett Young: Hey, TJ. Listen, I'm sorry. One thing turned into another and the next thing you know a five minute update...
Lt. Tamara Johansen: I'm pregnant.
Colonel Everett Young: [long pause] You're pregnant.
Lt. Tamara Johansen: [nods]
Colonel Everett Young: Uh... how- how far along are you?
Lt. Tamara Johansen: About 22 weeks. It's yours. Ours.
Colonel Everett Young: A baby... on this ship.
Lt. Tamara Johansen: I'm keeping it.
Colonel Everett Young: I- I didn't say you shouldn't.

"SGU Stargate Universe: Divided (#1.12)" (2010)
Lt. Tamara Johansen: The Colonel's going to take back the ship. You don't have any idea what you're up against.
Chloe Armstrong: I think we do.
Lt. Tamara Johansen: Not a clue. Sorry, but a bunch of civilians up against the Colonel's training and experience?
Chloe Armstrong: It's about listening to reason.
Lt. Tamara Johansen: Not once you took this ship. That made it war. And that's what we do.